January 9, 2016

Cinderella, Ella, and Danielle

In participation of Heidi's gloriously sparkly Cinderella week, I have for you three miniature reviews of my favorite Cinderella film retellings. :)

Cinderella~The Disney Classic
I grew up on this film. It was my favoritest of favorites when I was a wee child and although I don't quiiitte remember it, my parents tell me (and have video proof) that every time Cinderella and the prince would dance I would want Dad (or Mom, if Dad was unavailable) to pick me up and dance with me. awwwwww How CUTE!!! (You are completely encouraged to tell me what an adorable child I must have been.) (ha ha)

This classic version of Cinderella is so incredibly sweet and whimsical in its obvious 1950's style and elegance. I love the color schemes of varying shades of blue, silver, glittery sparkles, glowing white, and even some gold. It's just lovely and complete Disney classicness.

Of course, being an early Disney animated film, I have to admit the characters are lacking the depth that other versions bring to the story. Cinderella is always kind and patient with her horrible relations and we are given no reason for this except that it's just her personality. (I don't care how nice she is, there's no way she could continually be that nice without having a motivation for doing so!)
(And, when I say motivation, I don't mean that she gets something in return. I just mean there should be a reason for her kindness. Like, a promise to her mother, her resolve to get her step-mother to like her etc.)

But, she's still a lovely character. She completes her chores with joy and a lighthearted step-sometimes even singing as she does so ("Sing, Sweet Nightingale" is suuuch a pretty song!) . She referees the squabbles between Bruno, the dog, and Lucifer, the cat and takes care of her little mice friends, especially Jack and Gus-Gus. 

they're so cuuute
These two mice, incidentally, are two major characters themselves, and some of the movie is devoted to their antics and the risky adventures they take to help "Cinderelly". Without them, Cinderella would not have married the prince. They really do influence her life greatly. ;)

One of my favorite scenes is the morning where Cinderella gets ready for the day while singing, A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes. Her voice is so lovely and it's so sweet how her animal friends help her lay out her clothes and do her hair. I wish I had animal friends like that!

I have to say, I was surprised by how adorably funny this movie was when I watched it for the first time since childhood. Lucifer, the cat, definitely adds to the humor. He's a terrible, conniving cat and yet so funny. 
a little Les Mis humor..... via
 Her step-mother is cruel and controlling and she wants to see her daughters succeed in life. Thus, she is jealous of Cinderella for being prettier and kinder than them-she knows that Cinderella would be picked over her daughters if the prince met her. This causes her to allow her daughters to rip Cinderella's mother's dress to shreds in order to keep the girl from attending the ball.

Cinderella- Stepmother and stepsisters- "Every eligible maiden is to attend." "And I'm so eligible.":

The step-sisters themselves are awkwardly hilarious and utterly ridiculous. ;)

The prince is utterly dull and personality-lacking (oh, except that he's charming. That's all we know of him. His name is literally Prince Charming.) but elegant and gentlemanly like. I think. I mean, he did almost kiss Cinderella after they knew each other for only a few hours.....

Perhaps I should stop. This may turn into a post bashing the prince.

Okay, so onto the ball!

(The music that plays while she rides there is so fun and magical!)

After a day of rushing to get her chores done, Cinderella discovers in delight that her animal friends made her a gown-only to have it ripped apart in malice by her step-sisters! There is now no possibility of Cinderella attending the ball, and she cries alone in the garden as her step-family leaves.

But then...someone comes along to change all that. ;)

Google Image Result for http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/dvd/cinderella-godmother-large.jpg:
And with a few "bippity boppity boo's" Cinderella is set to attend the ball with a pumpkin coach and a beautiful new gown!

Her dress is usually portrayed as blue. But look at this. It's white. A beautifully sparkly grey-ish white that shimmers and glows. I love it. It captures the magical quality of the movie quite well.

how lovely

The rest of the movie is just as charming and if you haven't seen this film, I'd REALLY encourage you to do so! 

Content: None whatsoever!

