March 10, 2016

"Well, I'm back."

Hello, my lovely friends!! Today I'm doing something rather out of the ordinary for me. I'm writing a quick and random post about anything that strikes my fancy. Things I want to share with you all. Just some conversation starters. After all, aren't the conversations we have the bets thing about blogging?

My "Rohan" calendar.
No, unfortunately I do not have a LOTR calendar. But, the picture for the month of March is a STUNNING photo of a great white mountain with green and gold fields in the foreground. Every time I see it I'm reminded of Rohan and that makes me incredibly happy. I really love Rohan.

I read Return of the King.
I honestly can't put my thoughts into coherent phrases at the moment (I mean, I probably could if I tried, but I don't want to exert myself yet haha). I just finished that beautiful story yesterday and cried many tears and felt rather depressed. Just a bit. But that doesn't mean I didn't love it. Return of the King is now one of my favorite books ever.
I promise I will do some sort of post-whether a review or just a "thoughts" post-about it someday.

ps. And thence my post title is explained. -sob-

How to Train Your Dragon 2

A long while ago I saw How to Train Your Dragon and I just thought it was an "all right" movie. Well, on a whim I decided to pick up the sequel at the library and wow wow wow—I am so glad I did! I absolutely loved it.
This movie. This movie!!!
1) Toothless is the best ever. I love him SO much. 
2) Hiccup and Astrid all grown up was sooooo cute and sweet!! Their relationships is adorable.
3) The feels in this movie. Do I even need to explain? -sob-
4) Am I the only one who loves Hiccup's voice?
5) Again, I just love Toothless. I love how Hiccup calls him "bud".
6) I'm a little obsessed with vikings and dragons now.

Going to Barnes and Noble
For the first time in probably 6 years or so I was able to go to a gigantic beautiful store filled with shelves and shelves of books. BRAND NEW BOOKS.
Unfortunately, that means they all are a sight more expensive than this girl who usually buys books second hand is used to, but it was worth it. The experience alone is worth it. There's nothing like browsing endless aisle of beautiful books.

And for those of you who are wondering, yes, I spent an exorbitant amount of time in there.
About 3 hours. -cough-

Peter Pan and Wives and Daughters
Of course I couldn't leave without buying some books....
So I purchased a lovely pink copy of Wives and Daughters and a simply stunning copy of Peter Pan.
(although I already own a copy. cough)

LOOK at it. If it's beautiful to you on the screen, imagine it as leather bound and glittering and sprinkled with stars. How could I not get it? (trying to justify my purchase haha)
I do love it, though. And on the back is a silhouette of Peter with the quote:
“All children, except one, grow up."


Okay, so perhaps it's not as glowing and perfect as the above photo (yet) but the fact that we've had almost 70 degree weather is magical. Fresh air and warm sun and blue skies....! The snow is melted and gone (except for a few renegade patches I saw down the side of our ravine. -angry glare-) and the sunset cast glowing reflections in the puddles yesterday.
This is only my second experience of a true springtime, but I already have a pattern established. As soon as possible I am out in a lawn chair on the back patio. The best thing about homeschooling is that you can do it outside. ;)

My purple shorts.
I have a new pair of purple-y plum colored shorts and I love them. They're a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe and are so comfortable and lovely. They've just been something that has made me happy lately.

Editing my book.
In case any of you have any interest in my book that I've posted about a few times, I though it might be nice to tell you that I am currently on Chapter 7.
I have a lovely group of beta-readers helping me (my family included haha) and it's been absolutely amazing getting to share my story with them and hear what they like (and dislike...) about it. I wish I could have had ALL of you (my blog readers) help me with it, but alas that's not practical. Hopefully someday in the near future I will be able to share it with you all. At the moment I'm planning on self-publishing, but nothing is set in stone yet. :)

My Plants
Awhile ago I bought three tiny succulent plants and they've been my faithful friends and reside on the top of my desk. :) From left to right their names (based on movie characters) are Erminia (Return to Cranford), Gary (Remember the Titans), and Julius (Remember the Titans).

Well, I guess that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this. Tell me—should I do more rambling posts like these? 


  1. Ah, this is a nice random post for a good random day. I love How to Train Your Dragon sooooo much. I love both of them equally, and let's just say, aren't we all glad that Hiccup gets out of his awkward look stage? Cause in the second movie, he looks so grown up. And I adore Toothless and Astrid as well! :)

    1. Thank you, Anna! I'm so glad to hear of another HtTYD fan! Heehee, we are glad indeed. ;) He's quite handsome in the second movie!

