September 22, 2013

Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday

Could a movie get any better than this?? Comedy, a great story/plot, and a romance between two actors who just fit together like two puzzle pieces! Gregory Peck stars as the handsome American news reporter Joe Bradley living in Rome, Italy. Audrey Hepburn is the beautiful Princess Ann (I'm dying to put an "e" on the end but that's how it's spelled in the movie....sigh) who, fed up with Royal duties while visiting Rome, runs away for a night.

But because of a sleeping drug the doctor gave her, she falls asleep on a bench where (guess who?) Joe finds her. Thinking she's drunk and not sure how to help her, he brings her to his apartment and lets her stay the night on the couch. When he realizes she's the princess, he schemes to get an exclusive inside story on her (with the help of his photographer friend Irving, who will be familiar as Mr. Douglas to anyone who watches Green Acres). But, his plans go awry when he falls in love with her-and she with him!

   It's such a sweet, funny movie-I just love it so much!  But be warned-it has one of the worst endings. I lay in bed at night just thinking up different endings for it every time I watch it. :(


Rating 9/10  I'd give it a 10 if not for the ending!

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  1. I think this movie is awesometastic! It would have been better if Mr. Kimball and Mr. Haney had a part too.
    Keep up the great reviews.
    Devo Dan
    I was thinking of renting The Swan; any thoughts?

  2. Hahaha, yes I agree. :)
    Oh trust me, I will be reviewing the Swan soon... :)
    Thanks for commenting, Daddy. <3

  3. Hey, Natalie! Your blog--I like it;)
    I've been waffling about whether or not to watch "Roman Holiday" precisely because of the ending. I mean, ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY NOT KEEP GREGORY PECK AND AUDREY HEPBURN TOGETHER AT THE END. (Ahem…can you tell I use caps lock a lot? xD )

    Should I watch it? I probably will, eventually, just because…I mean, it's Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. But…it's a bittersweet ending, right? Grr!

    1. Thank you so much! Oh my, yes, I agree SO much. No worries. I love using caps too. ;)
      Yes, even though the ending is devastating, I really think it's worth it. I love it more every time I watch it and Audrey and Gregory are just too darn lovely and cute and perfect. (I'm working on a favorite couples post right now and they are on it. Despite their ending.)
      Besides, you can always imagine it ended differently. It's how I content myself, even if it's not the same. :( Since nobody died (cough Robin Hood cough cough) it's easy to pretend they meet again and get married. haha

    2. Cool! I'll watch it:D

      Ugh. Yes. RH. We won't go into the things I'd like to do to those producers when that part rolls around. What do they have against us innocent fangirls anyway? Must they make it their life's aim to mutilate our hearts?! Must they?!?! Ahem. I will control myself. I will;)

    3. Yay! Tell me what you think once you do!

      I knooooooooow. I think they want to break our hearts. Like, when they killed Marian, didn't they KNOW practically all the fans would sob their eyes out and vow to hate season 3??
      It's just not fair. :(

    4. I just finished Roman Holiday today! I loved it, and shall have to get around to reviewing it one of these days. But that ending. It wasn't the ending. No. Like you said, they get married. Yes.

      Ugh yes! So unfair.

    5. Oh, wonderful! I'm SO glad you liked it! But yes, totally. The ending did NOT happen. I kept hoping she'd run out and stop him from leaving the first time I watched it!!

    6. Yes, I loved it. But….OH THE PAIN! I mean, the practical side of me is thinking, "Well, keep it in perspective. They only knew each other for a day." But the romantic side of me is like, "SHUT UP. THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL ROMANCE AND IT SHOULD HAVE HAD THE CHANCE TO BLOSSOM AND LIFE IS UNFAIR." XD Yes! If I hadn't known, I would have been thinking…she's gonna come out. She's got to come out.

    7. Haha, I totally sympathize with your romantic side. THEY WERE SIMPLY MEANT FOR EACH OTHER. Even if they knew each other for 10 minutes I'd still be like YOU TWO MUST GET MARRIED. haha I'm really sad Audrey Hepburn never starred with Gregory Peck in another movie. They should have been an official screen couple.

    8. Haha, yes. EXACTLY. Yes, that's a shame:( I love watching Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn movies, for example, so I wish Audrey/Gregory were a couple, too:-/

    9. I knoooow! I actually -ahem- don't care for Cary Grant/Katharine Hepburn together very much, but I adore Cary Grant with Jean Arthur. They were in two movies together, to my knowledge, my favorite being Only Angels Have Wings. Have you heard of it?
      What are some of your other favorite classic/vintage movies?

    10. You don't like CG/KH together? Oh, horror! ;D Haha, I'll have to check out Only Angels Have Wings! I saw a clip of it, and it looked cute:D
      Hmm…well, I'm actually just now starting to get "more into" classic/vintage movies, but I love To Kill a Mockingbird, and I enjoyed His Girl Friday. HGF wasn't THAT amazing, but it was pretty humorous:D There's also this old Western with Gregory Peck in it that I really, REALLY want to see…but my library doesn't have it *sob* Oh, and old musicals delight my soul:D How about you?
      (P.S. I just finished reviewing the second season of Robin Hood…oh, WHHYYY?!?!)

    11. Haha, no unfortunately not... :) Yes! Do try it, it's such an adorable story. I haven't seen it in sooo long, although it like my favorite movie ever when I was around 12 or 13 or so.
      I have a loooonngg list of favorite classic movies, so if you ever want recommendations I can do that for you. :)
      I've seen His Girl Friday but have yet to see TKAM. I really want to. Oh?? Is the western you want to see Big Country? I've seen it-it was pretty good! I can't remember all of it, but I think I did like most of it. :)
      Yes, I like old musicals too! I liked Singing in the Rain, Stage Door Canteen (one of the BEST movies ever), and The Glenn Miller Story, to name a few.

    12. I certainly will:D
      Haha, good!
      You. Must. Watch. TKaM. It's SO good, and Gregory Peck said it was his favorite role:D
      Yes, that's the one, "The Big Country"!
      Ah, Singin in the Rain…gotta love it!:D I haven't heard of those others; I'll have to check them out:)

    13. Tell me what you think if you see them! :)

  4. Dear Natalie,

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    1. Hello Rebekah!

      I'm so sorry for the confusion! I HAD seen your previous comment, but I'm afraid I thought it was spam and didn't publish it. I apologize for not being more attentive. :(

      I'm glad to find another fan of "Roman Holiday". I have not heard of "Maytime"; I will have to look into it. :)

      Thank you so much for the invitation! I'm going to have to decline, but I appreciate your asking me to join in. I hope your blogathon is a success!

      Thank you! (Again, sorry for the inconvenience regarding the comments!)


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