February 18, 2016

Would You Rather?~Star Wars edition

I don't talk about Star Wars very much on my blog (except for my recent review of Eps. 7) , but ever since I was about 10 years old, it's been one of my favorite fandoms. Before I even knew what a "fandom" was. haha Now, granted, there are things about the SW movies that I don't care for and scenes I skip over (the dance scene at Jabba's palace, anyone?) and so I totally understand when people say "they don't watch Star Wars".....aaaand, I'm not sure where I was going with this! Anyways, Cordy created a another of her fun "Would You Rather?" games and here I am to play it. :)

1. Would you rather pilot the Millennium Falcon, or an X-Wing Fighter?
Millenium Falcon. Hands down. It's my favorite ship in the entire SW universe. I'd probably end up crashing it or something, but hey, it would be fun while it lasted, right? 
2. Would you rather face your worst fear in the Dagobah swamp or get stuck in a garbage compactor?
Eeesh. Uh, I guess I'd go with the swamp. Because I don't trust C-3PO to remember to turn that comlink on. :P  (I'd also have a better chance of running away from "my worst fear" in the swamp than in the compactor!)

3. Would you rather have R2-D2 as a co-pilot or BB-8?
Another hard one!!! I'll say R2-D2. He's been my friend forever and I trust his judgment. :) Although I'm sure BB-8 is trustworthy, too.

4. Would you rather have a lightsaber or a blaster?
Blaster. I don't think I could wield a lightsaber very well.

5. Would you rather be trained by Qui-Gon Jinn or Obi-Wan Kenobi?
Obi-Wan Kenobi. :) Qui-Gon can annoy me sometimes. Well, so can Obi-Wan....but not as much. Plus, he's more handsome than Qui-Gon. :P

6. Would you rather have to fight Palpatine/The Emperor or the inflamed Anakin on the volcano planet?
Uhh, it doesn't really matter which I choose because I'm going to die either way. :P
I'll say Palpatine. He's so purely evil that I wouldn't feel as bad about killing him if I were able to. Plus, no lava.

7. Would you rather be part of the first attack on the Death Star or the Battle on Hoth?
Battle of Hoth. I don't think I'd last long in a space battle!! (and maybe I could find Han and get a ride out on the Millenium Falcon! haha)

8. Would you rather drive during the speeder chase on Endor or the bounty hunter chase on Coruscant (in the Clone Wars)?
Goodness! Why are these all such life or death (mostly death) questions, Cordy? ;)
The bounty hunter chase, I suppose. It seems a little bit slower....at least a tiny bit. I'd rather not die by running into a tree thankyouverymuch.

9. Would you rather sit through a meeting of the Senate or watch a pod-race?
Senate. All the way. It's cool and interesting in the senate. The podrace would be really hot and dusty and I'd be surrounded by a ton of weird, yelling aliens and other sketchy, shady creatures. Just no. 
Not to mention I'd like to stay as far away as possible from Jabba the Hutt. :P

10. Would you rather have to wear your hair like Padme or Leia?
Hahaha! Your italicizing of "have". I happen to like a lot of their hairstyles, so this is the best question yet! I'll say Leia because her hairstyles tend to be more practical and pretty. I'd wear pretty much all of her hairstyles. Although Padme has some gorgeous ones that I love, too. :)

11. Would you rather fight Darth Maul or General Grievous?
Oh look. I just died again. :P

-sigh- How would I rather die? By double-sided light saber, or by a cyborg wielding 4 lightsabers?

All right. I'll say Darth Maul. Maybe I can hold out against him longer than Grievous. (#yeahright).

12. Would you rather be part of the first attack on the Death Star or the attack on the planet/space station...thing, from the New Force Awakens movie?
The first attack because it's classic and suspenseful and Han Solo will save me in the Falcon if I'm about to get blown up. hahaha

That's all! :D Thank you for this fun game, Cordy! :D

oh, Han


  1. I enjoyed reading your answers, Natalie!!

  2. That's Han Solo for ya ;-)

    I actually do wear my hair like Leia--not for the sake of copying her, but just because it's practical and looks pretty, like you said. I braid it and then wrap the braid around my head and pin it. So, think Leia in "Empire Strikes Back" and you get the picture :-)

    Fun answers!

