August 8, 2015


Henry, my main hero in my current work-in-progress.

A few posts ago, I introduced my book. It's the longest piece of writing I've ever written.

In that post I shared some snippets and then asked you what character you would like me to post more about. The first request was Henry (from Heidi!) and so here I am to talk about my story's main guy character and his irritatingly stubborn ways.

It's okay Henry, I still love you. ;)

Yes...I talk to my characters as if they were real. Is there a problem?

I'm going to answer a bunch of random character questions I took from the Beautiful People archives of the Paper Fury blog. Hopefully they'll help shed some light on my character--without giving away too much!

But. I have a surprise. Henry will be answering these himself.

-shoves Henry in front of the keyboard-
Henry: What are we doing?
Me: You're answering questions so my blog friends can get to know you better.
Henry: I don't want them to know me! I don't even know who they are. Why should they care-
Me: Henry, please don't be stubborn. Can you do it for me? Please?
Me: Ok good. First question.
Henry: Wait-
Me: "What do you absolutely hate?"
Henry: These questions. -grins mischievously- 
Me: Okay, fine, I'll let you get away with that.

Henry dressed for dinner....or perhaps the ball his mother hosts.

Me: "Who is the most influential person in your life?"
Henry: I would say Arthur.  (his best friend since childhood)

Me: Yeah, I agree. Okay how about " Are you a night owl or morning person?"
Henry: These are strange terms.
Me: Welcome to the 21st century.
Henry: Is keep tapping from the 21st century as well?
Me: The keyboard? Yeah, it is. I could teach you, if you like.
Henry: What happens if I touch hjkkj
Me: -pushes his hand away- Those are the letter keys. You tap the letter you want to spell the words on the screen.
Henry: May I try?
Me: Fine. Here's a question, now you answer it with the keyboard. "What is your full name and is there a story behind why you got it?"
Me: Type.
Henry: What?
Me: Click the keys.
Henry: mynameisprince
Me: click this big key in between words so they don't run together like that.
Henry: This is complicated.
Me: No, it's not, you can do it.
Henry: my name  is   prince henrry of bevonh urst   (Prince Henry of Bevonhurst)
Henry: It doesn't look right.
Me: Yeah...why don't I just take over?
Henry: -hands the laptop back-

(As a note, I realized Henry and I got distracted and he didn't answer the night owl question. I will answer it now and tell you he is a definitely a night owl. He doesn't usually like getting up early.)

Me: Okay, "Where would you go to relax/think?"
Henry: The tower room.
Me: Does anyone go there and bother you?
Henry: Only Arthur. And Alethea came up a few times to find me.
Me: I really like your tower room. I wish I had one like it.

Me: "Do you say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid?"
Henry: I suppose I don't leave much unspoken.
Me: Yeah, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve.
Henry: What does that mean?
Me: It means pretty much everyone knows how you're feeling. You don't try to disguise your emotions-whether it's annoyance or anger...or your love for a certain somebody. ;)
Henry: I don't want to talk about that at the present moment.

Henry waiting outside to welcome guests.

Me: "What are your nervous habits?"
Henry: I don't know if I have any.
Me: Mmm....yeah, I can't think of anything outstanding. You'd probably pace a lot. You get easily agitated when you're nervous or excited.

 Me: "How do you deal with conflict?" -starts laughing-
Henry: What amuses you?
Me: Just....this question...I was thinking of all the times you get mad and I was reminded of your fight in the library with Arthur after he tells you...well, I can't say because of spoilers, so let's move on.

He leads a large detachment of soldiers when helping an ally at war.

 Me: "If you were writing this story, how would it end?"
Henry: I would marry the certain someone referenced above.
Me: Yeah.....I had a feeling you'd say that.
Henry: At the moment I'm not satisfied with your writing.
Me: Oh really? Well how do you know I won't end it the way you want? ;)

Henry and a Certain Someone

 Me: "Describe your current place of residence."
Henry: Erm. It's a large, stone castle.
Me: Due to Henry's lack of detail, I'll also add that it has lots of big oaken doors, a large carpeted great hall with a sweeping staircase, and a garden in the back with a fountain. It has tall windows in the second floor hallways, many guest bedrooms, and a gorgeous ballroom that opens onto a veranda

 Me: "How old are you, and when were you born?"
Henry: I'm almost twenty-one. I don't know when I was born because my author hasn't decided upon an exact date for this story. -gives me a pointed glance-
Me: It's just somewhere between the the Middle Ages and the Tudor time.

Me: Well. -leans back in chair-I think you can go now, Henry. There's a few more questions but I think I'd be better suited to answer them. Thanks for obliging me.

