January 24, 2016

Star Wars:The Force Awakens

Guys, this post is going to be FULL OF SPOILERS. 

Please, for the sake of all that is sane, if you plan on seeing the movie and haven't yet, don't read my post till you have. Please. I promise you it is so much more fun going into the film not knowing what happens.

If you don't care a fig about Star Wars and don't plan on seeing the film, then go right ahead and read it (although, that does make me question why you clicked on this post in the first place. ha)

You have been duly cautioned.

Oh, and another thing. This is a very rambling, nonsensical post with no structure. It's rather fangirlish (or....storygirlish ;)) and full of way too many pictures and gifs. So...again. You've been duly cautioned. ;)

Let it begin.

On Christmas Eve, my brother and I did something that we've never done before-on Christmas Eve, that is. We went to the movie theater! (If you noticed, today is the 24th, so it's been exactly one month since we went. heh)

And--can you guess what we saw?

Oh duh, of course you can. I gave it away in the title.

On December 24th, my brother and I got to see Star Wars.


After hearing about this movie for years, speculating about how terrible it will be (heh), watching the trailers and suddenly getting very excited, counting down the days till the movie's release (well, not really, but I always had it on the back of my mind that the film would be coming out soon) we FINALLY got to see it.


It was amazing.


This is pretty much accurate. I think I hardly ever had dry eyes throughout the whole movie. I cried at everything, hahahaha.

Characters. We'll begin with characters.

REY IS AMAZING. I love that she is strong and capable without being overly annoying about it or "feminist" like. She's tough, but underneath it she's very sweet. And lonely. She has no family, but that all changes when she meets Finn and they become friends. It's so adorable!

She has this beat up speeder that, to me, resembles a tractor. And I love that. The image of her riding a broken down tractor is just too cute. haha

She loves the stories of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, etc. and when she and Finn steal the Falcon (without knowing it is the Falcon....she calls it the "garbage ship"--that was a hilarious moment) and escape Jakku on it I was like, "REY. THAT IS THE SHIP."

Just...wow. That scene was pretty amazing to me. Here was the first time we were seeing the Millennium Falcon in action since Return of the Jedi...so many years had gone by. Now we have new characters inside it, completely unaware of how many things had happened on that ship and been done with that ship. It was used to rescue Princess Leia. It was used to help destroy the Death Star-two times. Han and Leia shared their first kiss on that ship. Luke was on it after finding out about his father and losing his hand. 

-sniff- So many memories. Is it bad that I get sentimental about a fictional ship in a fictional world with fictional memories? haha

The scenes of Rey's flashback were really intriguing. I really hope the Grand Reveal of her backstory doesn't disappoint, because they're creating quite a mystery that I'm dying to know the secret of. :)

Rey is very smart and can make quick decisions in tough moments- like how she rescues Finn from those tentacle monsters (how eloquent).  How do you think of these things?? (shh, yes, I know it's a movie)
I love her relationship with Han Solo and how she fixes the Falcon and thus earns his respect.All their moments are so cool and pretty funny. I used to wish she was Han and Leia's daughter, but as a blogging friend pointed out, another brother-sister reveal (with Kylo being her brother) would just be cliche. So I changed my opinion. (although part of me deep down still thinks she'd be perfect as their daughter. haha)
"You pull the trigger..." "There's a little more to it than that."

So, yes, Han Solo. And Chewbacca. Two of the most classic characters ever. And the former is one of my favorite fictional heroes/fictional crushes ever, cough cough. I was a little scared as to how they would be portrayed in this-but I think it was great. There were many moments when Han would pull an expression, or shout something, or say something with a grin and I thought, "Yup. That's Han, all right." I think Harrison Ford did a really good job of getting back into the role. :)
His and Chewie's camaraderie is just a strong as ever (making One Moment particularly heartbreaking...as if it wasn't already)  and I enjoyed seeing them in action again.

Now, you may know that Han and Leia are one of my top favorite couples EVER. So, going into this movie, I admit at LEAST 25% of my anticipation (maybe more...haha) revolved around them. 

They didn't disappoint. They weren't AMAZING, but I honestly didn't expect much anyways. I  was very afraid that the writers may have done something awful like not having them married or...something. Now, the movie does not explicitly say that they are or ever were married, but since they don't say otherwise either, I choose to believe they are.  We at least know that they did "stay in love" with each other and were a couple for a long time-until their son Did Something Awful and they split up because they couldn't help each other in their grief.

Now, I find this extremely sad, but I don't find it completely unrealistic. Han and Leia have both always been independent and while I think they are stronger together, something as earth-shattering as losing their son COULD pull them apart. I can see one of their arguments turning into an ugly fight-Leia accusing Han of not being there for her or for Ben-Han insisting she shouldn't have sent Ben off to be trained. 

Leia: You know, as much as we fought, I always hated it when you left.
Han Solo: That's why I did it, so that you'd miss me.
Leia: I do miss you.

On one hand, I found Leia's performance lacking. There weren't many moments of, "Oh, yes. That's Leia." She didn't have the same commanding and sarcastic character that she usually displays. But, at the same time, I don't mind this. She's more soft spoken, more quiet, more reserved in this. And think about all that she's gone through. Time always changes people, and she has had to bear a lot of heartache in her lifetime, especially in the space between RotJ and TFA. I think it only makes sense that, in some ways, she and Han are not the same people that they once were.

