September 17, 2014

My Mansfield Park "Cast"

I read Mansfield Park for the first time recently and loved it! I wouldn't say it's my favorite Jane Austen novel, but it was really good and....well, its Jane Austen. What's not to love about it ? :)

So, when I read a book, I usually have a full "cast" in my head of how the characters look. Sometimes I see actual actors (or people I know-coughcough-) as them.
Or I just have a completely made up mental image.

 Anyways, I thought it'd be fun to share my "vision" of some of the MP characters. Please note this is not going to be an actual "if MP had a new film version..." This isn't a dream cast. Just how I picture the characters.  I'll start with less important characters and save the best for last.  :)

~Mrs. Grant~
I see her exactly as Barbara Flynn from Cranford and Wives and Daughters.

~Dr. Grant~
Jim Carter from Cranford (except not smiling. I don't see him as a smiley person. Once in awhile when he's had a good meal, but not otherwise.).

~Mr. Rushmore~

Fanny's husband. North and South. Mr. Watson. Best picture I could find. Sorry.

~Mrs. Betram~
Pretty near how I see her. Mrs. Forrester from Cranford.

~Sir Thomas Bertram~
Ciaran Hinds from Persuasion (1995). But older and grayer, haha. :)

~Susan Price~
Hahaha....yes, I see Susan as....Susan (from The Chronicles of Narnia). 

~Mrs. Norris~

Harriet Walter, from Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Little Dorrit is EXACTLY how I see Mrs. Norris. Voice and all. The perfect Mrs. Norris. Right here.

~Maria Betram~

I have no idea who this is-I found it on Pinterest and it's exactly as I see Maria.

~Henry Crawford~

Dark hair. Dark eyes. Handsome. But eeeevviiiilll.....
Haha. I kind of see him as Jack Marshland from Cranford. Slightly.

~Mary Crawford~

Mary Crawford isn't quite clear in my mind. I see her a bit like Cynthia from Wives and Daughters, but with light brown hair. Very sweetly elegant and pretty.

~William Price~

Ehh...kinda as.. this guy (Emma 2009 and North and South) but not quite. 
Plus I see him as blonde.

~Edmund Betram~

I see him slightly as Dan Stevens from Sense and Sensibility 2008.

Isn't this picture so cute? In the MP context, I like to imagine it as Edmund and Fanny when they were younger.

~Fanny Price~

Okay, unfortunately I don't have an actress in mind for the main character. I see her perfectly in mind, though. I see her as slight and delicate with clear blond hair that curls wispily around her face and large blue eyes. Almost as if I could take Minnie (Pet) Meagles' hair from Little Dorrit and attach it to
Amy Dorrit, I might have a close resemblance of Fanny.
Sort of. :P

Lastly, isn't this Jane Austen inspired artwork (found here) adorable? It reminds me muchly of Edmund and Fanny (if only she were a blonde grrrr)

So, do you "cast" novels when you read them? 
How do you picture the Mansfield Park characters? Totally opposite of me? Or similarly? 
Do you know of any actors that might be how I see some of my "missing" characters?
Let me know in the comments! :)


  1. The actress/character you have for Maria Betram is Nina Dobrev playing Katherine Pierce from The Vampire Diaries.

  2. Oh wow! This is so exciting! this is EXACTLY how I picture them! I love Mansfield park! It is my favorite Jane Austen book, second only to P&P.

  3. Great Post! I often picture characters as certain actors too! :D or if I have seen numerous adaptations of the novel it tends to be a strange blend of the two actors often causing much amusement on my behalf.

  4. It's been a while since I attempted to read Mansfield Park, but these characters are basically what I saw too!! Except I think I would switch Edmund and Henry.

  5. I've always thought Dan Stevens would make a good Edmund. :D And I'd cast Claire Foy as Fanny if she was still a bit younger.

    I never thought of Harriet Walter for Mrs. Norris, but I can kind of see that!

  6. Yes! I've always imagined Fanny as a blonde! I actually did a dream cast for Mansfield Park on my blog a while ago....

  7. Mrs. Brandon- Haha, I have the same problem! For example, while reading Les Miserables, I'd picture both Hugh Jackman and Colm Wilkinson. :)

    Ashley- That's so neat! :D

    Naomi- Thank you!

    Melody- Yes, I think Claire Foy would be such a perfect actress for Fanny! She certainly did Little Dorrit well, and Amy and Fanny are similar, I think. :)

    Elizabethany- Yay, I'm not the only one who sees her blonde! :) I immediately looked up your dream cast on your blog. I think you had a good list!

    Thanks for commenting everyone!

  8. Haha what a combination! :-) I see Jarvert as Phillip quast though not Russell Crowe... Sorry for the late reply I am in Japan at the moment
    Evie (miss Brandon)

    1. Haha, yes isn't Philip Quast the most AMAZING Javert ever? He was the first Javert I saw/heard (from the 10th anniversary concert). When I saw a picture of him I thought "ugh he doesn't look like Javert" (I had pictured Russell Crowe when I read the book, haha) but then I watched him and repented. :P HE IS PERFECTION.
      Oh wow! Have fun in Japan! That's so exciting. :)

    2. Yes he is, and he is Australian too so I am so proud! XD same here!! and yes I agree
      I am now back whooo! and I am nominating you for the Janeite Tag! :)

    3. Evie~I accidentally deleted your comment about Dan Stevens when I tried to publish it. I'm so sorry! :( You can comment again if you like. :) And thank you for nominating me for the Janeite Tag!

    4. Oh.. That's ok! I'll re comment if you would like? and It's ok! :D Hope you can get to it soonish :)

    5. If you'd like to that's fine, if not no big deal. :) Oh yes, I hope I can get to it soon as well, haha. :) Are the questions for it on your blog or from Miss Jane Bennet's? Because she nominated me as well (and I still haven't gotten around to publishing them-oops!) so if the questions are the same I'll just say you both nominated me. :)

    6. Haha I actually wrote diffrent questions.. so if you feel like answering numerous ones go right ahead :D. Up to you! :)


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