May 23, 2014

Liebster Award & Beautiful Blog Award..again!

Anna nominated me for the Liebster Award...and it's been a long time since then. So thanks so much, Anna, and sorry it took me so long!

My 11 Facts
1. I had to plug "liebster" into Google translate to figure out what it meant. ( I had a vague idea, but I wanted to make sure). It means dearest.

2. My best friend is graduating today. (congrats, Kam!!!!)

3. I have a picture of Anne and Gilbert on my magnet board.

4. I really want a big bookshelf....or two..

5. I love de-clutttering my room.

6. I made my own Phantom of the Opera bookmarks awhile back.

7. One of my chickens died this week. :(

8. I got my VERY first DSLR camera recently and am dying to share some pictures with y'll.

9. A house close by to us has two zebroids (a horse crossed with a zebra) in its yard. Not kidding.

10. I really want to get this post done and that's why I have a really short and to-the-point facts.

11. It actually took me no time at all to write my 11 facts. That's a first....

Now on to the questions!

Swimming or tanning?

Popsicles or ice creams cones? 
Ice cream. :)

Watermelon or cantaloupe?
Ummmmm...neither? I don't really care for watermelon, and I've never tried cantaloupe, but it doesn't sound very good and I'm not very brave about food sometimes...

Biking or running?
Mmm....probably biking. I don't mind running, though, as long as I can alternate between that and walking! :)

Sierra Boggess or Emmy Rossum?
Sierra all the way. :)

Ramin Karimloo or Gerald Butler?
Ramin. Karimloo. Is. The. Best. Phantom. Ever. End. Of. Story.
Gerald Butler kinda reminds me of Kermit the Frog.
I mean, I'm sure he's a great singer and all, but not as the Phantom. Sorry.

Where would you like to live one day?
Oh. Haha. I was reading this question all wrong, like "where I want to live for only ONE day??" :P
Well, my family would really like to move back to Michigan, our home state. So I'll say that. :)

How do you picture yourself in ten years?
Me, 25 years old? I have no idea. 

Little Mermaid or The Lion King on Broadway?
Probably the Little Mermaid because all the people dressed up like animals in the Lion King kinda freak me out. :) Even though I LOVE the Lion King movie.

Cake or cookies?
Ooh, that's tough!
I'm gonna say cake just because I don't have that as often as I do cookies.

Favorite Disney Movie?
What??? I can't have just ONE favorite.
I love Lady and the Tramp.

I also got nominated again for the Beautiful Blog award. Thanks Braelyn !

1. If you could have an expenses- paid vacation to anywhere in the world, 
where would you go, and why?
England. Because of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell.

2. What would you like to accomplish by the end of 2014?
There's a lot of things I want to accomplish, but I can't think of anything specifically before the end of the year. More like end of the month end of next month things, haha.

3. What are a few of your favorite quotes?
I'm so glad you asked....

One can give without loving, but one cannot love without giving. ~Amy Carmichael

“Woman was created from the rib of man, not from his head to top him; neither from his feet to be walked upon. She was made from his side to be his equal; from beneath his arm to be protected by him; from very near his heart to be loved by him.”


No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader.

~Robert Frost 

I am not what I ought to be. 
I am not what I want to be. 
I am not what I hope to be. 
But still,
I am not what I used to be.
And by the grace of God, 
I am what I am.

-John Newton

4.  What Bible character do you relate to most, and why?
I've never thought of that before....hmm..I'm not really sure!

5. What is your dream car?
An aqua blue truck. :)
Maybe something like one of these:
 Either way, I've got plenty of time to decide. I still haven't started drivers ed yet! Soon....

6. Are you a morning person, or a night owl?
Neither. I'm a middle of the day person. But if I had to pick one, I'd be a night owl.

7. Do you have a favorite flower or plant?
Any wildflower.

8. What are some of your favorite foods?
Pizza, tacos, smoothies, banana bread....shall I go on?

9. What cause(s) are you most opinionated about?
Among a lot of other things, abortion.

10. What is the best advice on life you can give in up to three sentences?
Rely on Jesus.
Haha, I did that in one sentence. I win. ;)

Thanks so much, for the great questions, Anna and Braelyn!
I decided not to nominate anyone else. Just FYI.


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers, Natalie! I love those trucks!

  2. Your answer for the Ramin vs Gerald was awesome! ��

  3. Sadie~ Thanks! :)
    Anna~ Haha, glad you enjoyed it!!


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