Squuuueee. Oh my. 
So, let's talk about Finn because he's adorable and I love him.
Finn is wonderful. Raised as a stormtrooper, he hits a roadblock in his life when he is ordered (along with his fellow troopers) to kill innocent villagers.
He doesn't do it. He knows he will pay a price if he doesn't. But he literally can't. Which makes me wonder-besides his being naturally absolutely wonderful and kind-what was different in his training that he still had a conscience "left"? I'd love to hear more on his backstory.

Anyways, Finn is fantastic. Reasons to love Finn?
1) He's a gentleman. He wanted to rescue Rey from her attackers without even knowing who she was. He only saw that she needed help.
2) He's extremely caring, as shown by the above fact.
3) He's hilariously awkward and adorable. He almost immediately develops a crush on Rey and it's hysterical. "You got a boyfriend? A cute boyfriend?"
4) He does his best to protect those he loves. He is desperate when Kylo "kidnaps" Rey, and later on he fights to protect her. With a lightsaber. Which he has NEVER used before.
5) He gave Rey his jacket awwww

look at these two!!!!

I SHIP FINN AND REY SO HARD. What can their ship name be? Finney? Fey? Rinn?

Whatever. The thing is, they're adorable and I love them so much.
The part where Han says, "We came to rescue you, it was his (Finn's)  idea." 
She hugs him!!! awwww
And Han says, "Escape now, hug later." ha :P

While Han and Leia will forever be my favorite SW couple, Finn and Rey now take second place.

Which isn't really saying much, because practically any couple could beat Anakin and Padme.

Haha. Sorry. I don't hate Anakin and Padme as a couple (sometimes they can be rather sweet) but the more I've thought about their relationship, the more I've realized how messed up it is-especially in episode 2. 

But I digress.

POE. Guys, can we please talk about Poe???

Reasons to love Poe:

1) He's really handsome
 (I'm not saying that's my number 1 reason as in the-most-important-reason, but it was the first thing that jumped out when watching the film for the first time. ;))
2) He risks his life to stop Kylo Ren at the village, thus trying to save all the innocent villagers.
3) He's always wanted to fly a TIE fighter and he's so excited when he gets his chance and he and Finn are escaping it in-it's adorable.
4) He gives Finn a name because he wasn't going to call him FN-whatever-his-number-was. Aww
5) He lets Finn keep his jacket. 
6) He can fly anything.
7)He just seems like a really selfless, heroic kind of guy. :)

Wasn't Poe and Finn's escape scene really fun? I love the adrenaline, the humor, and just hew excited those two are. They're like two little boys in that scene, working together to defeat the opposing team as if they were playing a game. They're both new to this, I think. Finn obviously is-he's taken orders his whole life and now he's suddenly defying everything he's ever known. Just think about how scary that would be.
And Poe. He's a resistance fighter. He's seen ugly things. He knows the stakes. And yet, he's still young enough to feel excitement course through his veins and to feel like the world is crushing down on you when he's facing the impossible.

I like that Poe and Finn are not just another Han and Luke. Poe is not quite as streetwise and definitely not chipped-on-the-shoulder like the episode 4 Han was. And Finn is not as innocent and sheltered as Luke was.

I think this is all a good thing. Both Finn and Poe have qualities like Luke and Han but they are their own characters and I wouldn't change them. Having another naive farm kid, cocky pilot, and smart-aleck princess would not be anything but cliche and tiring. Not that I don't love those three characters from the original trilogy-but I'm so happy that they didn't copy them with the new ones.


this be the truth

So yes, BB8 is....well, he's hard to describe without getting all squee-ful (because he's just so darn cute) but I really like him. -squints at sentence- 
Really really really like him.

R2-D2 and C-3p0 are pretty low-key in this movie. I mean...poor R2 is shut down for most of it-because he misses Luke. :( That was so sad. He's obviously semi-aware of his surroundings, though, because he later wakes up for a Certain Important Moment.

I can't remember much about C-3p0 in this, except that it was soo cute when he was babbling upon seeing Han again....keeping Leia from greeting Han. Hahaha. Some things never change. ;)

Let me expound upon the subject of a Certain Villain.


I had no idea whatsoever that Kylo Ren was Han and Leia's son before I saw this movie. And there I am, sitting in the theater when that piece of information is disclosed. I was internally screaming, "WHAT?" 

I may or may not have grabbed my brother's jacket and started yanking at his arm. 

excuse the bad grammar but THIS is so sad. I love it.

Kylo Ren fascinates me. He didn't at first, but the more I think of the movie I'm astounded. He is Han and Leia's son. They loved him. And I'm sure, at one point in time, he loved them too.

And perhaps, deep deep down.....he still does.


Going into this movie, I was pretty sure Han was going to die due to a second hand spoiler I heard of and my own intuition. It made sense to kill one of the OT characters. Han, unfortunately, made the most sense.

