November 5, 2015

The Great, Long Ask Me Anything Answer Post

It's now More than a month since the announcement of my Ask Me Anything. And I thought I'd get the answers up in 2 weeks! I'm sorry!
But here it FINALLY is! I hope you enjoy reading my answers as much as I enjoyed answering them! You all gave me some really good questions--thanks so much!

Naomi asks... 

Have ever song a solo in front of 50+ people?
No, I have not. I have never sung a solo in front of anyone. 
Would I like to?

Hmm. Yes. But would they like it? Not sure. :P

Whose wedding dress did you like better- Grace Kelly's or Kate Middleton's?
Mmm.....I think Grace Kelly's. It's a little more to my taste, although truthfully I wouldn't pick either Kate's or Grace's as my wedding dress. (shocking, I know...)
1956 - Grace Kelly's bridal gown, created by Helen Rose - designed with 25 yards of silk peau de soie, 100 yards of silk net, museum purchased 125-year-old rose point lace, and thousands of tiny pearls were sewn on her veil:
She's so elegant.

Are you a fast typer?
Welll...I suppose. But I don't type the conventional way. I never took a typing course so I have my, you could call it. haha

Winter or Summer?
Summer. Although I do love winter, too.

Do you tend to wear red on/around Christmas day?
Sometimes! I do love to wear either red or green around Christmas-NOT together, though!!
Kate Middleton Photos - Duchess of Cambridge at National Portrait Gallery |Pinned from PinTo for iPad|:
I really want a ruby red or cranberry red dress for Christmas

Night owl or Morning person?
I hardly ever get up early, although I do enjoy it when I do. So, I suppose I'll say night-owl.

Hamlette asks... 

Did you consider any other names for your blog, or was "Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens" always your plan?

I do remember having a list of possible blog names but I don't have it anymore. I'm pretty sure my current title was one of my first choices. I have to admit, I sometimes would rather have a different title but I don't yet feel like going to the bother of changing it. :)

My first header...awww

Do you think Mr. Woodhouse and Miss Bates would make a good couple?
Mr. Woodhouse?? Miss Bates? My, I've never even thought of that possibility. I have to might work, though. He certainly thinks highly of her. Although the two of them together might be just too worrisome. heh

What are some classics you wish the BBC would make (or remake) a new miniseries of?
this...this is my dream cast. JJ Field as Charles Darnay, Tom as Sydney Carton, and Kara Killmer as Lucie.
 I need to find someone for Dr. Manette. Suggestions?

What's your favorite flower?
Hmm....I like both roses and daisies a lot. 

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?
Yes, when I was 5 or so I made one up called Samantha. She didn't last long, though...poor Samantha.

Would you rather live in a castle or a palace?

Oooohhh..this is hard. A palace would undoubtedly be more elegant and grand, but a castle would have turrets and a dungeon and secret passageways.... I choose the castle.

Do you have any nicknames you'd be willing to share?
"Willing to share." Heh. Well then, no, I don't. ;)

How do you define "comfort food"? 
Chocolate chips!!

Some of my favourite Sheldon the tiny dinosaur who thinks he's a turtle pictures, enjoy! - Imgur

PB&J: God's greatest gift to modern man, or a boring fall-back?
Eehh...I usually have it when I can't think of what else to have for lunch. :P

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? Have your aspirations changed?
Yes! I used to want to be a veterinarian..animal shelter owner....and an wanted to own a horse too...and there were probably a few other things. I somehow thought I could do all this in one lifetime.  
Nowadays, I still dream of being a wife and mother someday, but in the meantime being a small photography business owner and perhaps an author on the side would be more than enough.

Although I still would like to try being in a musical or a play sometime.


Miss March asks... 

What made you want to start a blog? 
Well, by the time I asked to start a blog I had been reading (and sometime commenting anonymously) on a few blogs, mainly The Story Girl (now obsolete, Hayden's new blog is A Singular and Whimsical Problem), Yet Another Period Drama Blog, and All Things Bright and Beautiful. The idea of blogging appealed to me so much, plus I wanted to get to know all of these girls who were "just like me!"  :D

Did you feel strange mentioning the idea of a blog to your parents?
Heehee. Yes, I think I did. I was sure they'd say no, and so I was quite pleasantly surprised when they said yes!!

Do you have a lot of story ideas in your head? (About how many?) 
I have a few right now. I write them down though, so I can come back to them later. At the moment, I have about....2 serious story ideas being tossed around inside that brain of mine. :)
this is too true

What's one movie, based on a book, that you would like to see a better adaption of?
A Tale of Two Cities, as mentioned above. I do like the Ronald Coleman one a lot, but pretty much only because of his portrayal of Sydney. The rest is just ok. :)

But the ending, though!!! It was -sob- just perfect....-goes off and cries in the corner-

Do you have your driver's license yet?
YES! I just got it on the 19th of October!!  I've driven by myself a few times, and while I was not overly nervous, it was very strange. 

Is there a particular movie hero (or heroine) that you do NOT like?
Hmm...I can't really think of any..of course there's some I like less than others, but one I actually DISlike?