Of course, after a little trouble, Cinderella and her prince live happily ever after. I suppose that's a spoiler, but if you honestly don't know how the tale of Cinderella ends, well....it's about time you were informed. ;)

Cinderella~The New Disney Film
I saw this new version of Cinderella several months ago and I liked it immensely. It's delightfully fresh and vivid and simply beautiful! As lovely as the 1950 version is, the characters in this adaption are much more real and three-dimensional. Overall, I love the original because of the memories associated with it, but when it comes to story...I prefer this one. :)

I love Lily James as Cinderella. She's sweet and lovely and gentle because she's been raised by a woman with the same qualities. Her mother taught her to always "have courage" and "be kind."
Which is why Ella puts up with her demanding step-family. She never wants to let her mother's memory down in word or deed and so continually strives to do her very best. I just love that she has a reason for being so kind-and what a good reason it is!

Lily James is so lovely. Before I saw the movie, I didn't really like how she looked as Cinderella. She seemed more of a Sleeping Beauty kind of girl to me. But, I've since changed my mind and I love every bit of the casting in this film.

The scenes as Cinderella young and with both her parents were soooo beautiful and golden and sweet!
As sad as it was, I adored the last scene of Ella with both her parents. They share a hug, all knowing that it is one of the last times they will all be together. It's heart shattering and yet so beautiful. 

And so, Ella grows up without her mother, and her father remarries the widow of his former business colleague, Lady Tremaine.
Swiped from daughter's board but new Step-Mother…why does she have to have red hair???:
the step-mother. While I wouldn't wear any of her clothes, I really adore her extravagant, 1940s-ish style--it fits her character quite well!
Ella soon finds this woman to be Rather Unbearable, but her father encourages her to try and be understanding. Ella does-for her father, and her mother's memory.

Now, here's the thing. The step-mother has a backstory in this version! We better understand why she hates Ella in this version. You see, we learn in the movie that she was quiet devoted to her first husband. So, when she married Ella's father it was more for her daughter's sake than that of her own. It was a marriage of "necessity", not love.

During a conversation Ella and her father have about her, Lady Tremaine overhears. I felt rather sad for her in that scene. She hears the pair talking of Ella's mother and she realizes that Ella's father still very much loves his deceased wife-and that he cares for Ella more than his new wife.

And thus, a jelaousy springs up toward Ella that will be a driving force in the rest of the story.

Cinderella (2015):
I love Anastasia and Drisella in this movie. They're so funny and their costumes! I mean, just look at those bright dresses and fuzzy sweaters and....wow. They're always wearing colorful, loud clothing that would almost be pretty if it wasn't just TOO much. haha
But, anyways, they're hysterical in this version. I like them a lot.

Kit is a wonderful prince. I admit that, much like how I felt about Cinderella when I first saw the cast, I thought he was-ahem- kind of creepy looking.

I KNOW, I KNOW. Please don't hate me. I've learned the error of my ways. He's remarkably handsome and so nice and sweet and awww I just love him. (He's probably my favorite of all the princes in the three movies I'm reviewing today)


Seriously...he has likes, dislikes, he has an adorable relationship with his father (that's also really sad sniff) and he fences and rides horses and...gah. He's just so much better in this version.

(and, spoiler warning, he actually comes along disguised as a soldier when the duke was searching for Cinderella!! He's there to make sure they try the slipper on her because the duke was actually in league with Lady Tremaine but goodness, of course they don't even need the slipper because Kit recognizes herrrrr. It's so sweet.) end spoiler

Just as in the 1950 version, Cinderella is crying in the garden, feeling despondent and unwilling to "have courage and be kind"  anymore.

But then. She meets someone. And we all know what happens next. :)

Ella's ball gown is completely magical. I lobe how it has a small amount of lavender sheen along with the gorgeous blue. It's just amazing.

The ball scene-the ball scene!!! So much magical golden brilliance. I love it.

And their dance-awwwwwwwwww.

"They're all looking at you!"
"Believe me-they're all looking at you."

Isn't it great that Ella met Kit BEFORE the ball? It gives their romance a little more time and believe-ability. Kit liked her BEFORE he saw her as the dazzling belle of the ball. He liked her before the gown, the carriage, and the glass slippers. He liked her. He liked Ella.