Sooo yeah. After That Unspeakable Moment I was all:

I knew he was going to die. I could see it coming the moment he saw Kylo on the bridge. And yet, it still hurts. It really and truly hurts to see a favorite character die. It's not like ending the movie, knowing that their story really isn't over yet. They're dead now, and although you can always watch the movies or read the books over again-their story always stops at that one point.

How am I supposed to handle this??

They didn't even give him any last worrrrddsss. Except for that moment in the gif. I guess it's fine, since he's had 4 movies to talk-what more is there to say? But it's still hard to not hear a "I love you, Ben." or "Leia, I'm sorry." Or something.


(oh, and as a side note--Han did this for Leia. Of course, he wanted to save his son too. He loves him. But he promised Leia that he'd bring their son home because it twists him apart to see her hurting so bad. And I think what went unspoken in that promise was "or I'll die trying." And he did. )

And then they show Leia....and--and--and- she realizes that Han died.

I'm crying

I find the above very interesting, and I admit that I do hope for a Kylo redemption. Or, at least a moment between him and Leia where something poignant and meaningful is said. There's so many ways this story could pan out!

One more thing about Kylo.

 I think Han Solo is Extremely Handsome. And Leia is beautiful. And....well, I honestly don't find Kylo Ren/ Ben very handsome. So, I find it hard to believe that two of the of most good looking characters in the galaxy had a son who's -ahem- not so good looking. :P 
The only resemblance I've seen is in the two left photos of the collage. There it DOES actually look as if they could be related. haha

Then there's a pretty cool but a little unbelievable obligatory light saber fight between Kylo and Rey and Finn. YES FINN. Just look at what a great team Finn and Rey are. They fight for each other and protect each other's backs...they just fit. So wonderfully. :)

Soo...yeah. -deep breath- 

They're both so heartbroken about his death. I think, next to Finn, Han had become Rey's closest friend. And, he was, of course, Leia's best friend. I love that they comfort each other in their grief. 

I really need to wrap this "review" up, so let's just say that the ending was VERY cliffhanger-y  (maybe a little too much so) but I can definitely see why they ended it like that-it will draw people in for episode 8, scheduled to be released in 2018.

I can't believe we have to wait that loooonng!!!!

(By the way, wasn't that island beautiful? It looked like Ireland and I'm pretty sure it actually was filmed there hahaha)

(and seeing Luke again....wow. -cries because we haven't seen him since ROTJ and he gets no lines. 
I miss Luke! I can't believe we have to wait till the next movie to truly "meet" him again.)

What I Didn't Like:
Hahaha, yes, there was some of that. So, the biggest problem in TFA was, I felt, the plot. It was a little weak in some instances. 

1) First off, what is with the dark side and their planet-destroying super weapons that always get destroyed in ONE movie? The Death Star was a big deal. The Death Star 2 was kind of a big deal but also a bit laughable because duh, the Rebels did it before, they can do it again. 

And now.....we have another one? Oh, except this time it's on a planet. And it can destroy multiple planets at once. I feel like the whole "millions of people cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced" thing is being glossed over. THEY JUST DESTROYED MULTIPLE PLANETS AT ONCE, SHOULD WE NOT BE CONCERNED? But eh, no, it's just yet another Super Weapon we have to destroy, no big deal. And they did. Destroy it. Why are these super weapons so easily defeated?

The better question is, why are we doing YET another super weapon? Can we let that dream die once and for all? -cue Newsies song-

2) Snoke. Snoke was lame. He was nothing new, nothing scary, and after someone like Palpatine, quite unimpressive. Didn't like him at all.

3) Why is there another sand planet called Jakku but it's in all actuality just another Tatooine?  I mean...why not just use Tatooine? It seems easier.

4) Rey caught on to using the force waaay to easily. I mean, even if she is related to the Skywalkers...they had to train too before they could access the force. All the other movies focus on how you need to train and meditate and blah blah blah and Rey is all, "I have an intuition, let's follow it. Oh wow, look, I can control peoples' minds by telling them what to say."
She pretty much beat up Kylo Ren with a lightsaber.
Kylo Ren who trained with Luke. Rey only held a lightsaber since, like, yesterday.

5) Some of the "humor" was a little forced. Like, the trash compactor joke. It was kind of funny at first, but the more I've thought about it the more I realize how lame it was to try to reference sooo much from the originals. 

Content: The h-word and d-word are each used a few times. A group of villagers are killed by the First Order (the bad guys), but I don't remember it "showing" too much. There is obviously a lot of fighting and killing in battle, although nothing gruesome. Certainly not any worse than the other Star Wars movies. I can't remember everything now, but I think that was the worst of it. 

In all honesty, there is so much more I could say about this movie. But, I know this review is already insanely too long, so for now I will bid adieu. :)  Until you leave me some wonderful comments, though! :D  I can't wait to hear all of your opinions and discuss this movie with anyone interested. It feels great to finally get SOME of my thoughts out for you all to read! :D

And, of you read this whole post (if anyone even did haha), you are amazing. The End.

ps. If you want more Star Wars fun, check out Cordy's unofficial "Star Wars week" on her own blog or my brother's review here.

If you want even more fun, watch this video.


    No Way! I just got back from seeing this a second time at my university movie theatre with my friends Paul and Stuart. Excellent long comment time

    YES THAT GIF! That’s how I felt about seeing it for the first time too. Oh my word that picture.. yes I was sobbing then.. I’ve played that opening title you see, and the closing fast bit and leias theme so I yes I cried over music.

