September 24, 2013

Celebrate Musicals Week!

I'm a little late on this one. When I saw there was going to be a musicals blog party from Yet Another Period Drama Blog I was still in the messy muddle of creating my blog, so it kinda slipped off my radar. Then the other night, while lying in bed, I remembered it and realized it'd be a great way to get more blog readers-and just plain fun! I've watched a lot of musicals!
  One of my all-time favorites is  The Sound of Music. Now, I was thinking that maybe I should do something more out of the ordinary and different, but I just can't think of another musical I love as much as this. And besides-I want to review The Sound of Music anyways, so I might as well jump at the opportunity? Ready? Let's Jump!

 1.  What musical did you pick to "spotlight" this week and why?
The Sound of Music starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer!

2.  How did you discover the musical you picked (hereinafter referred to as "your musical")?
My dad showed it to me when I was little-6 or so, maybe? After watching the Do-Re-Mi  song, I had to go and show my mom all the moves that go with the song. :)

 3.  If you had to pick three favorite songs from your musical, which ones would they be?
Oooooohhh....only three?!?? I adore "Sixteen Going on Seventeen", "My Favorite Things" (hence the title of my blog! "Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on kittens! Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens..."), and "Edelweiss". If I could throw in the other two I really like it'd be "The Sound of Music" and "I Have Confidence". Not that I dislike any of the other ones. I love them all!

 4.  What's your least favorite song from your musical?
Oh. Haha. Right after I said I love them all. Ummmm...well, it's true. I don't dislike any of them. I don't even know if I can pick one as my "least favorite".  No comment! :)

 5.  Who are your favorite characters (choose up to three)?
Maria, the Captain, and Liesl.

 6.  Which versions of your musical have you seen/listened to, and which is your favorite?
Um, I've only seen the movie. Is there a stage version? I guess I'll have to look into that.

 7.   Is this your favorite musical of all time?  If not, what is?
 Yes, it is. It's so classic and wonderful and amazing! Plus, it's based on a true story! Captain Von Trapp and Maria and the children were all real, you know. :)

8.   Which cast album/musical soundtrack in your collection do you listen to the most?
Well, I only have the Sound of Music soundtrack. I've wanted to get some more musical soundtracks but it just hasn't happened yet. :)

 9.   What is your favorite costume from your musical?
Liesl's lilac dinner dress. Every time I see it I want it. It's just so gorgeous and feminine. I adore layered veil-like skirts like hers, and the gathered bodice is sooo pretty.

 10.  If you could change anything about your musical, what would you change?
That they had made a sequel!

 11.  Which role(s) would you most like to play in any musical, if you had the opportunity to do so on stage? In any musical? Hm. I'm not sure. Rapunzel in Tangled would be fun, if they ever made a stage version of that!

 12.  If you could choose one performer to play any part in your musical, who would you choose and which part would you have them play? Everybody's so perfect in Sound of Music, I don't think I could choose someone else for their parts!

 13.  Do you consider yourself a musical theatre fan in general or do you just like a few musicals? Just a few musicals. I've watched a lot of old and/or classic musicals (Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma, State Fair, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Easter Parade, Meet Me in St. Louis, Wizard of Oz) but never any musicals on stage. Maybe I should?

 14.  Are you tired of the word "musical" yet?
Nope, I just got started!

 15.  Turn your music playing device on shuffle (or utilize Pandora if you don't have one) and tell us the names of the first three show tunes that come up-- no cheating!  How do these rank on your favorites/most-listened-to list? Well, I only have the Sound of Music soundtrack and no music playing devices so this question just won't work. Sorry!


  1. Great answers! I too love Liesl's dinner dress. It's so pretty!

  2. Thanks so much! I went to your blog and noticed you're new to blogging too. Yay, I'm not the only one! :)

  3. Sound of music! One of my all time favourites!! :D


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