September 2, 2015

Period Drama Music

I think period dramas have the best soundtracks. I can't think of many that don't have absolutely gorgeous, tear jerking music. A long while ago I had the sudden inspiration to share some favorite period drama soundtracks with you, and here I am now with the post. I'll include a video of one of the tracks, but I encourage you to either watch  the movie or listen to the entire soundtracks. :) 
They're SO beautiful.
*But, just to warn you, there are a few scenes I'd recommend skipping in some of these films. If you'd like particulars just leave me a comment!*

Jane Eyre (2011)
The music for the newest Jane Eyre movie is magnificent.
Jane Eyre is one of the most dramatic period dramas that I've read/seen, so it fits that this soundtrack catches the sweeping, passionate echoes of the novel. The music is both heartbreaking and thrilling to listen to. 

Little Women (1994)
This version of Little Women is my absolute favorite. I don't love every bit of the movie, but for me, it captures every bittersweet nostalgic feeling that is part of the story. The music hurts. In a happy, reminder-of-past-years sort of way. It never fails to bring me to tears and is just so perfect.

North and South (2004)
This movie is one of my top favorite period dramas and it certainly helps that the soundtrack for this movie is oh-so beautiful. It fits the story perfectly. There are so many different pieces-melancholy music for dismal Milton, sweetly hopeful ones, and powerful, thrilling parts's so hard to describe. Just listen to it and watch the movie. :)

Robin Hood (tv series 2006)
It's amazing how the music for this can change from heart-pounding to heart-breaking-- it fits both the adventure and heartache of the story of Robin Hood.
You really have to listen to multiple tracks to get all of the epic-ness, but I think this track I have here manages to capture a little of it all. ;)

Cranford (2007)
The Cranford soundtrack is cozy and happy. It perfectly fits the sweet stories of the small town's inhabitants. Ohh, just listen to it. It's so perfect!

Sense and Sensibility (1995)
This piece might be the most beautiful from the whole soundtrack, although the whole thing is gorgeous. Marianne plays it and Elinor says that it was their father's favorite Isn't it so lovely?

Pride and Prejudice (2005)
I know a lot of people don't care for this movie. But I have yet to hear someone say they didn't like the music. (seriously, if you don't like it something is wrong with you. I'm sorry) 
Wistful and lovely, the piano scores are dreamily sweet and Jane Austen-y.

Young Victoria (2009)
The music for this is soft, delicate but also magnificently royal. As is the movie. It's soooo lovely and beautiful and sweetly romantic.

Little Dorrit (2008)
I LOVE this movie, and introduction music for it is sooooo beautiful. The end of it is mysterious and chilling, especially as the "watch" rotates with "Do Not Forget" on its back....

What are YOUR favorite period drama soundtracks?
 Can you recommend any that you think I'd like?


  1. I LOVE SOUNDTRACKS. :-D This post made me happy.

    These are some really great ones! In fact, I own Jane Eyre, Little Women, P&P, and Cranford. Soundtracks are my jam. I think westerns often have the best soundtracks. Some of my favorites are Legends of the Fall, Lonesome Dove, and True Grit.

    1. Aww, I'm glad, Emma!

      Oh wow! Lucky you. :) I'll have to try listening to the ones you mentioned sometime. Thanks!


    You mentioned quite a few of my favourites, Natalie. The "Little Women" soundtrack is sooo gorgeous. Once I put it on while I was doing Geography and, um, I didn't get anything done because I was so 'busy' listening to the beauty. My Father's Favourite! AHHHH! It's perfect. I heard it on the radio once and SCREAMED in my sister's ear because I was so excited. Also, don't worry, that's the one thing I DO love about the 05 P&P version. The music is gloooorious.

    AND THE YOUNG VICTORIA. Best best music ever. Makes me cry, that one. (And yup, Little Dorrit's music is lovely. It's very similar to Downton Abbey's soundtrack, actually - same composer, and all that jazz.)

    One of my favourite soundtracks is Belle's soundtrack. UHZAIHDSFHGUFGHSIH. It's amazing. Also the Gwenyth Paltrow Emma's soundtrack is utterly swoony. And I've gotta agree with Emma, I am somewhat intoxicated with the 'True Grit' soundtrack at the moment. It's very beautiful.

