March 25, 2014

Sunflower Blogger Award!! :)

Lady Eowyn  (a blogger very dear to my heart because she was my first follower!) has nominated me for the Sunflower Award! Thank you so much, Lady Eowyn!! :)

I have to list 11 facts about myself and answer some questions...
Okay. Here goes. :)

1. I'm in the middle of learning how to play "Think of Me" on the piano.

2. When I was younger my first stories were a 5 "book" series about a princess named Jasmine (based on a barbie doll that I named Jasmine) and her two ugly, mean stepsisters and one nice sister. The series starts when the princesses are teenagers, and end when the girls are married and have kids of their own. I even did spin-offs focusing on their kids and other characters.  I just love those books, they're so funny and cute. :)

3. I have braces (not for much longer though, yay!!!).

4. I started journaling when I was 10 and am now on journal #13!

5. When I was little I thought the road signs saying "no outlet" (AKA dead end) meant that the houses on that street had no electrical outlets. True story.

6. I was first introduced to Jane Austen by my mom when I was 13 or 14. We got Pride and Prejudice 1995 from the library and I was hooked ever since. :)

7. I have a brother who's 2 years younger than me. He's the BEST (even though we don't ALWAYS get along....) and there are no other siblings that have as much fun as we do. Seriously. We're hilarious. ;)

8. I recently organized my CD collection according to color. :O)

9. Names I might want to name my future daughter are:

For a boy:
Darcy (my family has warned me against this one, but I stand firm...for now...)

10. I'm pretty sure the first movie I saw in a movie theater was Finding Nemo. The 2nd one (and last one!) I saw in a theater was An American Girl: Kit Kittredge. Yes, we're not big fans of movie theaters. :P

11. I'm currently reading Jane Eyre for the first time and am in love with it!
And this picture makes me crack up every single time I see it:

Are you a blueberry or strawberry girl, i.e. which berry do you prefer?
I love both, actually! Those and raspberries and cherries. Yum!! 

What is the most chilling book you have ever read?
Chilling? Maybe Left Behind: The Kids. Those books were an emotional roller coaster. All 40 of them. But I love them. They were so sad and heartbreaking and a bit scary, but inspirational and a good reminder that Jesus could come back for his followers any day. It also gave me a better understanding of the tribulation and what it will be like, even if the books aren't 100% correct. I mean, I'm sure the authors didn't interpret everything spot on and that the rapture/tribulation won't be exactly as they described!

Would you rather travel to Asia or Europe?
Europe, most definitely. England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria....

Do you like to dance and if so what form?
I don't dance, but if I did I'd love to learn tap dance. I love watching people like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers tap dance in the old movies. It just blows my mind how good they are.
I'd also love to learn ballroom dancing. And the dances from Jane Austen's time. :)

What is one of the books of the Bible you are currently reading?
I'm trying to read a chapter of Psalms every day. 

My nominees:
Evelyn at Into the Western Wild
Naomi at Wonderland Creek

State 11 facts about yourself and answer these questions:
Least favorite and favorite Disney princess?
Book you're currently reading?
A movie that makes you cry?
Which author do you prefer: Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Louisa May Alcott, or L. M. Montgomery?
Favorite person from history?
Describe the dress you'd wear on the red carpet if you were a famous actress:


  1. Great post, Natalie! I loved to see all your answers! :) that's so cool that you are playing think of me! I've been playing piano for 8 years. I have a les Mis book, but not Phantom. :( I'm spending most of my money on fabric. Being a CEO is stressful. ;) oh, and don't worry about the blog party. I might self-host this one. That's fine about your interview questions. Whenever you have time you can send them off. No hurry, really.

    1. Thanks Anna!
      Yes, I know! I've really enjoyed learning Think of Me! I got my POTO book from Goodwill-I was so excited to find it! :) How is your business going? Well, I hope!
      Okay, I can't wait until you have the blog party! :)

  2. Thanks again Nathalie!
    I nominated you for the beautiful blog award. The further details are on my blog:
    It's Naomi here... I don't know why I can't comment in the normal way.

  3. Very much enjoyed reading your answers, Natalie! "Think of Me" is one of my favorite songs from the Phantom. It is strange, but I always think of it far more as the Phantom's song than Christine's... hence it nearly always makes me cry. I am very fond of most fruits as well and I could eat them all day! The Rochester picture is...hilarious. :)

    1. Thanks Eowyn!
      Really? I've never thought of it as the Phantom's song, but when you say that it makes sense. :)
      Yes, fruit is so yummy! Most of the time I have fruit smoothies for lunch! Healthy and delicious!
      Haha, I'm glad you thought so too. Have you read and/or seen Jane Eyre?

    2. I read "Jane Eyre" awhile ago and I think that it is due for second reading, but you know the tale... "So many books, so little time. :) Do you think you will review it once you are finished reading it? I have also seen the 80's mini-series with Richard Dalton(?) and Zelah Clark; it was excellent! Have you seen/ are you planning on seeing, any adaptions?

    3. Haha, yes I do know the tale. Anne of Green Gables is next on my to re-read list. :)
      I thought about reviewing it! If you think I should, then maybe I will. I have a whole list of to-review things though (including your sister's book!) so it may take me awhile.

      I've seen several adaptions, the 1940s one, the 2011 one, and the one from 2006. I haven't seen the 80s one, though! I'd love to try it! Is there any scenes to skip? I ask that because the 2011 and 2006 versions both needed the fast forward button sometimes. Isn't it so sad when they add unnecessary (and usually not even from the book!) scenes?

    4. Pardon me for taking so long to reply! Anne of Green Gables... Thanks for reminding me I need to read that again! As for the 80's Jane Eyre, I don't recollect there being any scenes to skip. Yes, when a story is really good, it is very provoking when they mess with/add "scenes"!
      And seeing my button on your sidebar... what a delightful surprise! :)

    5. Oh, that's all right. :)
      Good, thanks for the recommendation!
      Your welcome! You're one of my "blogger friends" so I of course had to add you to my sidebar! :)
      Your blog is wonderful!

  4. Oh wow! We have SO much in common! :-) I look forward to your upcoming posts

    1. Haha, thanks Evie! :) I'm glad to hear of other girls with the same interests and everything as me! :)
      I can't wait to post more too! It's so nice to be back in the blogging world. :)

    2. XD No Worries! and yes so am I, it is so lovely... the blogging world is so friendly! :-)


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