    1. Haha! :D

      Really? That's so cool! That may be my favorite of all her hairstyles. :)


  3. Great post! Of course anything that mentions Star Wars is awesome anyway. :) That last picture of Han Solo is so funny!

  4. Cool game. Your answers were all very good. Exept I would fight general Greivous because there would be tons of clones coming to help me.

    1. Thanks, IsaacBenjamin! That is very true. I hadn't thought of that!

  5. OH WOW OH WOW OH WOW!!! I LOVED this. Seriously, it made me laugh so much. :D
    I'm glad you are posting about Star Wars again. I don't have enough people to squeal over it with! Hehe. (Although I DO understand why people would hate it. I actually can't believe I like it myself...but I do. ;D)
    Yes! Millenium Falcon all the way! (And HAN'S FACE!! <3) "Now don't get cocky kid." HAHA. Look who's talking, Han... ;)
    My, that IS a hard question. I think I might choose the trash compactor if I was WITH two other friends. I hate being alone, and I hate getting lost and I also reckon I'd get much easily creeped out by all the weird things on that marshy planet...*shudder*
    I think R2-D2 is more older and wiser, haha, but BB-8 is way more adorable. ;D
    Haha, YUP! I'd say the same. My little 6 year old brother can almost beat me at playing lightsabers with him already...if that's the case, I'll take a blaster, thanks. ;)
    Obi-Wan! He doesn't annoy me. He's one of my favourite characters (if not THE) from numbers 1, 2 and 3. :D (And yeah, he's WAAYYY more handsome than Qui-Gon, haha. :P)
    I like your answer for #6. Very wise choise. ;) I don't know if I'd have the guts to take down Anakin, when I KNOW there is still good within him, deep down inside...
    Oh, that picture of Darth Vader with the 'sad' quote...aww... :( :P
    "Life or death (mostly death) questions?" Haha. Nicely put. ;D
    I don't know about #9...some of those people in the Senate are A Bit Weird. :P Haha.
    I like Leia's hair better most of the time, but I LOVE Padme's loose, curly hair dos. (Everyone's hair is so RIDICULOUSLY thick in those movies! :O So many wigs, haha...)
    "#yeahright" Haha. Oh wow...you're so funny. XD
    Oh wow, that picture of Han and Leia and the wolves - HAHA! Look at Han's face. :D
    Oh Han.... ;) I love him - he's so selfish and hilarious. :P
    This was so good, Natalie. It made my day. :D
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Miss Meg,
      Ohhhh, I'm SO glad you enjoyed it that much! Your comment brought a smile to my face! :)
      Heehee, I know! I actually have another SW post planned....hopefully I can do it soon, but we'll see. ;)
      That's true about the trash compactor...if I'm going to die, it'd be nice to at least not die alone. haha
      Out of Anakin, Qui-Gon, and Padme, I think Obi-Wan may be my favorite too. :)
      Oh, I love Padme's curly hair too! And yes! Everyone has amazing hair. ;)
      I love Han too. :)
      Thank you so very much!! Your comment made me very happy! :)

  6. UGH!! Jabba's Palace is just sicko!! I skip it too. :)

    I'm glad you filled out the game!

    6. Oh, no! You wouldn't die. Remember who trained you! Haha.
    8. Sorry. :/ Haha. I wasn't going for all deadly questions. I was more focused on the action involved, not the idea that anyone would die while trying to do any of it. But you know, I could have asked: "Would you rather kiss Han Solo or a Wookie?" ;) Would that have been easier?
    11. Oh. My. Stars. That picture of the wolves and Han and Leia!!! That's fantastic!!!

    Well, I hope you had fun, apart from answering so many questions about your death. :D


    1. Cordy,
      Totally agree! :(
      Hahaha, that's true! I forgot that I was trained. Maybe I would have survived then! Yay!
      That would have been entirely easier. heee ;)
      Isn't it though?? Hahaha!
      Yes, I did have fun! Thank you for the game-I enjoyed it a lot. :D

  7. Fun answers, Natalie!! Thanks for all the eye candy, t'was really nice ;) And the one of the wolves and Han and Leia! That was hilarious xD

    1. Haha, you are welcome, Olivia! And thank you!!


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