    Loved this post. :-)
    ~ Naomi

    1. Hahaha, I completely understand. I'll put on "background music" too...and then end up just listening. :) HAHA, your poor sister! ;)

      Hmm, I haven't listened to the Belle soundtrack! I really want to see that movie....but our library doesn't carry it, and, alas, no one has gotten away with posting it to youtube...yet. ha

  3. I couldn't agree more!!! Love the soundtracks to all of these movies and shows:)

  4. "This music hurts"--YES. The music for LW is soooo amazing--so bittersweet and nostalgic and the-days-of-yesteryear-y and just gahh.

    And ROBIN HOOD. (I wonder if I shall ever be able to type those words, when referring to that show, without caps in a blog comment? Hmm…) Just feels:')


    1. Awww, I'm so glad you agree. Little Women...sniff. I love it.

      Hahaha, yes!!! It just deserves all caps. :D Thanks!

  5. Cough cough. Yes, hello. I don't really like the music in P&P05. :P It's pretty enough, I grant you. And I like a few of the dancing songs. But the thing is, I think it's a much bigger soundtrack than it needs to be-- that is, if I listen to the whole thing, I get bored with it because I feel like it's the same stuff over and over. And over. :P (JE 2011 is a little that way too, haha. Same composer.)

    My favorite soundtrack composers are Patrick Doyle, Rachel Portman and Nick Bicat... and whoever wrote Little Dorrit and Bleak House and Downton Abbey is pretty good too. (I actually start to recognize their styles and I'm like, is that the same person... *looks it up* yup it is. Haha.) Patrick Doyle is my favorite though. AND I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I FOUND OUT HE WROTE THE SOUNDTRACK FOR CINDERELLA. I have been reveling in this song lately:
    Although that's probably partly because I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the scene that goes with the song. *happy sigh*

    ...have you seen Cinderella? I can't remember.

    Well... this ended up being a chatty comment. :P

    1. Hi Melody! Thanks for commenting!
      Aw, really? I can see where some tracks are very similar....but I still like it a lot. :) (As I'm sure you realize I was joking, I don't think something is wrong for you for not not liking it. ;) hee hee)

      Oh yes! I haven't seen Downton Abbey but I do like the main theme Very Much. That's so funny those 3 are all are by the same composer. I can definitely see the similarity.

      No, I still have yet to see Cinderella....I can't WAIT for it to come to dvd! Thank you for sharing that link! It's absolutely lovely.
      Hahaha, well thank you for your chatty comment! :) I enjoyed it.

  6. Also. I can play most of My Father's Favourite on the piano. :D

    1. That is so cool!!! :D I definitely need to learn how. :)

    2. I can play Mr Fathers Favourite too! Although very ill-y. It's not MY fathers favourite. :-P

    3. Wow, good for you! You and Melody are making me a little jealous, haha. :D

  7. Ah, I liked this very much. Music is so amazing! All these are beautiful, especially Little Women. I've heard them all except Cranford (which unfortunately won't let me play it 'cause of some issue or rather) and Jane Eyre. I have seen most of the Young Victoria and the music was charming. Also, one cannot forget Robin Hood. How they made the music to cover all the different emotions is beyond me. :-D
    ~Miss Meg March

    1. Oh! I'm sorry--I switched out the Cranford video for a different one shortly after I posted it....perhaps that had to do with it not working for you?
      But I'm glad you enjoyed the post otherwise. :) Music IS so amazing. And yes! I just love how varied the RH soundtrack fits all of the episodes and scenes so well. :)

  8. Oh, yes! Soundtracks are SO lovely. You picked some really good ones for this post. I LOVE the introduction music for Little Dorrit! It's perfection! :) Music is such a powerful thing. It can create all sorts of moods. I really like the haunting, blissfully nostalgic music (like in Little Women), but I also like the cheerful upbeat kind (like in Cranford. Though, to be honest, I don't like Cranford itself...but that's another story). Anyway, thanks for sharing. :)

    Oh! What soundtracks do I like? Well, I really like the soundtrack for Emma 2009; and I love the soundtrack for Amazing Grace. It's just know? ;) (Actually, that whole movie is amazing, in my opinion. It's one of my favorites. Have you ever seen it?)

