September 10, 2014

one year

I'm back! I'm officially back to the world of blogging (from my extended absence due to my family's move from state to state). And what a better time to return than on my blog's anniversary?
Yup, that's right. I've been a blogger for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

Wait, what? ;)

I really can't wrap my head around the fact that I've been blogging for one year. In one way it seems like I've always blogged, in another way it seems just like yesterday. I feel like I still haven't really gotten this blog to be what I want it to be. I just feel stuck. I had soooooo many post ideas when I first started. Well....I either still haven't written them or I lost interest in them. Actually I have many post ideas. It's writing them that's the problem, haha.

But. Even if I feel like this blog isn't all I want it to be yet, somebody obviously likes it! I mean, y'll do. I have 32 followers and that's more than I could hope for. I still remember getting my first follower. That felt SO amazing, knowing that somebody liked your writing enough to follow you. They want to hear and read and see more and that's beyond encouraging.
So the fact that I have 32 people who want to read and hear and see more is...well, staggering.

And in case you're wondering, what I mean by "this blog isn't all I want it to be yet" is that I simply haven't felt like I've gotten into a comfortable groove or pattern with blogging. I always feel a little lost. What should I write about? Should I review movies? Books? Share stories of my life? Share my photography? My art? What should I do?????

But I do enjoy blogging. Being able to share your opinions on movies, books, world events, food, or whatever is fun and interesting and exciting. I especially enjoy "meeting" other Christian girls through their blogs and reading what they have to say!

So, anyways, Happy Birthday to my little blog and I hope my faithful followers stay with me throughout the 2nd year!! Thank you all so much for reading and sticking with me! :) Y'll are the best and leave such sweet comments. Thanks!!!

Just for fun, I thought I'd do a "lately" thing that I've seen on many blogs:

Lately I've been...

Reading// Mansfield Park, Ella Enchanted, The Lord of the Rings, The Christian Hero: A Memoir of Robert Annan  (Sense and Sensibility and The Screwtape Letters are next on my list!)

Watching// How the West Was Won, My Favorite Brunette, Rio Bravo, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (yeah, a lot of Westerns and John Wayne-we picked up a bunch while garage saling. My personal favorite was Rio Bravo. Does anyone wish for a review of any of these movies?)

Writing// My retelling of The Princess and the Pea. I'm sooooo excited about this story. I don't know if I'll ever publish it or anything, but I have a feeling I'm going to actually finish it. Which is a big deal. For me. I have tons of unfinished stories sitting in my desk drawer. It's really sad. My poor characters, frozen in time....

Organizing//Our new house

Cleaning// Our new house

Going to paint// My new room

Hating// Wallpaper (we just got some wallpaper remover at the store. I hope it works!)

Looking forward to// My "new" hand-me-down bookshelf. It's HUGE. I'll finally be able to display all my books at once. I'm so excited for that. So. Excited.

Missing// My grandparents and cats back in Florida

Photographing// New flowers and things around our house

Listening to// Les Mis and the October Baby soundtrack

Recovering from// Moving

Catching up on// Emails and blog posts

Loving// Sunlight and goldenrod

Giving baths to// Our dogs. They stank so much and poor little Sparky here was covered in burrs. They're outdoor dogs, but they come inside once in awhile. ;)

Enjoying// The hot tub that came with our new house. And it's a nice one. I never thought we'd own a hot tub, haha.

Singing// Anything and everything that pops into my head (Les Miserables, Sound of Music, and this song for examples)

Playing on the piano// Nothing. -sobsobsobsobsob- I can't wait to get a new piano. We had to leave mine behind when we moved

Always looking for// dandelions to blow

ps. How do you like the new blog look?? It's a work in progress. I have this "vision" in mind for how I want it to look, but it's not quiiitte there yet.

*please do not use my photos in any way without my permission, thank you! :)*


  1. Yay! So nice to have a peek in your life and just... reading something on Raindrops of Roses again!!! We've all missed you... or at least I have. I'm so glad you're back.

    Firstly, happy blog-birthday! I love your new look... I've seen that background before, and it's very sweet. And your header is simple, but very cute. Love!
    I also like the quotes on your sidebar... some of them are my very favourites!

    Good luck on your story... post ideas... blog future... house organisation and finding a new piano! Hope all gets sorted out soon and that you're not missing your old house too much!

    Looking forward to future posts!

    ~ Naomi

  2. Welcome back, and congrats on 1 year of blogging! Lovely flower photos. All the best at your new location!

  3. Wow, one year!! Congratulations! I look forward to reading your posts again, and good luck with the piano! :D

  4. One year! : That's so cool! I am glad that everything is settling down for you :-). Good luck with everything and I love your new blog look!