I love how breathless she is-being the center of attention at her first ball-a splendid, lavish occasion like that- would undoubtedly leave me feeling a little breathless and nervous too.

I'm sure her very tight corset doesn't help either. ha I heard that the actress, Lily James, had to take breaks during the dance scenes because it was so hard to breathe in that dress! Poor thing.

Ella's and Kit's dance. Gif. Cinderella 2015. Kenneth Branagh.
Cinderella dance << literally my favorite part

All the Richard Madden GIFs from the Cinderella Trailer

I have to say that one of my favorite scenes is the garden scene. It's so cute with Kit and Ella talking and getting to know one another better.  It's so sweet and quiet and THE MUSIC and he helps her put the shoe back on when it falls off.


Oh! One more thing!  "Lavender's Blue". Her mother's song. It plays when Ella enters the ball!!

*spoilers* And, later on. Ella is reluctantly convinced that she'll never see Kit again, but thankful that she has the memory of the ball to hold on to forever. While upstairs in her attic room, she is singing "Lavender's Blue" at just the right moment-someone hears her. If it hadn't been for her singing, she may never have had the chance to try on the shoe! *end spoilers*

I just really love Ella. After the ball she comes back in her ragged pink dress, with only one glass slipper remaining. But you know what? She's still happy. She knows that she'll never forget that wonderful night at the ball and that she'll always have the memory of it, no matter what happens.

I am not as kind nor as brave as Ella (I'd certainly like to be!), but I related to her so much after the ball. She says, "It was like a dream. Better than a dream," and immediately sets about recording the event in her diary!
(although, in a deleted scene, the diary was really a letter to Kit! Here's the link.)
 I'm the exact same way. If anything wonderful or fun or amazing happens to me, my journal is one of  the first places I go. So, I felt like I perfectly understood Ella in that scene because everything she did was what I would have done too. :)

I could go on and on, but you really must watch this for yourself and see. It's a beautiful, lovely movie and such a wonderful adaption of the classic film! It made me happy to see how close the filmmakers stayed to the original story, while still giving it more depth and fun. I hope they do as good of a job on Beauty and the Beast, which is set to come out in 2017, I think. (needless to say, I'm realllly excited for that!)

Content: Some ladies' necklines can be rather low. There is a scene where the two step-sisters are in their underclothes of corsets and bloomers.

Ever After~The Renaissance Retelling

Ahhh, this movie is so beautiful. And so different from any Cinderella version I've ever seen. It's set in a different time period and while staying close to the original tale, it also expands itself and almost becomes "larger" than the original story, if that makes sense. And, it does all this without any magic or pumpkins or fairy godmothers, which I thought was so fun. It's realistic and styled to show how Cinderella's story actually could have happened in the real world!

First off, we have our "Cinderella", Danielle. Can we all appreciate her name for a moment? It's unique and beautiful and yet still keeps that "Ella" detail in there.
Now, Danielle is such a lovely portrayal of Cinderella. She retains the typical qualities if being kind and patient, but she's also very smart, very witty, and-get this-she even loses her temper at one point.
Point being, she is very real. I think her love and admiration for her father keeps her grounded in her practice of kindness toward the step-family but also her want to be loved by her step-mother causes her to continually show love to her. (more on that later)

Henry. Ah, Henry. What a scamp you are. And yet he's so fun! He reminds me a bit, in certain instances of my own dear Henry, and so, of course, this endears him to me even more.
And he has such a wonderful character arc! He starts as a rather careless man who dreads the thought of ruling one day as king-I think he just sees it as a boring duty that demands much of him without giving anything in return.

Then he meets Danielle-someone he thinks is a countess, due to a Certain Incident. He is astounded by her and attracted to her, and her unconventional ways. She opens his eyes to what a great privilege being king would be-he would have the power to change so many things for the better, and yet he sees it as nothing but a chore.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story.  Watching this could never get old.  One of my favorites! "JUST BREATHE".:

The step-mother, Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent, is a really well-done character. She's scheming and deceitful, and yet funny and even a bit pitiable at times. 

