February 14, 2015

My Favorite Couples

Sooo, usually I don't get into Valentine's Day very much but lately I've actually been really excited about it and have been fixated on the color pink. (I decorated my desktop with pink, sparkly, glowing, pictures of Rapunzel and Eugene awwww) And so, I have decided to throw together a post on (some of) my favorite literary and screen couples. So, here we go!
Be warned, this post is loooooooong, will contain lots of random pictures, nonsensical gushing, and exclamation points. And it will contain spoilers.....

A note-the couples are NOT in order of favorite to least favorite--because that's impossible!

...........and because I forgot to put them in order *cough.*

Robin and Marian

Quite possibly my favorite couple of all time at the moment (it changes frequently, although there's always a group of top 5 or so.....), Robin Hood and Lady Marian from the BBC Robin Hood tv series are simply ADORABLE.

In the first season, Marian wants nothing to do with Robin. But even when arguing they're just so perfect, though. They were meant for each other from the first!
By the time season 2 rolls around, Marian realizes just how much he means to her.  And Robin falls more in love with her in each episode...he needs her-making the end of season 2 that much more heartbreaking. Much to my happiness, they DO get married. 
If you've seen the end of season 2, I need not explain further, do I?

Of course, if they had a true happily-ever-after their story would be beyond perfect. 
Despite their tragic story, they still remain one of my favorite couples.

I mean, just look:

Does anyone else simply love their wedding vows? Their marriage was simply lovely....if only it wasn't so heartbreaking.

Gilbert and Anne

Usually, Gilbert Blythe and Anne Shirley are my ultimate favorite couple- and even though Robin and Marian slightly bumped them down (for now) they are and forever will be the sweetest, loveliest, most adorable couple and their story is just......perfect.
I can't even begin to describe how much I love these two and their adorable banter. And of course, Anne's I'm-never-speaking-to-you-as-long-as-I-live phase.

HAHA So true.

Arthur and Amy

I looovvee Little Dorrit. I think it will always be my favorite Dickens story, along with A Tale of Two Cities. Arthur and Amy are SO sweet, SO adorable, just SUCH a perfect couple.
Little Amy, so patient and adoring...I can just totally see them as a married couple. Arthur would always be protecting and looking out for her, and she would have a toasty fire and warm food waiting for him when he came home from work and they'd have at least 5 children and they'd go for long walks in the countryside and....awwwwwwww. I just can't take the cuteness.


William and Peggy

I forgot how much I adore William and Peggy from Return to Cranford. I watched it recently and remembered and grew even more in love with them. Their story is the perfect Cinderella story and they couldn't fit together any more perfectly than they already do.
One of my ABSOLUTE favorite parts of RtC is when he proposes.
"Peggy Bell."
"I love you. Will you please be my wife?"
The adorableness.
I especially love this couple because I have Tom Hiddleston cast in a novel I'm in the process of writing and William Buxton is GREAT inspiration for that character.
He's just the perfect gentleman and..... and she's so perfectly sweet and lovely....sigh. 
I love these two.

"When gorse is out of blossom, kissing is out of fashion."

Mr. Thornton and Margaret

North and South is my FAVORITE Elizabeth Gaskell movie and I can't get enough of Mr. Thornton and Margaret. The movie is 99% perfect...if only they included a wedding at the end.
Oh my my my.....how to describe these two and their perfect Pride and Prejudice-like relationship?
Just watch the movie. Then you'll understand.


Ooooohhh...a montage of their hands....I love it.

Bahahahaha, sorry....

The infamous handshake. Kind of like the dance in Pride and Prejudice, huh?

Han and Leia

Han and Leia from Star Wars were my favorite couple before I even had favorite couples. haha
When I first saw the SW movies at 10 years old I fell in love with these two. Always arguing, always ready with a snarky comeback, but always secretly in love. And then they FINALLY admit in and it's like "awwww you twoooo....."
I adore the love declaration lines-and how they switched them around in the last movie.