Okay, I thought of one that kind of counts. He's not the hero but he's a "good guy" in the movies--Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels. He's waaay too intense. I told my brother once that I feel like he'd glare menacingly at you if you accidentally spilled a cup of milk or something.

This is obviously not him (I like Captain Von Trapp very much) but it reminded me of him. hehe

Oh! And DID you ever receive a proposal of marriage? :D 
Heehee, no, I did not. Which, you know, is a good thing. I haven't been "of marriage-able age" until this past year. If you could call 17 a "marriage-able age". It's quuiiiitte young. haha

Jessica Prescott asks... 

What's your all-time favorite movie? 

I don't have an all-time favorite movie. It's impossible to choose!!!

I will tell you ONE of my favorites. One of my very very favorites. Roman Holiday starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn.

If you could pick one single song for your personal "theme song," what would it be?
Hmmm....this is such a good question but do you know how hard it is???

Okay. I play this one on the piano a lot and I really like it. It helps me focus on the Lord and I just love singing it. 

Do you have any siblings? 
One brother who is 2 years younger than I. :) Oh, and in another shameless plug for him, he started his own blog quite recently! Check it out here, if you so wish to.

Are you a C.S. Lewis fan? If so, which of the Narnia books is your favorite? 
Yes!! Hmm....well, I haven't read the Narnia books in awhile, so I can't quite give an up-to-date opinion, but I may just have to be boring and say The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. :)

This is kind of complicated, but I hope it makes sense: If you could get a chance to be put in charge of one book-to-movie adaptation, which would it be, and why? You could choose a remake of an adaptation you think wasn't done properly, or you could choose a book that's never been made into a movie before. Like, for example, if it were me, I would choose to be in charge of a new Mansfield Park movie because the last two were so awful (IMHO). :)
Aahhhh, this was such a perfect question!! I frequently wish I could be in change of adapting a book to movie. I would choose to adapt..oh dear. There's so many! Can I list a few? Oh said just one.

Okay. I could totally go with theme here and say A Tale of Two Cities but I won't. I pick The Betsy Tacy series. They're suuuccch wonderful books, and I would love to make them into a movie. Among...many others. heehee

I love all the book illustrations! They're so sweet and whimsical!

Miss Meg March asks... 

If given the chance, would you go sky diving?
Yes, but I would start having serious doubts once I got up there. :P

Would you rather spend a weekend with Dianna Barry or Phillipa Gordon? (I'm pretty sure that's her name....)
Mmm...I think Phillipa Gordon! 

Have you ever painted your fingernails a crazy colour? If not, would you?
I painted my toes green once! I was trying to find photo proof of it (I know I have a picture of it) when I stumbled upon this photo from back in 2012 and knew I had to share this instead. ;)

I can't believe I'm putting this on the internet. Just to let you know, my style has....-ahem-changed dramatically and I would never do that to my nails again.

Also to let you know, no I did not leave the house with my nails like that. I mean....I don't think I did??!

I really hope I didn't...I don't think my mom would have let me. haha

Do people normally guess your age spot-on, think you are younger than what you are, or think you are older than what you are? (That sounds long and complicated, but I hope it makes sense. :-P)

People usually think I'm older because I'm tall. And, some have told me I look and act older. I guess that's a compliment!

If you could meet any actor and actress, who would they be?
There's so many actors and actresses I'd love to meet! I'm going to have to say Tom Hiddleston for this. He seems like a genuinely nice guy in real life (and he's British) and it'd be fun to tell him I have him cast as Arthur in my book. (And then, you know, ask him if he could use his influence to have my book made into a movie, with casting of my choice. I know for a fact that he knows/is probably friends with one of the actresses cast into my book! haha Little hint there for those of you who have been following my story ;))

Does texting language (eg. lol, idk) annoy you?
Not usually. It can annoy me if used excessively, though. ha

What's your biggest pet peeve?
Hmm. When people don't return books or movies you lent to them. Or it takes them foreeeevvver to do so.


What would you do if a strange boy winked at you? (And then later ended up pulling your hair and calling you carrots.....)
Marry him. :) Heehee.

(okay, obviously I meant if he was really Gilbert I would marry him, but if was truly a strange boy than of course I wouldn't. "I would hardly  just go and marry anyone." )

Isaac Benjamin asks...

Do you know anyone else with red hair?
Can I assume we mean natural red hair? Two of my cousins have shades similar to my hair color. But other than that, no, I don't know any other natural red heads. :)

Olivia asks... 

What did you think of Inside Out? Also, who's your favorite character?
I loved it!! I think my favorite character was Sadness. She was SO funny and adorable and I just wanted to give her a hug.....-sniff- That movie is so sweet.

 If Much, Allan, Will, Guy, and Robin all proposed to you, which would you accept and which would you feel bad about rejecting? (Evil laugh…REVENGE IS SWEET;D)
Ahhhhhh....Olivia.....such cruelty. 
This is hard.
I'd feel bad for rejecting ANY of them , because I hate to hurt people, but....I'd especially feel bad for Much. I mean...poor Much. Does he need any more problems with his self-confidence?
As for who'd I accept.....aggghhghh. Robin. I'd accept Robin.

