December 8, 2015

Rilla of Ingleside ~ "My Cast"

I love Rilla of Ingleside. If there was ever an L. M. Montgomery novel that needed to be made into a movie, this is the one. Unfortunately something is wrong with the filmmaking industry's head (I mean, not that that's a surprise) because it STILL hasn't happened. What even.

But, on the other end of the spectrum, if they made a less-than-worthy version I know I (and many others) would be very upset, so maybe it's just as well no one has tried it. Yet.

Now, as a did for my Mansfield Park cast, this is not going to be a conventional dream cast. Simply, it's a list of how I picture the characters...not who could play them if they actually made a new movie.
But, if there is an actor who I think could play them in a new movie, I will include them too.

.....I feel like that wasn't clear, but hopefully you understand!

Gilbert Blythe & Anne Blythe

Of course, with the passing of Jonathon Crombie, the real Gilbert Blythe is no more. 
But, let's all stop for a moment and appreciate how wonderful a Rilla adaption would have been if it had been made instead of the third Anne of Green Gables. Anne and Gil would have been the perfect ages for it. It would have been wonderful.

Can't you just see them living at Ingleside with all their children?

"Mrs. Dr. dear"

"Dr. Blythe"

Oh look! It's them with Jims! The baby Rilla finds and takes care of.

-sniff- Oh, what could have been. :'(

All right. Back to harsh reality.

Jem Blythe

Perhaps slightly like Josh in Friendly Persuasion? I'm not quite sure. I haven't found the perfect match for him yet. :( All I know is I picture him very handsome, clean cut, with a nice chocolate-y shade of brown hair. (yes, I know that's not his hair color in the book, hush!)

"Nan" Blythe

I picture her a little like an older version of Emile also from War Horse. Soft brown hair, a pretty complexion and just an overall sweet look.

Diana "Di" Blythe

When thinking up an actress for Diana, I realized Julie from the tv show When Call the Heart would make a lovely Diana Blythe. 
She has the red hair!

Shirley Blythe
Perhaps Eddie Redmayne? Picture him in World War 1 era clothing. I think it could work.

And a different hairstyle. Ha.

Walter Blythe

Our favorite. Because of that, I'm sure everyone has their own staunch opinions on how Walter looks.  I know Walter has black hair in the book...but I've always picture him a little like Albert in War Horse.  And, judging from the movies I've seen him in, I think Jeremy Irvine could convey Walter's sensitivity and courage quite well.

Agree? Disagree? Keep the comments kind, please. ;) (although you can use caps, if you wish haha)

Also, Edward from the movie Testament of Youth reminds me a little of Walter. 

Kenneth Ford

At the risk of being completely unoriginal when you see who I have cast as Rilla (DON'T YOU DARE SCROLL DOWN) (I know some of you did it anyways, didn't you??) I think Roland from Testament of Youth might play Kenneth well. I've never really had a "set" picture in my mind of Kenneth, so I'm open to suggestions. He has dark hair, though. He must have dark hair.

(but oh....that picture of Roland with the flower. It reminds me of Walter there. He's a little too old for Walter, but still. So many possibilities!!)

Owen Ford
Dennis Morgan | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

I've always and forever seen him as Dennis Morgan. (Kitty Foyle, Christmas in Connecticut

Leslie Ford
I can picture her, and I've never seen someone who looks like her. She must have amazing thick gold hair, beautiful eyes, and a very apparent elegance.

Call me horrible if you wish, but I have no photos of anyone for  Faith Meredith, Una Meredith, Carl Meredith, or Jerry Meredith. I picture Faith as very pretty with golden hair. Una I can see quite clearly in my mind-dark brown hair and so incredibly sweet. She also must be rather short. 
I think I see Carl as a blonde and Jerry must have dark hair.
I'm afraid that's all I have to say. I'm sorry. I need to read the book yet again.

Mary Vance

I see Bessy Higgins from North and South. 


I picture Susan as Una O'Conner from the Errol Flynn Robin Hood and some other old movies. Her voice and personality fits how I see her, and she also could  convey the fierce loyalty that Susan would have for the Blythe's.