  5. Congratulations on one year, Natalie! And I so enjoyed *seeing* a bit of your life!! ;-) Your new house looks lovely--and I heartily sympathize...removing wallpaper can be quite an adventure! And the piano! I do hope you're able to find one soon!

    And...(I forgot to explicitly say so in my reply the other day), but I'm so glad you're hoping to join the Emma party! ;-)

  6. Naomi~ Aw, thank you so much! It makes me so happy to know I was missed. :)
    Yes, I'm pretty pleased with my new look! Maybe a few tweaks here and there but overall I love it.
    Haha, I actually did think of a post idea, so hopefully I can complete that soon!
    Well, I'm not missing our old home tooooo much-especially now that we have our new home!-but there are always moments. :) It's just so strange and different going from one state to another and all that!

    Bethany~ Thank you! And yes, the flower photos are some of my favorites-especially the pink flowers. :)

    Jane~ Thanks so much! Haha, yes, I can't wait for the piano. :)

    Evie~I know, one year is very cool! Thank you so much! :)

    Heidi~ Thanks! We like our new house too. :) And thanks for your sympathy. ;) Thankfully, the spray-on stuff we got from the store has helped, although it's still going to take awhile to get this paper down!
    Yes, I'm very much looking forward to your Emma blog party!!

  7. Oh, by the way--how are you liking LotR?? I can't remember whether you've read them before, haha. Oh, and I nominated you for a Janeite tag over at my blog: =)

  8. Hi Jane!
    I'm liking Lord of the Rings immensely! I've never read them before. I asked my dad if I could try them and he said yes. I'm glad he did! I'm currently at the part where Frodo and his friends are at the Prancing Pony.
    Thank you so much! Your tag looks delightful! I can't wait to answer the questions. :)

  9. YAYYYYY! I'm SO glad you're enjoying them--I keep having to refrain from saying, "Just WAIT till THIS part!!" Haha. I would dearly love to hear your thoughts--are you planning on reviewing the volumes? (If so, expect a loooong comment with way too many questions from me. Heehee.)
    I'm glad you like it--I can't wait for your answers! :)

    1. Thanks! Haha! I actually know the general story of LOTR because my brother and I have played the Lego video game of it. Even though I now wish I DIDN'T know the outcome, there's still such a difference in the books that it's still exciting and suspenseful. Plus, the book is waaaaayyy better than the video game haha. :)
      I hadn't thought of it, but maybe I will! It's nice knowing someone will be interested enough in my thoughts on it to leave a long comment! :D
      So, now I've made to it where they have met Aragorn and are about to leave Bree. I have to say, this is probably the most exciting (and scary!) part so far! The Black Riders are creeeeepppy... :)

    2. Hope you don't mind me chiming in! But I LOVE LOTR too! XD

    3. Yay!!! Another fan! :) Of course I don't mind your chiming in! Chime in all you want! :)

  10. This is random, I know. But I was looking over some of your old posts and came across this one and just had to comment, because AWWWWW. Your "new" house! I KNOW THAT HOUSE!! <3 <3 Methinks perhaps I've been there!! ;D

    That picture of the purple flowers is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.!! (I'm gonna steal it. Haha. Just kidding. :P I only said that because you said not to your use your pictures without your permission. Go figure. Me and my lame jokes. :P)

    "They're outdoor dogs, but they come inside once in awhile. ;)" Mwahahaha!! "Once in a while." Yes. Of course. I knew that. :P

    This post was written six months before I came on the scene. Isn't that funny? And you had no idea then that I even existed. Or that I would be visiting you, at your "new" house, in less than two years! Isn't that weird to think about? :P

    1. Miss March my brain is hurting thinking about that.. but wowsers!

    2. REALLY? YOU'VE BEEN TO MY HOUSE? Creeper. :P (Kidding, of course. ;D)

      Awww, thank you!!! (Well, if I see it anywhere except my blog anytime soon, I'll know who stole it. :P)

      Cough. 'Hem. *doesn't say anything about the dog situation* (Hey, circumstances change. ;))

      THAT IS SO WEIRD. And yet really cool. I just love looking back and seeing how God orchestrated things, don't you? :D

      Thanks for this comment!! It was super fun. :D

    3. I know, Evie! Isn't it crazy? :)

      Haha. Creeper. That's me. ;P

      (You will indeed. ;))

      Apparently something must have changed, because they certainly weren't outside dogs when I knew them. Haha. :P

      Yes! That is so cool!!



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