September 12, 2013

A Life of Faith Review

     To start out my blog, I decided to review the book series that has been my favorite for a long time-and still is! The A Life of Faith series, based on the original Elsie Dinsmore and Mille Keith books by Martha Finley. There are five characters-Elsie (who has 8 books), Mille (8 books), Violet (8 books), Kathleen (4 books), and Laylie (only 1-poor Laylie!! ).
 The books are great as each character has a really good story with adventure, excitement, romance, but most especially a really strong Christian message. I feel like these books have really strengthened my faith.

  Elsie Dinsmore, the original Martha Finley character, is a young girl when the books start out, but already a very strong Christian. She is an heiress, living with her grandparents (who aren't very nice-scratch that. They're not nice at all.) while her father (whom she's never met) is in Europe. When he does return home and meets his daughter, there is trouble as he is not a Christian and does not understand his daughter's beliefs-why she loves God more than her own father, and why she feels she must obey God over her own father (he asks her at one point to break the Sabbath by reading the newspaper to him on Sunday, which she believes is wrong).

  Millie Keith, Elsie's cousin, is the eldest girl of 8 children whose family decides to move from their hometown of Lansdale, Ohio to Pleasant Plains, Indiana. Millie struggles with her faith throughout the first couple books, as she deals with the pain of leaving her home and friends, the inconvenience of having to live in a warehouse upon reaching Pleasant Plains, and many other trials and tragedies. Oh, and of course, dealing with her siblings! :)

  Violet Travilla, the daughter of now married Elsie (don't worry, I won't tell who she marries!) is growing up on a plantation with her large family when tragedy strikes. Heartbroken and shattered inside, Violet is plagued by doubts and fears that only One can dispel....

  Laylie Colbert is a young slave, her only family being her older brother, Luke. When Millie Keith visits her uncle's plantation (where Laylie and her brother live), she is horrified by the treatment of the slaves and condition in which they live. Millie befriends Laylie and comes up with a daring plan to free Laylie and Luke. Will it work? Will Laylie be brave enough to succeed?

  Kathleen McKenzie, is a Scottish girl during the Great Depression (1930s). Facing hardships and trials, Kathleen must rely on her faith to get her through these tough times ahead.

 These books are great for any girl, any age. Even my mom enjoys them!

Rating: 10/10


  1. why, hello there, sweetheart! your blog looks lovely! :)

  2. Thanks so much Petie! You're my first comment, yay!

  3. I like the Life of Faith series; actually better than the originals. To me, whoever edited/compiled the Life of Faith made all of the characters more…how shall I put this? Easier to stomach;) My favorite of the five series is probably the one that deals with Violet:D

    1. Arwen, thanks so much for all your sweet comments! I was so excited to see them all pop up in my inbox. :)
      Yes, I agree! I tried the original books once and quite frankly I couldn't finish them. I find the ALOF renditions much more realistic and enjoyable. My personal favorite is Millie, but I liked Violet very much too! I'm off to reply to your other comments. :)


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