April 4, 2016

A Tag....or Three

Well, everyone, it's springtime. The official first day of spring was two weeks ago, and the month as of now is April. (Such a lovely name!) But does Michigan know this? Oh nooo, of course not. It's decided to shake out some leftover snow right on top of the green growing things outside.

Yes, indeed. Cary Grant says it best. Snow has no business dropping in for a visit in April. I will love you and adore in in December (even November) but until then don't show your sorry face around here anymore.

Goodness, snow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be so harsh. I do love you!!
But, it's springtime now. You must go. I'm sorry. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know?

goodbye, snow
Anyways, rant over. I have come across several tags as of late that I've wanted to do. I decided to compile a few of them into one post. :) As a note, I won't be tagging anyone in return, because...

First off, Rae at L. M. Montgomery Kindred Spirits created this absolutely lovely tag called a "A Golden Picnic" in celebration of spring and Anne Shirley's birthday. Isn't that darling? It certainly puts me in a spring-time mood. :) Anyone is welcome to join in on this tag, but if you do please link back to Rae.

1. "What a lot of elephant's ears," exclaimed Diana. "I'm going to pick a big bunch, they're so pretty."
"How did such graceful feathery things ever come to have such a dreadful name?" asked Priscilla.
Have you thought what Priscilla thought? What is something you love but hate the name thereof?
Well, I can't think of an example, but I'm sure I have. There are many fictional character names that I dislike, although I like the characters themselves. "Vicki" from the Left Behind: The Kids books, "Fanny" from Mansfield Park.....

2. "Oh, girls, look at that!"
"That" was a shallow woodland pool in the center of a little open glade where the path ended. ...it was a glimmering placid sheet, round as a saucer and clear as crystal. A ring of slender young birches encircled it and little ferns fringed its margin.
..."Well, we must name this place before we leave it...Everybody suggest a name and we'll draw lots"
The names suggested were:
Birch Pool (Diana),
Crystal Lake (Jane),
Glimmer-glass (Priscilla), and
The Fairies' Mirror (Anne)
Which name would you choose for this lovely dimple of water? One of these? Your own name? (It ended up being called Crystal Lake.)
I'm sorry Jane, but "Crystal Lake" is horrible unoriginal. It's pretty, I suppose, but compared to "Glimmer-glass" and "The Fairies' Mirror" it's rather boring. (No offense to anyone who likes the name, of course, this is just my opinion. ;))
I have to say I like "Glimmer-glass" the best.
did you know the actress who played Diana auditioned to play Anne? Photo proof right here.
3. "I wish there really were fairies," said Jane. "Wouldn't it be nice to have three wishes granted you...or even only one? What would you wish for, girls, if you could have a wish granted?"
It's so hard to decide! Since this is just for fun, I'll wish for a time machine of sorts that can transport me to any fictional world that I choose!

4. "I wonder what a soul...a person's soul...would look like." said Priscilla dreamily.
..."I read somewhere once that souls were like flowers," said Priscilla.
If your soul was a flower, what do you think it would be?
Oh dear, I really don't know. Perhaps a daisy? It's quiet and simple and yet quite happy, whimsical, and old-fashioned.

5. What is your favourite thing about Spring? You can choose as many favourites as you need; I understand how hard it could be to choose a favourite.
Warm sunshine, green growing things, going barefoot, that ineffable freshness in the air that is so cool and sweet, having the windows open, and flowers. And a million other things. ;)

6. Do you have a favourite kind of flower? What is it, if so?
I honestly don't know if I have a favorite, but I've always loved daisies, roses, and just wildflowers in general. :)

7. Do you prefer rain or sunshine?
I love both!

8. Is Spring your favourite season? Why or why not?
I have to say that, despite the heat, I think summer is my favorite. It just is so vibrant and exciting. "And it's also my birthday.....just so you know."

