July 25, 2014

A moving update!

 Hello everybody!
 Thanks so much for still reading my blog. I know I've been absent a LOT longer than I anticipated.
We made the move (!!) and have been settled in at my Gramma's house in Michigan for about a month now. Unfortunately, we have to go to the library (or McDonald's or any other place with free wifi) to access the internet,  so blogging has been out of the question. I finally had the bright idea of writing this update post on a word document and then pasting it to Blogger once we have internet. Not sure why I hadn't thought of that before!
 Anyways, we've been veryveryvery busy! My parents have been house-hunting left and right, and even as I write this, we're coming back from looking at a house that has a very good chance of someday being ours!
 Needless to say, we're quite excited. :)
 Other than looking for our new home, I myself have been kept busy trying to get back into my schoolwork (nothing like a state to state move to upset your schedule) AND I just had my 16th birthday! Yay!
Things are going well overall and I really appreciate your sweet comments asking how everything is going!
I miss you all and hope to be able to get into blogging again soon.
Hopefully by Christmas. ;)
Haha, okay hopefully sooner than that.
Here's some photos!

I think this was the last sunset from our house. :(

Saying goodbye to my kitties was hard. We have 9 of them, so there was no way we could bring them all with us! Thankfully the new owners are really nice and are going to keep them.

 The morning we left

Here's half of our caravan, the gigantic Penske truck and our van. 
My mom and I were in our CRV towing another trailer!

My brother and I explored the woods at a rest stop.

Arriving at my Gramma's!

She has really pretty property, and I've had lots of fun taking photos

And the last one is of me in my birthday outfit. Does anyone else like to dress up on their birthday? :)

*please do not use my photos in any way without my permission, thank you!*


    You wrote again!!!

    Isn't moving tiring? Our family moved last year and I remember being exhausted! It's very exciting though- like a new part in your life or something. I personally loved it. :) Are you enjoying it, or do you miss your old house?

    Ohhh, happy birthday to you, dear! Sixteen, I must gather? You can sing 'I am Sixteen' now, without lying. :) Won't have to be 'Raindrops on roses' the whole time now. Just kidding. ;)
    And I LOVE your hair! AUBURN hair!

    Yes, I like dressing up on my birthday as well.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!
    Hope you get settled soon :D

  3. Beautiful Post!
    I am glad the move went well and also HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
    I hope you had a lovely one!

  4. I know what its like to move, being in a military family we have moved 10+ times. Our school years were often interrupted, but you will get back in a schedule in no time (:
    Praying your family finds a house!
    -Hannah Sue

    *Check out my blog*

  5. Naomi~ Aw, thank you!! Yes, moving is VERY tiring! The days of packing and stuff were probably the most exhausting of my life. :) I am glad we moved, and I don't miss my home as much as I did at first but I still have my moments. :) Now that we found a house to buy it's much more exciting!
    Yes! It's so much fun to sing "16 going on 17" now! We actually watched the Sound of Music on my birthday. Pretty much because of the song. ;) Aw, thank you. My hair is very thick-thus making it sometimes unmanageable but I'm learning to love it. ;) Haha
    Thanks for your comment!!

    Ashley~ Thank you so much! We're looking forward to being settled as well. :)

    Evie~ Why, thank you!! I did have a lovely birthday. I too am glad the move went well!

    Hannah Sue~ Thank you for commenting! Wow, you certainly do know what it's like to move. I can't imagine moving that much. Thanks for the encouragement-it helps! :)
    Thank you so much for praying! I appreciate it so much. :)
    I will certainly check out your blog!

  6. Happy birthday! :-)
    I love your hair!!! Best wishes with the move and all :-)

  7. Happy birthday! Good luck with the move! Your grandma's place is really pretty.

    1. Thank you! I think her place is really pretty too. :)

  8. Loved all your pictures...and your new blog design! (I know it's been up for a while, but I had neglected to comment. :P) I know you don't have internet yet, but (when you do) I've tagged you for the Sunshine Award! Here's the link: http://ladyofanorien.blogspot.com/2014/08/sunshine-award-2.html.

    Hope all is going excellently well! (I'm hoping to have an email coming your way soon. ;-))

  9. Oh! Forgot to say I love the blue chicory flowers (but you probably already knew that, right? ;-)) and also the wavy auburn hair. Very elegant and Anne-ish indeed! :-)

    1. Thank you so much, Heidi! I had so much fun taking the pictures. And yes, I like my blog design too! I wanted to do something a little more springy and summery! :)
      Thank you for the tag! Hopefully I can get back into blogging soon! :)
      Ever since I "discovered" chicory flowers, I think they've become my favorite wildflower. They're so simple yet so pretty and their color is gorgeous.
      Ah yes, thank you! I like having reddish hair like Anne. :)
      I'll look forward to your e-mail!

  10. And this is where I discovered your blog! How was it nearly three years ago?!

    1. Aww, really? I had forgotten I wrote this post! I know, eek. It seems like I've been blogging forever, and yet 3 years feels so long ago, too. :)


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