December 24, 2013

Gingerbread Cookies and Sunny Skies

I wanted to wish all my readers a Very Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you always feel and remember the True Meaning of Christmas. :) Jesus was born 2000 years ago in a stable as a humble little baby, even though he's the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He did that so he could die for you (and me and everyone in the entire world) and save you from your sins, so you can spend Eternity with Him in Heaven one day. All you have to do is accept his free gift of salvation and turn your life over to him, asking for Him to help you turn from sin and live a new life. Pretty awesome Christmas gift, huh? :)
Today we've been getting stuff ready for Christmas. I cannot believe Christmas is tomorrow. Every year it comes and goes sooo quick. This year, I've been trying to focus on enjoying the moments and not lamenting how fast Christmas goes!
Some of my favorite moments this month have been:
Having a long-awaited sleepover with dear friends
Making Christmas gifts
Laughing over funny stories with friends who came over for the evening
Roasting s'mores under the stars
Decorating Christmas cookies with my brother
Hosting a blog party with Anna
Vacationing at St. Augustine with my family-we haven't been on a vacation in 3 and 1/2 years! :)
Looking at gorgeous Christmas lights and snapping way too many photos
Singing and playing Christmas songs
And there's many more, of course! :)
Here's the cookies my brother and I were decorating today. Fun and tasty.
Yes, I realize we made quite a mess in the process. ;)
And here was the sky this morning. No, not exactly a white Christmas -sob-, but beautiful just the same. Thankfully it's a little cooler out today. It's been so warm out at times this month I've been able to go into our (unheated) pool! Hopefully it will be nice out tomorrow too! I love chilly Christmases. :)

                                            ~Merry Christmas~


  1. Beautiful sky!! If I went out into the pool this month, I would catch hypothermia and die! :) Have a merry Christmas Natalie!!!

  2. Haha, I can imagine! It was pretty cold in our pool, but not nearly cold enough to kill us or anything. :)
    Thanks! I hope you have a Merry Christmas too!!!!

  3. Hhhheeeeeyyyy!! I saw that on Maribeth's blog that you got Phantom 25!! I love it! I was so happy when I opened it!

  4. Yes, I did! I saw your comment too and thought that that was so cool that we both got it! It was the number 1 item on my list, haha. :) I also got two books by one of my favorite authors (she wrote the Betsy-Tacy series. Have you heard of them? They're soooooooo good!!!!) and a really cute pair of pajamas!! Oh and my brother got me a movie that my whole family loves!
    What else did you get? Have you been watching the Phantom a lot? I put it in just to watch some of my favorite songs! :)

  5. I got lotion and deodorant (because I was barely scraping by) two bags from Thirty-one, a coca cola polar bear from a Coke lady, a Jo-Ann fabric gift card, so yeah. What'd you get? Since Christmas Day, I have watched Phantom twice. I think my family is going to kill me ;). My youngest little sister loves it! I'm teaching her Think of Me. She's already got the scarf throw and the bow down and she's only four! She also had the vocalizing for Think of Me and Phantom the song. She's just adorable!!

  6. Haha, I got a bottle of deep conditioner for my hair-another "necessary yet not quite exciting gift", like your deodorant. :)
    Heehee, I made my family all sit down and watch Phantom with me soon after I got it!
    Oh my word, that is sooo adorable!! I would love to see your sister sing Think of Me. That just sounds like the cutest thing! Oh wow, she's got the vocalizing down too? She must be really good!
    BTW, I took your survey. I forget to tell you that I love the name you came up with for your business!! It's so beautiful sounding!

    1. Oh thanks for taking the survey. I made up my name on a wing. She's got the vocalizing down, but sometimes she worries that 'Christine is pretty and I'm not. And 'Do I have to kiss Erik?' She's adorable!

  7. Your welcome!
    Awww!!!! She sounds absolutely adorable! Tell her that your blogger friend Natalie has no idea what she looks like but is sure she's just as pretty as Christine!
    You should make her a Christine dress sometime, if you're up to the challenge. I'm sure she'd love that! :)

  8. I'm trying to make her *a* dress, but it's not going so well. The skirt is too small to fit around her belly, because she has a hernia, so I've been trying to adjust it! :) if I were to make her one, I think she would like cutest in Christine's Masquerade costume as the star princess! What do you think? Aw, she'll appreciate your message!

  9. I hope you can make it work! That's great that you're even attempting to sew her a dress. I learned how to sew a zipper into a skirt and feel so accomplished! :D I sew a lot, but mostly doll clothes-I love recreating movie costumes! I plan on putting a page on my blog with my doll costumes-what do you think of that idea?
    Oh my goodness, I think the masquerade dress would be adorable!!!! Especially with a little fairy wand and starry tiara! That must be fun to have a little sister to dress up! When I and my brother were really little I dressed him up in my ballerina clothes-haha. I wouldn't do that to him now of course-he's 12 going on 13 tomorrow! How old are all of your siblings? I can't believe my brother's going to be a teenager in 24 hours. :O

  10. Well, Samantha is 15, I'm 14, my other sister is 13 almost 14, another is 6 and my Little Lotte/Christine is four. And yes! You should post them!

  11. Okay, thanks for telling me!
    BTW, I hope Little Lotte's hernia gets better! I'm sure than isn't fun! :(
    Okay, thanks for your opinion! I have a lot of review drafts that I want to get to soon. Then maybe I can work on the sewing posts! :)

  12. BTW, Anna, I still have your questions for the interview you want to do with me. I'm almost done answering them and then I'll give them to you. Sorry it took me so long. Everything's been crazy busy with Christmas and our blog party.
    Just wanted you to know I didn't forget! :)

    1. That's alright! Christine's hernia doesn't really bother her. Her belly looks rather funny expanded! :) oh thanks about the answers. That's fine. I don't really need them right away. Do you think I should try to rewrite phantom?

  13. Oh that's good! I would hate to think of it hurting her. Haha, I'm sure it does look funny. Okay. Just tell me when you need them!
    Do you mean rewriting it with your own spin on the story, how you would like the story to go? I'd love to hear your take on it! I'd say go for it! I rewrite things myself sometime if I don't like the ending or some sort of plot aspect! Let me guess: Erik will end up with Christine, right? That would make me so happy! Not to say I'm Team Erik. I'm kinda...sitting on the fence with that one. I love her with Raoul, especially since SHE loved HIM not Erik. She can't marry Erik out of pity. But then I think of poor Erik all alone with his monkey and I say,, "CHRISTINE! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO HIM!!" -sobsobsob-
    Sorry for my ramblings. :)

  14. Haha!! Yep, that's how it would be. I think I'm going to for it! I'll let you know when I need your answers. :)

  15. Okay great! Good luck with you rewrite! I can't wait to hear it!


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