They may not be top-of-my-list like they used to be but they will always hold a special place in my heart. 

"I love you."
"I know."

Joe and Ann

Roman Holiday!!!!! One of my absolute favorites...
Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn are two of the loveliest (or handsomest, in Gregory's case) people from "back then" and I LOVE them together in this movie.
They're sweet, funny, friends-from-the-first, and just totally belong together, the end.
Oh yes....The End. Ergh.
I choose to ignore The End. The End did not happen. They got married and lived happily ever after.
My review:

Love this scene!!

Mr. Knightley and Emma

Awwwwww.......Mr. Knightley and Emma. So sweet, so lovely and so "imperfect".
"Maybe it is our imperfections which make us so perfect for one another."
So right, Mr. Knightley. You two are positively perfect for each other.
It takes a lot of growing on Emma's part for her to deserve and truly love and appreciate her Mr, Knightley, but when she does it's simply adorable.
These two are the perfectest, loveliest, fairytale couple.
(Well, okay, so is practically everyone else on my list, but shh. These two are especially so.)
My review:

Ah, Mr. Knightley.

Hahahaha, I'm sorry, but I find this hilarious.

Haha, I need to watch this version again.

-happy sigh-

Darcy and Elizabeth

-Fanfare- Here they are!! You didn't think I'd leave them out, did you?
One of THE most romantic and classic couples of all time...
I love them.
I really don't have to explain why, do I??

"I will never see him again."
That's what YOU think.


My dad saw this scene and cried, "Hey, his face didn't break!"
Well, for all of you who similarly think Mr. Darcy never smiles, then please take a look at this:

Jack and Elizabeth

I watched season 1 of Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart (just be warned it changes from the books drastically) and love it!! Jack and Elizabeth are sooooo funny, adorable, and just perfect for each other.

Ugh. Rosemary. No.

I LOVE this scene---so hilarious!

Goodness, her hat and dress is gorgeous. Her whole wardrobe is.

Aww, the real actors being adorable. 
I wish they'd get married. They seem like good friends.


Beast and Belle

I'm getting down to the animated characters....first is Beast and Belle!!
Their tale is as old as time, true as it can be, bittersweet and strange, and certain as the sun.
and yes, yes, rising in the east.
Sorry I had to mix the lyrics up a little. 
I know you wanted to sing it and then you cried,  "But that's not how it goes!!"
Anyways, Beauty and the Beast is such a classic and the story is simply lovely.

...Beauty and the Beast

Soooo sweet. <3 That movie makes me so happy.

Eugene and Rapunzel

Squee!!! Tangled! Flynn-Eugene and Rapunzel!
Cutest, most adorable Disney couple ever.
Sarcasm, humor, protection, self-sacrifice, glowing lanterns, a beautiful song, the color purple....
I love Tangled.

Oh, goodness. So gorgeous.


"And at last I see the light...."

Haha, not today, Flynn.

And ohmy the cutest little short film on their wedding aawwww

Kristoff and Anna

Adorable Disney Couple #3!!!
I love these two. So cute, so funny, so darn adorable. 
I reeeaallly wish they had a duet together. Like in Tangled. I mean, come on Disney. She gets one with the bad guy, but not her true love???
They're still great though. And so awkwardly funny.


I could totally see her in this dress. So radiant.

"I could kiss you!"


I LOVE Phantom of the Opera and am BEYOND over-the-moon excited because I'M GOING TO SEE IT LIVE IN APRIL.
Guys. I won't be able to take the excitement.


So, most people are either Team Phantom (Erik) or Team Raoul.

I'm including the above picture because it has all three of them in it.
Because I can't choose.
I can't decide.
On one hand, brave, handsome, caring, Raoul...

On the other hand, desperate, passionate, heartbroken, Erik...

ahhh, a Beauty and the Beast and Phantom crossover...


Percy and Marguerite

I recently read and watched The Scarlet Pimpernel and it is an AMAZING story and I love the characters. Marguerite is so lovely and Sir Percy is...well...The Scarlet Pimpernel. What more need I say??
Please read the book. You won't regret it.