What ten songs can you be found listening to on a regular basis?
Ooh! Fun!! 

"One Day More" (Les Mis)
"I Don't Dance" (Lee Brice)
"On My Own" (Les Mis)
"In the Mood" (Glenn Miller)
"Santa Fe" (Newsies)
"On Top of the World" (Imagine Dragons)
"I See the Light" (Tangled)
"Don't Stop Believing" (Dallas String Quartet)
"Rising Sun"  (All Sons and Daughters)
"Amazing Grace" (Celtic Woman)

Okay, those are some....I haven't listened to them all recently but they're all ones that resurface in my musical "diet". ;)

Which is your favorite of Marian's dresses?
This is hard. I love a lot of her dresses.  I really like her gray and red dress, though.

Who is your LEAST favorite of Jane Austen's heroes?
Edmund Bertram. He just....isn't my favorite.

One book/movie/song everyone in the blogosphere seems to love but you?
The Book Thief.

Favorite food to eat for lunch?
Fruit smoothies.

Do you have a Goodreads account? If so, do you do a lot on it, or not so much? ('Cause--ahem--I'm going to try to be on it more often--just sayin')
Well, I didn't when you asked this question but since then I got one and here is the link if anyone wants to check it out. (Oh, and I have it set to private right now, so if you don't have a GR accounts you won't be able to see it...just to let you know. :/)

Have you watched the webseries Emma Approved? If you have? Who are your top three favorite characters?
I'm afraid I haven't. I've seen a little of it, but I just never got into it. Maybe someday. :) I did love Mr. Knightley, though!

Five favorite quotes from the LotR books so far? :D

I haven't written down ALL of my favorite quotes, so here are just some that I have handy. Thus this is not a definitive list of my top 5 favorites. Sorry. :(

"The grey figure of the Man, Aragorn son of Arathorn, was tall, and stern as stone, his hand upon the hilt of his sword; he looked as if some king out of the mists of the sea had stepped upon the shores of lesser men. Before him stooped the old figure, white, shining now as if with some light kindled within, bent, laden, with years, but holding a power beyond the strength of kings." ~The Two Towers

"But I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend." ~The Two Towers

Treebeard speaking: "'But I shall miss [Pippin and Merry]. We have become friends in so short a while that I think I must be getting hasty-growing backwards toward youth, perhaps. But there, they are the first new thing under Sun or Moon that I have seen for many a long. long, day. I shall not forget them.'" ~The Two Towers

"Suddenly, caught by the level beams, Frodo saw the old king's head: it was lying rolled away by the roadside. 'Look, Sam!" he cried, startled into speech. 'Look! The king has got a crown again!' The eyes were hollow and the carven beard was broken, but about the high stern forehead there was a coronal of silver and gold. A trailing plant with flowers like small white stars had bound itself across the brows as if in reverence for the fallen king, and in the crevices of his stony hair yellow stonecrop gleamed. 'They cannot conquer for ever!" said Frodo. And then suddenly the brief glimpse was gone. The sun dipped and vanished, and as if at the shuttering of a lamp, black night fell." ~The Two Towers

"'If I'm to go on,' he said, 'then I must take your sword, by your leave, Mr. Frodo, but I'll put this one to lie by you, as it lay by the old king in the barrow; and you've got your beautiful mithril coat from old Mr. Bilbo. And your star-glass, Mr. Frodo, you did lend it to me and I'll need it, for I'll be always in the dark now. It's too good for me, and the Lady gave it to you, but maybe she'd understand. Do you understand, Mr. Frodo? I've got to go on.'" ~The Two Towers

Emily asks... 
On your next milestone birthday, what would you do if you were crazy?
Why, I'd go to England, of course! Or pretty much any place outside of the U.S. ;)

Evie asks... 

If you could learn any instrument what would it be?
I'd love to play many instruments if I could....I can only pick one? Hm. I guess maybe the guitar.

What's the weirdest thing you have ever heard about Australia?
Hahaha....hmm...I'm not sure! Well, I saw THIS on Pinterest and though it was pretty funny:

On censorship. | 29 Times Australians Were The Realest On Tumblr:

Would you consider coming to Australia?
Yes! :D I would absolutely love to go to Australia!! 

If you could live in a fantasy world for a day which one? why?
Ahhh, this is such a great question! Hmm. Fantasy as in fictional or just plain old fantasy? If the latter, I think I'd have to go with....Narnia. It'd be exciting and fun, but I'd feel safer than in Middle-Earth. ;) I don't think I'd survive Middle-Earth. heh

If you're talking fictional movies or books, I'd love to spend a day in BBC's Robin Hood.

 Favourite gif?
Well....ONE of my favorites...

Current desktop wallpaper?
Heehee. Well right now it's something that has to do with my book...that cannot be revealed...muhahaha. So, sorry, but I can't share it. 

Heidi asks... 

What is your favorite way to eat potatoes?
"What's Taters, Precious?"  My absolute favorite way is mashed. I actually don't really care for them otherwise!