Henry: Your welcome.

Me: Oh! And please tell Arthur that if my blog readers like this style I may want to do an "interview" of sorts with him when I do "his" post. So, tell him to be prepared to answer some questions.

Henry: You know Arthur and I aren't on speaking terms right now.
Me: -sighs- Oh yes, I forgot. You two are incorrigible.

Henry after days of war....and not cutting his hair. :P

A few more questions....

What do they want (consciously and tangibly)?
At the beginning of the story, Henry wants nothing but to be left to his own devices. His father wants him to marry, but Henry resents being forced to make a decision when he can never seem to meet a woman he even likes slightly. That all changes when a certain Lady comes to his castle. He never wanted something as much as he wants her.

On the other hand: what do they need (on the emotional, subconscious level)?
Henry needs to learn to accept what comes to him. He's selfish and stubborn and angry. He feels cheated when things he felt rightfully belonged to him -even when they never did belong to him- are no longer his to claim.

 Describe your character’s personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.
Hasty. Henry is hasty to fall in love, hasty in anger, hasty in almost everything he does. He does not contemplate things as he should. He lets his emotions guide him almost without any restraint.

 Which one of the seven deadly sins describes your character?
I would have to say wrath. Anger, hatred, jealous revenge...those are Henry's top vices.

 What theme song(s) fit their personality and story arc?

Funny you should ask. ;) This isn't a perfect song for Henry, but I like it and it slightly reminds me of him and his struggles.

And, just for fun, here's another snippet. (it's a very rough edit, so try to look over the flaws. :))

'[Henry] stood. "If you'll excuse me." He turned and walked away and out of the room, still seething. He heard an agitated step behind him. "Henry! What do you think you are doing? I cannot believe how abominably rude you were! You can't leave your guests like that."
Henry gave a short laugh. "No, mother. They are your guests. Not mine." 
He turned to keep walking but Julianna grabbed his arm. "Henry, I command you to stay." 
Henry could hear the tense seconds pass in his mind. He knew he should obey his mother. He knew he should return to the drawing room. It was the right thing to do. The gentlemanly thing. 
The thing Arthur would do. 
Something inside him snapped. "I can't, mother. I just can't." He ran down the hall blindly and found his way up the tower stairs. Up and away to his sanctuary. Every step jolted through his foot to his head. I'm tired of being bested by Arthur. I'm tired of playing the patient suitor. I'm tired of pleasing my mother and obeying my father and never getting what I want. '

Thank you for reading!! 


  1. *grinning* Thank you! Oh, I'm so happy now and intrigued!! :) Aren't character interviews fun sometimes? I had to do one with my heroine way back when I started this draft of ODS. I wasn't getting anywhere with her (and then the interview kind of went all over the place ;)), but I FINALLY shook out of her what was bothering her -- and since then she's been throwing herself into the story with wholehearted enthusiasm. :)

    I can't wait to read more about Henry's troubles. And oh dear.... your dark hints about the ending.... I'm rooting for him and his Certain Someone. (Oh! And that first pic and THAT OTHER ONE -- the one "after days of war" -- :D Yup. I'm extremely curious. :))

    And I don't think I've commented since you redid your blog design and sidebar. I LOVE it! Soooo scrumptiously pretty!!!! :)

    Btw, what is your username on Pinterest? I haven't been able to find you. If you want to find me I'm "Heidi P. (ladyofanorien)". Just like that with the parentheses, etc. There are so many "Heidi's" on there. :P

    1. Eeee, thank you, Heidi! I get so excited whenever I get positive feedback on my story. :D
      Yes! I obviously haven't done a character interview in a blog post before, but I have tried it and enjoyed it. This is my first time actually sharing it, though. :) Oh wow! That's so great that an interview helped you with your character. Yeeeeesss...I totally relate to Heroines Who Are Being Very Stubborn. ;) I'm so glad you were able to "fix" yours!!

      Yes!! Henry is just....I love writing his story. I feel like he may be one of the best characters I've ever least, I like him! ;) Ha, he'll be glad somebody is rooting for him and his Certain Someone. There's SO much I wish I could reveal about this story, but....I want to keep away from spoilers. ;)
      Ahh yes, the war picture! I didn't like it at first because of his hair, but I now love how disheveled and worn he looks-especially compared to his usual princely attire. ;)

      Thank you!! Yes, the header I did a week ago or so...and the sidebar I actually just did today, after writing this post. :) I was getting bored of the plain blank white on the side, haha.