"My own elusive Pimpernel."

Jason and Hannah

Jason and Hannah from October Baby (an emotional devastating and tearful, but still-happy movie that I totally recommend)  are adorable. During Hannah's emotional ride, Jason is always there for her. He protects her, helps her, and is always a gentleman towards her. GUYS, THEY DON'T EVEN KISS IN THIS MOVIE. Their relationship is so pure and innocent and lovely.
And cute.
They belong together forever and ever.

So cute.

Rochester and Jane

I'm sorry, but not one movie version I've seen does complete justice to the book. Read the book and then you're truly know what this couple is like. Maybe not the most perfect, and certainly the one with the most problems, but still a favorite of mine. I love Jane Eyre, and Mr. Rochester and Jane are perfectly suited to each other.

My two favorite movie versions are the 2011 and 2006 one-both of which has some need-to-be skipped scenes, especially the 2006 one. Just a warning.

Lastly, I have a few literary couples that have NOT been portrayed in a movie, sooo...

Luke and Jessy 

From Fireflies in December (and the sequels)  by Jennifer Erin Valent. Guys, these two are ADORABLE, and the books are amazing. I love them SO much.

Wade and Cherry

Haha, Cherry only has Wade as her boyfriend for a couple books in the Cherry Ames nurse series, but I love them together. So adorable.

Charles and Millie

From the A Life of Faith Millie books. Please read them, they're fantastic! Here's my book review:

Darcy and Jess

From the Mother-Daughter Book Club books. So funny and good and Darcy and Jess are ADORABLE. Yes, he's named for Mr. Darcy. Here's my book review:

Joe and Betsy

From the Betsy-Tacy books, which are the sweetest, most adorable, funny, relateable books ever and you MUST read them. They're about a girl growing up during the early 1900s. They're simply perfect.

David and Eloise

A sweet and adorable "friends, then more than friends" couple from these books:
Love Is Patient

Jed and Emily

A lovely couple from the WONDERFUL book, Emily of Deep Valley by the same author of the Betsy-Tacy books.

Guys, I am very very VERY sorry for how long this post was. I hope you forgive me. 
I tried to keep it to only my VERY favorite couples, but....
it's just such an impossible task. There's still more I wanted to add!
Happy Valentines Day!



    Second off: Don't apologise for the length of this post! I adored every moment, picture, gif of it! I kept on scrolling down and down in delight. This was so great - seriously, your best post ever, which says something because I really like your blog a lot. :-) I feel like my cute-couples post is nothing in comparison now, haha.
    Gilbert and Anne!
    Amy and Arthur! (Remember, when we talked about those in the comments? Yup, I knew you loved those two.)
    Lizzy and Darcy!
    Emma and Knightley!
    Ahhh. You've added so many. :-)
    Oh, I reallyreallyreally want to see Roman Holiday, despite the infamous ending. Everyone's talking about how adorable Audrey was and how amazing Gregory Peck was and I really feel like I'm missing something out. :-P

    So yes, this was SUCH a good post. Made me smile soo much. And I love all the pictures. Just... big and loads of 'em.

    And lastly, thank you for linking to my Mr Darcy smiles post! That made ME smile. :-)

    ~ Naomi

  2. Oh, I forgot a couple things, hehe:

    That collage of 2009 Knightley and Emma fighting--I love it! Their FACES are just so adorable, even when they're bickering XD

    Oh, and I need to watch When Calls the Heart, it seems! But you say they do drift from the book drastically? That's a shame--I do love the book so dearly. But, hey, RH drastically changes the original legend, but do we care? No! (Except for in regards to That Which Must Never Be Discussed.) :D

    1. Hmm…I wrote a longer comment but it appears that short one was the only one to go through.

      Basically, I was just fangirling over this post (which I LOVE), especially:

      ~ Interest rates
      ~ Han and Leia's utter perfection
      ~ The sketches of the Disney couples! (That picture of Flynn kissing the top of Rapunzel's head is just too adorable.)
      ~ Jason and Hannah

      Ahem. Yeah, basically that was it;) I love all the couples you chose!

