September 18, 2015


Hello again, my dear readers! If you have read my previous post on Henry, my hero of my current work-in-progress novel, then you knew that next up was my post on Henry's best friend, Arthur.
(And yes, Miss March and Olivia, I know you have been waiting expectantly for this. ;))
So here he is. 

Yes, he is played by Tom Hiddleston. Like him yet? ;)
Where do I begin to describe Arthur?? I want you all to form your own opinion of him, of course.......

Actually, no. I want you to love him as much as I do!!!
 When I first started writing this, Arthur was my favorite character. He holds such a special place in my heart. He's not the main hero. He's Henry's best friend. But he's so much more than a sidekick. His story is woven in among Henry's and Alethea's ( she is the main character and heroine, whom I will do a post on soon!). I hope you like him. 

Arthur wounded in war...but still with his smile. ;)
As I did with Henry's post, I am conducting an interview with Arthur so you can get to know him first hand. The questions are from the Beautiful People archives of the Paper Fury blog.

Let us begin! Blog readers, this is Sir Arthur Downing of Bevonhurst. blog readers.
Arthur: -smiles and nods hesitantly toward the screen- Very pleased you meet you.
Me :You don't mind answering a few questions so my friends can get to know you better?
Arthur: Not at all. I only hope I don't bore them. -grins adorably-
Me: Not a chance. -whispers to you all- This is the difference between him and Henry!

Me: All right, let's start. Arthur, do you have a secret desire?
Arthur: -frowns and shifts uncomfortably- Why...yes, as a matter of fact. I'm not sure if it would be wise to tell anyone, though.
Me: It's all right, what you say here won't reach anyone from your story. And my friends know how to keep a secret. ;)
Arthur: Well, if you think it is safe, I suppose I don't mind telling you....I..I'm in love with a certain Lady....whom Henry is determined to marry.
Me: That makes things difficult doesn't it?
Arthur: -laughs sheepishly- Yes, it does.

Speaking to Henry

Me: If you were permanently leaving town, what would you easily throw out? What would you refuse to part with? Why?
Arthur: I don't own that many material possessions. There are three things I wouldn't leave behind, though. My Bible, my horse, and my sword.

This is him, being epic on his horse.

Me: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Arthur: Ermmm......I..don't know. I can't really think of anything. I mean, I know I have great need of improvement in all sorts of areas. I'm certainly not perfect. I think I need more patience...with Henry and other people. And I can lose my temper when riled.

Me: What things do you turn to when you need a bit of hope?
Arthur: God. And my mother.
Me: You're very close with her, aren't you?
Arthur: -smiles softly- Yes. I can't imagine life without her, frankly. She's been a guiding influence. She helps me see my troubles clearly.

Me: What do you absolutely hate?
Me: Arthur?
Arthur: I apologize...hatred certainly shouldn't be bestowed lightly. I'm trying to think...
I suppose I hate...war. I can't think of anything good that comes out of war. Of course, the need to defend one's country and people is great sometimes, and I couldn't dream of abandoning my duty. But  find no pleasure in using my sword against others.

Me: If you were writing this story, how would it end?
Arthur: Welll....I know how I'd like it to end. Although, I also know that what may be best for me now may not be best over time or for others.
Me: How would you like it to end?
Arthur: I think we both know the answer to that question.
Me: All right, fine, be secretive.

Me: What are your nervous habits?
Arthur: Do I have any?
Me: At first I would have said no, but I realize you like to run your hand through your hair when you're thinking or agitated.
Arthur: I never realized that about myself. -grins-

So much swag. haha

Me: What habits, speech patterns, etc. are unique to you?
Me: He's super polite and gallant. He would say "m'lady" "madam" "miss" to pretty much every woman-even if she is nothing but a servant.
Arthur: You didn't even give me a chance to answer it!
Me: Well, I wanted everyone to know what a gentleman you are.
Arthur: -he smiles and laughs- Well, then, thank you.

Me: How do you deal with conflict?
Arthur: -chuckles- I don't know. I suppose I just try to remain calm and see the other person's point of view....and try to help them see mine. -smiles mischievously- If it's Henry, we just fight it out in banter.
This is so him.

These three questions are of my own making, not from Beautiful People.

Me: Arthur, when in the book (so far) are you at your happiest?
Arthur: Any time early on in the book, when Henry and I were bantering and talking with each other. We were still completely on good terms and having fun together. I felt no guilt or constraint with him.