9. Is it Spring where you live?
According to my calendar, it is. :/

10. Do you like what season you were born in? Do you wish you were born in Spring or some other season? 

I was born in the middle of summertime and while sometimes the heat is rather annoying, I wouldn't change the season I was born in. :)

please don't share or use this photo in any way without my permission. Thanks! :)
Despite the un-spring like weather now, we thankfully had a GORGEOUS day last Sunday for Easter! After church I did a mini photoshoot with my friend. This is a reflection of us in a store window. I actually have had parental permission to put my photo on my blog, but honestly am still not quite comfortable with the idea. The internet is a scary place, guys. haha 
I'm the girl in the pink dress. Don't you love our Easter colors?

I stole this rather uniue and very fun tag from Hamlette's blog, called the "Life According to Literature" tag. In answer to the questions, you use a book title! You're supposed to use only books you've read in the past year, but for ease I'm going to change it to "only books on my bookshelf".  ;)

Describe yourself: An Old-Fashioned Girl by Louisa May Alcott. A little girl I know once told me I was very "old fashioned" and I took it as a great compliment. ;) haha

How do you feel today: On Wings of Cheer by Sam Campbell. Despite longing for spring, I'm quite content to stay inside and stay cozy with a book and cup of tea and dream of spring-bike rides, walks at the park, taking photos with my friend--and all the other warm-weather activities that are sure to come along. As a note, I DID enjoy my first bike ride a week or two ago with my brother! It was chilly, but just warm enough to be enjoyable and spring-like. :)

Describe where you currently live: By the Shores of Silver Lake by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Now, I actually live about and hour or two from the nearest lake, but being that my state is pretty much surrounded by lakes, I figured this worked. ;)

If you could go anywhere, you would go to: A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens. Paris and London!

Your favorite form of transportation: Wings Like a Dove by Christine Farenhorst. I couldn't find anything else that worked as transportation. ;)

Your best friend is: Emma by Jane Austen. I have a close friend who, out of all of Jane Austen's characters, reminds me most of Emma Woodhouse.

You and your friends are:  A Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin. I certainly hope I and all my friends succeed in being a candle for Jesus in this dark world.

What's the weather like: The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I'm starting to feel redundant and annoying with my longing for spring, but I couldn't help but use this title. ;)

You fear: Titantic: The Long Night by Diane Hoh. Do I need to elaborate?

What's the best advice you have to give: Love is Patient by Jean Archambault White.

Thought for the day: Amazing Grace by Eric Metaxas (which, by the way, is amazing and a book everyone should read!!) because God's grace is amazing.

How you would like to die: Unlocking the Spell by E. D. Baker. If I'm going to die, I might as well do something good as I go, right?

Your soul's imagination's present condition: Once Upon a Summer by Janette Oke. Because yes, I'm longing for summer too. ;)

Lastly, Miss March tagged me with "Memory Nest" a looong time ago. And here I am finally doing it. ;) Thank you, Miss March!

For this tag, I have to list five things that start with "when I grow up and have my own house..."

When I grow up and have my own house....I will never ever ever ever have animal heads on my walls. No, Gaston. No, it's not fabulous. At all. Neither are you, while we're on the topic. #teamBeast
(is anyone even on "Team Gaston"? I would be utterly shocked if there were)

When I grow up and have my own house.....I will have flowers everywhere. In the house, outside, in flower boxes...everywhere.

When I grow up and have my own house.....my house will be a castle. ;)

When I grow up and have my own house.....I'll wear beautiful gowns every day. Remember, I own a castle. I totally can get away with wearing ballgowns. 

When I grow up and have my own house.....I'll have a kitchen full of vintage cooking ware!

ps. I didn't include it in the list, but of course my house will be filled floor to ceiling with books. How could you possibly think otherwise?!

Happy Spring, everyone! Hopefully it's warm and green where you are! :D


  1. Yay! I'm glad you joined the Golden Picnic! I enjoyed reading your answers!
    I do agree that some characters in books have rather dreadful names...Fanny in Mansfield Park is a good example! I like her, I don't like her name.
    A daisy...that gives me some idea of what you're like! I like the idea of a daisy-like soul. Very nice.
    I hope you enjoyed the picnic; thank you for joining us!!!

    1. Rae,
      You are so welcome! Thank you for creating the tag! :)
      Glad you agree!
      And, aww, thanks!
      I enjoyed it very much! :D

  2. This was really fun to read, Natalie. :D

    Haha, that 'get out' gif. ;P What made me laugh more, was your line of 'but until then don't show your sorry face around here anymore.' HAHA!!