  3. I love Lizzy and Darcy!!!!! I love Bell and the Beast!! I love Eugene and Rapunzel!! I love Kristoff and Anna!!! I love Hanna and Jason!!! You really nailed it with the favorite couples!!
    Beautiful post!!


  4. Great choices (and a great idea for a Valentine's Day post!). I loved all of them, especially Robin and Marian; they re definitely my favorite! I was sad when Marian died, but then they tried to replace her with that awful, winy, childish Kate in Season 3 and she practically ruined the whole series. I think Robin was better off alone, because no one can replace Marian.


    As you can see, I'm having a hard time keeping it together. :-) Haha.

    I LOVE this post! And yes, we had the same idea, but your is better because of all the pictuuuurrreeess.....*swoon* I am utterly without words. I love romance. Desperately. :-)

    I haven't seen any of the Robin Hood show...it looks super good! Maybe if I can find it somewhere...

    Oh, good, I'm not the only one who thinks "hey girl" pictures are hilarious. Have you seen the one of Hugh Jackman where he says, "Of course I'll watch all four hours of Anne of Green Gables. Gilbert Blythe is the man I strive to be for you." Hahahaha. I thought that was pretty funny.

    Interest rates!!! *snorting giggles*

    Awww. I love Emma and Knightley. I recently watched the Gwyneth Paltrow version, but I still love the 2009 miniseries soooooo much better. It's just-- perfect. I do like that line Jeremy Northan says as Mr. Knightley at the end. I don't seem to recall it. That is possibly because at that moment in the movie my cat was in the process of toppling over a tv tray which made a huge noise and probably took five years off my life....so yeah. Missed it. Darn you, Oliver.

    I love it how you put Christine-Raoul-Phantom all as one couple. :-) I don't know which I'd pick either: obviously, Raoul is much more emotionally stable (HELLO), but the Phantom is THE PHANTOM....oohhhhh. The drama. That is SO exciting you're going to see it! Wow! Have fun! Tell us all about it!!!!!

    Roman Holiday! It's such a sweet, simple classic story. Oh, but the ending! How could they do that to us? It was so sad it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the movie. I like to think they did meet again and end up getting married. :-) If a movie doesn't end the way I want it to, I make up another ending. That's just how I roll.

    Awww, I am just smiling so much right now. You're making my cheeks hurt. :-)

    Jack and Elizabeth are adorable! The series is SO much better than the actual movie, don't you think? I've only seen the first three parts, but now you've made me want to see the rest. Elizabeth is hilarious. ;-P

    And I LOVE your new header! Your designs are always so lovely. In fact...would you consider making a header for me sometime? Maybe I'll email you about it later. Anyway, great job!

    I absolutely loved this! Happy Valentine's Day!


  6. Natalie,
    Your header--especially that map of rose petals--is super cute. And I totally understand about Valentine's not being a very big deal to you. It never was to me either until last year when I had started to get into blogging and then suddenly I was overwhelmed with all this wonderful pink-ness. So now I like it, especially as it gives an excuse to revel in all things pink and fluffy that I don't really relish the rest of the year! Oh, and then also last year I wrote A Scrap of Valentine and since I love it to pieces now this day is special to it forevermore. :)

    Now for your couples -
    My first reaction.... *gasps* This must of been so much effort! Second: but you must of had a ton of fun. :) It is quite a lot to take in all in one viewing, but just from two that I have already done, I can see you have a lot of good ones!

    Gilbert and Anne - Total agreement there -- except that they aren't quite my absolute favorite couple. Don't you think Anne would have loved Valentines Day?

    I have yet to see When Calls the Heart, but I have seen Elizabeth in A Cookie Cutter Christmas and thought she was wonderful. And those pictures of Jack and Elizabeth are too much cuteness!

