July 23, 2015

July Inkling Explorations!

Since the theme of this month's Inkling Explorations is a "well-crafted animated movie climax", I immediately thought of my favorite (quiet possibly my most favorite) animated movie-Tangled.

I felt like using it would be a bit too cliché (since I have dozens of favorite animated films that I almost never talk about) but I literally just watched it this Monday and I decided I'm going to use it. I love it so much, and since it was my birthday this past week I feel like I owe it to myself to use whatever movie I please. haha

.............was my birthday...

AND, just to let you know, spoilers abound, so if you haven't seen Tangled I wouldn't recommend reading this post. :) Please just watch the movie first. You'll enjoy it better!!

The climax of Tangled. Wow. Where do I begin? Rapunzel loses her mother and the man she loves in one moment. She had NO one but them (okay and  Pascal).

And Flynn---darling Flynn. His character grows from "we'll part as unlikely friends" to dying  for this girl he hadn't know but a few days. Self interest was one of the things we've seen him displaying since the beginning of the story and yet he sacrifices his life in order for her to have a better one.

He's seen how being locked in a tower all her life has affected her. He's seen her awe and bubbling joy at the beauties of the world she's never seen-floating lanterns over a glimmering lake, the warm cobble stoned streets of the village, dancing and laughing with strangers, exploring shelves and shelves of books she's never heard of-he didn't want her to lose that.

He couldn't bear the thought of her trapped and bound by a promise never to leave  Mother Gothel.

He couldn't bear for her to never be able to dream again.

And yet Rapunzel was willing-eager-to save Flynn's life-even while sentencing herself to the life she's already endured for 18 years. She's learned to love a new person. She had been taught to fear any people outside of her tower-to think of them as cruel, heartless monsters who would see her as nothing but a tool for making money because of her magical hair.

But then she met Flynn. She met someone who couldn't care less about her hair ("why on earth would I want your hair?!?"). Someone who takes her on her journey to see the lanterns (okay, he was kind of coerced into it, but still. If he was a real thug at heart -like the Stabbington brothers- he would have just held her at knife point till she told him where the satchel was!) and along the way becomes her friend.

The day in the village he goes along with her on what she wants to do-kind of a Roman Holiday sort of day. ;) I think it's because, besides his growing care for her, he pities her for having such a sheltered life, and enjoys watching her naive exhilaration at seeing "the world". And for a wanted thief-presumably someone who's seen the worst in people-that would be so refreshing to him.
But, I digress. Back to the climax. ;)

Both ready to sacrifice their own happiness for the other's (which is truly the definition of love) ,
Flynn determines not to let Rapunzel do it. He loves her too much. And so, with a shard of broken glass, he reaches up and cuts off her hair-hair that could have given him healing and life in a moment.

With his life he could search high and low for Rapunzel-do everything in his power to find her again and save her from Mother Gothel.

But what if he couldn't? What if he spent his whole life searching? Could he endure the thought of her being trapped forever?

No. Flynn chose the way that would definitely save Rapunzel. But not him.

And so, Rapunzel is free-free from Mother Gothel, who  dies when the hair is cut. It had been the magic in Rapunzel's hair that had been keeping Gothel young for years.

I want to take a quick sentence or two here to touch on how Rapunzel must have been feeling when the only mother she ever knew tumbled out the window. Yes, Gothel was the villain, and yes, Rapunzel was irrefutably angry with her-for the years and years of lies and manipulation-and for killing the man she loves. 
But. She still loved her. A love you have for someone-especially someone who raised you from birth-wouldn't die a quick and painless death. I have to believe Rapunzel would lay awake at nights thinking of Gothel...wondering if she truly ever loved Rapunzel...wondering how things could have been different.

Without Gothel, Rapunzel only has Pascal and Eugene.

But Eugene is dead.

But wait.

One of Rapunzel's tears landed on Eugene's cheek-a tear that contains the same healing magic her hair had held. Rapunzel watches teary eyed as a sunflower of golden magic blossoms over Eugene's wound. And when it subsides....


Oh my word, the happiness!!!!!!

So, so sweet. <3

Aaaannnd, that is my post on the climax of Tangled. Obviously, there's a little bit more to the ending of this film, but you'll have to watch it and see for yourself. ;)
I'm surprised how long this post turned out to be! I really enjoyed writing it, though, and am so happy to be able to participate in Heidi's link up this month!!


  1. I LOVE IT.

    I love this movie, and I love your post :-)

    I agree that Rapunzel was mostly angry with Mother Gothel in that moment, but that later, after the emotional rush of losing and saving Eugene and being reunited with her real parents wore off, she would do a lot of musing and soul-searching over what Mother Gothel did to her, and what happened.

    1. Thank you so much, Hamlette!! :D
      Yes! I'm so glad you think that, too. It definitely would have been a very confusing and emotional thing for her to contemplate. :(

  2. Oooooh!!! I. LOVE. THIS!!!!!!!

    "Rapunzel loses her mother and the man she loves in one moment. She had NO one but them (okay and Pascal). And Flynn---darling Flynn. His character grows from "we'll part as unlikely friends" to dying for this girl he hadn't know but a few days...."

    That in 46 perfect words is PRECISELY why I love this story soooooo much! ;D Eeesh, Natalie. I can't believe what a beautiful job you did here!!! It's like exactly what I'm wanting to do every time I watch it -- capturing the entire thing moment by moment. Seriously, I could keep scrolling up and down your pictures here all evening. And in your words you caught the tone of all of it.... the despair and then the wildly impossible joy. :)

    (I just stopped typing to scroll through it all again. :D) I can't stop smiling and I'm so so SO glad you did it, Natalie!!!! ;D

    1. Heidi!! Thank you so much!! I'm SO incredibly glad you enjoyed it. :D
      Seriously, your comment made me so happy. Thank you!! It brought a huge smile to my face.

      And yes! I totally agree with your want to capture "the entire thing moment by moment". I had so much fun breaking down the scene that I wished I could do it for the whole movie, haha. I'd need a lot of time for that...;)

  3. I totally love this movie!! Your thoughts on it reflect all of the hearts of the Tangled lovers (myself included). Well stated!

  4. GURL. Don't make me cry! *wipes tears*

    IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

    Now I have to go watch Tangled again...;)

    1. Awwww, thanks Olivia, I'm so glad you liked it! *hands you a tissue*
      And YES! I never even thought of the Roman Holiday comparison until I was writing this post. I was like, "no wonder I like this movie!!" haha. ;)

  5. (Oh, oh, I forgot one thing. THE ROMAN HOLIDAY COMPARISON!!! YES! Okay. Really leaving now.)


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