October 20, 2014

Emma Tag!

I'm so excited to be participating in the Discovering Emma Week blog party, hosted by Heidi over at Along the Brandywine. Please check out her blog for lots of Emma material-and a giveaway! :)

~ Discovering Emma Week Tag ~

1. Have you ever read Emma?
Yes, I have once. I read it for English Lit last year and LOVED it. I think it was the third Jane Austen book I've read and I was just astounded by Jane Austen's talent. Especially since I actually studied it and didn't just read it, I feel like I understood it a bit better than I would have if I had just read it for pleasure. Because, you know, reading "old" classic books can be a bit hard sometimes because of the language and style-sometimes you have a read a sentence over 3 times before you finally understand what they're saying! :) (But don't take my wrong-I love classic books by authors such as Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and the like!) Emma completely won me over and now I realize how much I need to read it again!! :)

This is the copy of Emma I own:

2. If so, is that how you first made her acquaintance? (If not, feel free to elaborate!) 
Yes, I made myself completely finish Emma before watching any of the film adaptions. Huh. That's funny. I think I've said on my blog here that Mansfield Park was the first Austen book I've read before watching the film, but I just realized that isn't true-Emma was! :) I guess I have short term memory loss or something...

3. Do you have a favorite film adaptation? 
Yes, I adore the 1996 version with Gywneth Paltrow and Jeremy Northam. I know many people prefer the 2009 adaption but I didn't care for it as much. I didn't dislike it, I just liked the 1996 version better. To me, it is a (near) perfect portrayal of the characters and of Hertfordshire. My favorite character portrayals are Emma, Mr. Knightley, Mr. Elton, and Miss Bates. Miss Bates is PERFECTION in this version! :)

4. Favorite dress(es) from that film?
My favorite dress Emma wears is the aqua one during the Elton's visit. So pretty! I'd also like to mention that my favorite hairstyle is the one she wears when she is embroidering under the tent with Harriet. Here it is:

5. Share a line you love from either the book or movie/s—several if you like!
Here are a few from the movie that I enjoy!
Mr. Knightley: (after Emma shot an arrow off target) "Try not to kill my dogs"
Mr. Woodhouse :"Emma, be careful-the baby-it might have an infection!"
Emma: "I hate John!" (a few seconds later) "I love John!"
Mrs. Elton: "There is a shocking lack of satin." (pretty much anything she says is hilarious)
And of course, I love this quote from the book:

6. Is Emma one of your favorite heroines? Why or why not?
Mm, I wouldn't say one of my MOST favorite heroines but she's definitely on the list. (I have a lot of favorite heroines. It's very hard to narrow it down!) She has a lot of faults but she learns from her mistakes and tries to be better. When she did make mistakes it was mostly because of her efforts to help people and her inability to see that her "help" will or already did make things worse. 

7. What is one of Emma’s strengths (good qualities)?
Despite her tendency to want the limelight and praise, she really tries to look out for her friends and family. She wants to see them happy! 

8. Describe in one (or two…or three) sentences, why Mr. Knightley is so wonderful.
He's so kind, he's so chivalrous, he has integrity, he's polite, he's caring, he's forgiving, he's patient, he "gives consequence to young ladies who are slighted by other men", he will patiently listen to elderly ladies prattle on and will scold younger ladies who are rude to them (BADLY done, Emma!!), he's humorous, he's handsome, he's-shall I stop now? ;)
But in all seriousness, he is truly a gentleman. There are many many many admirable heroes in stories out there, but not many embody a true gentleman like Mr. Knightley does. 

9. Why do you think Mr. Knightley and Emma are so well suited to each other?
They are best of friends and know each others faults and failings, but also their virtues. They've shared many moments of life together and have looked out for each other (and corrected each other, haha) along the way. They have different temperaments and methods of doing things, but make up for in it agreeing on important things.  And they're just adorable!! I can't imagine Emma with anyone else but Mr. Knightley, or Mr. Knightley with anyone but Emma. 

10. Would you rather spend a week in Highbury with the Westons—on Abbey-Mill Farm with the Martins—or in London with the John Knightleys?
I'd choose Highbury with the Westons-I'd love to explore Emma's town and I'd get a much better chance of meeting Emma and Mr. Knightley if I stayed with the Weston's! Not to mention, they seem very nice people. :) 

Thank you for such a wonderful tag, Heidi! I loved the questions you came up with!


  1. I love all the pictures!

    I enjoyed the 1996 version, even though I thought it wasn't half as good as my-favourite-forever-the-best-2009-version. Ahem, sorry. :) Oh, yes, Gwenyth Palrow's Emma had some very sweet costumes. I loved the one she wore to the Boxhil Picnic.

    I loved your description of Mr Knightley - you made your sentences nice and long. :-)

    "Try not to kill my dogs" - I remember laughing at that bit in the movie - the way he said it was so funny. :-)

  2. LOVE your answers, Natalie!!! Great job. :) Where to begin?? I think Miss Bates in the '96 is my favorite, too -- she's a talker (as she should be) and so sweet and genuinely contented! And that line about John is so funny.... and, "Certainly. I may have lost my heart...but not my self-control." :) And your points about Mr. Knightley (and Mr. Knightley and Emma being suited to each other) are just perfect!! I agree 100%. ;)

  3. Ohmigoodness, yes. Miss Bates in 96 is absolutely hilarious. I prefer 09 overall, but I think the 96 Miss Bates is the best. And isn't it funny how sometimes the movie lines improves on the book lines? "Pork, Mother!" is so much funnier that way than just Miss B prattling on about pork.

  4. Thanks for commenting everyone!
    Naomi~Haha, we can't all agree, I suppose. :) But that's all right. It makes life more interesting!
    Thank you! I liked my description of Mr. Knightley as well. :)
    Yes, isn't that part so funny? I loved his humor in the middle of their argument.

    Heidi~ Thank you! Ah yes, I love Miss Bates so much. She's just so perfect in this version!
    Haha, I love that part too. I also love the parts where she "Tries NOT to think of Mr. Knightley.."
    Thank you! I'm happy with how my Mr. Knightley answer came out, but I wasn't quite sure about my Mr. Knightley/Emma answer. I'm glad to hear you liked it!

    Joanna~ I'm so glad to hear of more Miss Bates 96 fans! She's certainly one of the best character representations in the movie! Yes, you're right! I usually like a movie to follow the book very closely, but sometimes the movie CAN improve on something! Or at least make it more memorable! :)


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