This is so fitting on multiple levels.  Ever After  ~ one of my all time favorite movies for at least 15 years :):
One of the saddest, most powerful scenes in the story, to me, is this conversation between Danielle and her step-mother. It's so sad and yet none of the Cinderella adaptions I've ever read or seen had such a well-crafted relationship between Cinderella and her step-mother.

Step-mother: "You are not my problem any more."

    Danielle: "Is that what I am? Your problem? I have done everything you've ever asked me to do....and still you've denied me the only thing I ever wanted."
S-M: "And what was that?"

D: "What do you think? You are the only mother I have ever known. Was there a time, even in its smallest measurement...that you loved me at all?"

S-M: "How can anyone love a pebble in their shoe?"

It's heartbreaking and yet perfectly encapsulates the Cinderella/step-mother relationship. A person with Danielle's temperament would of course always be striving to do her best to win her step-mother's love. It's natural to believe that kindness,  obedience, and servitude toward someone would cause them to at least like you. But, due to the strong, bitter jealousy that exist in Baroness Rodmilla's heart, Danielle never had a chance of winning her step-mother's love.

The stepsisters. Mkay, so Jacqueline was nice and Marguerite was mean. Unlike the Cinderella story you hear where the stepsisters are mean, only the stepmom and ONE stepsister was mean in this one. Which makes this one stand out!:

Marguerite, the one "mean" step sister is pretty horrible. She'd stop at nothing to get the prince, and she treats Danielle in a shameless fashion, no doubt influenced by her mother's hatred and jealously.
But, despite her horrible personality, she is VERY funny. One notable instance is that of her temper tantrum in front of the queen, explained away by, "There was a bee." hahaha

Jacqueline, the next step-sister is not your typical step-sister. She is quiet and submissive. She gets rather trampled upon by her mother and sister, and thus goes along with whatever they tell her to do. But, her personality does not tend toward cruelty. She pities Danielle and as the story progresses, Jacqueline learns to stand up-for herself and for Danielle.
She's just sooo sweet. Jacqueline would be a wonderful person to be friends with. She also reminds me of Disney's Snow White, a little. She has that tiny, squeaky voice, black hair, and red lips. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

Leonardo da Vinci is given a role in the movie. He's pretty funny and helps both of our main characters in different ways-he assists Danielle in her quest to attend the ball, and encourages her in her love for Henry. Likewise, after Henry behaves in a cruel manner, Leonardo "gives him a kick" and helps him see what Henry would be missing if he gave up Danielle because of his own stubborn pride and conceit.

The ball-a masquerade in this- is utterly lovely and yet so bitterly different from other Cinderella balls. I won't give away what happens, but let me warn you that you may cry.

I can't say I'm a big fan of the wings or the face makeup, but I LOVE the gown. It's beautiful.

This next image is a spoiler, but it's so beautiful and sweet that I had to include it in this post:

Ever After, Movie, Cinderella, Drew Barrymore, Prince Charming, Danielle:
ohhh myyy how sweet!!!


There's many more characters and scenes and dialogue that I could highlight, but I know this post is already SO long. And besides, I can't give away ALL the spoilers! ;)

"While Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived."

I love that quote!!

Content: A few of the ladies wear rather dresses with rather low neck-lines. A man is seen tending to some personal business, and yet nothing is shown, if that makes any sense. The sh-word is used once. The h-word is used. The d-word might have been used, but I can't recall. "For God's sake," is used by one of the step-sisters, and His name might have been used in a similar fashion by others but I can't exactly recall. (I'm a real help, aren't I? haha) A creepy man has designs on Danielle, but she defends herself and nothing happens.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Well, that about wraps up all my posts for Heidi's Cinderella Week. I had SO much fun during this blog party and I think it went marvelously well! :)

Bravo, Heidi!! Thank you so much for hosting such a fun event! It's been absolutely magical, I assure you. :)

Are any of these your favorite Cinderella adaptions? Which of these have you seen? Which did you like best?


  1. I haven't seen ANY of these. Shameful, I know ;-)

    I've seen clips of the 2015 movie, though--and, boy, oh boy, am I ever longing to see the entire thing. It looks BEAUTIFUL.

    I've got one question, though: If Cinderella's father was really still so much in love with his first wife, then WHY did he go and marry again?