Me: With one word, what sort of behavior from people around you makes you angry?
Arthur: Cruelty.

Me: Do you have a favorite pastime?
Arthur: Visiting my mother, sword fighting with Henry or racing Henry on our horses. I enjoy reading books of poetry and classics. I also like to work out of doors. It feels good to get my hands dirty and to use my body physically. Henry teases me because I like to help the stable-hands sometimes.

Me: Thank you so much for answering my questions, Arthur! I have a few more thing I'm going to share with my readers, but you're now free to go. I know I kind of left you in a tight stop last time I was writing...sorry about that.
Arthur: You left us frozen in the middle of a battle. I am surrounded on all sides, and fighting alone.
Me: -winces- Yeah....I'm sorry. I'll get you out soon, I promise.
Arthur: -quirks his brows skeptically but leaves-

Describe your character’s personality first in one word, and then elaborate with a few sentences.
Honorable. Arthur holds honor and chivalry in high esteem. He is loyal to a fault, and wouldn't dream of purposely hurting someone he loves (which causes him some problems in the book!). He is carefree and fun loving, and while respectful of those in authority, he does not think a high title or noble birth automatically gives you importance. He is more concerned with someone's character. He is a good listener, and always there to help. He makes things brighter for people with his kindness and laughter. He is a really great friend to have.

Who’s one person they really miss? 
Well, I suppose he misses his mother. She lives a few miles out of town in a little cottage. She could have a lovely room at the castle, but prefers to live in the woods with her garden and flowers. Arthur lives at the castle, being a knight, and he visits his mother frequently.

What sights, sounds, and smells remind them of that person?
Flowers, undoubtedly. Baked bread, warm soup, garden herbs, and the sound of sweet singing.

And here is a song that captures a little of Arthur's relationship with Henry and how he feels about it.

Annnnnd, since I included a snippet for Henry's post, here's one for Arthur. I have to be fair, now, don't I? ;)

They found the cottage, grey, snug, and cozy as usual in its tiny green clearing. Summer roses and blue chicory nodded in the breeze under windowsills filled with geraniums and black eyed susans. A tall sunflower grew by the door, proud of its golden crown and duty black eye. 

Alethea found herself gazing wordlessly at the place. Arthur was beside her horse, hand ready to help her down but she hardly noticed. "This-this pace is like a fairy tale cottage. How can it be so beautiful?"

Arthur grinned. "Well, my mother does have a nearly magical touch with flowers." 

"Magic! Pish posh! There's nothing magical about hard work and care!" exclaimed a sprightly but deep female voice. The pair turned and saw a plump old woman with thick gray hair coming up a path with a bucket of water in each hand.

Arthur abandoned Alethea quickly. "Here, let me help you, mother," he said cheerily. 
He took the buckets and transported them quickly to the front doorstep. Alethea, meanwhile, dismounted and watched with a smile as Arthur bent his tall frame to kiss his mother on the cheek.  "How are you, mother?" 

She laughed and wrapped her arms around her son. "Just fine, now you're here. I have some muffins just yearning to come out of the oven and be eaten." She turned and her blue eyes twinkled merrily at Alethea. "My, my, Arthur. Have you brought home a girl at last?"

Arthur smiled but shook his head. "Mother, you're an incorrigible romantic."

(I realize the snippet is not from Arthur's perspective, but I thought it helped shed some light on his personality and background. His mother is a big part of his life, and so I thought it appropriate I include a snippet of him visiting her. :))

Thank you for reading!


  1. Oh, I'm LOVING Arthur already!!!! Seriously, he sounds so fun and honorable and deep and gentlemanly and... and.... and... *waving hands helplessly gives up* ;P

    Aren't supporting sidekicks so fun to write sometimes?? They're often my favorites. Sometimes I just feel so deeply and identify so strongly with my MC that it's hard to step back and have fun with them, but sidekicks can just make you sit back and have a hilariously fun time -- reminding you how fun can be after all. :)

    1. Heidi, thank you sooo much! Your comment made me smile!!
      Yesyesyes! Ah, I'm so glad you understand him. Fun, honorable, deep and gentlemanly are perfect words to describe him. And your -waving hands- part made me laugh! I feel that way about him SO often!! haha

      Yes! Side characters are so much fun to write. I love the balance they can give to your main characters. I'm so happy how Arthur's character has progressed from just a "nice guy" to a really interesting and admirable side-hero. It's funny when I look back and see how bland all my characters were when I first started this story. I'm so glad the writing process helped mold them into what they are now. :)

      Thank you!! Aww, I can't wait for you to read about him, too! :D

  2. Ooops. That was a rambling comment. :P It should say "how fun writing can be after all." ;) I loved meeting Arthur and can't wait to read about him!

