May 11, 2014

Disney Blog Party Tag!

My friend, Anna, is hosting a Disney blog party May 7th -14th at her blog A Cowgirl and a Dream. Go check it out!    

So here's the tag with my answers for the beginning of the party. She came up with some great questions and I hope you enjoy my answers!

1. Why do you love Disney?
I love Disney because they create such wonderful stories that can be enjoyed by kids and grown-ups alike. I grew up on Disney animated movies, but I think I enjoy them even more now! Of course, Disney as a whole isn't always good or appropriate, but most of their animated movies are just gold. :)

2. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Okay. This is such a hard question for me. I've gone over it multiple times in my head, but every time it comes out to a 3 way tie. Belle, Rapunzel, and Anna.

3. Who is your favorite Disney female character?
For this, I'm not even counting Disney princesses even though they're female characters as well.
Well, I like a lot of the Disney heroines. Jane, Megara, Esmeralda.....but I have to say my favorite is probably Wendy from Peter Pan. :) She's so adorable, sweet, proper, and English! Haha. She's just lovely, I love her so much. And even though she's your typical proper English girl, she's not a pushover in the least. "Squaw NO get 'em firewood. Squaw go home!" :)

4. Who is your favorite Disney prince?
Kristoff and Eugene. Don't make me choose between them, because that's just not nice.

Eugene is just amazing. He reminds me a lot of Han Solo (another favorite fictional character, but we won't get into that right now)-he's a daredevil, every-man-for-himself kind of guy who's only out to make some money. He's sarcastic, handsome, and funny, but totally selfish.
Then he meets Rapunzel. And learns to care for someone other than himself.
That's what makes him so amazing. He sacrifices himself for Rapunzel and learns that, in the words of Olaf, "Love is putting someone else's needs before yours."
I just love seeing him change from Flynn the thief to Eugene Fitzherbert. He's one of the most amazing Disney heroes, the end.

And then there's Kristoff. I love Kristoff. He is the cutest thing since....jellybeans.
I'm JUST kidding, guys. I'm not really comparing Kristoff to a jellybean.....ahem. Just my lame attempt at humor there. We'll see how that goes...
Anyways. I love how Kristoff isn't your usual Disney prince. He isn't the dashing, sweep-you-off-your-feet charmer like...somebody else in Frozen.
Instead he's introverted, a bit cautious around strangers, and eats carrots with his reindeer.
He's practical and sensible, unlike Anna who falls in love with a man she just met and thinks she can climb up the side of a cliff without any help.  But he falls in love with her. When Anna's life is in danger, he doesn't think twice about getting her back to her fiancee even though he loves her himself. He does it because he believes that's what's best for her. He puts her needs before his own. True love.

Okay, I'll stop now. I'm turning this one question into a whole post. But one more thing. Look at the Frozen image above on the right.

5. Who is your favorite Disney male character?
Again...not counting princes....

Hahahahaha... I just had to put that in there as my answer. Even Flynn can't compete with a British accent, right? ;)

6. Who is your favorite Disney Villain?
Gaston and Mother Gothel are two favorites. Gaston is an all-around jerk whom we all love to hate (I do feel a teensy weensy bit sorry for him when he dies though...just a bit) and Mother Gothel amazing. She's a complex villain and not just your typical "evil queen", "evil sorcerer", "evil stepmother" etc.

7. What is/are your favorite Disney Song(s)?
This would take half a day to list, so I'll just pick 3 random favorites. "I See the Light" from Tangled, "I Can't Wait to Be King" from The Lion King, and "For the First Time in Forever (reprise)" from Frozen. Elsa's voice is aaaammaaazzzing in that one. Of course, I love to sing these songs.  But....this pretty much sums my Disney renditions up-at least the ones that are too high for my voice:

8. What is your favorite Disney Movie?
Um. What?  How can anyone have ONE favorite? Do you really expect me to answer this?

