January 5, 2016

"A dream that you wish will come true..."

Hello all! :) Today I thought I'd share with you my 3 favorite versions (in no particular order) of the classic Cinderella song, "A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes". Which, of course, is from the old Disney animated film. :)

~Lily James~

Lily James' voice is SO pretty. It's soft and British and just so fairy tale-ish. And when her voices rises with "no matter how your heart is grieving"....!!! It's so beautiful!  I was disappointed that they didn't include this in the film. It would have been a perfect end credits song!

~Dan DeLuca and Stephanie Styles~

These two play Jack Kelly and Katherine in the U.S. Tour version of Newsies (which I desperately wanted to go see but wasn't able to....sob). Aren't they adorable?

The first time I watched this video I couldn't believe that they weren't a couple in real life. I mean, look at how he looks at her! How she looks at him! When they hold hands!! Awwwwww

I love the more upbeat, fun style of this cover and the little "da da da" they added. So sweet!

~Ilene Woods~

And, of course, the classic version. :) How could I not include this beautiful song? 
Her voice is just gorgeous. I love it. Although it would be very hard to pick an absolutely favorite from among these, I think this one may be it. Nothing can beat the original. :)

I hope you all enjoyed these songs. Please check out Heidi's blog for more Cinderella fun!


  1. The "Newsies" version is very cute :) They have such great voices.

    But my favorite is the one from the new movie- I love Lily James's voice, too. (and it actually is a credits song, as is Helena Bonham Carter's "Bippity-Boppity-Boo"- they're just after the first "pop" number, which I don't much care for :/ ) Whenever we watch the movie I always kept the credits rolling so that I can hear the song :)

    1. Hayden,
      Oh, it is in the movie? I guess I didn't sit through the credits long enough! I still think it should have been the first song. I didn't like the one they had first either. :P haha
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, I loved this, Natalie!! I actually didn't 100% realize it was Lily James singing that - it IS on the DVD, the second song after the credits. :D I was listening to it when I saw the movie last, and thinking, "Gosh, I bet this is Lily James singing - it sounds like her!" Haha, I was right. :P Also, that one of the two Newsies cast singing it, it's so cute! And yes, how can they not be 'together?' (They're acting is pretty good, then.) Still, it's very sweet. :) And funny enough, I have only heard the original one maybe twice before now. I saw the cartoon Cinderella this year, which was the first time I ever remember seeing it (although I think I saw it when I was only a toddler). I think I like Lily James's version best. :D
    I enjoyed listening to them all very much! :)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. You know what--as everyone is telling me it IS on the credits, my memory is starting to come back--I think I DO remember hearing it on the credits..but I guess I forgot? Wow, that's a little scary! :D P hahaha
      I know! It really is testimony to their skills as actors that they can seem like a real couple even when just recording a song!
      Thanks so much, Miss Meg!

  3. I agree with you on your first and last choice but...oh, dear...should I even admit this?...I didn't like the Newsies cast edition. Eeek! Should I run away now? I'll hurry the rest of my comment along.
    I really like Lily James' voice while singing as well for the Britishness of it. :)
    And the classic, well, it's the classic! The one I grew up with! How could I not like it?!
    We can still be friends, right?!

    1. Oh dear, oh dear, Cordy, what shall we do with you??
      I'm just kidding. It's perfectly fine if you don't like that version! Although, why DO you dislike it?
      I know!! I grew up with it, too. :)
      Of course we can!! :D

    2. I know, I am such a troubled blogger. :P
      Oh, dear, must I reveal myself further?
      Very well. I'm not a fan of the instrumental version/style, and I don't really like his voice (cute smile though, heehee). But her voice is fair. As to the two of them...I can see why you think they're cute. But overall, it's not my style.
      Phew! Hahaha!

    3. Cordy,
      Haha, that's all right. The world would be very going if we all liked the same styles and such. :) I don't mind. Thanks for explaining!

  4. Wonderful idea, Natalie!! I love it!

    If I HAVE to choose, I think my absolute favorite is the Lily James version... her voice is so clear and lovely. (Also, as it's a credits song, it actually is on the soundtrack, too, which I love!! ;))

    And I haven't seen any Newsies yet, but that clip is super sweet. :)

    1. Aww, thanks, Heidi!

      Oh, it's on the soundtrack! That's wonderful. :) Yes, isn't her voice just beautiful? I wish I could sing like her!

      Glad you liked it. :D

  5. Oh, I'm so glad you posted this! It's one of my favorite songs :-)

    Yes--Dan and Stephanie are ADORABLE, aren't they? Actually, I thought they were a couple--are you sure they're not? We didn't get to see them; we saw Joey and Morgan instead (who are ALSO adorable). But yeah. Lots of cuteness.

    Have you ever listened to Marlisa Punzalan's version of "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes"? It's my favorite, actually:

    I love Marlisa--she's just amazing. She's only like 16 and she's got a gorgeous voice and she's just SO humble and sweet. I really, really hope and pray she has a long, successful career so I can hear lots more of her :-)

    1. Aww, then I'm glad too, Jessica! :D

      YES, they are!!! I'm pretty sure they're not-I stalked their twitter and instagrams once and I think he had a girlfriend. :/
      I looked up Joey and Morgan and they look adorable too!!

      No, I haven't! Let me listen to it right now...
      Wow, she does have a really good voice! I can't say her version is my favorite...it's a little too "modern" for my taste...I like the classic versions better. :) Thank you for sharing, though!! :D

    2. Shucks. They would've been perfect . . .

      YES. They were awesome. I couldn't get over how amazing it was to actually BE THERE and watch them . . .

      Hey, that's okay! We don't all have to like the same thing, after all! :-) I sometimes like modern versions better, and then sometimes I like the classic ones better--it's all a mix. But I think, mostly, I just really like Marlisa :-) Like you said, she's got such a great voice! I got an Amazon giftcard recently and I'm thinking of using it to buy her new album.

    3. I knnoow. :'(

      Oh, good! Glad you don't mind. :D I like a mix of things, too, so I understand how that is! haha Hope you enjoy her album if you get it!

  6. "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes" with a ukelele?! DAAAWWWWW :D

    Oh, I thought they did include Lily James' version in the credits! Don't they? I seem to remember hearing it in the theater the first time I watched it…oh, well, p'raps I was mistaken…oh! I see, Hayden mentioned that too. I know, her voice is so soft and sweet, isn't it?!

    This was fun! :)

    1. Olivia,
      I knoooow. SO cute!!

      Haha, you're right, twas I who was mistaken. :P

      Thank you!!

  7. My girls ask me to sing this to them quite often for a lullaby :-) That Newsies-cast version is really cute! I love ukeleles.

    1. Awww, that is just so cute, Hamlette! :D

    2. Hamlette, That is sooo sweet! Yay, I'm glad you like it! It's just so adorable. :)

  8. These are some very nice versions of this song, Natalie! I think my favourite would be Lily James, because yes, she has THE prettiest fairytale voice ever! And it's super hard to imitate ;) Anyway, I find. She sounds so beautiful especially in Lavender's Blue, which my younger sister and I did a cover on :D

    And well. . . haha, I'm going to be like Cordy and drop a bomb :P Actually, I like the first song, Strong! :)

    1. Thank you, Blessing Counter!
      Ohh yes, that she does. Haha, it is hard. I've tried, too. ;)
      Of course, as you know, I REALLY liked your cover of Lavender's Blue! I never realized what a pretty song it was till I saw this movie. :)

      Haha, that's okay! ;) Thanks for commenting!


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