    Eugene and Rapunzel - I love them too! And the last scene in the tower is one of my very favorite movie scenes ever.

    And....dinner is being served (or it would be if I were there to serve it ;) so I better go. :) Have a lovely Sunday!


  7. Wow!!!! How lovely and how much work! :) I most heartily concur, of course, with all of the Austen's and Anne and Gilbert and Jane and Mr. Rochester, etc.

    And oh my.......Flynn and Rapunzel????!!!! AND Mr. Thornton and Margaret??? Love, love, LOVE your selections, dear!!!! ;)

  8. This was quite the moment for me to find Jessie and Luke on your list, especially because I agree on so many of these duos. Amazing characters! I'm particularly a fan of Anne and Gilbert, Darcy and Elizabeth, Mr. Knightly and Emma, Joe and Ann, and Mr. Thornton and Margaret. Such lovely characters with stories you could hear over and over again. Thank you for sharing Jessie and Luke and their stories on your blog!

  9. What a lovely blog, and such a fun post!

    It's great to meet a fellow homeschooler/writer/blogger/period drama watcher named Natalie who loves Jesus Christ! :) Wow! That's a lot in common. Technically I graduated homeschool already, but once a homeschooler...

    I found your blog through your comment on Yet Another Period Drama Blog.

    My smile got bigger and bigger as I read the names of each of these couples. Then you mentioned October Baby, too, and I was like, THAT"S IT I'm commenting and introducing myself.

    The book-only characters at the end, I'll have to check out sometime. I'd never heard of them. Thanks for all the smiles! Now I must talk my sister into a movie marathon. :)

  10. Ok, Long comment coming up

    AH! Marian and Robin!! no series 2 nup didnt happen not gonna talk about it nup..

    Anne and Gil oh still my heart it's fluttering nooo!

    AHHHHHHH Arthur and AMY! Yesh!

    North and south *Swoooons* SO cute the end! aw!

    Another star wars fan! and one that likes Han and Leia YES!! XD

    Roman holiday yes yes yes yes yes! Squeep! :D Gregory Peck in taht movie ohmygiddyaunt.
    Yes the ending never happend it never did..

    Mr Knightely MY mr Knightley.. he's my fav one *ducks rotten tomatos*

    Darcy and Lizzy oh yes yes yes!

    Oooh this film looks amazing!


    Even more feeeeeels

    Phantom Christine and Raoul OHMYGOODNESS I am SO excited for you!! I'm seeing Les Mis and Wicked!! Phantom is like the best! I can't choose either .. Hadley Fraser or Ramin.. Hadley or Ramin... I can't choose!

    Wow! Long comment with lots of squeeing.. so sorry!

  11. Oh and your header and blog design are georgous! I wish my blog was so simply lovely!!

  12. great blog, very inspiring. love beauty and the beast :)
    lets follow each other! just let me know and I will follow back :)

    - www.angelaah91.blogspot.nl

  13. Thank you SO much for all your sweet comments, everybody! I was surprised by how much you all loved this post! I'll have to do more like it sometime. :)

    Naomi~Thank you so much! I too like my header. I wanted something pink and soft and feminine for Valentines Day. :)
    I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! I wasn't sure if lots of pictures was a good idea; I'm glad you think it was! And yes! You must see Roman Holiday, it's simply lovely. Your welcome! I enjoyed your Mr. Darcy post so much, I was glad I thought of linking to it!

    Arwen~ Yes, unfortunately WCTH does deviate a LOT from the book. I too love the original books, so at first I was upset, but the tv series is so good itself I love it despite its flaws. :) I like to think of it as a completely different story-which is easy to do, since it's so different! Haha yes, we don't mind RH's changes....except for That Unmentionable Topic, of course! I know! I love the clothesline scene SO much. One of their most adorable moments. I'm so glad you liked my other couples as well! I knew you liked Phantom from your blog, I'm glad to see we share even more in common!