      Well, I don't actually *use* Pinterest, so if you did find me I'd have no boards visible. I mainly have it to be able to find/look at pictures on Pinterest, but I have yet to start creating "real boards". I may some day, but right now I just don't have time. :)
      My name is "Anne". I could follow you so could find me (even though, as I said, I have no boards) :) And yes! I saw your link to your board from your blog. I enjoyed perusing your pictures-it looks so lovely!! :D
      Thank you!!!!

    2. oh's not usual that a reply comment is longer than the original comment. haha! Sorry about that. :)

  2. Natalie,
    Can I just say how much I'm loving hearing about this story? I've been pining from curiosity for quite some time, so it's wonderful to be finding out more. :)

    I really like your wording for the "What does he want consciously" questions.

    Like Heidi, I really like all the pictures you put in of him: the battle one being especially fascinating and exciting. :)

    1. Eowyn! Thank you so much! :D I'm so glad you've wanted to hear more! It's such an encouraging thing to hear. :)
      Thank you! I enjoyed answering that question! And yes, the battle picture! Everyone seems to love that one. I do love how exhausted and "at the end of his rope" he looks...which fits the story quite well, and not just because he's been fighting a war. ;)
      Thanks so much!

  3. Oh my, this was splendid. I loved reading through it - it sounds like you had lot of fun writing it, and I love the pictures you used to 'illustrate' it with. Well done. :)
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Miss Meg March,
      Thank you!! Yes, I did have fun writing it. I can't wait to do a similar post for my other characters. :) Thanks so much!!

  4. This is SUCH a good idea! Talking with your own characters! I haven't done that yet (although I've imagine it a few times, haha) so perhaps I should try! Thanks for giving me the idea.

    Henry sounds like a very fun kind of chap. Adorably stubborn, if that's a thing.

    Also, I have to compliment you with your lovely new side-bar! :-) Beautiful. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Heehee, thanks, Naomi! Well, I can't take credit for the idea (I've seen it done on other blogs before) but I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Yes! You should do it as well! I'd love to learn more about your characters that way.
      Oh my word, YES. Adorably stubborn. Thank you for describing him that way, I'm going to use that in the future. ;)

      Thank you!! I was getting pretty bored of the blank space on the right. I needed some decoration. :)

  5. This is such a darling, sweet post, Natalie! Thank you for sharing Henry with us! I love how you talk to your characters...and letting Henry try his hand at the typewriter was great, despite it's being a bit of a distraction! :D

    Henry sounds like a very interesting person. I liked his response to being interviewed, "I don't want them to know me! I don't even know who they are. Why should they care-" And his answer to the question "What do you absolutely hate?" "These questions." Ha ha! That was great! I can so imagine his mischievous grin! (I like the picture you included at that point. I think it fit very well.)

    I love studying characters so this post was a joy to read. I think I could really enjoy Henry's character. He sounds like someone with a lot of flaws, but with a lot of potential for growing into a really good man. Oh, and now I'm really confused as to who should marry the girl. In your last post I was rather sympathetic toward Arthur, but now I'm sympathetic toward Henry, too. I do hope you won't make it too difficult for either of the poor gentlemen. :) These love triangles are such frustrating things!

    I like the snippet you included at the end. That was really good. I could totally feel Henry's emotions. And now I very much want to read more about Henry and Arthur's relationship. (I have to say, you are building up the suspense quite nicely.)

    On a side note...let's talk about your side bar! :) I love it! The quotes and pictures are wonderful. I really like the first quote and the last quote and the pictures you included with them. (I love old black and white pictures.) I also like the Anne quote and the "when you become a writer" quote...and yeah, I think I just like all of them. :)

    Well, I think I've rattled on long enough. Thank you for a delightful post, Natalie! I'm very much looking forward to reading more!

    ~Miss March

    1. Oh my, Miss March, THANK YOU. I can't tell you how delighted you made me with your long comment! I literally squealed aloud.
      Heehee, I'm glad you enjoyed Henry's first attempt at typing. ;)

      I can't read your comment without getting all excited again--I LOVE that you "see" what I'm trying to do with Henry. Your line, "He sounds like someone with a lot of flaws, but with a lot of potential for growing into a really good man." Y-E-S. That's pretty much exactly (without giving away spoilers, hopefully...) what my character arc for him's so amazing getting to see him "grow" and change throughout the story. The fun thing is, when I first started this book I had NO idea of making him such a stubborn, angry person--he was just going to be your typical nice guy. But then, Henry took over and kind of said "no, I'm going to be THIS way.." and the rest is history. I'm very thankful he did take over. It makes everything so much more interesting!

