October 28, 2013

It's Fall! Falling Leaves, Colorful Scarves, and Chilly Breezes! Hahaha...yeah, right.

I like to think of September, October, and November as the fall months. Well, I live in Florida so that means you're lucky to get cool weather in November. Or even at Christmas. :( Hot and humid Florida summers are looooonng and you're stuck in the house doing nothing. And we don't get the Gorgeous colors of fall that northern states do. My family is originally from up north and we'd like to move back someday-we're just kinda waiting for God's direction in that right now. ;)



Anyways, God has actually blessed us with some cool weather for the last couple of days, which we are soooo thankful for.

So, while it feels relatively fall-like, here are some of my favorite things of fall (even if we don't get them down here in Florida. This kinda like a wish list/put-me-in-the-autumn-mood list)

Flaming orange leaves. Could you get anything more gorgeous??

Yup, uh huh, all of that.

Natalie Portman-This is some beautiful fall-ish makeup. So natural and warm.

I think this was in Vermont. WHY can't I be there!!!??? Sooooo pretty.

I would totally wear this outfit. So cute, so country.

This is adorable. Why can't people decorate their houses like that? So much nicer than skeletons and bloody limbs and witches.
Yeah, I don't approve of the creepy part of Halloween. Costumes? YES. Candy? Sure! Cute ghosts, cats, even some witches or vampires? Okay, but there's a fine line between cute and creepy. But I digress.

Olivia Howard. She has a serious sense of style, but is dedicated to modest, feminine clothing. I love her blog, she has so many cute fall outfits.


We did this to our pumpkin yesterday. Very cool!


I  need this swing.

-siiiiiiiggghhh- So purty....

If only this road exists near me.
Give me my camera, I'll spend 3 hours there.



Love this outfit! And her hair!!
But I wouldn't wear the leggings without a skirt.

Oh  my goodness, God is THE most amazing artist ever.

A truck. My favorite color blue. Pumpkins.
Love it. <3

Adorable!! Would totally wear.


Love this outfit. The colors, the earrings, the shoes, everything!!

Would love to do all that!!



October 24, 2013

New Look for Autumn

Hey y'll!

How do you like the new look for my blog? I wanted to do something a bit more fall like. And blue and brown are two of my favorite colors! My former header was made on Picmonkey with two of my own pictures. A photo of one of my kittens and one of my many rose photos!

My new header was made on Picmonkey too, although I used photos from pinterest and such this time.

Hope you like the look! Comment and tell me what you think!

Thanks, Natalie

October 23, 2013

Anna's Tag from A Cowgirl And A Dream

I'm participating in Anna's tag from her blog A Cowgirl and a Dream (http://cowgirlandadream.blogspot.com/).

Here's her questions and my answers!

1. ✫Coffee, Hot Tea Or Hot Chocolate?
Well, I don't drink coffee or tea regularly, but I will have tea sometimes. Hot chocolate is my favorite though!

2. ✫Books Or Movies ?

Oooohh...that's SUCH a hard question. It totally depends what mood I'm in. It's a tie!

3. ✫Les Misérables Or The Phantom of the Opera?

Phantom of the Opera. Never seen Les Mis, though I'd love to sometime. I've seen the silent version of POTO, and I'm going to get the 25th anniversary concert version from the library.

4. ✫Reading Or Writing?


5. ✫Writing Or Photography?

Oh my goodness, again, both! :) I've been doing alot more photography lately than writing, though.

6. ✫Spring/Summer Or Autumn/Winter

Autumn/Winter because I live in Florida. Which mean heat.....all.....the.....time.....

7. Two (Or More) Quirks Of Yours

I chew on my hair sometimes (BAD habit!!) and I can't stand it when people pronounce "roots" as if it rhymed with foot. Maybe it's a/the correct way of pronouncing it, but I don't know--it just drives me crazy for some reason!!

8. Two (Or More) Random Facts About Yourself

I hate mayonnaise and I love the smell of new tennis balls. You said random, so I gave it you. :)

9. What Word(s) Describe You Best: Smart, Elegant, Classy, Shy, Lively, Confident, Or Affable?

Depends. At home or with friends I'm VERY lively. I would say I'm affable. And I definitely try to be smart, elegant, and classy!

