November 16, 2013

Announcing The Winter Wonderland Blog Party!

 Along with my friend Anna, I am hosting a Winter Wonderland Blog Party to anyone interested!
We're both super excited about it and hopefully we'll get a lot of participators! It will be going on December 9th-21st.

The first week will contain a Christmas/winter tag, a Christmas song trivia, a Christmas movie quotes game, and a post about anything your heart desires-as long as it's about Christmas or winter. Some ideas are
-Your family's Christmas traditions
-Your favorite Christmas movies or books
-Your dream Christmas vacation
-Your most memorable Christmas
Ugh, those last two ideas sound like something from a school assignment. Well, just be random and have fun. If you write a Deep and Thoughtful post about how people used to celebrate Christmas and how they now think it's all about moneymoneymoney that's fine. And if you write about how excited your dog is to play in the snow that's fine too. Anything goes as long as it has to do with Christmas or winter. :)

 On the second week, we will have the exciting....drumroll please... Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge! You will be required to write a short story with at least 2,500  words that includes an ice princess, a prince, a snow fairy, and an ice sorcerer. (If you'd rather not include any magical elements such as a fairy or sorcerer, you can omit them as long as your story still contains an ice princess, a prince, and a bad guy). Anna and I will judge them and pick a winner!

 We're announcing this party to you now, so you can have a whole month to work on your story and your posts. You'll want to have them all done, especially your story, so you'll be ready when our party kicks off!

Whenever you have a post for the blog party tag it with "Winter Wonderland Blog Party". At the end of the party we'll have a link up. By tagging all of your party posts with "Winter Wonderland Blog Party" it will enable your readers to see all of your party posts when they click your link.

I'd like to thank Anna for coming up with this idea. It was her idea to host a winter blog party in the first place, and she was kind enough to ask me to co-host! -squeal!!-

So make sure you check out her blog and all her posts she'll be writing for our party!!
Oh, and it was her birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0)

Here's buttons to display on your blog. If you need help putting them on your blog, comment and I'll walk you through it. The 1st button is for the whole party, the 2nd for Week 1 and the 3rd for Week 2.  Anna made a whole bunch of other buttons she'll display on her blog too!

*As you can see, I messed up a little on the dates. On the 2nd button (Week 1) I said it's the 9th-21st. That's for the whole party. Week 1 only lasts from the 9th to the 15th. Sorry bout that.*

Blog Party

Blog Party

Blog Party


  1. I am looking forward to this Natalie!


  2. Oh, thanks!!! I'm so glad you are! I am too! :D

  3. I'm considering entering your writing challenge - it looks like fun!! However, I'm pretty busy so we'll have to see if I can find the time. =)

    I like your blog: It looks like something I will enjoy following. :)

  4. Hello Evelyn!
    I totally understand your lack of time. :) I'll be very happy if you're able to join us though!
    Thank you so much for following me!

  5. Well, I'll try my hardest to participate! :) I've never done this before so do I need to sign up, or post here when I have a new post?

  6. Carissa-
    Thanks so much for participating!
    There's no signing up involved.
    This is how it works-when you write your posts for the party tag it as "Winter Wonderland Blog Party". It's important you do this for all your posts that have to do with our party. Then, at the end of the party you'll comment and leave a link to all your posts with that tag (if you need to know how to do that I can explain) Then Anna and I will have a post that will have all the links to everyone who participated.
    I hope that answered your questions. If not, don't hesitate to comment and ask me! :)
    Feel free to choose a button to put on your blog's sidebar! :)
    Thanks so much!


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