August 27, 2015

August Inkling~A Train Scene

For this month's Inkling Explorations the subject is a scene happening at/on/around a train or train station!

I had hoped to find a selection from a book, but when Return to Cranford was mentioned, I decided I would use that story, if no one else used it. :)

I absolutely love Cranford, and Return to Cranford is just as good (perhaps even better) than the first.

The people of Cranford (okay, mostly the ladies of Cranford) have been fighting change for so long. After the departure of Jem and Tilly, Miss Matty is the first to realize why Cranford needs to move forward. Without industry and work, Jem couldn't stay-and neither would many other people be able to, if the town remained frozen in time.  She realizes that as unpleasant as change might be-losing loved ones is even worse.

In an admirable moment of courageous decision, she wants to welcome the railroad with open arms by issuing an invitation to her friends to take an exclusive ride with her on the new train.

Imagine how that would be! Miss Matty has lived her entire life without riding anything faster than a horse. She-and the other ladies-are used to gentleness and quietness. The peace of the country is all they've ever known. To see a giant, smoking, noisy apparatus invade their home would be so unsettling. And to ride one.....a train going no more than 30 mph to us seems slow, but to them it must have been the most frightening thing they ever undertook!

(by the way, shout out to Captain Brown for being so patient with the ladies. It's adorable when he answers all their questions while helping them into the train. And patiently deciding not to comment on Miss Pole's opinion that "we must not look-lest we fray the optic nerve!" heehee)

The ladies board the train in hesitant and nervous apprehension. By themselves in another car (wholly inappropriate for the times, I suspect, but very sweet and romantic for the story!) William Buxton and Peggy Bell experience their first train ride together (well, it might not be his first train ride....but it is certainly Peggy's!).

William watches Peggy delightedly while she, like a curious, excited little girl, tries to stand and balance as the train rushes them joyfully down the track. He had admired her from the moment they met, I think, but until this moment he didn't realize how much he cared.

Look at his face!!!!! So adorable...
After the train rolls to a halt, we witness one of the sweetest proposals EVER as William asks Peggy to marry him.

Ohhhh myyyyy worrrrddd it is sooooo cute. Just, here. Watch it:
(I apologize for the Spanish subtitles, although it is not my fault in the least ;))

Due to Miss Matty's courage, Mr. Buxton agrees that he cannot stand in the way of the railway any longer. He will sell his land, which will allow the train tracks to continue their journey and reach the little town of Cranford.

Thank you for this link-up, Heidi!


  1. Lovely post! Trains are such harbingers of change, aren't they? I applaud Miss Matty for having the courage to embrace such a fearful and permanent change, and to help others see its benefits as well.

    I must confess that I have only see both Cranford and Return to Cranford once... but I loved them so much, I bought a copy right away (hurrah for affordable used copies on Amazon!) and hope to rewatch both before long. One of those imaginary worlds I want desperately to live in.

    1. Thank you, Hamlette! Yes, wasn't Miss Matty just wonderful? She's such an admirable character.

      Yes! I only recently got my own copies as well-no more library copies! ;)

  2. Ohh! I forgot about this scene! :-)

    Cranford is so much fun, isn't it? I loved this one - duh, it's always fun to see the Cranford ladies tackle something 'modern.' Miss Pole, especially, she's my favourite. And THE SWEET PROPSAL SCENE. You know, I've never been crazy about William and Peggy (or Tom Hiddleston in general) but that is Sweeeeeet. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Yes, it is! I just love watching Cranford when I need a sweet, happy story-it has its shares of sadness, but it never outweighs the good, I think. Hahaha, yes--Miss Pole is so hilarious! :)
      I was never crazy about Tom Hiddleston either (although I did always love William and Peggy) until I cast him as a character in one of my books. :) So yes. William Buxton is great inspiration for him. :)

  3. Hi Natalie! I just came across your blog this morning, and upon reading your About page thought that I was perhaps reading about myself.
    I also love classic novels, writing, my Christian faith, and art. But when I read that you love Les Mis, Phantom, and Newsies, I was rather excited - those are my three favorite musicals, and who's ever heard of Newsies?
    I'm excited to read more of your blog, but I'd also love to get to know you personally if you'd like. My blog is AMDG Crafting (, and my contact info should be on my Contact page.
    xoxo Katy

    1. Why, thank you so much, Katy!! Ah yes! Newsies doesn't get the fame it deserves, unfortunately!
      I will definitely check out your blog! At the moment, I don't like to give out my email until I know people better, but I'd love to get to know you through comments. :)
      Thank you for your sweet words!

  4. My sisters were actually just watching the second half of this this afternoon and I love it!! ;D Miss Matty (well, really all the ladies) are so brave here.... and Captain Brown is so endearingly patient. And William and Peggy..... SO utterly sweet and perfect! (And yes, I do love RtC better than Cranford, but then I watched it first and am heavily biased. :))

    (Btw: I realized something. How.... HOW did we forget to have an Anne entry?!?!?!? Per your recommendation I'll definitely have to do this topic again -- there are so many good ideas!! :D)

    1. Yes! Pretty much all of the characters are so sweet and admirable in this scene!

      I actually DID think of using an Anne scene...but I decided on this one. :) I'm so glad you're going to use the topic again-there are so many "train scenes" in movies and literature!


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