December 23, 2013

Announcing.....The Winners!!!!!!!

It was incredibly difficult for Anna and I to pick a winner. Let me just say, we had 3 contestants, and each one of them wrote an amazing story. You all did so well, I just hated having to pick ONE story as the winning one! But then it wouldn't really be a contest...would it? :)
Without further ado, The Ultimate Winter Writing Challenge winner is......drum roll........
Rose P. with her story, "The Frozen Kingdom"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations, Rose! You did a great job, thanks for participating!
I loved the way you wrote your characters and the plot of your story! The idea of the hidden scrolls was especially intriguing and how the prince and princess didn't know each other's kingdoms existed!
It was neat to see how you all had similar things in your story-whether it be a magical orb containing winter or summer, a fairy as a companion to the princess, a prince and princess of different seasons, or the use of the name "Glacia"- but still managed to have a totally unique story from the other contestants-great job, everyone!!!! *claps*
Our other two contestants each win an award, as their stories were just too good to not give some recognition too!
Tara Therese, you have earned the "Most Creative" award for your story! I absolutely loved how you came up with the idea of having a ruling family of summer and a ruling family of winter-the way you wrote them was so perfect! Fantastic!
Lady Eowyn, you have earned the "Most Well-Written" award for your story! I just love your style and the way you transport the reader back to the time the story is set in. Your descriptions were marvelous! Great job!
I made buttons for each of our winners! Just copy the code in the grab box to display this button on your blog!
This lovely button is for you, Rose....

Tara, this one belongs to you!

And here's your button, Eowyn!


I hope y'll had as much fun as we did with our party! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!!! :)


  1. Congratulations Rose P.!

    And Natalie, thank you for the beautiful button (and the award!).


  2. Well..thanks a lot. It means a lot to me to know others than me like my story. And it's been fun to was a great initiative from you both
    And also love the blog buttons- I will display it with pride

  3. Your welcome, Lady Eowyn! Your story certainly deserved the button!

  4. Your welcome, Rose! I know what you mean. I would feel the same way. Congratulations!

  5. Thanks so much for the award! I had lots of fun with the party. I love your stories, Rose and Eowyn!

  6. Your welcome, Tara! I'm so glad you enjoyed the party!! Your story was excellent!


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