December 15, 2013

End of Week 1....Week 2 Begins Tomorrow!!!

 Thanks sooo much to all our participators of Week One of the Winter Wonderland Blog Party!!!!
I had a ton of fun reading your posts and tag answers. I hope you had fun doing them! Tomorrow is the beginning of the Winter Writing Challenge. If you didn't hear about that, it's a contest for writing a short story of at least 2,500 words. It should be a winter story containing a princess, a prince, an ice sorcerer, and an ice fairy, although I don't think Anna and I will disqualify you or anything if you want to be creative and tweak it a little. And if you'd rather not have any magical elements such as a sorcerer or fairy, that's fine. :)
 Anna and I will both be posting a story. Don't worry-they won't be included in the contest! We're just writing them for fun. So sharpen your pencils and dust off your keyboard and start writing! :)
Or, if you're more disciplined than I am and already finished, then get ready to post your entry. The deadline is the 21st-Anna and I will use the 22nd and 23rd to judge the entries and pick a winner!

Oh and now that Week 1 is over, please leave a comment with the URL link to all your posts that you did for the party. As an example, here's mine:
When Week 2 is over, I'll have a post including all those who participated in Week 1 and all those who participated in Week 2. Merry Christmas and thanks so much!


  1. Yes, it was really fun and I'll be writing a story!

    Here are the links:

  2. Great! Can't wait to read it!
    Thanks for posting your links.

  3. Natalie,
    Here is the link for my story:

    I had so much fun writing it and doing the tag!


  4. Thanks Lady Eowyn! I'm so glad you're enjoying the party!! :)


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