July 18, 2015

16 going on 17

I am 16 going on 17
I know that I'm naive
Fellows I meet may tell me I'm sweet
And willingly I believe

I am 16 going on 17. innocent as a rose
Bachelor dandies
Drinkers of brandies
What do I know of those

Totally unprepared am I

To face a world of men
Timid and shy and scared am I 
Of things beyond my ken

I need someone
Older and wiser
Telling me what to do
You are 17 going on 18 
My dad knows more than an 18 year old soooo.....

I'll depend on you

Hahaha. Yes, everyone. I have an exciting announcement.

It's my birthday!!!!

Cupcakes for everyone!

*hands each of my lovely readers a virtual cupcake*

:( Sorry it's not real.

So, yes, today marks the day that I have now lived in the world 17 years. 17!  My, it seems like such a big number. Then again, I though that about 16, too. And 15....

But. Now I'm NOT 16 going on 17...:( Oh, well. It was so fun singing the song "for real" while I could. ;)

Oooooohhh, yum. Never mind the cupcakes, we're having this. 
*hands you all a virtual slice of delicious, scrumptious strawberry cake*


In honor of my birthday I have a little game for y'll!

This is a how-well-do-you-know-me game. I'm going to show two pictures of something (whether it be a movie, book, flavor of ice cream, you get it) and you have to choose either "A" or B"-which one you think I like better.
I'll have 10 questions, each worth 10 points. So, the most you can get is 100. I'll do a follow up post next week with the answers.


1) Which wedding dress do I prefer?

2) Tangled or Frozen? ;)


3) Do I like Wendy (Peter Pan) or Jane (Tarzan) better?


4) Both pictures remind me of scenes in my current work-in-progress novel. Which "scene" would I like depicted on the novel's cover?



5) Which outfit belonging to BBC Robin Hood's Marian do I like better?



6) Charleston Heston or Gregory Peck?



7) Jean Arthur or Jean Simmons?


8) Which vintage-y dress would I prefer?



Which C.S. Lewis quote do I like better?



10) Which would I find more romantic-being rescued by a heroic and handsome stranger or going for a walk in the countryside with the man I like Very Much? (Sense and Sensibility and Northanger Abbey for those of you who don't know Jane Austen very well :P)

At the beginning of my post, I used pictures of some 16 year old period drama heroines....Anne, Marianne, Lorna Doone (I think she was 16....), and Liesel. Can you think of any others? What about 17 year old period drama heroines? 

Now I'm off to do exciting birthday stuff! 

Bye, everyone!


  1. OHHHH!!!! It's your BIRTHDAY!!!! :-)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NATALIE!!!! I'm sooo excited, and I don't really know why. :-) (Well, yes I do, because it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!!) Seventeen. That's such a beautiful number. :-) I just LOVE the sound of 'seventeen.' :-) (Three more years and you're twenty. Is that not scary? :-O)

    *accepts cupcake*

    I hope you have a LOVELY day, Natalie! I'm going to do the (awesome!!!) game in another comment just in case you weren't planning to publish the game-comments so you can publish this one. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Naomi, Thank you so much, Naomi!!!!!!!!!! Awww, thanks, It does sound very nice, doesn't it? Oh my. YES. How can twenty be only three years away?? :/
      Thanks so much for playing the game! I'm so glad you enjoyed it-I'll be posting the answers soon! :)
      This IS quite sad....how can there be no 17 year old period drama heroines?
      Heehee, thanks. I enjoyed changing the line. ;)

  2. Okay! The game. Such a fun idea, by the way. :-)

    1. Ohhh, both wedding dresses are so gorgeous. *My* personal favourite is B, but I'm going to go with A. I don't know why. :-P
    2. I think Tangled. A.
    3. B? A guess. :-)
    4. Ahh, I THINK I've seen picture B before on your blog! I'm going to go with B.
    5. Well, I know you like blue, so I'm going with A. :-)
    6. Gregory Peck, of course! B. :-)
    7. I have no idea, but I'm going with B.
    8. I prefer A. I'm going with A.
    9. A, I think.
    10. *SNORT* I'm PUR-etty sure this will be B. :-)

    Such fun!
    And no, I can't think about any 17-year-olds. What a nuisance!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AGAIN!!! (And kudos to you for changing the words in Sixteen going on Seventeen in the end. HAha.)

    ~ Naomi

  3. Happy happy birthday, Natalie!!! I hope you have an awesome day! :-)

  4. Yay, it's Natalie's birthday!!! ;) And may I say what a LOVELY post -- such fun beginning to end (even before the game)!!!

    Hem! *clears throat* Speaking of the game: you know you DID put some rather spectacularly hard questions in there, didn't you, m'dear? ;P

    But here goes for my answers!