    Yes to Rey!! That moment made me laugh too! My brother was next to me and he goes “that is the ship you are looking for” causing the two of us to go into hysterics.
    That gif.. that was so me! I was tearing up it was so special!

    I’m so puzzled about her backstory.. I think she’s Lukes daughter but how?
    That one moment.. that that made me cry so much and and when he got off the ship and saw Leia and her theme played oh oh my heart.

    FIN! Ok let me get my senses together, The boyfriend quote made me laugh although it shouldn’t have because Stuart did say that to me before we went to a production of Into the Woods together and we had to get all dressed up blushes

    Yes Rey and Fin yes yes! Rinn!

    Poe fans self oh my wordy Poe.. he is super handsome, I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks so.. Did you catch that fins number was the cell in which Leia originally was?!

    Ooooh BB8 my brother got a robot droid version of him for Christmas!

    I was the same I had no idea he was H&L’s son.. and and when THAT BIT HAPPENS! YES MATTHEW!

    That gif.. that gif no my heart

    grabs tissues that one of TH too oh my gosh

    Sniffles ok we need to email about this.. vent our feelings though gifs.. oh my wordy I agree with everything!

    1. Eeee, Evie, thank you for long comment!! I enjoyed it very much! :D
      I cry over music too. :) There's actually less chance of me crying over a sad scene in a movie if it doesn't have music. haha You can play SW themes?? That's so cool! I'd love to have sheet music for that.

      Heehee, "that is the ship you're looking for". :D

      Ohhh, my, YES. Practically any Han/Leia scene made me so happy. They needed more of them together!!!

      Hahahaha, how funny! ;)

      Rinn forever! :D

      Oh yes, you are definitely not the only one.
      And, I didn't catch that while watching the movie, but I heard about it later on. How cool!

      Hahaha, that would be fun! Anytime. :) Thank you so much!!!

    2. Yeah! We played the Star Wars suite for orchestra :-D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEneq8fKpQw

    3. Thanks for the link! That would be so much to play! And, of course, it's great fun to listen to. :) I think I'll just leave the video playing as I start my schoolwork....haha! :D

  2. Yayyyyyyyyyy . . . STAR WARS!!!!!!!

    Great review--I was looking forward to it, and I sure wasn't disappointed :-)

    Rey is absolutely AWESOME. She's strong and capable and honest and straightforward and kind and quirky and funny and just . . . WHAT. EVEN. She blew my mind, pretty much--I was definitely expecting to like her but I had no idea just HOW fantastic she was going to be. I didn't know the Star Wars franchise had it in them, to be honest. I mean, hey, she's, like, an actual ROLE MODEL. For ANYBODY. She is one amazing young woman, and I can't wait to see what else she does in the next movies :-)

    I don't actually think she used the Force too easily--remember how little Anakin was able to use the Force without any training, too? Back in Phantom Menace? I think some people are just "naturals" at it, and others have to be taught. Luke had to be taught, and so did Leia--but Anakin didn't, and neither does Rey.

    (By the way. Rey IS Luke's daughter and Anakin's granddaughter. That's going to be a Thing--I'm 100% sure of it. Wait and see ;-) )

    FINN YES FINN CAN WE TALK ABOUT FINN FOR A MOMENT. I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUCHH. Um . . . yeah. Calming down now. But really. He's my baby. He's so cute and funny and sweet and eager and just ADORABLE. And I hate thinking about his backstory--never even knowing his family, raised to be a Stormtrooper his entire life . . . gosh, the PAIN, people. He is now an Official Member of my Favorite Male Screen Characters pantheon. (There are two others. One is Captain America and the other is David Morrissey's Colonel Brandon. So you see, it's kinda an exclusive club ;-) )

    AND HE AND REY ARE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT TOGETHER THE END. They are my favorite Star Wars couple of all time. Hands down. No question about it.

    (I wanted to write more but I have to post it in another comment because apparently it's "too long" and the computer won't accept it ;-) )

    1. Jessica,
      Aww, thank you! I'm SO glad you enjoyed it!
      I KNOW. You're right-"an actual ROLE MODEL". Yes, yes, yes. So true. :) I love Leia as a character, and I think she CAN be a role model-in some areas-but I do agree that Rey is a better role model.

      Hmm, that's true. I didn't think about Anakin in that regard. But still. I don't know. It just doesn't sit as well for me. :P Haha, I believe you. I won't be surprised if she turns out be Luke's daughter. :D

      I KNOOOOW. Ohhhh, Finn. He is absolutely fantastic. :D I haven't seen the Captain America movie, but I already know I love him too. I've heard so much about what a great character he is and....wow. :) And I just re-watched S&S '08! I liked David M. as Brandon very much.

      YES YES YES. :D They are such a cute couple. :)

    2. You really SHOULD watch Captain America: The First Avenger if you ever get a chance. I think you'd really like it :-) Cap isn't just a "superhero"--he's a hero, period. I love him and I really hope I can marry somebody just like him :-)

    3. I think I would like it, too! I agree. Captain America is JUST the kind of man I want some day. :)

  3. Speaking of Star Wars couples . . . I actually found myself LIKING Han and Leia's relationship in this movie. Which I'd never done before. They've both suffered so much, and I feel so sorry for them. I was totally shipping them for, like, the first time EVER, and then--AND THEN--

    Well, we all know what happens. Their son kills his father. And Han Solo is gone. Forever.