    Danielle is so pretty! I really would love to watch that movie, too, at some point :-)

    1. Oh, I hope you can see one of them soon, Jessica!
      It IS beautiful! I'm sure you'll like it when you see it!

      Hmm, good question. I think in the 2015 version he felt bad for her, since she was his friend's wife, and perhaps he felt a sense of obligation to provide for her? I'm not quite sure, but that's the vibe I got. :)

      She is! I hope you can see that version too sometime. :)

    2. I'm sure I'll love them both, too! :-)

      I see . . . perhaps a misplaced impulse to be kind/misplaced sense of duty? That makes more sense :-)

    3. Jessica,
      Yes, exactly. :) On further thought, I think that her father may have felt that she needed a mother and that having sisters would be good for her. I think in Ever After, that may have been more of the case.

    4. Oh, dear . . . I always get upset with the fathers who are like "I have to marry again for my daughter's sake." You should not marry somebody you do not love--EVEN for your daughter's sake.

      (Sorry about the rant; I just tried to read "Wives and Daughters" today and so I am in a very, very suspicious mood with regard to second marriages. It will pass ;-) )

    5. Jessica,
      I agree. :) I haven't yet read W&D, but I've seen the miniseries multiple times, and the father ALWAYS annoys me. I honestly can't stand him, at least in the first half of the movie or so. He think he's doing something for Molly, while paying NO attention to her feelings. I understand if he wanted to marry again for his own sake, but to pretend it's for Molly's? No. Just don't do that. :P

  2. EEEEEEEEEEE!!! This is an awesome post, Natalie! Which is your favorite of these, overall, do you think?

    I think--I think my favorite is Ever After. It's just so GOOD: so original, so enjoyable, so realistic...

    I actually kind of love the part when Danielle (and I agree about her name! I love what they did there) loses her temper: "I would rather die a thousand deaths than to see MY MOTHER'S DRESS on that spoiled, selfish COW!" I'm getting shivers just thinking of it. And I also love the end quote, as well :)

    Lovely, lovely!

    1. AW, thank you!! Hmm, I was hoping no one would ask em that question. ;) I honestly don't know...I think it can depend on my mood. I certainly love the animated version for the memories associated with it...the new one is SO lovely...and Ever After is just so fresh and fun and different...yeah. Sorry. I have no answer for you. :P

      Oh, I love that part too!! It's so sad for poor Danielle that Utopia still gets destroyed (ohh, how I want to say a few words to that Marguerite...). But I just love how REAL that flash of temper makes Danielle. She has flaws and struggles too...even if her anger was completely justified!

  3. Yeah, I think you were an adorable child, Natalie. All those little girls who love Cinderella and her Fairy God Mother are adorable :D Well.. I was wondering whether you have seen the Cinderella Cartoon series? Here's the link>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26OyVpLdtg8&list=PL0721F95DA07EEAE8 My cousin and I love this cartoon :D

    1. Hahaha, thank you, Ria! ;) Aww, yes! It's just so cute when little girls love fairy tales and princesses. :)

      Thank you for the link! I have not seen the cartoon series, but I will certainly check it out. :)

  4. In defence of the cartoon Cinderella, I never thought she was particularly kind to the step family, just obedient - and I always thought she just does what she has to to survive. In the 2015 film Ella's a grown up and should be able to stand up for herself a bit more, in the cartoon she's been brought up as a servant since she was a little girl so it's all she really knows? If she didn't do what she was told she'd probably just be thrown out on the street.

    Anyway great reviews! I agree with everything else, haha.

    1. That's true, Catherine. But, I do think she had to have had a measure of kindness in order to respond to her step-family's constant insulting and rude manner. She never talks back to them or treats them as they do her. As you said, that may have been in order to just survive each day, but I still think she showed kindness and patience with them in her overall attitude and demeanor. It's okay if you disagree, though. :)

      And please, don't think I don't like the Cinderella of the 1950 version. I do think she's a very lovely and sweet character. :)

      Thank you for commenting!