  2. Yes, do more like these cause they're awesome! :D
    It DOES look like Rohan. I love Rohan too. Actually, I'm playing that song (also called Eowyn's theme from the LoTR movies) on the piano right now! *happy sigh*
    I KNOW RIGHT RETURN OF THE KING IS SUCH A TEARJERKER! I LOVE those books. *squeezes them tight* They're some of the best ever. I need to read them again! :D (It's been more than a year! Too long...)
    WOWWOWWOW. That Peter Pan book = gorgeousness. It's ssooo pretty!! <3
    *sniffles* I wish it was going into spring here. :( I don't like autumn as much as spring. Not even CLOSE...
    Haha, your purple shorts sound awesome. ;)
    Oh yes, editing your novel! I'm typing up my novel I finished (the one set during WW2) so I can edit it... SUCH a big process and task. It's rather daunting. *chews fingernails nervously* But that gif of Alan - OOHHH!!! I always liked Alan. :) (And when he died... I cried so much. That show kills ya.)
    Haha, your plants are adorable. ;) So cute!
    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thank you , Miss Meg! I will definitely try to do more in the future. :)
      You have Eowyn's theme for the piano??? I am so jealous. Do you have sheet music or an actual piano book for Lord of the Rings music?
      I knooooow. Eek. :'(
      I'm glad you think so! It makes me pretty happy.
      I love autumn...but I also love summer...and spring...I'm really not sure which season is my favorite. :)
      Heehee, thanks!
      I type up my novel (from notebooks) and edit at the same time too! :D It is rather daunting. :/ But I'm sure you can do it! I'd love to hear more about your story, if you feel inclined to share. :)
      I love Alan too. I get pretty mad at him in season 2, but I always forgive him. His death was terribly unfair. As if we didn't go through enough pain for him. :"(
      Thank you!!

    2. Yes, I do! It's really good music, too... It's just a random sheet music piece, which I don't actually know where we got it from. :/ We've had it for years, and my sister can't remember where we got it... probably off the internet somewhere. (Sorry, none of that was very helpful. :P)
      Haha, yes, you really need ALL the seasons, otherwise your favourite would quickly get tiresome. ;)
      Aww, really?! Cool! :D Thank you! I feel quite confident that I can do it, I just have to find the time... :/ Oh, well, my story isn't half as interesting as yours. ;) It's not really got a huge twist, a thrilling plot or an amazing backstory, it's just something that I imagined in my head and turned into words. It's of a young girl (17 years of age) who lives in a prison camp for two years, and still keeps her faith in God. It has a complicated romance, and a rather big climax. I may change quite a bit of the story in editing it (there's ssooo much I need to change!) but those things will stay the same. ;) I can't wait to read more of your story! :D
      Yes, I got mad at him in Season 2 (in fact, I think I remember saying I'd never like him again, but I sure did take that back later on) but he still is so pitiable. I know, he has such a sad story, Alan. *sniffles*
      ~Miss Meg

    3. Haha, that's all right. :) I'll have to google for it sometime!
      Yes, exactly!
      Time is a major "problem" in writing and editing. But it is so worth it! Your story sounds SO good! Seriously, I love the plot. It sounds like the kind of story I'd love to read. :) If you ever need a beta-reader, you can count me as a volunteer. :)
      Heehee, I was cringing and making distressed noises while reading my first draft-especially the beginning, so I can heartily relate to having a lot of things needing changes. ;)
      Awww thank you! It makes me so happy how many of my readers are interested in my story! -hugs-
      Alan. :'(

  3. THE PETER PAN BOOK. Gahhh. It's gorgeous beyond measure. :-)
    (And your purple shorts sound beautiful.)

  4. Your Peter Pan copy is GORGEOUS!!!!! Oh my goodness. I want to touch it.

    This was such a fun spring-ey happy post! ;-)

    1. Thank you so much, Emma!! I would let you touch it if I could! haha

      I'm happy you liked it. :)

  5. Ohhhhhhh . . . I want to see the How To Train Your Dragon movies, too!! Don't have time right now, but maybe someday . . .