    I did know the actress for Diana Barry auditioned for Anne, but I'm so glad she didn't get it. :P Megan TOTALLY owned the role, and I loved Schuyler's portrayal of Diana. :) Actually, I just found out RIGHT NOW that Schuyler is a great niece to Katherine Hepburn?!! WOW. That is a juicy bit of trivia. ;D

    My birthday is in summer, too. :)

    Woah, that picture of you and your friend in the reflection of the store window is AWESOME!! Gosh, you're making me really curious to see you what you look like. :P (From what I can see, you look very pretty! Your HAIR. <3)

    Oh, I love "An Old Fashioned Girl" - I read it recently. What did you think of it? :D

    Your answers to the "Memory Nest" tag where all super amusing. ;D

    TEAM BEAST ALL THE WAY!! Never EVER Gaston. Just... no. *shudders*

    Haha, you know what? When I was reading other people doing that tag, I imagined MY answers, and one of them was to wear ball gowns every day, too. ;D

    Vintage cooking ware! What a neat idea! :)

    It's relatively green where I am, and it sure is warm, haha. ;) Apparently it's autumn, but (just like you), the season isn't living up to it's name. Maybe we should swap weather, aye? :P

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Thanks, Miss Meg!
      Hahahaha, I'm so glad you enjoyed that. ;)

      Same here! She is perfect as Diana-and I can't imagine anyone but Megan as Anne! I had heard that before about Katharine Hepburn before, isn't that so cool??

      Aww, yay! :D

      Hahaha, thank you so much!! Aww, you are so sweet! I'm sure I'll "put my face" on my blog sometime. ;) Then your curiosity can be satisfied! :D

      I love "An Old Fashioned Girl" but I haven't read it in a long time-I'm due for a reread. :)

      Heehee, thanks.

      YES! Exactly. Gaston is so horrid!

      Haha! Great minds think a like! :D

      Heehee, yes, indeed. Well, I hope your autumn turns crisp and cool and colorful soon! :D

  3. You've got snow too?! ISN'T IT RIDICULOUS? It was so gorgeous last week, and now -- boom. Snow. *insert nasty face* Because of that I've been a little low for the past few days. But I'm hoping it doesn't last long, for us both! (And that Cary Grant gif is spot on, I must say. Leave it to Cary Grant to say exactly the right thing.)

    1. YES, IT IS. Glad someone can relate my complaints. :P haha I hope it warms up for you soon!
      I know. It's rather ridiculous how much the weather can affect our moods!
      Yes, indeed. Cary Grant is amazing. :D

  4. Such a LOVELY post, Natalie! I enjoyed it very much! :D

    *giggles* Your little conversation with the snow was hilarious!! Totally made me smile. "...don't show your sorry face around here anymore. ....Goodness, snow! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be so harsh. I do love you!!" Hahaha! SO funny! :D And the gifs you used were perfection! That one of Sam and Frodo... "Absence makes the heart grow fonder, you know?" Awwwwww.

    You don't like the name Fanny? Why not? Any particular reason? (Just curious. :))

    DIANA TRIED OUT FOR THE PART OF ANNE?! Seriously? That is so interesting! I never knew that before. It's funny to see her with red hair. I'm glad she got the part of Diana, though, because she was excellent in that role. :)

    The picture of you and your friend in the store window is SO good! I wouldn't have guessed that it was one of your own pictures. It totally looks like something you'd find on Pinterest or something. And I LOVE your Easter colors. They're beautiful. (But hey, that was sort of a teaser. Now you've made me really curious to know what you look like. We should exchange pictures sometime. If you want to, that is. Naturally, I'd understand if you didn't. :))

    That was a cool tag from Hamlette's blog. The books you chose for each question were really good. Particularly "An Old Fashioned Girl", and...aww, I like how you chose "A Candle in the Darkness" to describe you and your friends. Very well put. That is what we should all be longing for, isn't it?

