May 3, 2014

Ellen by Heidi Peterson

"Captain Bryant was opening the windows and the fresh sea breeze filled the room. Crossing to the nearest window, she leaned out to watch him open the final one. It stuck, but he forced it open at last before looking across at her with a grin. The view over the pines was breathtaking. The sun was just coming over the treetops and its bright rays turned the water beyond to a sheet of diamonds."
~Ellen; page 39

That's one of my favorite descriptive parts from this book by Heidi Peterson, a fellow blogger and e-mail pal who has a great blog (go check it out!), because of how vividly it paints the scene. Throughout this entire book, I never felt like I couldn't "see" the story. It's beautifully detailed and descriptive!

Ellen is the story of the young wife of a sea captain who, amid a terrible tragedy in her life, learns to rely on God in everything and to draw her strength from Him. Shipwrecks, an adorable orphan boy, and a very strong Christian message are all contained in this book. Heidi obviously loves the Lord with all her heart and tries her best to do everything she does to serve Him-it spills over into her writing, as it should, and a very delightful novel resulted!

The only thing I thought was lacking was flaws in the characters. They certainly weren't perfect, but they were perfect enough that it could get a little tiring that they never had to apologize for a short temper, impatience, complaining, or any of those "little things". Heidi herself realizes this and has that in mind for her next book, On David's Shoulders, which I am honored to be on the list to beta read! I'm VERY excited for her next book. She is definitely a talented writer and ODS sounds so exciting!

There is no content whatsoever in this book- it can be read and loved by someone of any age! Of course, I think someone older than 12 years old will get the most out of it, but you know what I mean. ;)
In fact, my mom just read it and she liked it too! She thinks Heidi is a very good writer and loved all the Scripture she managed to fit into the story.
Thanks so much for asking me to read and review your book, Heidi! I really enjoyed it!

You can find it here at Amazon as a kindle or paperback: Ellen


  1. Natalie! Thank you for such a lovely review! :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ;-)

  2. It sounds like a really good book. I have never heard of it before.

    1. It is really good! You probably never heard of it before because it's self-published. You can only get it from Amazon. Thanks for commenting! :)


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