November 7, 2013

30 Day Song Challenge

Hello my readers!

I noticed on Hayden's blog and Melody's blog they were doing the 30-Day Song Challenge. After seeing the list of questions, I decided to join in, although I'm doing all my "days" at once. I want to do it and get it done so I can move on to more book and movie reviews. I've been lacking in that area lately, and I'd really like to get back on track. My blog's still new, and I have sooooo many great things to review for you!

Day 1- Your favorite song:
Haha, I'll take that as ONE of my favorite songs. It's literally impossible for me to have one favorite song. Let's see.... I love "Somebody Tell Them" by City Harbor. It's A-mazing.

Day 2-Your least favorite song:
Well, there's several Christmas songs I dislike immensely. "Santa Baby" and "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" are two of them.

Day 3-A song that makes you happy:
"Life is Beautiful" by The Afters. It's in one of my favorite movies, October Baby, and is just soooo gorgeous and inspiring and gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. It can also make me tear up. It's an amazing reminder of how beautiful life is and makes you want to praise God with all your heart that YOU ARE ALIVE.

Day 4-A song that makes you sad:
"One Last Christmas" by Matthew West. There will be tears in my eyes pretty much every time I hear it.

Day 5-A song that reminds you of someone:
"Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman reminds me of my daddy as he would dance with me (when I was little) whenever the "So This is Love" Cinderella song came on during the movie. :)

Day 6-A song that reminds you of somewhere:
 Wellll, I can't think of a song that reminds me of a place I've been to. "Detroit" from The Happiest Millionaire movie reminds me of Detroit. For obvious reasons.

Day 7-A song that reminds you of a certain event:
Any Christmas song reminds me of Christmas. Haha.

Well, the song "The Way I Was Made" by Chris Tomlin reminds me of my 15th birthday, as it was one of my new favorites and I called it my birthday theme song. Ill think I'll do that every year now-pick a song that describes how I feel or want to feel at each birthday.

Day 8-A song that you know all the words to:
Oh, that would be ALOT of songs....okay, how about "I See the Light" from Tangled. I sing it ALL the time. It's just so beautiful...and it's "warm and real and bright..." :)

Day 9-A song that you can dance to:
Depends on how you define dance....haha. I "dance" to several upbeat Christian songs if I'm in the mood. I would love to dance to waltzes and such if I knew how!

Day 10-A song that makes you fall asleep:
When I was a baby, my mom sang the ABC's to me while in the car to make me fall asleep.

I don't think it would work anymore. ;0)

Day 11- A song from your favorite band:
I love "You Can't Take Away" and "Let the Waters Rise" by Mikeschair.

Day 12- A song from a band you hate:
Errr...I don't know. The only "bands" I know are all Christian bands and I pretty much like each one to varying degrees.

Day 13- A song that is a guilty pleasure:
Ummmm...well, I sometimes sing the "In the Dark of the Night" song from the animated Anastasia movie. Not cause I like the just has a sorta catchy tune. <:)

Day 14- A song that no one would expect you to love:
Well, I can't think of one that no one would expect me to love, but there is this really random song I heard on the radio once and LOVE it. I don't think anybody really knows I like it. But my family wouldn't be surprised that I like it. :) It's "Mocking Bird Hill" by Patti Page. It's so cute and sweet and vintage-y sounding, if that makes any sense. :)

Day 15- A song that describes you:
Okay. I've been racking my brain on this one for awhile. I seriously don't know why it's so hard...
Oh! I got it. "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole. Because I really do want to!
 Ermm....on fire for Christ that is. Not literally "on fire".....

Day 16-A song that you used to love but now hate:
I can't think of one I hate now, although I used to be crazy over Matthew West's "Hello My Name Is". I still am, but I've heard it soooo much on the radio that it's just not as exciting as it first was. :(

Day 17- A song that you hear often on the radio:
Well, my Christian station is playing "Overcomer" by Mandisa alot lately. I like it, but with every song it can get old after you've heard it 5,000 times. :)

Day 18- A song that you wish you heard on the radio:
Um, alot? Like, it would be awesome if there was a station that played music from musicals!

Day 19-A song from your favorite album:
One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums is "Family Bible" from How Great Thou Art: Gospel Favorites from the Grand Ole Opry CD.

Day 20-A song that you listen to when you're angry:
Well, sometimes I go and bang out "The Imperial March" (AKA Darth Vader's theme from Star Wars) on the piano when I'm mad. DUH DUH DUH DUUH DA DUH DUUH DA DUH DAA DAA DAA DADADA DUH DUUH DUH.

Day 21- A song that you listen to when you're happy:
When I'm happy I'll usually just flick on my radio and listen to whatever's playing.

Day 22- A song that you listen to when you're sad:
Hmmm.. I don't know. I've never really listened to a song while sad. I'd probably go and play a slow song on the piano.

Day 23- A song that you want to play at your wedding:
"When We're Together" by Mark Harris. It's the song that Emily dances to in Courageous. I also would want to play "Cinderella" by Steven Curtis Chapman (wow, I bring that song up alot don't I?) when I dance with my dad. It would make me cry though. <:"(

Day 24-A song that you want to play at your funeral:
Oh wow. Ummmmm....probably church hymns. I love Amazing Grace! Two great songs I love are "I Can Only Imagine" by MercyMe and "The Only Name" by Big Daddy Weave-both are amazing songs about when we're in heaven, so that fits for a funeral I suppose. :)

Day 25-A song that makes you laugh:
"I Love Candy" by Chris August. It's so stupid and silly but hilarious and fun to sing with!

Day 26- A song that you can play on an instrument:
"Beauty and The Beast" on the piano. *love*

Day 27-A song that you wish you could play:
"The Phantom of the Opera." Just watched the 25th anniversary concert and loved it!

Day 28-A song that makes you feel guilty:

Day 29-A song from your childhood:
"So This is Love" from Cinderella. My dad would hold me and dance with me when it came on during the movie, as I said earlier. :)

Day 30- You favorite song at this time last year:
Oh wow. I have no idea. Wait- *goes and looks into my journal of November 2012*
Got it! I adored the song I first mentioned, "Somebody Tell Them" by City Harbor. I think that's when it first came out and I was in love with it. :)

Allrighty! That's it. Now I can hopefully get some of my reviews done soon!!
Especially as Blogger had been giving me problems but is now working!! YES!


  1. Miss Natalie, just a friendly tip. For links, you should maybe put them as another color, so it draws the people to click the links. Your link color right now is black, but when you scroll to click it turns turquoise. So you might want to change the color so it draws people's eyes in. I didn't know that there were links in the post until it tried to click it. Just a friendly tip! You don't have to do it if you don't care to. :)

  2. It's actually a dark brown. I didn't want to have different colors going other than my brown/blue scheme, but what you say makes sense. :) Thanks for the tip!

  3. You're welcome. I hope it didn't sound like I was ordering you todo it or anything.....

  4. Not at all. :) Thanks for the advice! How's our party plans coming? We're still planning to announce in on he 17th right?

  5. It's going great!! Actually, we're probably going to announce it on the 16th. Then everyone gets an entire month to work on it. I/m working on my posts, my blog buttons are almost complete and I've added some more tag questions to equal all of them up to 20.

  6. I can only imagine was played at my grandfather's funeral.
    - Anonymous A.

  7. Anonymous A.:

    Oh dear! I'm so sorry. I hope I didn't remind you of any unhappy memories. :(


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