10. What Is Your Number 1 Cooking Catastrophe?

Oh, wow, let me think...I can't say I have a number one cooking catastrophe. Not that I don't mess it up, just that I can't think of one BIG catastrophe. I have lots of little ones though...burning brownies, putting ground mustard in cookies, boiling my oatmeal and water at the same time instead of waiting for the water to boil...or something like that. :) Yeah.

Thanks for the great tag, Anna!

October 21, 2013

A Little Bit of Pinterest and Tomlin to Describe Me....

Yeah...I do...

Do and don't. Love/hate relationship with growing up.

All the time.

So true!!!!!

Yup. Totally me.

And it HAS worked!!

Um...I still do...

All of the time.

Especially the singing part.

What's wrong with that?
(I dare you to name the movie musical song that phrase is in)

Even my parents say I do.


Every single time!

So true!! That's one reason why I journal.

                                                 Yes, God has blessed me soooooo much!

Hahaha, yesyesyes.

Of course!

If it's a character I like.

Yes, it's so HD. And completely free!

Yup. I do.

That has been happening a lot to me lately.

Who doesn't?

I'm afraid I'm not very daring when it comes to that. 

Um, I still do?

Pretty much all of the above.

I want to live like there's no tomorrow

I want to dance like no one's around

I want to sing like nobody's listening

Before I lay my body down

I want to give like I have plenty

I want to love like I'm not afraid

I want to be the girl I was meant to be

I want to be the way I was made

-Chris Tomlin "The Way I Was Made"

*"man" changed to "girl"*

October 14, 2013

The Swan (1956)

 Sorry I haven't been posting as of late. Life, you know. :)

But here's a review of The Swan , starring Alec Guinness (Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi to anyone who's seen Star Wars!!), Grace Kelly and Louis Jourdan.

Let me tell you one thing right off-this movie has a terrible ending. After watching it, my family couldn't believe that was the end. It was soooooo terrible.

Grace Kelly stars as Princess Alexandra (of someplace in Europe) expected to marry her cousin, Prince Albert (Alec Guinness). The problem is she's painfully shy and quiet. Albert himself doesn't seem to find her as attractive as her mother had hoped, lending another road-block to this royal match-making. Alexandra's mother soon decides to take matters into her own hands. She contrives to make Prince Albert jealous by having Alexandra act as though in love with her handsome tutor. Poor Nicholas has been secretly in love with Alexandra for a long time and his hopes soar when the princess seems to love him as well. He is cruelly disappointed, however (and I felt so bad for him!) when Alexandra reveals it was only a plot to make the Prince jealous. She soon finds that she does feel for Nicholas in the same way, although she obviously didn't know it before!

The rest of the movie can be a little confusing, especially at the end. We couldn't tell half the time if their friends and family were trying to help them get together or to split them up.

And, as you can guess, they don't end up together. She ends up with Albert, although they don't seem to love each other. At the ending, Albert talks to her about how she will have to be like a swan, gliding on the water but never going on the shore where ordinary people walk.

"Your father used to call you his swan, so I am told. I think that's a good thing to remember. Think what it means to be a swan: to glide like a dream on the smooth surface of the lake, and never go to the shore. On dry land, where ordinary people walk, the swan is awkward, even ridiculous. When she waddles up the bank she painfully resembles a different kind of bird....{a goose} And there she must stay, out on the lake: silent, white, majestic. Be a bird, but never fly. Know one song, but never sing it until the moment of death. And so it must be for you, Alexandra: cool indifference to the staring crowds along the bank. And the song? Never. "

Wow. That's nice. He basically says, "Give up your dreams, your true love, your personality. You're going to be a queen whether you like it or not. You can never be normal, MUHAHAHA!"

Allright. Maybe not quite like that. But pretty close.


One thing I loved in this movie was her clothing. Her dresses. They were absolutely gorgeous. I loved EVERY SINGLE one.

And it was interesting that this movie was released the day she married the Prince of Monaco. :) Just a little trivia fact.

So, overall this movie had some enjoyable, funny scenes and a semi-decent plot although I'd REALLY like to say a few words to whoever wrote that ending!! There's some passionate kissing between Alexandra and Nicholas. I don't have anything against kissing in movies (except when it's 2 minutes after they met and you're like "Why-are-you-kissing-this-person-you-don't-even-know??) but I know some people are sensitive to that (especially if passionate-it's like, "ooookay. This is awkward.") so I thought I'd throw it out there. :)

This pretty much sums up how I feel:

Have a great week!!!
Rating: 6/10