April 19, 2014

Naomi Awarded Me!

So many awards have been circulating around as of late! I had thought I was done with them, but then Naomi awarded me the.....

Thank you so much, Naomi! :)

What do you think of Pride and Prejudice 1995? I want your honest opinion!
I less than 5 words? I. Love. It.

What are you now reading?
Well, I'm reading Les Miserables right now, but I lately read two VERY good books- Jane Eyre, which I love to pieces and heartily recommend, and Fireflies in December, by Jennifer Erin Valent. I read about the book on this blog post: Daughter of the King: All Time Favorite Books and fortunately found it at my library.
It. Is. So. Good.
I will review it here. Someday.

What is your least favourite costume from your favourite movie?
Hmmm...I have so many favorite movies...
Well, all of the Bingley sister's dresses in P&P 95 are beyond ugly. So there's my answer. :)

What is your favourite Period Drama hat?
This is so hard. 
There are so many hats I love but I can't think of any right now.
It's kinda like I have to be watching the movie so I can go "ooh! Love that hat!" (Seriously. I'm always commenting during movies, "I LOVE her dress" "Her coat is soooo pretty" "Oh, I want her hat!!!" etc)
So I searched Pinterest and came across two examples:

One is that blue hat from The Duchess (have never seen it so I can't recommend), and Diana's pink hat from Anne of Avonlea (which I heartily recommend and if you haven't seen it or Anne of Green Gables then you're seriously missing out).

Who is the last man (from a Period Drama) in the world who you could ever marry?
Hahaha....that line sounds familiar...
Well. There are MANY period drama men I could and would never marry.
Mr. Collins, Wickham (I can never put "Mr." in front of his name. He just doesn't deserve any mark of distinction or respect.), Willoughby, Mr. Skimpole, Mr. Guppy...etc. etc.

Which period drama lady would most like to have as your teacher?
Anne Shirley! :)

What is the next thing that you are going to watch? (Or what do you think?)
Tonight my family is going to finish watching Chariots of Fire which is one of our favorites and one we've seen many times. It's SUCH a great great movie, just be warned there's a bit of language. I'll probably review it someday. :)

What's the colour of your bedroom?
Aqua blue. :)

What do you feel like eating now?
I kinda want a popsicle. I don't why.

Thanks for a great tag, Naomi! And thank you for awarding me!
I nominate
Anna of A Cowgirl and a Dream

Here are your questions. If you want, answer them and nominate some more beautiful bloggers! :) Have fun!
Favorite Jane Austen book?
Favorite school subject?
A movie recently watched that left you in tears?
Your favorite song to sing?
Your least favorite book?
Favorite article of clothing?

ps. Anna interviewed me on her blog! Go check it out: Interview with Natalie


  1. Ooooooh what lovely answers! I really enjoyed reading this post! It seams we both love Anne of Green Gables because I love the films so much and want Anne as my teacher too! :-)

  2. Thanks Nathalie for completing the tag! I really enjoyed reading. I especially LOVED your answer to the first question.
    Sorry for a short comment but I have to go.....

    1. Your welcome Naomi! Thank YOU for nominating me! You had great questions!

  3. This was such a fun post, and I'm honored to see my book a part of it. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed Jessilyn's story! If you continue the series I hope you feel the same about the next two books.

    BTW, I completely agree with your choices for characters you wouldn't marry, MOST especially Mr. Collins and Mr. Guppy. What a nightmare! And I love the '95 Pride and Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea, too. You have good taste! (And I'd still say that even if you hadn't liked my book) ;)

    1. Wow, thank you! I'm honored that you commented on my little blog. :)
      Oh yes, I really loved Fireflies in December. I've already read book 2 as well-and loved it!
      I'm looking forward to reading Catching Moondrops. I just love your writing style, and hope you keep writing books like those. :)
      I was really excited to see that you have a Pinterest board for your books. I love seeing how the author sees her story.
      Haha, poor Mr. Collins and Mr. Guppy. I know, I can't imagine being married to one of them! :)
      Yes, P&P 95 and Anne are two of my favorite period dramas! I'm glad you like them too.
      Thank you so much for commenting!

    2. Thank you for the compliment about my writing style. Means a lot to hear that from readers. The Pinterest boards have been so fun for me to do! A great way to share what I picture in my head when I write. Hope you enjoy every page of Catching Moondrops!!

    3. Your welcome! And thank you; I'm sure I will enjoy Catching Moondrops if it's anything like the first two! :) I'm really looking forward to reading it.
      May I ask a kind of weird question? How did you find out that I mentioned your books on my blog? I know my blog's pretty small and I can't imagine that you google your own books endlessly to find sites that mention you! :) Is there some sort of program that notifies you every time someone mentions your books? Sorry if that seems really weird, I'm just curious.
      I once had another author comment on a book review I wrote of her book-and my blog was even smaller then! :)

    4. I actually do Google searches regularly. That way I can keep an eye on anything, good or bad, related to the books. You can set up Google Alerts, but I haven't found them to be very consistent. These days, with piracy and things, I like to know what's up. The internet can be a crazy place! :)

    5. Oh, okay. Neat! Thanks for explaining that to me. :)

  4. Wow, almost all your answers are what I would have answered! :D
    Wouldn't it be so fun to have Anne Shirley be the teacher for everyone?!

  5. I agree with you wholeheartedly about your Anne of Green Gables related answers! SUCH a good series to watch and read!

  6. Hi. I like you blog. I am also 15 years old.
    You can come check out my blog at: countryfun-braelyn.blogspot.com

  7. Megs~ Thanks! Haha, yes, Anne would be a great teacher for everyone!

    Jill~ So many people have commented about how they like Anne of Green Gables too! I'm so glad to find more fans of the story! :)

    Braelyn~ Thank you! I will most certainly check out your blog. :)


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