  5. Oh, I'm very familiar with all of these! :D Especially the last two. I absolutely LOVE the new Cinderella movie, and it has to be my favourite out of all the adaptions of that story. I do, however, still love Ever After (I grew up on that one, hehe) and I like how it's with a bit more action and 'twists' to it than your normal Cinderella story. They're all so good. :D I haven't seen any other Cinderella type movies, I don't think. :)
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      You grew up on Ever After? How fun! I didn't see it until quite recently. It's so fun discovering new movies!
      And ohh, yes, the new version is just beautiful. I'm itching to see it again! :D
      Thanks for commenting!!

  6. Wow! Three reviews in one post!!! This is great! Well done, Natalie!

    Oh! The cartoon Cinderella! I grew up on that one, too! It's definitely my favorite of the cartoon Disney princess movies. And I agree, it really is quite humorous. The mice, Lucifer, the stepsisters, the King and the Duke--all SO funny! I was a little dissapointed at first in the 2015 Cinderella when they made the duke a bad guy, because he's not supposed to be a bad guy...he's supposed to be funny! Haha! But really, it's okay, because I understand that when you make a new adaption you have to change some things. It wouldn't have been as fun to have the live-action Cinderella exactly the same as the cartoon. (Actually, that would have been weird.) Haha! :)

    Cinderella 2015: The Prince is definitely my favorite character in this movie. The scenes with him are so much fun to watch. "AND HE HAS A PERSONALITY! RING OUT THE BELLS UPON THIS DAY!" Hahaha! Well put. ;D I do really like his relationship with his father; and how he meets Cinderella before the ball; and how they talk in the garden. I like all the scenes with Kit. :)
    EXCELLENT review, Natalie. There's a lot more I could comment on, but...like we've said before...shorter is sometimes necessary. ;)

    I really like your review on Ever After, too. It gave me a good idea of what the story is like. And the fact that it's the Cinderella story without the magic, is cool, because I'd be really interested to see how that story can be done in the real world.

    This was such a good post, Natalie! Thank you! :) I enjoyed it very much!

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you, Miss March!! :D I was quite proud of myself too! haha

      Aww, yay! I'm so glad you like the old version, too! Oh, I agree. That would have been weird if they were identical. And, as "different" as it was that the Duke was "evil", I did find it interesting and fun. In a way, I'm glad that there wasn't as much humor in the 2015 version because what you can be funny in animated movies sometimes isn't as funny in "real" movies. ;)

      Aww, I know!! Kit is truly wonderful. And, haha, I COMPLETELY understand! Even when writing my review I had to "give up" and just finish it because there's always more that could be said! :P

      I hope you like it if you get a chance to watch it!
      Aww, thank you!!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! :D

  7. You know, I was probably 10 before I actually saw the animated Cinderella. But I had a record of it, with a picture book, so I knew the story and pictures and songs by heart even before I saw it. I really love that movie -- I'm so happy my daughters do too, because I get to watch it every few months :-) Also, one thought on why Prince Charming doesn't remember what she looks like -- her stepmother and stepsisters don't recognize her at the ball, so clearly she was either under an enchantment that clouded or changed her appearance, or else she just looked sooooooo different with that hairstyle and dress that she was all but unrecognizable without them.

    Ahhhh, the 2015. It's beautiful. I hadn't seen that deleted scene, so thanks for sharing!

    And Ever After. You might not like the body glitter, in the cold light of 2016, but believe me, back in 1998, it was magical and amazing, a pretty new makeup idea that even I was a fan of. And I really don't wear makeup. But Danielle was so beautiful with her fairy wings and her body glitter and her hair -- I've always wanted to wear wings like those, and I sort of got to once, in a friend's wedding -- we bridesmaids all wore fairy wings (it was an outdoor wedding). I used to do lace braids on each side of my head like Danielle's all the time -- I really, really loved this movie for a while. Now I still love it, but I think I love the 2015 more.

    1. Hamlette,
      Aww, that's so sweet that you "loved it" before you even saw it! And that your daughters now love it too. :) That's a good point. He still isn't my favorite prince, but that does make a little more sense as to why he couldn't remember. :)

      I hadn't seen it either until I was trying to find the scene where Ella was writing in her journal. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's so fun when there are really "good" deleted scenes. :)

      Hahaha, I can see that being popular. It's just definitely not my thing, though. ;) Although, it does fit the "angel" costume quite well. Wow, that sounds like a fun wedding! Her braids are so adorable. I can see why you would copy them! I like to copy (as well as I can) some of my favorite movie heroines' hair and clothes too. Such fun!

