October 23, 2013

Anna's Tag from A Cowgirl And A Dream

I'm participating in Anna's tag from her blog A Cowgirl and a Dream (http://cowgirlandadream.blogspot.com/).

Here's her questions and my answers!

1. ✫Coffee, Hot Tea Or Hot Chocolate?
Well, I don't drink coffee or tea regularly, but I will have tea sometimes. Hot chocolate is my favorite though!

2. ✫Books Or Movies ?

Oooohh...that's SUCH a hard question. It totally depends what mood I'm in. It's a tie!

3. ✫Les Misérables Or The Phantom of the Opera?

Phantom of the Opera. Never seen Les Mis, though I'd love to sometime. I've seen the silent version of POTO, and I'm going to get the 25th anniversary concert version from the library.

4. ✫Reading Or Writing?


5. ✫Writing Or Photography?

Oh my goodness, again, both! :) I've been doing alot more photography lately than writing, though.

6. ✫Spring/Summer Or Autumn/Winter

Autumn/Winter because I live in Florida. Which mean heat.....all.....the.....time.....

7. Two (Or More) Quirks Of Yours

I chew on my hair sometimes (BAD habit!!) and I can't stand it when people pronounce "roots" as if it rhymed with foot. Maybe it's a/the correct way of pronouncing it, but I don't know--it just drives me crazy for some reason!!

8. Two (Or More) Random Facts About Yourself

I hate mayonnaise and I love the smell of new tennis balls. You said random, so I gave it you. :)

9. What Word(s) Describe You Best: Smart, Elegant, Classy, Shy, Lively, Confident, Or Affable?

Depends. At home or with friends I'm VERY lively. I would say I'm affable. And I definitely try to be smart, elegant, and classy!

10. What Is Your Number 1 Cooking Catastrophe?

Oh, wow, let me think...I can't say I have a number one cooking catastrophe. Not that I don't mess it up, just that I can't think of one BIG catastrophe. I have lots of little ones though...burning brownies, putting ground mustard in cookies, boiling my oatmeal and water at the same time instead of waiting for the water to boil...or something like that. :) Yeah.

Thanks for the great tag, Anna!


  1. Ohmigoodness!!!! You're my first tag!!!! Gah, I'm so happy!!!! And, I read your Celebrating Musicals Week posts! I love The Sound of Music!! Julie Andrews (sigggghhhh) I can't tell you how grateful I am!!! Thank you so much!!! So following your blog! ;)
    ~ Anna S.

  2. Oh, you're so welcome-and thanks for the super tag!! It was fun!
    I'm going to follow your blog too!

  3. Oh my goodness!! I love your new blog look!!!!
    ~ Anna S.

  4. Thank you so much! I'm really enjoying it too!
    So, are you a homeschool Christian too? I'm just wondering as we seem to follow the same blogs and have some things in common. :)

  5. Yup!!!! Christian. Homeschooler. I guess Southern people would call me a "wanna-be" cowgirl :)

  6. Oh nice! I love meeting other Christian homeschoolers! How old are you? You don't have to answer my questions if their too personal to you. I'll understand. :)


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