Your second favorite color?
Ooh...hmm. I'm not sure! It changes frequently. ;) I guess I'll just say a very soft rosy pink.

What was the first "romantic" book you read?
Oh, great question! I'm not quite sure....of course, series like Little House and the Prairie and Anne of Green Gables both have romance in them. But I wouldn't call them "romantic."  I think Pride and Prejudice might apply, though. I read it at 14 and it was my first Austen book. :)

Eowyn asks... 

Do you enjoy exercising? If so what is your favorite form?
Yes, I do! I love going on long walks ("this is a very long walk.")

Do you enjoy trying out new things?
Mmm...yeeees? Depends on what they are. :)

Are you a night owl or a morning lark?
As answered above, I think I'm more of a night owl. (I really love your wording of "morning lark"!)

Would you prefer attending the Kentucky Derby or a rodeo?
Oooh, this is hard! I think...I think a rodeo would be more exciting and fun. Although I would be able to get all dressed up for the Kentucky Derby....hmmm...I still think I'd choose the rodeo. :)
photo from new book: "John Wayne: The Legend And The Man":

Rosie asks....

Have you ever been to Ireland?
I wish!!! :( Do you have a free ticket there? I'll take it.

Do you know how to dance?

Oh my... why are all your questions things I LONG to do, Rosie? (I'm just kidding, they're great! :))
So, yeah, no I don't know how to dance -in any form- and I sincerely wish to. Swing dance, Jane Austen-style dancing, ballroom dancing.....sign me up.

When you go out in public, do you put your hair up or are you comfortable wearing it down (i.e., loose)?
Both! It really depends on how my hair is "behaving". If it's nice and pretty and doing what I want it'll stay down. If not, up it goes into a neat and stylish bun so now one will be able to tell how horrid my disobeying hair is.

Can you cook or bake? If so, do you enjoy it?

I bake deserts for our family quite often, but I've done it so often that I don't necessarily enjoy it anymore. Unless I listen to music while doing so. ;) I CAN physically cook, although I don't do it often.

What musical instrument (if any) have you ever wanted to be able to play but never learned?

Since I answered with "guitar" in Evie's similar question, I'll say violin for this one because it's another I wish I knew how to play. :)  

Rose asks... 

What is your favourite period drama ever?
Probably....Anne of Green Gables. Although, my other favorites are so very close to Anne on the scale that it's hard to tell. Incase you're curious about my other favorites they are North and South, Pride and Prejudice 1995, and Little Dorrit. And at least 20 more. ;)

Do you have any siblings?
I have one brother. :) 

Chocolate or ice cream?

Oooh, this is hard. It depends on my mood but right now  I want ice cream more than chocolate. 

Thank you SO MUCH for all the wonderful questions, everyone!!!!!!!!!! This was so much fun and I'm so glad for the fun way of celebrating my 100th post.  You all are just such wonderful blogging friends, and I  want you to  know that. Without you, there'd really be no fun in blogging. :) So thank you!!

ps. I'm sorry if the length of this post caused your browser to load incessantly for this post. -cringes- Hopefully that didn't happen to anyone...


  1. Just popping in to say.....I LOVE "I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice!!!!!! He's one of my faaaaavorite favorite country singers, and that is such a great song. It makes me happy that you like it too. :-) Have you heard "I Drive Your Truck?"

    1. Oh, and congratulations on getting your drivers' license!!! :-D

    2. Emma Jane,
      You do??? -high five- I know!! So many of his songs are absolutely adorable. Have you heard "Love Like Crazy"? It's the first I heard of his and is probably still my top favorite from him. Yes!! I have heard that one!! It's so sad but also just so good.

      Thank you! :D

    3. I think I've heard "Love Like Crazy" maybe once, but I don't know it well. My favorite Lee Brice song will forever be "The Drinking Class". That was kind of our theme song this summer and I have sooooo many good memories attached to it. :-)

    4. Haha, I haven't listened to that one yet. Isn't it fun having songs that bring back a particular moment or time or something? There were a few cds my family listened to when we moved so hearing the songs always bring back those days on the road. haha :)

  2. Oh, this was so much fun! I loved reading your answers! :)
    Yes, I love "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" too . . . especially the Beavers' house. That part always makes me so happy, 'cause it's so cozy and WARM. (Even though it's snowing outside. Ya know what I mean. It's warm inside.)
    I wouldn't choose Grace Kelly's or Kate Middleton's dresses either--they're absolutely gorgeous but they wouldn't look right on me at all.
    That's such a lovely song you picked :) (Sorry it was such a tough question; I just asked because I'm so into music.) If it were me, I'd have to say either Emmet Cahill's "Always There" or Mary Black's version of "Bright Blue Rose," I think. But I have so many favorites . . . :-)

    1. Jessica,
      Thank you so much! :)
      Oh yes, it is! The beaver's house is very cozy.
      I'm so glad I'm not the only one! They are every pretty, but they're just not my favorites. :)
      Heehee, that's all right! It was a really good question, just a little hard for me. I love music, too! Do you play any instruments?
      I'll have to look those songs up, they sound beautiful!