    Congrats about your book! It must feel so good to have come this far with it! I can't wait till it's published and we can ALL read it ;-)

    1. Jessica,
      Except for a little rude humor here and there that I could easily do without, they're amazing movies! I really hope you get a chance to see them someday. :)

      Thank you! It is, really. Rather surreal. ;) Aww, thanks!! That means a lot! :D

  6. Should you do more posts like this??? ABSOLUTELY! I love posts like this! It was fun to hear about the little things that have made you happy lately.

    First. That calendar picture! Ahhh! I love it when a picture or object becomes associated with a story in your mind so that every time you look at you're swept back to that happy place. Gahh. It made me happy just hearing about how happy it made you. :)

    You finished The Return of the King!!!! *fist pump* I'm so glad you liked it. That is SUCH a good book! :) Oh, and this comment of yours made me smile: "(I mean, I probably could if I tried, but I don't want to exert myself yet haha)." I can SO relate to that feeling! Actually, I've been in a very non-exertive mood this whole week. Haha! :P

    THAT PETER PAN BOOK! It's gorgeous! I think it was a very good purchase. :D

    You've been having 70 degree weather? So have we!! Isn't it wonderful? I love the change of seasons. It makes me so happy and nostalgic and energized when I get that first whiff of spring. Ahhhh! And doing your schoolwork outside! That sounds positively delightful! :D

    Your purple shorts. *smile* It's cool how such small things can make us so happy. :)

    Ahem. About that book. If you're already on the seventh chapter, WHY have I not gotten the third one yet? *taps fingers impatiently* Haha! Just teasing. I can wait. But honestly, I've been checking my e-mail every day thinking it should be coming along soon.

    You name your plants?? Okay, that's adorable. I like it. :)

    Thank you for this post, Natalie! (Talk about things that make you happy! Reading this post is giving me a super happy, spring-ish feeling. You're making me seriously ready for warm weather now.)

    Alright, I think I've rattled on long enough. :) Have a LOVELY day, friend.

    1. Aww, thank you, Miss March! I'll definitely plan on more for the future. :)

      YES. I'm so happy you can relate! Things that remind me of stories are the best. I even associate some pieces of clothing that I own with different movie characters (e.g. a sweater than looks like something Marian might wear in the BBC Robin Hood show) and of course wearing the said clothing is like carrying a piece of a favorite character around with you. :)

      I did!!! It was amazing! I'm glad you can relate to my predicament. haha :D Although I suppose I shouldn't be glad that you've been in a non-exertive mood lately. Tsk tsk, Miss March. ;) (I feel like I'm continually in a non-exertive mood, though. It's such a constant battle to be productive.)

      Thank you!! I'm glad yours and everyone's opinions on the book is helping me justify my spending. haha ;)

      It's not that warm anymore, but we have little green shoots all over our yard! The tulips and daffodils and such. Isn't spring just an amazing motivator? :)

      There's this quote by Laura Ingalls that I like: "It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." :)

      You've been checking your email every day, waiting for the next chapter? Awwwww!! Miss March! -give you a big hug- That means so much! Truly. :) It made me very happy to hear how eager you are for the next chapters! Yesterday I finished polishing up chapter 3 AND I'm planning on sending out chapter 4 as well. So, expect getting them very soon!

      Heehee. :)

      Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. :) You have a simply lovely day as well!

    2. It's "like carrying a piece of a favorite character around with you." Aww. I like that. :) (Do you really have a sweater that looks like something Marian would wear? That's so cool!)

      Oh, I know. It certainly is a struggle to be productive. I can totally relate to that.

      Yes. I love Spring. And it was so nice having warm weather last week. Unfortunately we're back to cold weather now, which is kind of sad, but I guess that was to be expected since it's only the third week in March. :P

      Aww. That is such a sweet quote. Thanks for sharing it. :)

      Two chapters at once?!!! Oh, goody, goody! -Returns hug- I'll be looking forward to it. :D

      Thanks, Natalie!

    3. Yes, I do!! It's a very cozy, gray sweater with brown buttons and a couple swirly-circle designs done in yarn down the front. It doesn't sound very good in description, but in real life, it's lovely. At least I think so! :) I could send you a photo, if you wished to see it. ;)

      I knoooow. Cold weather. Ugh. :( The good thing is, I can drink tea. The bad thing's cold. :P

      I feel so's been so long since I said that I'll be sending out both chapters soon! I'm so sorry! Life has just been very busy lately. :( I do apologize, and I hope I can get back to editing soon! Sending out chapters 3 and 4 are definitely top on my list. :)

    4. Oh, yes! Please send me a photo. I'd love to see it! :)

      And seriously, Natalie, do NOT feel bad about not sending the chapters out yet. I totally understand. After all, I've been meaning to respond to your e-mail for WEEKS and I still haven't gotten around to it. :P Life is indeed busy. :) Anyway, I'll continue to look forward to the next installment of your story, but whenever you get it sent is fine. DON'T stress out over it. :)

    5. Okay! I will do so as soon as possible! :)

      Aww, thank you again for your understanding. :D

  7. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!! I love those movies! I think the second is my favorite - oh yes, and I love Hiccup's voice :D

    Those little plants are so cute! I like that you gave them names :) My mom likes those kinds of plants too.