    I had no idea that was going to happen. I DID know Kylo Ren was Han and Leia's kid--I mean, it wasn't spoiled for me but I was about 99% sure that was going to happen anyway. But I expected Kylo to kill Finn--not Han. When that happened, I was just kind of in shock. It took a looooooooooonnnngg time for me to even grasp that Han had really DIED. And when I did grasp it . . . well, it was kind of like, "#that moment when you realize your childhood just ended." I mean, Han and Luke and Leia and Chewie and R2-D2 WERE such a huge part of my world as a little kid . . . and now one of them is GONE? Wait--WHAT?

    That's not funny.

    Sooooooooooo . . . yeah. It was kind of tough. I didn't cry over it, but I was sad.

    Hmmmmmm. Okay, I have to say I really don't agree with that thing about Anakin vs. Kylo Ren. In my opinion, Anakin wasn't destined for the Dark Side. He made a CHOICE--the wrong choice. And so did Kylo Ren. We all have a choice. Even in Star Wars, you still have a choice.

    Okay. Movin' on . . .

    Yeah, Poe Dameron is awesome. I love Finn better, but Poe is still awesome.

    BB-8!!!!!!! He's ADORABLE. Although R2-D2 is still my favorite. Always will be. (He was my Original Favorite Star Wars Character from when I saw the movies as a little kid, so he always has the first place in my heart ;-) )

    I don't really feel like the ending is TOO cliffhanger-ish. I mean, Episode 5 is waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy worse in that regard, and yet it's still considered one of the best Star Wars movies ever. (Seriously, imagine having to wait THREE WHOLE YEARS to see if Han Solo would ever get un-frozen from the carbonite. WHAT. EVEN.)

    Luke is Rey's father. Just sayin'. (I know I said that already. ;-) )

    Mmmmm . . . Natalie, if they use Tatooine AGAIN people will get upset because that's too much of an echo of Luke's story. Have to switch it up a bit, y'know.

    No, I don't think the humor was forced at all. I really loved all the references to the originals, actually. Especially the "14 parsecs" joke ;-)

    Anyway . . . awesome review!!! Now we wait TWO YEARS to see more. WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH MOMMYYYYYYYYYYY. (just kidding)

    1. Two part comments are so fun. :)

      You did??!?!? That's so wonderful!! :D haha Of course that makes me extremely happy. :)
      I knnooow. I can't believe what they had to go through. I mean, I know it makes it a better story, but goodness. Hadn't they already gone through enough pain? :(

      -sob- YES. How can he be gone?? I admit I held onto a very small, faint shred of hope until the planet exploded (even though I knew I shouldn't).
      You thought Finn would die?? Ohh, I'm so glad that didn't happen. I mean, I'm sad Han died but it kind of had to happen in a sense. I'm at least glad he got a "good" death.

      That's true. We DO have a choice. I still find that whole thing interesting in the parallels/opposites, but that doesn't mean the whole thing is completely accurate. ;)

      Glad you like Poe, too. And BB8!! But aww, yes, I think R2 is still my favorite too. There's just a loyalty that I owe him. :)

      Ohhh myy, that is very true. I can't imagine having to wait for eps. 6. But I tend to think any major cliff-hanger as too cliff-hanger-ish. BECAUSE I WANT IT NOW. haha

      Yeah, I suppose. But Jakku is SO similar to T. They should have made it a little more distinguishable as a different planet. I don't know how....but SOMETHING.

      I loved the references too! I didn't think all the humor was forced. Just some. :)

      I KNOOOOOWWWW!! :"( It's going to be a long, hard wait. (But I admit I do love the anticipation!! :D) Thank you!!

    oh the Falcon. One of the best moments!
    The monsters were legitimately scary and creepy. But it resulted in some epic Reyness so that was okay!
    Han and Leia's story is so sad. But completely realistic at the same time. I did enjoy seeing them together though!
    I can't wait for ALL THE BACKSTORIES
    Daisy Ridley and John Boyega BTS pics are life!
    Poe is like what Han Solo would be if Han wasn't a "bad guy"
    It's weird to look back at how I loved R2-D2, and then I see BB-8 and I'm just like come to my my precious!!
    Again people are dying for lack of railings! Come on dark side, get it right!
    I've heard Kylo Ren referred to as Darth Schnoz actually
    I wasn't as impressed with the new weapon as I though I was going to be. It lacked that "That's no moon" moment.
    Umm long comment for an awesome movie and review!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ashley! :D
      Eek, yes! I've always loved the Falcon, so...it was quite a "feels-y" moment. :)
      ME TOO! I need those backstories noooow. :)
      Aren't they though? John and Daisy are so cute!
      Haha, I don't know about that. I've never thought of Han as a "bad guy" in any way.
      Aren't both droids so cute, though?? I love it when they're in scenes together! :D
      Haha! YES! The railing problem, though. :P
      I totally agree. The new weapon was simply unimpressive.
      Thank you!!!