  3. This was a great idea for your 100th post. Congrats on hitting that milestone!

    *whispers* I don't like "The Book Thief" either. And you are one of the few people that agree with me.

    And totally aside from you post, I love the last quote on your sidebar: "Woman was created from the rib of man, not from his head to top him; neither from his feet to be walked upon. She was made from his side to be his equal; from beneath his arm to be protected by him; from very near his heart to be loved by him.” <<That one! :D

    1. Cordy,

      Heehee, glad I'm not the only one. I just couldn't get past all the language, unfortunately. I watched the movie, and while it was cleaner than the book (oddly enough) I didn't find the story very.....inspiring or anything. Just sad. :(

      Thank you! I love that one too-it's so beautiful and such a good picture of how a godly marriage should be!

    2. I know what you mean about the language. That was my struggle as well. I just didn't 'feel' for the characters. Not inspiring was a good way to put it.

  4. I loved reading your answers, it was sooooo much fun! I feel like Olaf from Frozen:

    Anna: "Are you okay?"
    Olaf: "Are you kidding? I . . . am . . . WONDERFUL!!!"

    Tee hee :) I loved every gif and those memes are just amazing :D I think my favorite meme has to be the one of "When a girl says she'll be ready in 5 minutes . . ." But I really really enjoyed all of them. Oh and I also love the one of the "book rules" especially the last: "THE FICTIONAL BOY IS MINE!!" That really cracked me up.

    Sorry the questions were hard :P I think it was like, I thought, okay, I can only pick a few questions, what things do I most want to do? I SERIOUSLY want to go to Ireland someday. I am part Irish (only part, but still) and I love Irish music, culture, EVERYTHING. I just need to go there. Bucket list item, if you want. And NO, I don't have a ticket *sobs* But if I did, I'd get another one and then we could go together. Okay? And we can take my sister Jessica too :)

    I also wish I knew how to dance . . . I've never learned but I SO WISH I could, it looks so fun. Although I'm not sure I'd be good at it, I just wish I could don't you know :P

    I wish I could play the guitar too! I took flute lessons for many years, it's my favorite instrument I think but second to it has always been the guitar. I am just so fascinated by guitars and - PLUS - you can sing and play guitar at the same time! That's one of the drawbacks of flute, you have to just play it. Takes all your breath. No singing. I'm not saying people would want to hear me sing, but it just looks So Fun.

    I hate it when my hair won't behave. But I generally braid my hair, as there is just way too much to put up in a bun. Plus it's SO THICK.

    I've just discovered the Broadway Newsies soundtrack and Santa Fe is one of my favorite songs!! I also really like The World Will Know and Seize The Day. Just Amazing.

    Ooohh, I See The Light from Tangled!! I LOVE THAT SONG TO PIECES. It's just BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY and AWESOME.

    And by the way . . . I've actually NEVER READ the Book Thief :P But I've heard it's really sad, is that right? And I don't like sad books :D

    Congrats on your hundredth post! *sends back virtual hug*

    1. Rosie,
      Aww, thank you so much!!

      Haha, I know right? The "five minutes" one is so true. I'm so glad you found that one funny, too! I once seriously considered printing that up and putting it in books I lend to people. ;) haha

      I have a little Irish in me too! -high five- That's so cool. Yes!! If you get some tickets we'll make it a group trip. ;) Oh, and I have a friend who also reaallly wants to go to Ireland..... haha

      I KNOW! There seems to be dancing in every book or movie I love so it's always something that grates on me. Maybe someday I can actually take some lessons or something. :P

      Ooh, you play the flute? That's so cool! Haha, yes, that's one of my favorite things about the guitar, too! Obviously, I can sing along to the piano, but something about strumming a guitar while singing seems so nice. :)

      You have thick hair too?? Mine is impossibly thick. But it's too short to go into a braid. Unfortunately. :( My hair is naturally wavy, but not in a necessarily pretty way. It makes it hard to style, although I do think I've gotten better at it in the past year or two.

      Oh, you did??!? YAY! I love Newsies, and it makes me so excited when others like it too! Ah, isn't the Broadway soundtrack amazing? I watched the movie before I heard the soundtrack and while I'll always love the movie "first" the singing is even better in the B. soundtrack. Which makes sense. ;)

      I KNOW!!!! ISTL is sooooooo beautiful. I want it played at my wedding. :)'s sad, but the main reason I put it down was the language. :( But if you don't like sad books, then you probably wouldn't like it...there's a lot of dying in it. :(

      Thank you so much!! You are so sweet!

    2. *High fives back* That would seriously be cool. And we could bring your friend :)

      Yes I think someday I will take dancing lessons. It just must be a thing.