  3. Oh, yippee!! I was definitely waiting for this post! I didn't expect it to come this soon, though. Oh, where to start? All the pictures and gifs you included help amazingly in spreading light upon his character. I really like the one of him leaning up against the door, smiling. (So dear!) I can totally see him being a ready listener, and enjoying pleasant (and perhaps not so pleasant) banter back and forth with Henry! I really want to read more about his and Henry's relationship.

    He can lose his temper at times? Oh I like that. Not that's it good to lose one's temper, of course, but I do think it makes a character a lot more real if they have flashes of anger every now and then...because everyone can relate to that! ;) Oh, I really want to see how Henry manages to make Arthur lose his patience. I know it's going to be interesting. :)

    Running his hand through his hair! Aww! (I like it! I like it!) And I suppose he probably has ample time to perfect this nervous habit, I right? It sounds like he's going to have a lot of frustrations. (Well, after all, he does have a best friend named, Henry. That ought to count for something. Heehee. I can so see Arthur combing his fingers through his hair after a confrontation with that incorrigible youth.)

    Wait! What? You left Arthur in the middle of a battle?! All by himself?! NATALIE!

    I have to say, Arthur sounds like a true gentleman (I mean he didn't even get mad at you for leaving him stuck on the battlefield. *wink*). I like his answer for who he turns to when he needs a bit of hope. "God. And my mother." :) His relationship with his mother is going to be sweet, I'm sure. And the fact that he does not enjoy war, but is determined to do his duty and protect those he loves. So good. (That quote by G.K. Chesterton was perfect, by the way.)

    I just listened to most of Arthur's song. Oh, ouch. I feel so bad for him. Natalie! How in the world are going to get a happy ending out of this?? Poor Arthur! Poor Henry! Poor Alethea!!! I so want to know how it all ends!! Tell Arthur and Henry that they must be friends again by the end of the book, because I just know their friendship was too good to be lost forever!

    You're going to do a post on Alethea? Really? Really? Oh goody! :D Will that be before or after your 100th post? (No, I'm not impatient and I'm not rushing you...haha)

    I'm looking forward to the next installment! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Thanks, Miss March!! I'm so glad you liked it! :D
      Ahem, ahem....well. It's funny you mention that about wanting to read MORE of their relationship...because I DO plan on doing a Henry/Arthur "friendship" post sometime in the future.....since you mentioned it I had to tell you. ;)

      Yes! When I was doing these questions I was like "ughh...what are some of Arthur's faults?" Because you know, he isn't perfect, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what his imperfections are. And, I realized, he can lose his patience sometime throughout the story, so I used that. The question actually helped me "see" Arthur more clearly, and I can't wait to use what I've learned in rounding out his character even more. :)

      Ah, yes. His hair. He does do that quite often. ;)

      -cringe- Yes, yes, I did. Poor Arthur. He's out now, though! I got him out yesterday!

      Yeeesssss. I LOVE gentlemanly men, so writing Arthur has been pure joy. And his relationship with his mother IS so sweet, I'm so glad you noticed!!

      Haha, I'll tell everyone. I'm know they're hoping for a happy ending too. But...we'll just have to wait and see. ;)

      I'm not sure when I'll do Alethea's post! But I am SO happy that you are looking forward to it. I love "talking" about my writing, and to have my readers just as interested in hearing it is such a blessing. Thank you. :)

    2. Really? I thought I was going to have to wait to find out more about them until after your book was finished! That's wonderful! Thank you for telling me! Now I can look forward to that post, too! :)

      You got Arthur out of trouble yesterday? Excellent! That was very good of you to take a little time out of your day to rescue him. After all, he depends on you. Very much. ;)

      Hold it...we have to WAIT and SEE whether it will have a happy ending? You mean it could go either way? Is that fair, Natalie? Tell me, is that fair? The least you could do is tell us whether or not everyone is going to be happy at the end. That's not too much to ask, is it? Surely that couldn't ruin the entire story! (Okay, secretive.) Haha!

      Oh, I know. It's so much fun to talk about writing. I find it very interesting to read about other people's stories! They spark my imagination! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! :) By the way, did you figure out how to do a post on Alethea without giving away too many spoilers?

