December 28, 2013

Eloise of Westhaven: Love is Patient

 I was so surprised and excited one night when I found that the author of the Eloise of Westhaven book had left a comment on my review of her book! To top it off, she wanted to give me a signed copy of the Eloise book, and a signed copy of its sequel, which I had not read yet. Did I accept her offer?
You obviously don't know who I am if you have to ask that question. I am NOT a girl who refuses free books!!

So here is my review of her newest book, Eloise of Westhaven: Love Is Patient. I was so pleased to find the book was set around Thanksgiving and Christmas as it was Thanksgiving time when I received the books, and I had been wanting to read a book set at Christmastime. This sequel continues right where the first one left off. With that in mind, don't read this review if you haven't read Not Just a Kid. There's major spoilers!

Eloise and David are a happily engaged couple, but have to wait for the day Eloise quits her job as a governess before they are wed. Her charges are the mayor's children, Elizabeth and Buck Strawbridge. They are so cute. I love reading about how Eloise wins their trust and molds them to become better children. I loved it when *Spoiler Alert!* Elizabeth finally accepted Jesus as her Savior. It was such a lovely moment in the book!*End of Spoiler* The book covers Thanksgiving and Christmas, chronicling Eloise's life as she balances spending time with the children and spending time with David. She and David are an adorable couple. They're just so perfect together, full of love and caring for each other, but are never "mushy" or inappropriate. Their relationship is so pure and sweet.

The whole book has such a warm, cozy feel to it. When it's talking about the Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, I can see it laid out on the table. The descriptions of the food were really good.

Vanessa, Eloise's sister, is anxious and worried during the holidays due to the depressing revelation that an old and dear friend, Mr. Joshua Johnson (I list both names as I was confused during the book when in one sentence he was called Mr. Joshua and the next sentence he was called Mr. Johnson. This went on for some time until I finally realized his name was Joshua Johnson. And I had thought there were some serious typos going on!), has cancer. He's like a second father to Nessa and she refuses to give up hope that the end is near for him. *Spoiler!* The book ends on a bit of a sad note with Mr. Johnson's death. He's happy though because his daughter returns to make things right with her parents and to be with her father when he goes to heaven. *End of Spoiler!*

To be truthful, I found the first book a bit better than the second. Some of the dialogue just seemed a bit unrealistic and/or stilted at parts in Love Is Patient. The ending left a little to be desired because I like endings that close all neat and tidy and with a big fat bow on it. This one just kinda....stopped. But then I remembered a third book is due to come out in 2014. If there hadn't been, I'd be upset, but obviously the author has more planned for her characters! I'm very excited about Book Three!! :)

I would recommend this book to anyone. It's such a delightful read and it's so refreshing to find real Christian literature! Especially one that includes romance but doesn't focus on it entirely. There has to be more to a story than just a romance, even if it is a lovely romance like David and Eloise's!
The Eloise of Westhaven books are certainly on my Favorite Books List.
Rating: 9/10


  1. That is so exiting! :)
    I will have to find these at our library! Thanks!


  2. I know! I was very excited!
    Hopefully your library carries them! They're so good!
    Thanks for commenting!


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