      Singing and strumming the guitar is just so COSY, that's what it is :P

      Yes my hair is way way too thick. But it's also long, it reaches to like the small of my back. So it's just way too heavy to put up, so I end up braiding it most days :P

      NEWSIES ARE AMAZING!! Yeah, the Broadway version would have better singing, it's a musical so that's what they focus on :D

      Mah gash, what a lovely idea to have ISTL played at your wedding! *swoons*

      Thanks for warning me, it doesn't sound like I'll be reading it then :)

      Awwww thanks! *blushes*

    3. Rosie,
      Heehee, sounds perfect! Definitely a plan. ;)

      Oooh, you have long hair!! You're so blessed! I can never get my hair to grow out very long. :( I want it just hasn't happened yet. Unfortunately. The longest I had it ever was about halfway down my upper arm. :P

  5. AHHH THE ANSWERS! I Loved reading this post!

    Haha. Your answer to the solo question. Well, you play the piano extremely well. I don't play too good. (Although it's okay. Haha.)
    I LOVE both Kate and Grace's - but I think *I*'d choose Kate's. No, not because I'm obsessed with British Royalty. :-P I prefer the way the skirt flares down with Kates. If I may be so bold as to ask - Why aren't you crazy about their dresses? Do you not like lace? *gasps*

    YES THE JJFIELD/TOM HIDDLESTON TALE OF TWO CITIES MUST HAPPEN SO BADLY ASJFDKLFJMLKMFJL. What do you think of the Sophie Hutton actress as Lucy? Or Carey Mulligan? :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. Naomi,
      Thanks so much!!

      Hey, well, we each have our talents. If we saw each other in real life, I could play the piano and you could sing. ;)

      Hahaha, I like lace very much, but their style of dresses just aren't my favorite. The long sleeves and all. :)

      THANK YOU YES, SOMEONE ELSE SEES HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS! Mmm, I personally don't picture Lucie as either of those actresses...they're too young or little girlish, to me. I think Lucie should be very sweet and innocent, but also very womanly and grownup. I could see Romola Garai as Lucie before Sophie or Carey.

  6. I agree with you, I like Kate and Grace's wedding dresses, but I would prefer to have something different for myself. (I LOVE designing dresses, and I have a whole page in a little book I've made with dress designs I've done.) I often like to imagine what I'd like my wedding dress to be, if I ever marry. :)
    Oh, I'm a summer gal too! ;D
    And yep, that's totally me - I WISH I could get up early, but I don't naturally seem to, and I tend to stay up late. (I come alive at night, hehe.)
    I don't know Kara Killmer, but I DO know A Tale of Two Cities and that there is missing space of a good movie adaption! I read the book earlier this year, and watched an old BBC adaption of it....let me see, it was made in....1980, but it was a little slow and....just old. :P I'm ready for a new one!
    Haha, Mace Windu! ;P He's pretty intimidating.
    Oh, I LOVE that song by Meredith Andrews! I recently listened to the video of Petie singing it, and I was determined to find the music myself and sing and play it, it's so beautiful! (May I ask if you got your music for free from a site or in another way?)
    HAHA. That's TOTALLY what my answer would be (about skydiving). ;D
    You were my age when you painted your fingernails like that.....I've never painted my fingernails different colours each (I suppose I'm rather boring when it comes to that, hehe!) but you certainly had an interesting style going. ;P But lately I've been trying new ones. I'm about to try white for the first time, tonight (for summer - as I have naturally brown/tanned/olive skin I *think* it'll look good. :))
    Yes, people think I'm older than my sisters (and they're 4 and 6 years older than I - and slightly taller!) for some bazaar reason. :P
    Haha, oh I LOVE that 'if I lend you my book..." picture. ;) That's so me! ;D
    Don't ALL girls want to marry Gilbert? :D (*raises hand*)
    I listened to Newsies on YouTube and Sante Fe was one of my favourites!! :)
    Haha, well it's true Australia has some nasty spiders! The Redback is particularly poisonous. It's been known to cause deaths. :( We have some at our place - once we found some of them in our gumboots on our veranda!
    YES! COME TO AUSTRALIA! Come visit meeeee! (And Evie, haha. XD)
    Wow. That Darcy Out gif has now officially become my favourite. :D
    I wish I knew how to swing dance! AAHHH! I know how to do ballroom dancing/Jane Austen style dancing though. :D And bush dancing! (Basically everyone can do that, haha.) Except I can't waltz very well. >:/ I need to practise that....
    YES. Anne of Green Gables is just TOO amazing I just can't take in all of it's gloriousness. :D
    I didn't have any trouble downloading your post. :) And I *just* downloaded your hug.....AWWW. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      Oh yay! I'm glad you can relate. :) Oh, how fun! I love drawing dresses, but I'm not sure how well I design them. haha I like imagining my wedding dress, too. :)

      Kara Killmer was in the new Christian adventure movie called "Beyond the Mask". I just think she'd make a very good Lucie. Her character in BtM was sweet and good like Lucie. I know! We need a ATOTC adaption like that of Little Dorrit and such. Come on, BBC! :P

      Oh! Yes! The video of Petie singing it was how I discovered the song, actually. In fact, I like Petie's rendition better than the "real" song. haha Well, I didn't get the music persay, but I found the chords here:
      If you know how to use chords, it's really easy and perfect for singing along to.

      White nails are so pretty and classy! Sounds like you are more mature than I was at your age, haha. I honestly don't know what I was thinking.