  5. Oh, thank you.
    Good review. There are lots of good star wars blog posts lately, but this one is especially entertaining. This movie was actually extra funny. Like that scene where Kylo Ren throws a fit, hashes up the console and the stormtroopers just slowly back away.
    My brother is actually upset that the actor who played Ren is not handsome enough. He thinks The actor who played Ren and Hayden Christian should have switched movie roles. Because Hayden does better angry-boy roles and nothing could make the prequel trilogy better. But I think the actor who played Kylo was good, if not handsome then good with expressions, and british.
    This was a long gif'ed post, hard to adress everything.
    Poe Dameron, Rey and Finn are all awesome new characters. Can't wait to see more of them. Especially Poe, he is so cocky and caring at the same time.
    So, great post.

    1. Isaac Benjamin,
      Thanks so much! :D I know, wasn't it, though? I loved that scene, too. haha Poor Han and Leia. What they must have put up with, temper-tantrum wise, when Kylo was young. :P

      Haha, really? But hmm, no, I would NOT like Hayden Christensen as Kylo. haha I don't have any problem with Kylo's acting or character, just that I don't think he LOOKS like Han and Leia's son. Otherwise I think he's great. :)
      And yes! He's British! Makes everything better. :D haha

      I know! I can't wait to see how their characters and relationships develop over the course of the next movies. It's going to be so great! :)

    2. Whoops, you're right, Victoria. I just googled the actor who played Kylo and he's American, not British. Can I give you a friendly word of advice, though? Next time you correct someone, maybe you could be a little kinder about it. We all make mistakes. :)

    3. Oh, I'm so sorry! I had *no* idea that would be taken as arrogant. The question marks were because I was asking if Kylo was you were really talking about, I wasn't sure. Do you want me to delete my comment? Sorry again if I hurt anyone's feelings.
      BTW, fun fact, did you know he used to be in the Marines?

    4. Thanks for explaining, Victoria. I see what you meant now; I'm sorry I didn't understand! No worries about the comment, you're fine!! :)

      No, I didn't know that. That's very cool; thanks for the trivia. :D

  6. STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!

    For starters, I just want to say real quickly that I agree with everything Jessica said. (Of course :P) I don't want to repeat everything all over again, but I MUST put a comment. I mean, right? Gotta tell you how much I love it :)

    "Friend: 'So when did you start crying?' Me: 'A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away . . .'"
    SO TRUE :)

    Rey is amazing!! I love her SO MUCH. I relate to her a lot :) "Stop taking my hand!" SO ME. AND FINN YES FINN IS AMAZING. He's so naive and REAL. All the funny things he says, he actually MEANS. "Got a - cute boyfriend?" :P

    POE. He is my baby, peoples. My absoluuuute favorite character. I love it when Finn rescues him, "Why you doing this?" "'Cause it's the right thing to do!" "You need a ride." "I need a ride." Hahaha. And then he gives Finn a name. And they're so excited and like two boys. SO COOL. And then later, when he lets Finn keep the jacket. JUST AAAAH!! I love him so much :P Which you can probably tell.

    GREAT REVIEW!!!!!!!


      (in case you didn't know :P)

    2. Rosie,
      Hahaha, I figured as much. ;)

      I KNOW! Just the fact that it was EPISODE 7 after all these years--sniff. :')

      Aww, yes. Finn and Rey are so wonderful. Together, and on their own. They're just fantastic characters!!

      Eek, YES. So glad you like Poe too. I agree with everything you said there. Just wow. POE IS AMAZING! :D His and Finn's friendship is one of the cutest things ever.

      Thank you SO much!! And I'm so glad you like my header! :) I like it very much, too. ;)


    (Okay, maybe a few.)

    I LOVEDLOVEDLOVED this review! Hearts <3

    *gasps in relief* You don't find Kylo Ren attractive either?! SOMEBODY ELSE. Everyone seems to be going all ga-ga over him, as an actor and for his face, and I'm like, "Um...what". Haha. Anywho. Just needed to rant about that for a second.

    Squeeeeeee REY AND FINN REY AND FINN REY AND FINN!!!!!! I wuv them SOSOSO much. I'm so glad you ship them too! (Ugh, I know, I've been trying to figure out their ship name, too. It's really annoying that the Rey/Kylo shippers can have Reylo but the best we could do is Renn. *pouts*)

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaan a million hearts, forever and ever amen, he is THE BEST. And I loved Leia too, of course ;)

    Poe! Poe is played by Oscar Isaac, who plays Joseph in The Nativity Story, and it just MAKES ME HAPPY TO SEE JOSEPH IN STAR WARS. (That sounded mildly sacrilegious. Oh well.) Anyway, yes, LOVED Poe. (And for the record, I find him more attractive than Kylo, too.)

    And BB-8 :D I love him too, of course.

    You know, it's true...some of the humor WAS a bit forced and cheesy. I didn't notice that when I watched it, but since reading different reviews and thinking back over it, that's true.

