December 31, 2013

Farewell Twenty-Thirteen....Hello Twenty-Fourteen

     Here it is....the last day of 2013. This year was jam-packed. Isn't it amazing how fast a year goes, yet when you look back so much has happened? For my family and I, there was some sad and unwanted drama we had to go through. But despite all and any bad things from 2013, I can look back and see a lot of good. It's been a great year. God has been with us, guiding us and shaping us.

     One thing I've learned this year is contentment. I'm not an extrovert, but I love socializing and getting together with groups to do fun things. My family has struggled with finding a church home in our area, and thus I have no "group of friends" to do fun games with or see every week. But this year, I've learned I don't need that. I don't need a group of friends to have fun. I've learned contentment with staying home (we're doing home church) and having lots of fun with my parents and brother.  My family is enough for me.  I also have some amazing friends whom I e-mail and write. I see them frequently, although not as much as if we went to the same church or homeschool group. But that's okay. :)

         I've also learned to accept some really hard changes that come with growing up. People you love can change and move on, and some fun things you did when you were younger you won't ever be able to do again. In fact, I was so sad to turn 15 this year. I just hate how fast the years go. But I'm happy to say that with God's help I have been able to overcome some sadness over that fact. I wasn't hardly as depressed as I would have expected to be when my brother turned 13 this year! :P

Usually I'm sad the day after Christmas. I'm always like, "Christmas is we had to wait another 364 days till next Christmas!!! Life is so boring now...."
    But this year I wasn't. I suppose it's because I was ready and waiting for 2014. I'm excited because I know there's a Very Big Adventure that might be awaiting my family. You see, we're originally from Michigan. We've lived here in Florida since I was about 2 years old. But my parents really want to move back for lots of different reasons. I want to move back too....but I also don't. I'd really miss my grandparents who live down here, my amazing friends, and our home here in Florida. I mean, Florida's all I've ever known! But then I have to remind myself that life is an adventure. As much as I hate to leave our home in Florida, our TRUE home is in heaven, so it doesn't really matter where we live while on earth. :)
     So....we'll see where God leads us this coming year. We may stay, we may go. We just don't know. (No, I didn't mean to make that rhyme. I'm a poet and I didn't know it.)

     I have to mention too, that this was the year I started blogging! It's been such a fun experience and I've gotten to know some very nice girls over the blogosphere. I'm excited to continue blogging in the coming year! I will probably be cutting back a bit on blogging time, however, as I took December off from schoolwork and now my algebra and biology are calling me back to reality.
     Well, anyways, I hope all my blogging friends have a Happy New Year! My mom and I have been watching the first season of Lark Rise to Candleford lately and I am LOVING it. Any other fans out there? :)


  1. I am both happy and sad to see the New Year pass. I have high hopes for 2014, both in getting well again, and in finding new friends, as our closest friends moved to Colorado. I also hope to get my third volume of "eloise of Westhaven" finished, but it is hard getting started. I started the New Year by waking up sick. :( It's days like this that make me say, "How long, Oh, Lord?" But then I remember that al lthings have their purposes, and that He has things yet for me to do. So when I wish I were with Him, He reminds me that eternity is a LO-O-O-NG time, and that this relatively short time now is for accomplishing that which He has fashioned me for!

  2. Thank you for commenting!
    I pray things get better for you! I'm sorry you're going through a rough time. That would be sad to have your best friends move so far away! :(

  3. Yeah, I LOVE Lark Rise too! Dorcas Lane IS my one weakness.

  4. Haha, thanks for commenting, Naomi! :) Have you watched the entire series? I recently finished it!


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