December 18, 2015

White Christmas tag from Cordy

White Christmas - Favorite Christmas movie of all time.:

Guys, I'm so excited for Christmas and when I saw this tag that Cordy created on her blog Write On, Cordy! I felt I had to do it. It's fun and Christmas-y and White Christmas is one of those classics that we watch around this time of year. :) 

Would you rather go to Vermont or New York?
Ohhhh, that's hard. Let's say Vermont because I love snowy hills and cozy hearth sides more than busy cities. Although I do wish to visit New York as well.

Perched high on a hill, this magical Victorian home for sale looks straight out of a holiday postcard.:
something like this would be perfect

Would you rather take a train or a plane to Vermont?
Goodness, another hard one. A train. :) Much more old-fashioned.

Would you rather see the Haynes Sisters preform or a Wallace and Davis production?
(You can't choose both.)
Mmmm...Wallace and Davis. They're funnier. ;)

White Christmas: Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby:

Would you rather have Betty's or Judy's hair?
Mmm...Betty's, although I don't care for either of their hairstyles, honestly. 

Would you rather your 'man' wear a gray suit or dark pinstripe suit?
Hmmmm. I think I'll go with the dark pinstripe. Now if I only had a man to wear it...

Would you rather have to drive an army jeep or take a ride in the Columbia Inn car?

The army jeep!

Still of Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen in White Christmas:

Would you rather have Betty or Judy's wardrobe?
Same as Cordy, I'd rather have the General's granddaughter's wardrobe heehee. Her outfits are so sweet and pretty!
White Christmas Columbia Inn lobby 3:

"Vera Ellen in "White Christmas"" by gracekathryn on Polyvore:
I do love this outfit, though!

Would you rather sing with Bob or dance with Phil?
I think I'd be be a better singer than dancer, but I would LOVE to dance. Can Phil teach me? I'll go with that!

White Christmas: Vera-Ellen in an Edith Head dress, dancing with Danny Kaye:

Would you rather have to dance in "Choreography" or sing "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me" in front of your personal equivalent to Bob?
I'd rather sing. But can I do it without the creepy guys?

Would you rather be Phil's or Bob's 'girl'?
Can I say neither? I don't particularly care for either of them in that way, hahahaha. If it were just a "date" (not "dating") I think I'd go with Phil because he's more fun. You know, dancing on docks kind of fun. ;) 

Would you rather have Judy's or Betty's dress in that final scene?
Betty's. :)

Edith Head sketch for Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas (1954)     #EasyNip:

Thank you for this fun tag, Cordy!!


  1. You're so welcome! I'm glad you had fun with it!

    So, if you don't like Betty or Judy's hair, do you have any other hairstyle that you prefer?
    "Now if only I had a man to wear it"! Hehehe. Exactly! :)
    An army jeep, interesting. I think they are a little to bouncy for my taste. But can I ride with you?!
    As you are brave enough to sing I will see what I can do about firing the creepy guys. :) They are very creepy aren't they?

    Merry Christmas Natalie!

    1. Cordy,
      Yes, thank you! It was definitely quite fun. I love all the questions you came up with!

      From the movie? Hmm...perhaps the General's Granddaughters. haha It's similar to Judy's but....I don't know. I just like it better. :)
      I've never rode in an army jeep, but it sounds like fun. You can definitely come along for the ride! ;)
      YES, they are! hahaha You do that. I will be very thankful! haha

      Merry Christmas to you, too, Cordy!

      ps. You will be happy to know that my family and I started watching White Christmas last night! Doing your tag put me in the mood for watching it! Even though it's not my favorite, I do admit that I love many parts of it, especially the beginning. :)

  2. This was fun, Natalie! All the pictures!! They're so pretty. I like the collage of Phil and Judy, especially. And that picture of Judy's dress. :)

    Haha! Good point about the creepy guys. I wouldn't want to sing with them around either. :P

    "Now if I only had a man to wear it..." Heehee. I guess you need to go into the army. There's lots of handsome guys in the army--at least according to that last song. Ha! :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Miss March,
      Haha, thanks! Oh, I know! I love those pictures, too!

      Yay, glad it's not just me. They are rather disturbing, hahaha. there's a thought. :D What branch of the army should I sign up for?.... ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I ain't never seen this movie. Shameful, I know. ;)

    I SAW THE FORCE AWAKENS LAST NIGHT AND I ALMOST DIED BECAUSE IT WAS SO EPIC. There. I didn't spoil anything. But it was amaaaaaazing. I loved it. Go see it as soon as possible.

    1. Jessica,
      Aww, that's okay. It is such a classic Christmas movie, though! I'd recommend watching it if you ever get the chance!


      You have made me even more excited, if that's possible.
      uuggggghh I don't know how much longer I can waaaiiiitt. Thank you for telling me you liked it, though!!
      And hahaha, yes no spoilers. Although I am dyyying to ask about Han and No, I won't. I just...can't. -muffled screams-

    2. I know . . . I'm sorry . . . just hang in there. But yeah. I LOVED IIIIIIITTTTTTT. It's an amazing movie, and I'll never forget it. Ever.

    3. Haha, that's all right. We have a date pinned down now! We'll be going to see it on the 28th. :D Eek, I can't wait!!

  4. Fun tag - I've never seen this movie. But I probably should sometime. It's a classic, and all that :)


    1. Haha, hopefully you can sometime!

      AHH, STOP YOU AND YOUR SISTER ARE TORTURING MEEEE. haha But you're also making me very VERY excited. Eeeekk

  5. I saw this movie a few years ago, but at the time I didn't particularly care for musicals, so I found it rather boring. I reckon it'd be my cup of tea right now, though. (In fact, that just reminded me. We have relatives coming Christmas Day who own this....I might ask if we can borrow it! :D)
    I love singing, but I'd go with dancing, too, for question number 8! I mean, how could you dance really badly when you're wearing an amazingly swishy, perfect-for-dancing kind of dress! :D
    Now you've put me in a really Christmas-y mood. Not that I wasn't in one already. ;)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      Oh, fun! I hope you enjoy it if you get a chance to watch it! :D
      I knoooow, right? That dress is gorgeous. I just love swishy skirts like that!
      Haha, I'm glad! You can never be too much into the Christmas spirit! ;)


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