    Ali~Thanks so much for the recent follow! And for commenting-we certainly share a lot of favorite couples! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

    Ivy Miranda~ Thanks for commenting! I'm so glad to meet another Robin Hood fan! :) I totally agree. At first I liked Kate a little bit (I mostly felt bad for her because of her brother) but as it progressed she just got more and more annoying. I don't know what the writers were thinking! I agree, Robin Hood can either be with Marian or with no one at all, it's terrible when they try to pair him with Kate or Isabella!

    Emma Jane~ Haha, that's EXACTLY how I felt putting this post together....when you make a post with all your favorite couples it's impossible not to be squealing and smiling as you do so. Yes! Robin Hood is very good....there's a couple of "iffy" scenes and some innuendo at times, but nothing to terrible. I just skip some parts. :)
    Haha, yes, I have seen that "hey girl" picture. Some of them can be very funny. :)
    HAHA, your "darn you, Oliver." made me laugh aloud. You'll have to try watching it again so you can catch that scene! :)
    I knooooooowww, I can never decide between Raoul and Phantom. Glad you can relate, haha! EEk! I'm SO excited to see it! I will DEFINITELY do a blog post on it! :) Maybe combine it with a Phantom review...hmmm.. :)
    You and me both!! I too pretend they meet again and get married! That's so funny you do as well! :D
    Haha, yes, I like the tv series much better. I started the movie but never finished it. :P
    Why, thank you! I would love to create a header for you sometime! Do you have my email? If not, leave a comment with yours (I won't publish it) and I can send you an email. :) Thanks so much for asking me!

  14. Eoywn,
    Thank you so much! Yes, isn't the rose-map soooo lovely? Thank goodness for Pinterest! ;) Ah yes, me as well! I know I'll be much more excited for Valentine's Day from now on than I ever was in the past! That's so wonderful about your story-like I said in my comment, it was SO lovely! :)
    It was quite fun! I unfortunately had it planned out to create over 3 days but then (not keeping track of the days....typical me) realized I only had two left-oops! So I had to pull it together fairly quickly. :)
    Aw, I know, aren't Gil and Anne marvelous? If they aren't your absolute favorite, who is? (If it's possible to choose! I know how hard it is. :)) Yes, Anne would revel in Valentine's Day, I think!
    What is Cookie Cutter Christmas like? I've heard of it, is it good?
    I know! Eugene and Rapunzel are just adorable-I love the lantern scene SO much. But the end in the tower is one of my favorites as well. Especially when they hug--she's so little compared to him! :)
    Thank you! I hope your Sunday was wonderful as well! :)

    Heidi~ Thank you so much!! Yes, it was a bit of work, but so worth it! I had fun making it, and I was completely blown away by how much everyone loved it! Thank you!! :)

    Jennifer Valent~ Thank you SO much for commenting!! Why, your welcome! Luke and Jessy are simply marvelous, I could never get enough of their story! I was soooo excited and happy when they finally got engaged in Catching Moondrops. I hope you publish more books soon! :)
    Wow, I'm glad we share so many favorite couples. Yes, they are certainly stories that NEVER grow old. Thanks!!

    Natalie~Thanks so much for commenting! Haha, wow! That is a lot in common! Yes, definitely once a homeschooler, always a homeschooler. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed my list! Yes, isn't Jason and Hannah adorable??
    Please do check out the books! They're so wonderful!
    Evelyn~Haha, great! I love long comments. :) Oh, you like SW? SO COOL! Han and Leia are perfection-glad you agree! :) Haha, we seem to have SUCH a lot of the same favorites!
    YES!!! Eeep! I'm soooo excited or Phantom....can't. Wait. For. April. 2nd. You're seeing Les Mis??? How amazing!!!!
    No no! I enjoyed your comment so much, thanks for writing it!
    Thank you so much!! I love changing my header and such around frequently. :)

    Angelaah91~Thanks for the comment! I'll check out your blog sometime. :)

    1. Yes I love SW SO much!! and EEEEEEP! I can't wait for the musical for Les Mis!! We have tickets in advance for Sydney so can't wait! Since we are flying down to get there!! :D

    2. Yay!!!! We'll have to swap stories about our musical theater experience haha. I hope you have fun!
      Wow, you have to fly to get there!! So cool! We only have to drive-it's an hour away or so. :) When are you going?