    Have a wonderful day, Natalie!

    ~Miss March

    1. hank you, Miss March! Yes... the moods of music. It's amazing how even a simple track of music can make me cry-even if it's not from a movie! The music creates a story on its own!

      Eee, yes!! I love Amazing Grace, too! And it's soundtrack. I actually forgot about that one for this post....
      But oh my, the movie is so wonderful. I actually didn't *love* it the first time I watched it but it's grown on me with every re-watch. I cry every. single. time. at the end. I can't even begin to imagine what William Wilberforce was feeling!
      Thank you! You have a wonderful day as well! :)

    2. Oh! I know! The ending! It's so beautiful. The way the music swells, and everyone cheers, and Clarkson wipes tears out of his eyes, and William Wilberforce looks up at Barbara and heaves an exhausted and peaceful sigh. And then everything just stops. Oh! It's so beautiful! I love it! :)

      Yeah, music really can make you cry. And that's so true what you said about music creating a story on it's own. It really does. Do you like to listen to music when you're writing? I don't always take the time for it, but it does seem like it would help a lot to put you in the proper mood.

    3. Yeeeeesss...sniff. :') It's so perfect!

      Sometimes I do listen to music while writing but I find it's a little more distracting. I prefer to listen to music and then write-I love matching pieces of soundtracks and such to scenes in my stories. :)

  9. *squeal* You included the P&P 05 soundtrack!!!
    I LOVE practically everything about that movie, and that includes the music. I especially love those scenes where the music seems to "echo" Elizabeth's thoughts, if you know what I mean--like in the opening sequence, where she's reading her book, or the standing-on-top-of-the-cliff scene.
    What did you think of the S&S 08 soundtrack? It's my favorite Jane Austen movie, but I actually can't remember if I liked the music or not--all I know is that I lurved the characters and the acting and the scenery and EVERYTHING ELSE BASICALLY. It was gorgeous. (All except for the opening scene. But we won't talk about that, Jeeves. :) )

    1. Heehee, yes! Ah, yes, I love those parts, too!

      It's funny you mention that, because I ALMOST included the S&S '08 soundtrack in this post! I really love the "main theme"-I think it plays on the dvd menu and it's sooo beautiful. I've only seen that movie once, but I really want to see it again! Haha, yes, except for the opening scene. :P Ugh.
      Thank you for commenting!

    2. No problem--it's fun! :)
      Wasn't Dan Stevens AMAZING as Edward? He almost made me want to cry, and fictional characters almost never do that. And Colonel Brandon . . . oh, golly, I just don't know what to say about him, except that he's the best Austen film hero evah. If he was real I would marry him. Yes. I would. :)

    3. Yes! Well, and no. :P I liked the Edward from the 1995 because he seemed the most "Edward-ish" to me...although I haven't read the book yet! But, I liked the 2008 Edward better as a person. For instance, if I knew them both in real life, I think I'd like 2008 Edward better. :) Yes, Colonel Brandon was great, too! The thing is, I hardly remember all that I thought of the movie since I last saw it. But I do remember liking how kind and good and brave the Colonel was. :)

  10. Good stuff! I own several of these myself, namely Little Women and P&P05. I listen to the N&S soundtrack on YouTube a lot (WHY hasn't it been made available on CD?!?!?). I should really get the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack because I love Patrick Doyle.

    Hmm. Some I would recommend (sorry if they've been mentioned already -- I haven't read all the comments) would be Much Ado About Nothing, Chocolat, and Emma (the Gwyneth Paltrow version).

    1. About a year ago, I found the North and South soundtrack on this site:
      I downloaded it and burned it to a cd! Maybe that would work for you, too! :) It is terrible they never made a cd of it, though.

      Ooh, thanks! I'll have to check those out! I have seen the Emma movie, though, so I am familiar with that soundtrack. It's so sweet and pretty!

    2. Cool! Thanks for the link :-)

      Both the Emma and Chocolat soundtracks are by Rachel Portman, and they are very cheerful and pretty.


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