      That's so funny people think you're older than your sisters despite the age difference-and height! haha

      YES IT IS, heehee. :D

      I know, right? It always surprises me to find out some girls don't like Gil in that way! haha

      Yay!! Newsies is so good and yes, Santa Fe is amazing!

      Ewwww....-shivers- I'm sure Australia is an amazing place to live but.....I'm glad I don't have to worry about poisonous spiders too much here. :( But YES! I could definitely do a visit!! :D

      You know how to do ballroom and Jane Austen dancing? How lucky you are!!!

      Aww, thank you so much!

    2. Oh, thank you for the chords! I know how to play chords on the guitar and on the piano, so it shouldn't be too hard! :D Now I'll have to go learn the music and all the lyrics.....yay. :) (And I agree - I think Petie's was better too! She's so gifted in music!)
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Miss Meg,
      Your welcome! I hope you enjoy them! Aren't chords so fun to play? I'm so glad my piano teacher introduced me to's so fun to "easily" play a song without learning all the notes. It's a nice way just to have something to sing along to.
      Isn't she though? I have a lower range voice myself, but hers is sooo pretty. I'd love to sing like her!

    4. Yes, chords ARE rather fun top play. :D (One of my favourite instrumental songs to play on the piano is "He's a Pirate" and it's all chords!) I had a leetle trouble converting the guitar to the piano, but I grabbed hold of one of my (very musical) elder sisters and she helped me. :)
      I know, I wish I could sing like her. :P My voice is rather strange, actually - my sisters say that it's suited to lower range singing, but I have trouble singing low. My range isn't very good, I'm afraid, but I know I can improve it, if I work hard enough. ;) My 'comfort zone' is around where you sing the chorus in "Worth It All". I tend to like singing in my full voice somewhat high. I have SO much room for improvement in singing though.....*Sigh* I hope that someday I may be able to take some vocal lessons. :)
      ~Miss Meg

    5. Miss Meg,
      Oh, I'm glad your sister could help you! :) Ooh, I've heard "He's a Pirate" before-that would be fun to play on the piano!
      Really? How funny! But I'm sure your range would improve with practice.Over the past year or so I've tried different voice exercises and have definitely noticed an improvement, if ever so slight, in my range. And it does help to warm up before singing-just going up and down the scale a few times really helps, in my opinion!

      Ooh, the chorus is such a pretty part-that's great that it's your "comfort zone." I have a hard time on the high notes...I can barely hit the c above middle c. ;)

      Aww, I hope you can take voice lessons someday! I too sometimes wish for them. Here's hoping we can BOTH succeed in our "singing dreams". Singing is so much fun-and while there's so many people who sing better than me, I am thankful God gave me an even slightly okay voice. ;) heehee

  7. I love all your answers! (Weirdly enough, I have very little memory of coming up with those questions for you. I kept reading through my section going, "Oh, that was a good question! Did I really think that up?" Clearly, I was super busy getting ready to travel or something, and have blanked it out.)

    Also, you don't love potatoes. I want to hug you. I have hated potatoes in nearly every form for as long as I can remember, they are my least-favorite food, and people are constantly telling me I am a freak for this. I *will* eat them, but I don't at all like them.

    And I loved the John Wayne picture :-) It's one of my favorites.

    Congrats on your 100th post!

    1. Hamlette,
      Haha, how funny! Well, you're right though, they were very good questions! :)

      Really?? Yay! I'm glad it's not just me, either. Everyone seems to love potatoes, and the only way I love them is mashed. I adore mashed potatoes (loaded with butter and a little salt..) but otherwise....I could do without them. ;) So, yes, you are not a freak. You can tell anyone who says that to you that your blogger friend agrees almost completely with you! :D haha

      Thanks so much!!!


    That's a lot of caps. My apologies. BUT SERIOUSLY WHAT IS IT IT'S SO DOGGONE CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE AND I'M SERIOUSLY FREAKING OUT FROM THE PERFECTION. Okay. Is it like a blooper thing or something? Did he give her a stuffed animal for her birthday or something? I must know!

    Now, the post. This post made me happy;) And I stole a number of the gifs and pictures.

    Aww, Sadness and Joy were my favorites, too. AndBillabongandDisgustandFearandsoonandsoforth..

    YES. DARNAY AND CARTON! We have talked;D Oooh, Kara Kilmer would make a good Lucie!

    Lovely, lovely!:D

    1. Olivia,
      HAHAHA, I'm so glad you asked!! Here's the link to the video:

      It's actually a commercial of sorts that they did to help raise money for some children's charity. It's so funny how "into it" Guy and Marian's like they're doing a real RH episode, not just a commercial. Isn't it adorable, though?!?!

      Heehee, well, I don't mind your thievery. You'll have to live with your guilt, though. ;)

      Yeeesss, Billabong! Don't even get me started.....wouldn't you know it, I didn't have ANY tissue with me when I saw it in theater?! (Until my mom had some for me, which was good because I needed it....sob.)

      Yay! I'm glad you think she'd be a good Lucie!

      Thank you so much!!