    Congratulations on your book! I can't wait 'till it's published - I wanna read it!

    1. Eeek, yay!!! I'm so glad you like them too, Rosie!

      Aww, thanks. And how cool that your mom likes them, too! I enjoy them a lot. :)

      Thank you!!!! You are so sweet!! :D I can't wait too. ;)

  8. Oh my! All good things, all good things! :D

    I want a 'Rohan' calendar! It looks beautiful!! Oh, I want to live in Rohan. *wistful sigh*

    RETURN OF THE KING!!!! I'm looking forward to your post.

    New books?! How lucky for you!

    Go, Natalie! Keep editing!! (Love the confidence of that gif. :D)

    1. Heehee! Thanks, Cordy!

      Me too! Let's plan a trip there soon, shall we? ;)

      I can't wait to discuss RotK!

      Nothing better than new books. ;)

      Thank you for the encouragement! I'm about to do so soon....I have the house to myself for the evening, so of course any quiet moment is perfect editing time. :)
      Heehee, I love that gif too!

  9. These type of posts always make me so happy, and yours... yours just made my heart sing for some reason. I guess it's because you're such a beautiful person Natalie! :)

    Oh, I'm so glad you read Return of the King. It is surely one of the most splendid stories ever!!! And yes, upon the tears I wept (or nearly wept) over a certain part where a Certain Person nearly got burned up, but I found that part rather thrilling too. :)

    Maybe you should do a fashion photo shoot with your new shorts! :)

    The sparkles upon that copy of Peter Pan are perfectly dreamy.

    Your house plants! They are so adorable!! Houseplants are some of my Favorite Things. Arwen and I have two Pathos and one Snake plant and we love them to distraction. It's amazing how one can get attached to a plant, isn't it? :) We don't have any succulents as I'm rather nervous about how they might thrive in our humidity, do they seem to be growing well where you live?

    1. Eowyn,
      AWWW! Your words made ME feel so happy! You seriously brought a smile to my face. Thank you so much for your kindness, my friend. :)

      I'm so glad you think so, too! And oh yes, that part...I didn't cry because I knew he wouldn't get burned, but it was a very exciting scene!

      Thanks for the idea! I have thought about sharing some outfit posts before, but have never gotten around to it...maybe someday. :)

      I'm happy you like it too. :)

      You have house plants, too?? How wonderful! I'm so glad you like mine. :) It is funny how attached you can get to them! Which reminds me, mine are due for a water....I try to do it about once every 2 weeks. I've heard that over-watering can be bad for succulents. :/
      Yes, so far they seem to be fine! I've had them for about...hmm. Maybe 2 months now? They're still green and alive-I hope I can keep them that way! :D I'll have to tell you how they do in the summertime. :)

  10. Lovely post. Natalie! :D

    ROTK. I just. No words.

    I'm so happy about spring!!! So, SO happy :)

    Your purple shorts sound awesome! I wish I had a pair now :P

    And I know, isn't doing school outside the best?

    That copy of Peter Pan! I APPROVE. hehe

    1. Thanks, Olivia! :D

      I knoow. I need to do a post. Soon.

      Me too!! Spring is beyond wonderful. :)

      Heehee, thank you! I hope you can find a pair. ;)

      YES, so glad you relate.

      I had a feeling you would...I'm so glad I was right! :D

  11. How to Train Your Dragon and ROTK!!!! YAY!!!! And I can't believe you did it all in one grand post! ;D Eeeepers, I'm so SO happy you loved both of them.

    (P.S. And happy little indoor plants are some of the best things ever. :D)

  12. I'm so glad you like HtTYD as well! I had no idea you'd seen it! And yes, ROTK...I've become a complete fan. :)

    Aren't they, though? I'm so glad you think so. :) Thank you for your comment!


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