September 27, 2013

Sound of Music Quote Quiz!

Here's 15 quotes from The Sound of Music. If you know (or think you know!) who said any of these quotes, leave a comment with the number of the quote and what the quoted character's name is.  Have fun!!
*note: the name "Character 1" or "Character 2" is not used for the same character every time, it's simply for distinguishing between two characters when they are talking together*

1) Character 1: You are the twelfth in a long line of governesses who have come here to look after.. [the]..children since their mother died. I trust you will be an improvement on the last one. She stayed only two hours.
Character 2: What's wrong with the children..?
Character 3: Oh, there's nothing wrong with the children. Only the governesses.

2) Character: I like rich people. I like the way they live. I like the way I live when I'm with them.

3) Character: Somewhere out there is a lady who I think will never be a nun.

4) Character 1: ...did I or did I not say that bedtime is to be strictly observed in this household?
Character 2: Yes, well the children were scared of the thunderstorm and... You did, sir.
Character 1: And do you or do you not have trouble following these simple instructions?
Character 2: Only during thunderstorms, sir.

5) Character: I haven't had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine's toothbrush.

6) Character 1: It's the dress. You'll have to put on another one before you meet the children.
Character 2: But I don't have another one. When we entered the abbey our worldly clothes were given to the poor.
Character 1: What about this one?
Character 2: The poor didn't want this one.

7) Character 1: I can't seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what's worse, I can't seem to stop saying things - anything and everything I think and feel.
Character 2: Some people would call that honesty.

8) Character 1: Perhaps those who would warn you that the Anschluss is coming - and it is coming..... - perhaps they would get further with you by setting their words to music.
Character 2: If the Nazis take over Austria, I have no doubt..... that you will be the entire trumpet section.
Character 1: You flatter me....
Character 2: Oh, how clumsy of me - I meant to accuse you.

9) Character: When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

10) Character 1: Why don't we ever get to see the baroness?
Character 2: Why would she want to see you?

11) Character: Darling, haven't you ever heard of a delightful little thing called boarding school?

12) Character 1: Why didn't you tell me?
Character 2: What?
Character 1: To bring along my harmonica.

13) Character: I wonder what grass tastes like.

Character 1: I've not asked you where you and your family are going. Nor have you asked me why I am here.
Character 2: Well, apparently, we're both suffering from a deplorable lack of curiosity.

15) Character: The Von Trapp children don't play. They march.


  1. 1 Captain, Maria, Captain
    2 Uncle Max
    3 the Baroness
    4 Captain, Maria, Captain, Maria
    5 Kert
    6 Captain, Maria, Captain, Maria
    7 Maria, Mother Superior
    8 guest (Nazi), Captain, guest (Nazi), Captain
    9 Maria
    11 Baroness
    12 Barenoss, Captain, Bareness
    13 Kert
    15 housekeeper

    That was fun. God bless! ~Clare

  2. Thanks so much for guessing! I'll post the answers soon, but I'll tell you now that you did really well!!
    God bless you too, Clare!


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