    THE END. Gahh. I'm upset that we have to wait TILL 2018?!?!?! WHAT?!?! I knew it was long, but I didn't know it was THAT long. Sadness :'( But anyway, I loved seeing Luke again. I enjoy poking fun at him as much as the next person, but my inner fangirl got a little misty-eyed when he turned around and he was there, all old and haggard *sniffle*

    I loved this review. Like really a lot. Good job, old thing :D

    1. Olivia,
      Hahaha, well, I'm glad you had a "few" after all! ;)

      THANK YOU!!

      Wow, really? I haven't personally heard of anyone "liking" him that way-yet. I just...don't see why they would. :P

      People are shipping Rey and Kylo?? Actually, I can see that. If it weren't for Finn, I'd ALMOST consider shipping them myself. It'll be weird if they turn out to be cousins. I wonder how Luke/Leia shippers felt after they watched eps.5 ? :/ I wonder if people DID ship them back in the '70's. Hmm.

      Anyways, rabbit trail there. I'M SO GLAD YOU SHIP REY AND FINN TOOOOOO.

      Yes, definitely. Han Solo will forever be one of the most amazing characters EVER.

      Poe plays Joseph?? I didn't realize that! But YES. POE.
      Hahaha, the "mildly sacrilegious" part.

      Yeah. I don't think ALL the humor was forced-I did love the OT trilogy references. But then, I felt like it reached a point where they were focused a little more on referencing the previous movies than actually telling the CURRENT story well.

      Awwww, I know. :( Luke is...easy to laugh at but deep down I think we all love him. I know I do. :)

      -Sigh- Till 2018, my new favorite characters. -sniff- (I'll be turning 20 years old that year. WHAT.)

      Thank you! I'm SO glad you enjoyed it! :)

  8. Okay, I have a ton of things I'd like to say, but the only thing I have the actual time to say is: thank you for saying that you don't find Kylo Ren attractive. Me either. Blech. Completely unattractive. Whew. Glad to find another person who thinks that!

    I mean, I actually like him being unattractive because it makes me feel like his desire for darkness has twisted him and made him ugly outside as well as in. But then I keep running into all these Kylo Ren fangirls who think he's soooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuute and I want to send them to the eye doctor.

    Rant over :-)

    1. Can I just make it unanimous here? KYLO REN IS UNATTRACTIVE.


      I don't understand all the fuss being made over him at all. Not. At. All. And when he's literally in the same movie as two guys like Finn and Poe . . . !

      (This is not to say I necessarily want to find fault with Adam Driver's face, or anything. I could see him playing a rather handsome character, actually, in a different movie. But in THIS movie, his character is just plain ugly and that's all that needs to be said about that.)

    2. I have seen pictures of Adam Driver from other things he's in, and movie premieres, etc, and he's acceptably attractive in them, so I have to think they purposely made him less attractive for the movie so we would get this "ugh, he's so slimy" vibe.

    3. Yep. He looks better with a beard and mustache, that's what.

    4. Hamlette,
      Hahaha, YES. I'm really concerned for anyone who thinks Kylo Ren is actually attractive. But then....I know a lot of girls found Anakin attractive too. I never really understood that either. But I can see it a little more than Kylo! haha


      (except I googled Adam Driver and....no. I still don't see it. There was only ONE photo where he was mildly decent looking and "nice", in my opinion. haha)

    5. Evie,
      Heehee, I totally agree. ;)

  9. Oh yay yay yay yay!!!! :D :D :D I've been waiting for someone else to rave about Star Wars 7 with, hehe. And let me just say - this is the best review I've seen of it yet! (I was sad when it ended!) The more I think of this movie, the more I love it. :D
    Yes, was so good! She was strong without being a high screaming feminist, and she was gentle and kind as well.
    I loved seeing Han and Leia and Luke all back in again. Especially Han. :)
    YES! FINN WAS SO CUTE AND SWEET AND AWKWARD AND ADORABLE!!! Aw, gosh, he was just so lovable. :) I hadn't seriously thought about shipping Finn and Rey, but yes I can REALLY see how that could work. (Although I did feel like Ren was drawn to her...but he was slightly creepy anyway. :P)
    YES YES YES!! Ohmygosh, Poe was SO amazing. I may have even liked him the tiniest bit better than Finn! He was just....gahh....no words. I <3 him. :D
    Haha, I love that picture with BB8 and R2D2! That IS so true! Hehe. BB8 was SO cute!!
    Yes, that snippet about Kylo Ren as a child! Oh, that is so sweet and sad!! :( And that gif....oh my, yes. He deserved a punch in the face. *hits other hand with fist*
    Aww, that collage of Kylo and Han - the bottom right hand corner - Han is so LITTLE!!! Aww!! :D He IS very handsome, and Ren is not. ;)
    The first point you made about not liking it....yes, I'd have to agree. It was basically a (very nice, haha!) take off of #4! But I still wuv it. ;D
    At first I thought Rey took onto the force way too quickly, but on my second viewing I decided it wasn't quite so unrealistic as I thought. I mean, Anakin took it on ridiculously quick when he was boy!
    Well, *I* liked the trash compactor scene, so maybe cheesiness in more 'my' humour. ;) Hehe.
    Oh, and so I'm officially amazing, right? ;D Haha, on I loved your review! And I love Star Wars 7!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      Heehee, I know the feeling!! :D
      Really? Aww, thank you SO much! -hugs- You were sad when it ended? Aw. And I thought it was too long. ;)

      I felt the same way after watching it. It took my brother and me a few hours and lots conversation to fully "digest" this new story....but by the end of the day I think we both loved it. ;)
      I was so glad to
      have Han back too-I'm happy he had the "biggest" part in the film. It was fitting, especially since it was his last movie. :(

      You hadn't thought of shipping Rey and Finn? I'm glad you like the idea!!