    1: The skirt on A is absolutely gorgeous (except that the back is scooped waaaayyyy low, I'd wear it :)), but B has a kind of retro feel to it so I'll guess "B".
    2: TANGLED!!!!!!! (Know that one. ;))
    3: Mmmmmm..... Wendy?
    4: I'm guessing "B" because you posted it a while ago when talking about your characters.
    5: Um. B?
    6: I HOPE "A" ;), but it's a toss-up!
    7: Jean Arthur?
    8: I think "B" as I'm pretty sure you've posted it before. Either way, it's beautiful!
    9: Guessing "A".
    10: Oh, dear. Well I know you like taking walks..... but technically both girls are/were walking, though! Guessing "B". ;)

    What fun -- I hope I got at least 50%! :) And happy happy birthday, friend!

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Heidi! I have to admit my game was partly inspired from yours and Eowyn's birthday game....just molded to fit one person instead of two. :)
      Haha, well, I admit I tried to use subjects for my questions that were a little challenging... ;)
      Thanks for playing! I'll be posting the answers soon!

  5. Happy birthday, Natalie! Congratulations on reaching the age of seventeen!

    I haven't been around the blogging world long enough to really get to know you, but this game looks like fun so I'm going to guess anyway. Obviously, these are very random guesses since I don't have much to go on. I'll look forward to reading your answers and getting to know you better. :)

    1. A
    2. A
    3. B
    4. B
    5. B
    6. B
    7. A
    8. B
    9. A
    10. B

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks so much, Miss March!
      Oh, I'm SO glad you played, though! I'll be posting the answers soon....thank you!! :)

  6. Happy Happy Birthday Natalie!!! =D
    I will be back to take your game soon but for now I hope your day was so lovely!!

    1. Thank you, Evie!!! That's perfectly all right! I'll be posting the answers sometime soon, though. Thanks so much!!

  7. Dear Natalie,
    Let me say first off each and every picture you used was so dreamy, I had to spend a few good minutes just to take them all in. :D
    Secondly, happy birthday!! (I think it's summer in America right now....my birthday is in (our) summer too.) I hope 17 is the most delightful, full-filling and adventurous year you've had yet! I won't be 17 until a few years, but I think it's a lovely number. :)
    Oh, and you like Lorna Doone too?!! I get so excited to hear someone else knows about it!! :D I love the book and the movie is amazing. :D (I don't actually know how old she was. Somewhere around that age though.)
    *receives the cupcake* *hands it over and replaces it with a piece of cake* ;)
    Oh, I'm afraid those questions were so tricky I really don't know much. But I suppose I'll try just for the fun of it. :)
    #1: They are both so beautiful but I'll guess B.
    #2: Um....I vaguely remember you said Tangled? So I'll go A.
    #3: I'll guess Wendy, so A.
    #4: Eek, I don't know they're both beautiful! I know you used the second one for your 'story snippets' so I'll go B.
    #5: Oh wow I really don't know....(I'm actually not BLOWN AWAY by the costumes in those series. I swear I saw Will wear joggers (maybe you call them sneakers?) in one scene. :P) I'll guess A?
    #6: Ooh....CH is a fantastic actor and all but GP is so much better looking. B. :P
    #7. No idea. B?
    #8: Oh my stars this is so hard! They are both so darlingly scrumptious! (I would LOVE either of them.) As you like blue (I love it too!) I would GUESS A? (Although I prefer the cut of B's.)
    #9: Oh boy.....A?
    #10: Well, I know I would feel too awkward to consider the first one very romantic, so I'd say the second one. :P
    *Thinks very hard about 17 year olds* Sorry, I can't think of any at present. But I am, however, writing 3 stories and two of them have heroines who are 17 year olds. :D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Aww, thank you, Miss Meg March! Yes! Haha, it is summer in America. Oh, neat! You have a summer birthday too? Can I assume you live somewhere below the equator then, since you say "our" summer as in...the opposite of mine? ;)
      Oh, yes, I LOVE Lorna Doone! I watched the movie first and really enjoyed it. Then I read the book. I must say I do prefer the movie to the book, but both were entertaining. :)
      Haha, I heard that somewhere about Will wearing sneakers! I'll have to watch for that next time I watch it... Yes. I do agree the costumes were NOT period accurate at times, but I did like a few very much. Even if they weren't exactly medieval. ;)
      Thank you SO much for playing the game and for your delightfully long comment!
      Oh really? Yay!! I'm so glad to hear you are writing about 17 year old heroines! haha