      So yes, I'm just so thankful for how much you appreciate my character-and that you noticed all those little things about him! :D

      Hahaha, I'm so happy how everyone is reacting to the love triangle. I'm going to try VERY hard to not reveal the ending to that...predicament. ;) And awww, thank you so much! (that you think I'm building the suspense up quite nicely)

      My side bar! Yes, I was growing rather tired of the boring blank space...I'm so glad you like it!
      Thank you for your comment, Miss March!!!!!!! It pretty much made my day. :D

  6. Aww! I just had to reply! (I don't want to swamp you with comments or anything, but I was so excited to get your reply to my comment, and I LOVED reading I just had to respond and say so!) I'm glad my comment made you happy! I know the feeling. I squeal inwardly over the comments I get, too.

    Really? Oh, I was hoping I was "seeing" him correctly. It's hard to tell for sure since you're only giving us little snippets, but I really felt like I was getting to know Henry from reading this post. Oh! This is so much fun to be able to discuss stories with other writers! :) I love how you credit Henry with taking over his character! Ha, ha! He would be the kind do that, now wouldn't he?

    By the way, I was wondering. Where do the pictures come from that you used to illustrate Henry? Are they all from the same movie? It really is neat to have a face for your character. I've never done that before with any of my characters...but then I've never gotten very far on any of my stories so my characters are not very well developed at this point.

    I'm really looking forward to reading about Arthur. I wonder how he will respond to being interviewed. ;) Will you do a post about the "certain someone," too? Or would that be too hard to avoid spoilers?

    Alright, I'm sorry. I won't pepper you with anymore questions! :) Have a lovely night, Natalie!

    ~Miss March

    1. Oh my! Don't EVER be hesitant on that score, I assure you! I'm SO glad you replied to my reply. :) I love comment conversations (especially ones about something I really my story ;)) so please don't EVER hesitate to comment if you wish to do so! :D

      Yes!! You were pretty much spot on with your "assumption" of him. Yes!! I absolutely love being able to talk "writer's talk". :) So much fun, and so encouraging! Heehee, yes, that is DEFINITELY Henry's style....taking over...being selfish... haha. :D

      Well, I think I found most of the pictures off of Pinterest (or perhaps Google Images?). They're of Henry Cavill (and I guess that's how I came up with his name...heehee) in a show called The Tudors. I've never seen it, and probably never will (it sounds inappropriate unfortunately) but it is SO wonderful to have a face for my character! It actually helps with the writing so much!

      You should try casting your characters! Just use anyone from any movies you like.... or even real life, heehee. :) It may help make your stories "come to life" more-and fuel your excitement for writing them! :D

      Aww, thank you! I can't wait to do Arthur's post, too! I really love him. He's just such a dear. :) this point, I'm not sure about doing a post on the Certain Someone. I'll think about it and see if I can find a way to keep it spoiler free. ;)

      Thank you SO much for commenting!

    2. Thanks, Natalie! I love comment conversations, too! And your last comment made me smile! When I came to your description of Henry's style ("...taking over...being selfish...") this great big grin just broke out all over my face! I couldn't help it. He just sounds like such an adorably naughty person. :) I really want to read more about him.

      I am getting so inspired. I really need to start writing more. ...If only there was more time!

      Oh, and I totally understand if you're not able to do a post on the Certain Someone. Personally, I like spoilers (because I'm too impatient to wait), but you're right. You need to keep some things a surprise. :)

    3. Aww, yes!! He truly is. I think he must have been one of the most adorably naughty children. Although, the "adorableness" of his naughtiness....disappears a bit as the book progresses. But I'm glad-his character arc makes me SO excited.

      Oh, that's so wonderful! I hope you can find the time to devote to writing. It's so hard, I know. I've had to learn how to make more time for writing....while still juggling school, helping my mom, spending time with family, reading books, blogging....I think you get it. ;) One thing I'd recommend is to just sit down and write SOMETHING. It's really hard sometimes to write. I got stuck (like I-have-not-written-in-my-book-for-a-month-stuck) multiple times but whenever I just wrote something (even if it was horrible) it helped me to keep going. :)

      Heehee, well, if I do manage to talk about her during a post, I won't be giving away any spoilers. But I would like to share about her sometime, so....we'll see. :)
      Thank you so much for commenting back again!! :D

    4. Oh no! Does he get very bad? Natalie, how can you do that to me? Henry had better allow you to straighten him out by the end of the book or else I'm going to be very upset! :) You don't write sad, disappointing endings, do you? ....Oh! Why, oh why, do men have to fall in love with the same lady? It's so inconvenient...not to mention impractical.