      The struggle between picking Poe or Finn as a favorite is real. ;)

      I know. :( I wish we could have seen Kylo as a child. I feel bad for him most of the time....until after That Moment!!

      I know, right? Now that I see Han in the OT I'm like, "HE'S a CHILD!" aww :)

      Haha, well, that's all right. I mean, it was still a funny scene, but just not the best, in my opinion. :)

      Ohhh my, you read the whole thing?? YOU ARE OFFICIALLY AMAZING, MISS MEG. :)
      Thank you sooo much! :D

  10. You added a background to your blog!! :D Oooh!! I LIKE it! It's so pretty and elegant! And your new header, too! Just lovely! Great job, Natalie! :D

  11. Natalie!
    I'm so sorry it has taken me this long to read your review but I haven't been online lately. You basically know most of my thoughts because of my Star Wars Week (that I still need to finish, *R2-D2 sad sounds*) but I still wanted to comment. :D

    You noticed that Finn gave Rey his jacket too? I didn't dare mention it for fear of people finding out just how detail oriented I am. I'm so glad I'm not the only one! Heehee.

    "I may or may not have grabbed my brother's jacket and started yanking at his arm." Did you really?! Haha, that would have been hilarious to watch! :D

    I don't really agree with the Kylo vs. Anakin theory (I know it's not directly yours). Anakin acted in fear and eventually anger but Kylo...I don't even know with him! His 'decent' or willingness/tendencies towards the Dark Side just don't add up! Grr, haha, I don't know what to do with him which is frustrating! Haha.

    I liked your review and how detailed it was! Very fun to read!


    1. Oh, don't worry about it at all, I completely understand. :)
      I'm glad you commented, though! And I can't wait to read the rest of your SW week-once you're feeling up to it, of course. :)

      Haha, not at all! I love details like that!!

      Yes, I actually did. ;) It was pretty funny.

      That's very true. I know! There's so much to Kylo's story that we don't know. WHY does he think his father was weak? WHY does he idolize Vader so much?? We need his backstory before we can make solid opinions on him! haha

      Thank you so much! :D

    2. I know! There are soooo many questions regarding Kylo. I wonder if I would have liked the movie better if they had answer more questions about him. I mean I think it would have been enough to leave both Finn and Rey's stories mysterious...but Kylo's...give us something to work with!!!! :D

    3. Natalie,
      I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you on my blog:
      No pressure, of course. :D
      Enjoy your day!

    4. Cordy,
      Exactly!! Here's hoping his backstory is worth the wait. ;)
      Thank you so much for tagging me! I'm afraid I'm going to skip it this time, due to time constraints (and a reaallly long list of "to-blog" items ;)) but I appreciate the thought so much! :D

    5. Nooo problem. :) I know that you don't always like tags but I couldn't resist asking you anyways. I know about that 'to-blog' list and I'm just glad that I was able to finish my Star Wars Week so that I can move on to the posts that I actually had planned for February. I felt bad that the 'week' took so long to complete. :P Haha.

    6. Cordy,
      Aww, thank you for understanding! :D
      I'm glad you were able to finish it too! I haven't had time to finish reading your posts yet, but it's on my radar. ;) And don't feel bad! You definitely had a VERY good reason for the delay! I'm just glad you're feeling better! :)

  12. OH MY GOODNESS. So much yes!!!!

    Can I just say I loved this review?

    This movie was amaaazing! The characters, the lines, the music. JUST YES. Especially the characters, though--I wuv them all so much <3 Rey, Finn, BB-8, and Poe are all awesome! I can't even express how much I love them! *flails*

    I would disagree with a couple things. For instance, I really didn't mind the addition of the planet Jakku. I feel like if they would have used Tatooine that they would be trying too hard to rehash the old movies. Y'know, with Luke and Anakin both living on Tatooine before they became Jedis. I also didn't think the humor was at all forced. I loved every scrumptious little line!

    Anywhozers, I should stop rambling. Once I get started talking about Star Wars, I have a hard time stopping haha. I should probably write a review of The Force Awakens on my blog soon! I look forward to reading *your* blog more in the future :)

    1. Thank you so much, Mary!
      I'm SO glad you enjoyed it and thank you for commenting!

      Eeek, yes, the characters!! Definitely my favorite part the movie. :)

      Haha, well that's okay if we disagree. ;) Oh! I'll have to read your review if you write one! If you want, leave me a comment once you do so I can remember to!

      Aww, thank you! I hope you like what you read. :)

  13. QUESTION are you going to do the Last Jedi? I wish I could write reviews, buts it's hard for some reason.

    1. I probably won't review it, but if I do a mini movie review post, I will talk about my thoughts on the Last Jedi then! :) Aww, I relate. I find reviews hard to write, too!


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