  8. Hee. (Okay, reason for delayed comment. I think I've read this a total of four times already... and every time I keep ending up searching helplessly for words at the end. There's just sooo much! :D)

    First off, I'm just so out and out and out pleased and gratified and thrilled at how much you ended up liking Ever After!!!! ;D And kind of a side note, I think the way they handle the stepmother/her motives is amazing: how she might not have really loved Danielle's father when she married him, but she was starting to (i.e. so that's a vulnerable spot), and then when Danielle glimpses that (what seems to the Baroness to be a weakness), she turns on her even more. It's all so amazingly developed.

    And eeeeeeee, don't DON'T get me started on Kit and Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D I just... I just can't. ;D

    Eeeesh. I literally cannot wait to see EA and the 2015 again. (Which I guess -- after all this marvelous Cinderella-ish-ness -- proves just how much of a favorite they really each are. It's quite satisfying! ;D)

    And thank you so so much, dear, for all your wonderful joy and encouragement and enthusiasm from beginning to end. You have been and are absolutely wonderful, my friend!! :) :)

    1. Heidi,
      Aww, thank you!! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it--and that you read it FOUR times! Seriously, I'm honored. :)

      Yes, I did!! And eek, everything you said about the step-mother. Totally agree! :D

      Hahaha, I knoooow. :) I too need to see 2015 again. I was just watching EA the other day-I introduced it to my friend and she was enjoying it! We didn't finish it yet, but we're planning to. :)

      Awww, thanks, it's been so much fun. Thank YOU!!! You did a fabulous job with this party, Heidi!!

  9. Hi, Natalie,

    This was a great overview on Cinderella in film! I've watched and enjoyed all three. The cartoon holds the most memories for me, as I only watched the movie versions in the last few years whereas the other one was a childhood favorite. Each one of them brought something new to the story. With regards to the step-mother and step-sisters, my favorite development was in "Ever After". As far as Cinderella herself, my favorite has to be Ella in the most recent movie. She is sweet, but also strong, whimsical, but also wise. It was a nice balance that made her especially endearing. And I really liked her gown as well, and that sequence with the stag and the prince in the woods!

    I was wondering...would you ever be interested in this triple review republished over on "The Fellowship of The King" (www.thefellowshipoftheking.net)? I'm the editor over there (I go by Rosaria Marie as my editorial alias), and am always on the search for good material for us to run. We would of course link back to your blog. So if you might be interested, please let me know!

    Also: We are setting up for a fantasy/sci-fi themed issue, and are in search of short stories and poems in particular, so if you or anyone you know might be interested, please do get in touch! (Btw, enjoyed overviewing your 3-part story "The Mirror"...if you'd ever like to have that republished, I'd love to do that!) :)

    1. Hello Pearl!
      Than you so much for your kind comment! I agree, the step-mother is VERY well done in Ever After. And, as much as I like Henry and Danielle, I think I agree that Ella is my favorite portrayal of Cinderella. Kit is definitely my favorite portrayal of the prince. :)

      Thank you SO much for asking me! I took awhile in replying to this comment, because I wasn't sure whether to say yes or no, but I came to the conclusion that I'm going to have to decline right now due to a busy schedule. Sorry!

      I do know of someone who posts poems on her blog. I don't know whether she would be open to having them republished, but you could always comment and ask her. Here is her link:

      Aww, thank you for your kind words about my story! Again, due to my schedule, I don't think right now is a good time, but I will keep your offer in mind. :)
      Thanks again!

  10. Hey Natalie, I tagged you for the Blogging-About-Blogs Tag here: http://cowgirlandadream.blogspot.com/2016/01/the-blogging-about-blogs-tag.html

    1. Thanks so much, Anna! I'm not sure if I'm going to have time right now for this tag, but it looks like a lot of fun. :) I'll try and see if I can fit it in, but I hope you don't mind if I end up not doing it. Thank you!


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