    3. IKR!! You too!! My head of music just surprised our music class with tickets to Wicked! OHMYOZ! :D
      Yes we do!! It's a 2 hour flight.. better than three days driving by car! 21st March I think? :)

    4. Natalie,
      A Cookie Cutter Christmas is super cute and fun. :) Nothing "great" exactly, but very sweet all the same, and my younger sisters and mother and I loved it!

      "My favorite couple"... *chews pencil* (or at least I would if I had a pencil)! This subject is someday going to have its own entire post (or blog series even!), but since it would hardly be nice to tell you nothing.... :) Here are three of my favorite BOOK couples ('cuz movies couples would be simply too hard to choose!)

      - Will and Frances from Shattered Summer by Madeleine Polland

      - Faramir and Eowyn from LOTR

      - Robert and Caroline from Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

      Even as I typed this, half a dozen other couples just as dear to me popped to mind! :) However, these three are a fairly good representation of the spectrum of couples I like, so the others will be fine waiting. :)

    5. Evelyn~Wow, what a great teacher! ;) Haha yes, 2 hours is definitely better than 3 days. 20 days till your show....
      31 till mine! :)

      Eowyn~Okay, great! I'll give it a try if our library has it. :)
      I hope you do a favorite couples post sometime! I know how hard it is though....I still could have listed a ton more on my post!
      I've never heard of Shattered Summer, but I've heard of the other two books-I read the first LOTR book and hope to read the rest soon! :) Thanks so much!

    6. Natalie,
      Do you recollect how I said that a A Cookie Cutter was good -- but not great? :) Well, I just wanted to let you know that I watched it again with my entire family this time and I changed my mind. :) It's Absolutely Terrific in every way!!!! :) BTW: I did a review of Shattered Summer on High Noon awhile ago if you wanted to hear more about it!

    7. Eowyn,
      Thanks for telling me! I looked up whether it was on youtube-and it was! So hopefully I can find time to watch it soon and give you my opinion. :)
      Okay, thanks so much! I'll definitely take a look at your review. :)

  15. I love all of those couples! I haven't found anyone else who has watched When Calls the Heart, so I was especially happy when I saw Jack and Elizabeth. :)

    1. Ekaterina~ Thanks so much for commenting! Aw, how wonderful! I didn't know too many people who's seen WCTH either (until I wrote this post!), so I'm glad to hear of another fan! :) Can't wait for season 2!

  16. I love this post! It perfectly explains all of my favorite couples!!
    Mae :)

    1. Why, thank you so much! And thanks for commenting! :O)

  17. Gah, I have SO MUCH to say!!!

    First: That picture of Anne and Gilbert where she's like "I hate you" and looks so self-satisfied and he's like chagrined and amused and cocky and like "That's the girl I'm going to marry"!

    And, ohmygoodness, you are making me want to watch all these movies! Especially the Robin Hood (I know, that's not a movie...)

    Matthew Macfadyen is in Little Doritt??? I MUST SEE IT!!!

    I kind of really want to see the Mr. Thornton and Margaret one now...

  18. Thanks so much for commenting, Kayla Marie!!

    I hope you can watch all these sometime. :) They're so great! I love Robin Hood so much, but I will warn you that watching it may break your heart. :/

    YES, he is in LD!! And he's spectacular as Arthur Clennam!

    Do try and see North and South sometime. It's wonderful. :)

    1. *adds them to her ever-growing list* There is a very strong possibility that Robin Hood will break my heart into millions of little pieces. But those are the movies I like best! Yes, I am a masochist. :)

    2. Heehee, I agree. Some of my favorite movies are also the ones that break my heart the most. :'(


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