      ~Miss March

    3. Aw, I'm so glad you're excited for it! It makes me SO excited! :D

      Haha, yes, he does. I love taking care of my characters. ;)

      Heehee. Due to the highly secretive nature of my plot, I am not going to say yay or nay as to the happy ending. You're just going to have to trust me. ;)

      Yes! I will definitely be able to post about Alethea without giving away spoilers. The only character I'm hesitant to share is Henry/ Arthur's Certain Someone....but I may be able to share about her someday as well. ;)

      Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoy my posts on this!

    4. Natalie, if that's your final decision, then I suppose I shall have to be okay with it. :P Don't worry about my opinion, it's your story and you can do whatever you want with it. You don't have to make it a happy ending if you don't want to. :( Just be sure you don't make it a sad one. Okay? :) (No, I'm not telling you how to write your story. I'm just telling you how NOT to write it! Haha! Just kidding.) Anyway, this story is sounding better and better, all the time. If the plot is that secretive, it's got to be a good one. :)

      Wait a minute, Alethea isn't the Certain Someone? Wow! That really threw me for a loop! Here I was thinking they were one and the same, and that you were going to be giving us some information about the mysterious young lady. :D My, but I really had that one mixed up!

      Oh! You should do a post about Henry/Arthur's Certain Someone. You really should! ...Because I want to see if I can pick out some spoilers. (I'm bad. I know it.) ;)

      I do enjoy these posts. There's so much to discover in them. Just when I think I'm getting an idea of what the story is about you throw something else out there and I! I don't really know anything! It's a whole new story just waiting to be discovered!

      ~Miss March

    5. HAHA, your comment made me laugh, Miss March. :D
      Well....I HOPE it's as good as you think it's going to be.....I honestly don't know. I hope it measures up to your expectations!

      No, she most certainly is not! I was starting to suspect that I may be giving that impression so I wanted to do away with it. I'd hate for my readers to go into my story thinking one thing and then be totally turned upside down. It's happened to me before, and I think it adds an element of confusion ("I thought it was going to be THIS way") that tends to make the story less enjoyable.

      Ha! Well, if I do do a post on her, I will be keeping it EXTREMELY spoiler you can't figure it out. ;P

      Aww, thanks!! Like I've said a million times before, I am SO HAPPY to have people who enjoy hearing me prattle on about my writing. So thank you!

  4. Arthur- Tom HIddleston.. *thud*
    But really though great post! =D

    1. Thanks so much, Evie! :D Haha, I know, right?

  5. Arthur is SUCH A SWEEHEART. Um . . . yeah. I think that's all.


    Oh, and I love that quote from G.K. Chesterton! My favorite author! Yaysies!

    1. Thank you!!!! So glad you liked him.
      Yes! I love that quote too--sooo much. :)

  6. As Heidi said on an earlier post who gets the girl??? Usually I can guess but from what you have shown of your story this time I really can't and so I am on pins and needles!

    You used Tom Hiddleston! I have almost used him for one of my heroes more than once (the same hero by the way -- I used to just back and forth on whether he was perfect or not). I finally decided he wasn't quite right, but he looks totally perfect for your role so I'm glad he "got" a story. :)

    Honorable and gentlemanly heroes (or side-kicks) are nearly the best in my opinion! (I nearly said "the" best, but then I thought of some of my favorites who are not so I didn't. ;))

    Very much looking forward to your Alethea post; may it come soon! :)

    1. Oh, but, Eowyn, you don't know how GLAD that makes me! :D I love giving my readers suspense and I'm determined to give away no spoilers. Who gets the girl is not the main focus of the book, of course, but I like that it can be an element of least until you read it! :)

      Yay! He is SO fun to cast in a funny you almost used him as well!

      I completely agree. I just love men characters who are true gentlemen. But, as you said there are others we like as well that, while perhaps not gentleman in all respects, are nonetheless true and noble heroes. :)

      Thank you! Everyone's feedback and has made me excited for Alethea's post, so I'm sure it will be soon! (ish ;))

  7. Aaaack. I love this guy already. And I feel I must warn you, m'dear, as a friend, that you will bring upon your own head a storm of righteous wrath from we bloggers if you don't give him a happy ending;)

    Seriously. My inner fangirl is grinning ridiculously. The casting is perfect, the character is perfect…I just…gah.