    2. Oh, haha, yes I do live below the equator. I live in Australia. :D (And am rather proud of that fact, hehe.)
      I'm exactly the same - I saw the movie first, and then read the book. I do prefer the movie to the book also, actually. Maybe because the book was written from a guy's point of view and so it's harder to...relate? :P But it was a marvelous book-to-movie making, IMO, either way!
      I thought Guy's outfit kind of suited him, and I liked some of Marian's outfits. I liked some of her hairdos too. :D (You know the one in the episode where her hair gets cut - and she is driving the wagon full of bread to 'sweet talk' the guards, I really liked her hair do in that one! I wish I could make my hair do that. *sigh*) Haha, no they weren't exactly medieval, but I must admit on the whole, the series were a bit too modern to be medieval. I still enjoyed them though. :)
      I didn't even mean to write about 17 year old heroines in particular, it just happened that way. ;) I'm happy with it though, hehe.
      You're welcome - thank you for commenting back. :)
      ~Miss Meg March

    3. Oh, neat! :D
      I actually kind of liked that it was from John's point of view. For me, the book was just a little....slow, sometimes. :P But I still liked it. :)
      Yes, haha, Guy's outfit does suit him! And yes! Some of Marian's outfits are sooo lovely. I liked pretty much all of them....some of my favorites are her gray and red season 2 dress, her gold wedding one in season 1, and her "Holy Land" white dress. Her hair is GORGEOUS. The style you mentioned is definitely one of my favorites! I tried to replicate it once for church...it came out all right, although not as nice as hers. ;)
      No, thank YOU for commenting back! I love holding little "comment conversations"!


    'Hem. I'm a wee bit excited.

    First things first. A very happy birthday to you!:D I hope it was fantastic!

    Secondly. THE GAME. (I really hope I get at least some of these right.)

    1. A
    2. A (Tangled)
    3. B (Jane)
    4. Darn it, this is HARD…okay…maybe A?
    5. AAAACK MARIAN! Okay…I'm gonna go with B?
    6. B
    7. A
    8. A
    9. B?
    10. Hmm…maybe B?

    On pins and needles for the answer:D

    1. Hahaha, thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! :D
      Yes!! I'll be posting the answers soon! And thank you SO much!
      And, no, of course I don't mind at all! (about your using my game as a post idea ;))

  9. Oh, and I think I might totally use that game for my next one *cough cough* Hope you don't mind!:D

  10. Happy belated birthday! I absolutely loved being 17 :-) That was when my parents allowed me to drive a car with my friends in it and no grown-ups, so a couple of times a month, I'd take off, pick them all up at various points, and we'd spend the afternoon at a movie or shopping or just bumming around somewhere. Glorious fun.

    1. Thank you!! Haha, yes! I should be getting my license before the end of the year and I hope very much to soon be allowed to drive to my friend's house...she lives very close by. :) Thanks!!

  11. Happy, happy birthday dear friend!!!! (Alrighty, so I'm a week late, naughty girl, but lets pretend it is not so!)

    Now for the game- my thinking brain rather flies away at this sort of thing, but I think they are jolly good fun all the same (and besides, it's YOURS so I couldn't think of not doing it...!)

    1 - The second looks so princess-y, but since the first is very vintage I will guess A.

    2 - A

    3 - A. BTW the contrast between these pictures is hilarious. :)

    4 - I think you have had the second on your blog, but I think A would make such an intriguing cover so I'm going to guess A. :)

    5 - Total guess, but the aqua sleeved one?

    6 - A

    7 - A

    8 - B (And totally random but did you ever see the dress that Kellie Falconer made that was inspired by it?)

    9 - B. Of course I don't know if this is your favorite, but quotes that turn your mind on ordinary things are so neat.

    10- B I mean it might be fun having a man pick you up, but personally it would make me so nervous that he would drop me. :)

    Ah that was fun and I can't wait to read the answers!

    Thanks for all the cyber treats, they were delectable :)

    1. Eowyn, thank you so much for playing and for the birthday wishes! :D I don't mind at all that you were late in commenting-it was such a nice surprise! :)
      I'll be posting the answers very soon! Thanks!!

    2. Eowyn, I forgot to mention that no, I haven't seen the dress Kellie Falconer made! She makes such pretty clothes, though, I'm sure it's lovely. :) Is it on her blog?

    3. Natalie,
      Yes, it is on her blog! And here is the link!


      It took a bit of searching, during which I discovered that it is, in fact, possible to get totally lost in the loveliness of her blog. She is such an inspiring person, don't you think?

    4. Eowyn,
      Thank you so much for finding the link for me!! Wow....that dress is sooooo pretty. I like it even better than the picture I had in my post! :D
      Oh yes, I know how that is! I can easily get distracted on a really wonderful blog when I only go there to get a link or something. ;)
      And, yes, she is! I haven't been following her blog for a LONG time, but her sewing talent is amazing. I also love her piano videos. I think she did a piece from the 2005 Pride and Prejudice--it was so lovely!


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