Of course, she wouldn't work for a new production, though. :/ Perhaps Imelda Staunton?

......drumroll please....

Rilla Blythe

Now, ever since I read Rilla for the first time I've picture her like Liesl from The Sound of Music
She is "my" Rilla.

Do. Not. Argue. With. Me.

(heehee, well, you an argue if you wish but I'm afraid it won't do a bit of good)

But, as a possible selection for a new movie, I think Alicia Vikander from Testament of Youth might do a very good job of Rilla.

Regardless of who is cast, this movie NEEDS to be made. I just don't understand why it hasn't been done yet.

What do you think? Please leave me with any of your own suggestions or ideas! :)

(if I really like your suggestions I may edit this post and add them in muahaha)



    I should do one too, because we have sliiiightly different visions of the people. However! I DO agree with you on plenty, including, I am happy to say, Rilla! She totally looks like Liesl!!! No, really she DOES! And Alicia Vikander could make a splendid Rilla too. (And no, I didn't scroll down today. I was a good girl. :-D)


    Walter... I picture Walter like the third guy in Testament of Youth. What's his name? Um, the one who loved Vera, and pretended to have a girl to make her feel good? That one. THAT is how I picture Walter. I also think Eddie Redmayne could REALLY pull him off.
    Haha, I actually picture Shirley more like The War-Horse-guy! Not really, though. I picture Shirley like a young blonde-ish teenage boy. (There was a guy at our Church once who really looked like Shirley. Haha.)

    Nooo! Kenneth Ford does NOT look like that!!! :-) He looks like Dan Stevens. Forever and ever. :-D

    Una - I know what Una looks like!! She looks like the actress Emily Browning. Here's a good picture of her in Edwardian garb:
    She really looks like that, right? :-)

    I LOVED this post, Natalie. :-) Really, I did. And I CAN see why you picture Jeremy Irvine as a good Walter. I really can. :-)

    ~ Naomi

    1. :D YES! Please do one of your own! I'd love to see your dream cast!

      YAYAYAY!! You think she looks like Liesl, too! -throws confetti-

      I actually picture Shirley with red hair. haha Isn't that fun though when you see people in real life who remind you of book characters??

      Hmm, Dan Stevens. I'm not sure. I've never pictured him like that but it COULD work, I suppose. ;)

      That's CLOSE to how I see Una. Except she must have blue eyes. And I picture her with a sweet little mouth that sort of hangs open a slight bit-in a winsome way.

      Aww, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. A brilliant post!
    That movie needs to be made, and soon!
    As I am terrible at puttin real faces on book characters myself, I will not argue with you - except on one thing - Jem and Rilla have RED hair!! (But if a movie was actually made, I think I could over look that little flaw)

    1. Rose,
      Thank you so much!

      RED hair?? Well. I think it does say that Jem has red hair, so I can excuse you for that. Does it say Rilla has red hair? I can't remember. But, even if it did, I just can't see her with red hair, haha. :)
      Thank you for commenting!

    2. Great idea! I esp like Imelda Staunton for Susan. :) It does mention that Rilla has auburn or dark red (darker than Anne's and Di's) hair. Here is the original book cover from when LMM first published it. But since my book cover had her with jet black hair, I've always pictured her thus. I actually now picture her looking like Jessica Raine (Jenny from Call the Midwife) and I think she'd have made a great Rilla.

    3. Hannah, Thank you! Glad you like Imelda as Susan, too. :)
      Oh, the book does say she has red hair? Thanks for telling me-and for showing me all those covers! Isn't it funny how much covers can influence our image of the characters sometimes? I can slightly see Jessica Raine as Rilla...she seems a little old for how I picture her, though. Thanks for commenting! :)

  3. I just love dream casts . . .

    Of course I have my own ideas about some of the characters, but that doesn't mean I think you're "wrong" :) After all, everybody has a different mental picture of each book character. You can imagine them your way, and I'll imagine them my way ;)

    If I were doing this, I would've switched Eddie Redmayne and Jeremy Irvine, because I think that Jeremy looks more like Shirley (being that he's kind of "square" and sturdy). No . . . wait . . . Eddie Redmayne doesn't really look like my mental image of Walter either. I've never seen an actor who does, come to think of it. Oh, well.