    (Heehee, yes, you know I was waiting for this 'un;D)

    1. I'm SO glad, Olivia!!
      Oh. Oh my...hahaha. Your advice about his ending is so ironic...for reasons I really can't reveal, but they had to do with his ending and....well, I'm glad to hear what my readers would like. ;)

      There is no higher praise than to have someone fangirling over MY characters....THANK YOU!!

  8. Oh, I loved this post, Natalie! It's lovely. :-) You are really quite talented with writing, you know. And Arthur sounds like SUCH a gentleman. Your story sounds so intriguing now!! I liked that song you put up - the words, especially. I can relate to the song quite a bit, and it's so understandable. But those situations are so sad - I have a feeling your story is going to be a very feelsy kind of one! ;-) And Olivia's comment made me laugh, 'cause she's right - all of us 'bloggers' are going to be rather 'wrathful' if you don't give Arthur a happy ending! ;-D I can't wait to read Alethea's post. :-)
    ~Miss Meg March
    P.S. Tom Hiddleston is good looking and all, but for some reason EVERYONE seems so hyped about him! What's the fuss? Is there a particular movie he's played in whose character everyone swooned over? I feel so ignorant. :-P I've only seen a tinsy bit of him in War Horse.

    1. Thank you, Miss Meg!!
      Aww, I'm so glad you think so! And yes-he is certainly a gentlemen. It's so fun to write about him!
      I like the song, too. I'm sorry that you can relate to it-although I'm glad you can "understand" it and all. :)
      Thank you! I love feelsy stories myself, so if you think mine will be so I'm VERY happy!
      Hahaha thanks-I will definitely keep that in mind!

      Haha, I used to feel the same way-he and Benedict Cumberbatch seem to be held as the "ultimate British gentlemen/actors".
      Well, I too have seen him in War Horse, and a few period dramas, namely Return to Cranford (my favorite of his roles), and Miss Austen Regrets. I think everyone just likes what a "nice" guy Tom Hiddleston seems to be in real life. For me, personally, I like him so much because he's Arthur to me. Before I cast him in my story, he wasn't a great favorite or anything. :)
      Although I did and still do LOVE his character in Return to Cranford-he's a BIG inspiration to Arthur because he's such a true gentleman!

  9. Natalie, I am new to your blog but I already like it a lot :)

    I read your interview with Henry and now have read Arthur's interview . . . wow. I love them both a lot - I think you've got two awesome characters and I like how well you understand them :D

    Awwww . . . that's all I can say. Arthur is so sweet. I wish I could read more! I hope you do more interviews with the other characters, especially Alethea :)

    1. Thank you so much, Rosie! It's so exciting to get someone "new" on my blog! :D

      Awww, thank you! I'm so overjoyed by how many people are saying they love my characters-it's SO encouraging for a writer! (especially a writer that's never finished a book! :P)

      I will! Alethea will be next (she should have been first, being the main character, but everyone wanted Henry and Arthur first! :D). So glad you're looking forward to it!

    2. Yes, I really like your blog . . . BTW, I learned about it from my sister "jessica prescott". Thought you might like to know that :D

      Alethea is your main character? Cool! I didn't know that.

      Just a question - are you writing the story from any one particular character's point of view, or do you have several points of view?

    3. Oh! Thank you! No, I didn't realize you two were sisters. :) How nice!

      Yes, she is! If you'd like, you can check out this post here-
      It mentions a little more of Alethea. :)

      I have several points of view! I find it easier and more fun since I have multiple characters and their "stories" going at once.

    4. Yes, we are. It's really cool :D

      Oh, I like that post! Wow, you are a GREAT writer. Alethea sounds lovely - I wish I could read more!

      Yes, I know what you mean - the novel I am currently working on has more than one point of view. It wouldn't work otherwise, because I need to show their different characters.

    5. Awww, Rosies thank you so much! I don't think I am a great writer (it's so hard to judge yourself) but hearing you think so makes me so happy! Haha, don't worry, I'm sure I'll share more soon!

      Yes! Exactly so. I like 1-person point of views, but overall I think I prefer multiple views-especially when writing my own book. It's more fun and "freeing." Although, I do suppose being "stuck" with one person CAN help you get to know them as a character better. :)

  10. Good afternoon!

    Just wanted to drop in and let you know that you have been tagged for the "Awesome Food Award" here at my blog:

    Warmest blessings on your day :-)

    1. Why, thank you so much, Cryslyn!
      I regret that I'm going to have to skip the tag for now (I have many other posts in the works :)), but I appreciate your tagging me!
      I hope you have a lovely day, too! :)


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