9. What was the first Disney movie that you saw (or remember for that matter!)?
Probably Cinderella. That movie is special to me because when I was 1 or 2 years old it was my favorite. Every time Cinderella danced with the prince, I wanted my dad (or my mom if dad was unavailable ;) to "dance" with me. <3 

10. Do you prefer the older Disney movies or the newer ones? 
Well, I like both the old and new animated ones. If you mean the live action ones, then I most definitely like the older ones better. :)

11. Tangled or Frozen? (Mwaaahhhaaahhaaa! ;))
Yeah. Should have seen this coming.
I love them both. Let's just leave it at that for now.
I'm sorry if I seem to be evading the question, it's just that I love them both and really can't choose. There's points I like and dislike about both movies, but I really need more time and space to elaborate. Maybe I'll post about it one day. 

12. Favorite Disney Pixar Movie?
I LOVE Pixar. If I HAD to pick ONE favorite it might be....Toy Story. Or Finding Nemo. Or Up. And Monsters Inc......Ratatouille....Wall.E....
Ahem. I'm not a very decisive person, am I?
I also love the Blue Umbrella short film from Monsters Inc. 2. It is sooooooo adorable and the music is so beautiful. And if you think I'm weird for loving a short film that consists of two umbrellas falling in love then well....maybe you shouldn't be reading my blog. :)

Anna, I REALLY love the list of questions you came up with! I had so much fun answering them, and only wish I had more time to elaborate on some of them (Frozen-cough-vs. Tangled-cough-cough).
Thanks for this blog party!!!!


  1. Haha! Ah, you make me laugh, Natalie. I'm so happy that you liked the questions. I loved reading your answers. They made me laugh, they made me smile. :)

  2. Loved this post! And yeah I so have like the same feelings about Kristoff that you do! I just love that he's not like the normal charming guy. He's just so...real. And genuine. Lol; I'm such a weird teenager because like I so like love movies like Frozen because I feel like it has a deep meaning when it comes to love. I mean I know its animated but still. It's perfect. Ok I'll stop my rant now. lol; great post <3

  3. Anna~ I'm so glad! Thank you! :)
    Brittney~ That's great you feel the same way about Kristoff! We should start a Kristoff fan club, haha!
    I agree, I love Frozen's theme of love-sister love and romantic love. :)

  4. Whoa that's kinda weird, all of your answers would be my answers!! :D
    I LOVE Kristoff and Flynn! Uh, I mean Eugene... ;) Sorry to say this Flynn, but I too go for Robin Hoods amazing accent. :)
    I love the pic "How I think I sing, how I actually sing" So true!! Haha! :D
    Ooo, a Kristoff fan club?! Count me in! ;)

    1. That's so neat! We must be kindred spirits. ;)
      Yay! Another Kristoff fan! I mentioned the club idea as a joke, but who knows? Maybe one day... :)

    2. Yes! Kindred spirits! :D
      Oh yes, someone should start a Kristoff club, he deserves one! :)

  5. That's really neat. I like reading what everyone's answers are.
    P.S. I nominated you on my blog:)

  6. I totally missed getting in on this blog party. I think I may just answer the questions on my blog for fun anyway.

  7. I was just re-reading this because I wanted to see you who your favorite Disney characters were, and it was just as great as it was when you wrote it... um seven months ago? I have seen both Tangled and Frozen since you wrote it and I totally understand about it being most difficult to choose between them, I mean how IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? :)

  8. Eowyn! I loved hearing from you on such an old post. :) I'm so glad you were able to see Tangled and Frozen....and that you understand my pain. ;) It IS so hard to pick from those two. Since this post, I think I've come to think of Tangled being my favorite by just a LITTLE bit, but I'm sure once I watch Frozen again it will be a tie! Who are your favorite characters from both Tangled and Frozen? Favorite songs?

  9. I'm sorry, I know it's a bit late to comment on this post, but...


    Hahaha, that picture with Flynn and Robin!!! *cracks up* Oh, the beauty!

    "What is your favorite Disney movie?"?! Is that even a thing?!?!;)

    1. Hey, I love comments on old posts! :)
      Haha, you like Han Solo too?? Very cool.
      I KNOW. "Haha, what?" Is the appropriate answer for that question. ;)

    2. Yes, of course!!! Who doesn't like Han Solo?! He's amazing:D

      Haha, yes indeed.


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