  9. This was so fun to read! And I actually finally know what Anne of Green Gables is. We're putting it on for our fall play. Delightful to see all your answers, Natalie! I hope you're doing well. :)

    1. Anna,
      Thank you so much!! Really?? That is so cool!! Are you in the play at all, or are you doing behind the scenes work?
      I am doing well! And I hope you are, too. I miss your blogging presence! :)

    2. Yep. Behind the scenes but not really. Camera booth for this production. And I'm almost stuck in blogger's block as of right now, to be honest. I'm trying to find some fresh new blogging ideas for my new theme..

    3. Oh, cool! Does that mean you videotape the performance? That should be an interesting and fun job!
      Aw, I'm sorry. :( But I understand. Sometimes I just can't think of anything I feel like blogging I can relate a little. :)

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post, Natalie!! It was so much fun to read your answers! :) I'm only annoyed because this post is so full of things that I could comment on, that I'm starting to blank out. :/ So I guess I'll just have to keep it to a minimum. First off, I just have to say that I LOVE your original blog header! It's adorable! So cute how you matched the pictures to the title of your blog! :)

    (That turtle gif is so cute!!) Oh! That would be so cool if you could have a photography business. I enjoy photography, a small way. I've thought different times about how it would be neat to learn more about it, but I never really pursued it.

    Heehee. I felt strange mentioning the idea of a blog to my parents, too. I'm so glad you're parents were okay with you doing one, though! Just think. If they hadn't been, I wouldn't be sitting here today commenting on your 100th post, now would I? :D

    Congratulations on getting your driver's license! Does that cat picture represent you, or the person in the passenger's seat? *chuckle*

    Haha! That picture of your fingernails! And *creases*! (You noticed that, too, huh?)

    "What would you do if a strange boy winked at you? (And then later ended up pulling your hair and calling you carrots.....)
    Marry him." Hahaha! Yeah, in such a case as that marriage is inevitable, right? Might as well be sensible and skip all the heartache in between. (Of course, if he isn't really Gilbert, then perhaps you ought to give it a little more thought. ;))

    Hahaha! The "Darcy Out!" gif! SO FUNNY! :D And ""What's Taters, Precious?" Excellent use of a quote, my dear! I love it when a quote fits so perfectly! :)

    Lovely, lovely post, Natalie!

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March,
      Thanks so much!! Haha, I'm sorry it's so long. I thought of splitting it into two posts, but that would kind of defeat the "100th post" thing, so I didn't. :) Aww, thank you! I wouldn't go back to that header now, but I it did fit very well at first. I took the pictures, and the one of the kitten was quite possibly my favorite kitten picture I've ever taken. I miss having kittens. -sniff-

      You do enjoy photography? How cool! I didn't know that. Well, I used to take pictures just because I liked it, but ever since I've read about other photographers--some being stay at home home school girls- the idea just really appealed to me! :D

      I know! It's so sad how many wonderful friendships and fun things I would have missed out on if it wasn't for my blog. I'm so glad you were able to start one too!!!

      Hahahaha, I'm not sure. ;) I don't get too freaked out while driving....unless it's the expressway. :P Or a really busy area!

      I know! I love it when quotes work too! Thank you so much!! :D

    2. You took the pictures for your first header?!!!! Wow! Now I'm really impressed. They're excellent! :)

      Yeah, photography is fun. I'm not super good at it or anything, but it's fun to try and get nice shots; and to at least pretend that I know what I'm doing. heehee. (All the scenic pictures on my blog were taken from my camera.) Really? A lot of photographers are stay at home, home school girls? That's really neat. Having your own business while still being at home, does sound very appealing. Have you ever taken posed pictures for anyone--like engagement photos, family photos, or anything like that?

      Aww, thanks. I'm so glad I started a blog, too. You girls are all so nice, and it's been loads of fun getting to know you!

      ~Miss March

    3. Miss March,
      Aww, why, thank you!

      Yes, it is fun! And the more you do it, the easier and better it gets-trust me, I speak from experience! Oh yes, I remember them! Your photos are really pretty- especially the last one on your "it's raining on Celia again" post. I truly love that one!

      Well, I wouldn't say a LOT of them are homeschooled girls, but I've stumbled upon a number of photographer bloggers with their own business that they started themselves! And some were homeschooled. :) So it's encouraging!

      No, I haven't!! Unless you count family photos for my own family. :) I really want to, though! My aunt and uncle mentioned having me take their family photos....I really hope it works out!

      Aww, yes! Same here! :D

  11. Oh, this was so fun to read! I love Roman Holiday, too, and that picture of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers is one of my favorites :)

    1. Hayden,
      Thanks! Yay, another fan! And, yes, isn't it a great photo?? I absolutely love her dress and shoes. :)

  12. Which Robin Hood Is this?
    I'm lost. COuld you add captions so we ineducated folk know what movies your pics are from? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????
    Teen for the Lord
    Check out my blog

    1. Emily,
      Oh dear, I am sorry! The Robin Hood I mentioned is BBC's tv show called Robin Hood. It's a really fun series! :)
      I usually don't add captions because it's a bit of a hassle, but I'll keep it in mind for next time. ;)


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