November 30, 2014

I'm So Glad We Live In A World With Octobers...and Novembers..and Decembers...

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting. I haven't had the time or inclination, honestly. I've been busy with our new house, new friends, keeping in contact with old friends, preparing for Christmas, working on schoolwork.....and tons of other stuff. :) (Like watching BBC Robin Hood for the first time. I'd like to do a review of it to describe my feeling for this show in one post....ugh)

Awhile ago (quite awhile ago..haha) I wanted to do a post on autumn (with the classic Anne of Green Gables quote that is so overused and yet I love anyways) and share some of my photography with you. I'm by no means a professional (I still have no idea what some of the features on my camera are ha) but I LOVE taking photos and would like to share some rather than having them sit away collecting dust (if computer files collect dust....) in my folders. So, here some and I hope you enjoy them! The colors of fall are so gorgeous to me, especially coming from a state where there's never a "real" fall. :) I'm so thankful to now have orange and red and yellow leaves to admire! (But they're all gone now, ha. Except for a few stubborn brown ones.)