      Thank you for your encouragement about writing. It definitely is hard juggling everything. And my biggest problem is that I take WAY too long to write anything. Just leaving a comment on someone's blog is a major undertaking for me because I'm so extremely picky. I'm also not very good at leaving the editing until I'm finished writing. I kind of edit as I go along and I think that hinders me a lot from getting much done.

      Sorry I keep replying. I don't mean to make this a never-ending conversation. You can stop it whenever you like. ;) I'm just having too much fun!

      ~Miss March

    5. Oh, dear! I didn't mean to scare you. ;) heehee I'm not giving away spoilers, but I will say this--no I do NOT write sad endings. Of course, sometimes I like a "sad but still hopeful" story, but I've never tried that in my own writing as of yet. :) So try not to worry. I promise all will end well.

      Heehee, I know. Love triangles can be tricky and sometimes wayyy over-done/melodramatic but I'm actually rather proud of this one.....I really love what it adds to the story....hopefully it doesn't annoy my readers!

      Aww, your welcome. I hope you can find a way to write that works for YOU. Everyone's writing method is different (I for one don't edit as I go along. I think mostly because I'm afraid if I do I'll start picking the story apart and lose my motivation for it. heehee), so you'll have to find the method that motivates you. I understand about being picky about blog comments! Sometimes they're really easy for me and sometimes I edit it more than 3 times! So don't think you're the only one. :)

      Don't apologize! Like, I said, I love comment conversations and it's very fun to have someone to talk to about my story. Maybe we'll just keep talking till I do a new post, hahahaha.

    6. Oh, whew! I'm so glad to hear that! :) I do like sad stories, but they really must have a good ending...or like you said, the ending can be "sad but still hopeful." Hope is a big part of it. I'm glad everything is going to end well in this case. Isn't it wonderful to be able to create your own story and make it end they way you want it to end?

      Love triangles. Yeah. I can see how they would be very tricky to do. I've often wondered how many love triangles there are in real life. It's hard for me to imagine two people being so utterly in love with the same person, because we all have such different likes and dislikes. But I guess it really could happen. I'm glad yours is coming together well. I can't wait to read it and see how you manage it all.

      Oh, yes. I do think editing as you go along is a bit of a motivation killer...but at the same time I can't seem to move past a point until I'm satisfied with it. So it's kind of a troublesome situation. Thanks! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's picky about my blog comments. Hopefully it will get easier the more I do it, because at this point it takes up a good deal of my time. I don't know how some girls do it who follow so many blogs. I can only handle about five or six at the present moment. :) There's just too many lovely posts to comment on.

      Aww! Thanks. I've really enjoyed talking with you. Yeah, we can just keep talking until you publish your next post! Haha! That would be great! And if your next post is about Arthur (which I guess it won't be because you probably want to spread these types of posts out a little), but if it is we can just carry the conversation over to there! :D Hee hee!

    7. Hahaha, yes! Writing stories the way YOU want them to end is great!

      Hmm, that's true. I've never really wondered that. I'm sure there are many "like" triangles but actual, true love triangles...that would be interesting to hear about. :)

      Haha, I hear you! I follow quite a few blogs, but only regularly comment on about 6 or so, like you. I'm always trying to narrow down my reading list, though, because going through them and choosing which posts to read, which to comment on, which to skip, can be quite a time consuming chore. Frankly, I don't have time for a TON of blogs, so I try to keep it down to just the ones I love or at least like a lot. :)

      Heehee, yes! And you are correct-Arthur's post is in the works, but I have several other posts I'd like to publish first. ;)


    You're doing the posts!! *happy dance* So this was awesome. And really funny;) ("These are strange terms.") It'll be so cool hearing more about this story and this character (you do plan on giving us more, don't you?)! Henry does sound pretty hasty, but...I think it's gonna be an awesome story:D

    (Yes, pleasepleaseplease do the one on Arthur! I really want to find out more about him and the history and future between he and Henry:D)

    Well done, Natalie!:D

    1. YES IT IS!! :D haha
      Thank you so much! And yes, I do plan on doing more VERY soon. In fact, all I can think about is doing posts on my story, but I'm like, "no, Natalie, you need to space it out with posts on different subjects as well." ;)

      I promise Arthur's post is coming next! Thank you!!!

  8. Why would you NOT talk to the characters you've created? I do that all the time -- that's a huge part of the fun of being a writer, for me. All these jolly new friends who never eat the last cookie or drag me shoe shopping. AND I can converse with them without opening my mouth. Loves it.

    1. Hamlette,
      Heehee, EXACTLY. It is so much fun! It's like having an imaginary friend but better. ;)


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