October 28, 2013

It's Fall! Falling Leaves, Colorful Scarves, and Chilly Breezes! Hahaha...yeah, right.

I like to think of September, October, and November as the fall months. Well, I live in Florida so that means you're lucky to get cool weather in November. Or even at Christmas. :( Hot and humid Florida summers are looooonng and you're stuck in the house doing nothing. And we don't get the Gorgeous colors of fall that northern states do. My family is originally from up north and we'd like to move back someday-we're just kinda waiting for God's direction in that right now. ;)



Anyways, God has actually blessed us with some cool weather for the last couple of days, which we are soooo thankful for.

So, while it feels relatively fall-like, here are some of my favorite things of fall (even if we don't get them down here in Florida. This kinda like a wish list/put-me-in-the-autumn-mood list)

Flaming orange leaves. Could you get anything more gorgeous??

Yup, uh huh, all of that.

Natalie Portman-This is some beautiful fall-ish makeup. So natural and warm.

I think this was in Vermont. WHY can't I be there!!!??? Sooooo pretty.

I would totally wear this outfit. So cute, so country.

This is adorable. Why can't people decorate their houses like that? So much nicer than skeletons and bloody limbs and witches.
Yeah, I don't approve of the creepy part of Halloween. Costumes? YES. Candy? Sure! Cute ghosts, cats, even some witches or vampires? Okay, but there's a fine line between cute and creepy. But I digress.

Olivia Howard. She has a serious sense of style, but is dedicated to modest, feminine clothing. I love her blog, she has so many cute fall outfits.


We did this to our pumpkin yesterday. Very cool!


I  need this swing.

-siiiiiiiggghhh- So purty....

If only this road exists near me.
Give me my camera, I'll spend 3 hours there.



Love this outfit! And her hair!!
But I wouldn't wear the leggings without a skirt.

Oh  my goodness, God is THE most amazing artist ever.

A truck. My favorite color blue. Pumpkins.
Love it. <3

Adorable!! Would totally wear.


Love this outfit. The colors, the earrings, the shoes, everything!!

Would love to do all that!!



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