    Same goes for Rilla--I've just never seen ANY actress where I look at her and go, "Yeah, that's Rilla." I personally imagine Rilla should look rather like the young Megan Followes, only with more red-brown hair and golden-y skin, and a slightly more angular face. If that makes sense.

    I do think a young Claire Foy might've worked well as Una, though. Not anymore, though, 'cause she's a bit old now.

    1. Jessica,
      Yes, aren't they so much fun?? Exactly so. It's fun seeing how everyone pictures the same characters differently. :)

      I know how that is...some characters you can "see" but you NEVER find a real face for them!

      Ooh, Claire Foy as Una! Yes yes, if she were still young enough she would be perfect! :D

  4. THEY SO NEED TO MAKE A MOVIE OF THIS NOVEL. RIGHT NOW. I liked what you came up with! I'm not sure who should play Una. She's hard . . . I think that Jeremy Irvine should play Shirley, actually. He looks very like how I always picture Shirley :)

    1. I KNOW, ROSIE, I KNOW!! :D heehee
      Well, as long as they got someone I liked to play Walter, I suppose I could see Jeremy as Shirley instead. :)

  5. Oh!! I love posts like this! It's so much fun to see someone else's imagination of a character. I've never read Rilla of Ingleside, so of course I don't imagine these characters in any particular way (except Anne and Gilbert of course! And Rilla...because she's on the cover of the book!), but I really like who you chose for Nan and Di Blythe. I don't know why, but they just look like they would fit very nicely. :) And I can totally picture Liesl as Rilla because, well, I think she sort of looks like the girl on the book cover and of course, that's how I've always imagined Rilla to look. :)

    Thanks for this post, Natalie! I really enjoyed it! (Also, I went back and read your Mansfield Park cast, and I enjoyed that very much, too--especially as I just finished reading that book.) :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March,
      Oh, you MUST read Rilla!!!! Please do so as soon as you can. :) I hope you like it if you do!
      YES! I mostly picture Rilla as Liesl because of the book cover. haha

      Thank you so much! And, aww, I'm glad you enjoyed that one too! How did you like MP?

    2. I really enjoyed MP! I've read it before, but it's been awhile. I was beginning to think it was a rather boring book, but it really isn't! In my opinion, it's right up there with all her other books! Maybe not my absolute favorite, but then I have a very hard time choosing a favorite JA book. I like them all so much! :) Do you have a favorite of her books? I noticed you're reading Sense and Sensibility right now. Is this the first time you've read it?

    3. Miss March,
      Oh, I'm glad you liked it! I read it last year, and while it wasn't my favorite JA novel, I did like it very much! You're right, it is SO hard choosing a favorite.
      Yes! This is the very first time I've read it, although I've seen the movies multiple times. As much as I love the movie, I'm finding that I like the book even better! I THINK Pride and Prejudice and now Sense and Sensibility are my favorites. For now. ;)

  6. Oh it's wonderful!!! <3 I'm reading Anne of Ingleside right now and am freaking out since it's too late (in my mind) for them to make it with Meegan and Jonathan. :( Your dream cast is perfect and I love your first pick for Walter!!! I haven't read Rilla either (yet) but I can picture them all grown up from the book I'm reading now. Well done, Natalie!


    1. Sarah,
      I knoooow! It's really sad. I can't picture anyone as Gil but Jonathan, so even if they made a movie, I'm not sure how well I'd like it without him!
      Aww, thank you so much! Enjoy reading Anne of Ingleside and the rest of the series! :D

  7. *gasp* I hadn't thought of it before, but YES CHARMIAN CARR IS RILLA. That is brilliant :D It's totally her!

  8. I've always seen Liesl as Rilla, too!


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