    Yippee! You did the memory nest! Your answers are all lovely. Animal heads on the walls? Dear me, no! Not in good taste, at all. That sort of decorating belongs at a cabin or lodge or something, not your own dear little home. (And no, I don't think there COULD be a team Gaston. A person would have to be out of their mind...yeah, just no. That would be CRAZY!) All the flowers sound lovely! And the castle! Wow, when you dream, you dream BIG. ;) And yes, of course. If you live in a castle you MUST wear pretty ball gowns...all day, every day. Can there be any other option? Aww. The vintage cooking ware. Sounds delightful! Your house is going to be so cute. :) Or well...if it's a castle perhaps it won't be particularly cute, but it will be lovely, I know that! :D

    Thanks for the beautiful spring-time post! I hope the weather turns warm for you soon. We're having a cold spell here, too. :/

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you, Miss March! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

      Hahaha, thank you. I have to admit I was partly inspired by your little conversations you've documented on your blog. ;) They're so cute and funny!

      Ehh, I'm not sure. It's just never been a favorite of mine. :P Do you like it it?

      YES, she did!! Isn't that crazy? Me too. :) The casting is perfect in that movie; I wouldn't change anything.

      Aww, thank you so much!! That makes me so happy! I would love to exchange pictures sometime. :D I'll give you mine in my next email. ;)

      Thank you! Yes, indeed. :)

      Exactly! -shudder- Hahahaha, yes! If I'm going to dream, I might as well shoot for the stars. ;) But, I know the castle won't ever actually happen so I hope I one day have an adorable oldfashioned house. :D

      Thank you! Aww, I'm sorry. I hope it warms up for you, too!

    2. Aww. Seriously? Thanks, Natalie. I'm thrilled to have had a part in inspiring you. That's just jolly. :)

      I wouldn't say it's a favorite name, but I've never particularly disliked it. Haha. And like you, I'm not sure why either. That's the funny thing about names. It's really hard to know why you like or dislike them. (Now that I'm thinking about it, there are an awful lot of Fanny's in literature. I can think of six right off the top of my head.)

      Oh, goody! Now I'm SUPER excited about getting your next e-mail (not that I wasn't excited already, but you know what I mean...) :D I'll have to fish around and see if I can find a good picture of myself. ;) (Perhaps not the easiest task in the world. heehee.)

      Absolutely. Old-fashioned houses are the best! :)

    3. :D I'm glad you're thrilled!

      Really? Six? I can think of...three. I think. haha Yes, names are funny, aren't they? Especially when your favorite names change out every few years or so. ;) I used to love the names "Nicki" (for a girl) or "Richard" (for a guy, obviously) and now I can't stand Nicki. Richard is tolerable, I suppose. ;)

      I'm excited too! :D

  5. Lovely answers!

    That picture of Schuyler Grant as Anne O.O

    Oh! And that picture with your friend is so beautiful! (…did that sound weird?…oops…)

    I wish it would just STAY SPRING already!

    Aaaahhh, I want to do that literature tag :D

    "When I grow up and have my own house…my house will be a castle ;)" HAHAHA, *high five*, we think alike ;)

    1. Thanks, Olivia!
      Haha, I know, right?
      Aww, thank you! That didn't sound weird at all. ;)
      I KNOW.
      I saw your post on it-I can't wait to read it!
      "Guys, I want a castle." ;) *high fives back*

  6. I love that picture of you and your friend on Easter!! Such a pretty pink dress :-)

    Y'know, I wish I could live in a castle too. Then again . . . maybe I don't. Not sure. (Indecisive, I know.)

    1. Thank you, Jessica!!
      Haha, that's all right. You can visit me in mine, if you'd rather not have your own. ;)

  7. I love your answers! And that ball gown . . . :)

  8. What a beautiful post with so many fun tags. I am with you on the Vintage cooking ware! And those "Anne Series" illustrations! Wowzer! I did not know the actress for Diana auditioned for Anne! Blessings! I enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you so much, OldFashionGirl! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :D

  9. Haha, Cary Grant :D

    There is so much to love about this post, Natalie! I'm only sad it has taken me so long to get around to it!!! Sheesh, Cordy! You need to get out more! Hehehe.

    I like why you thought your soul was like a daisy. It's such a sweet, classic flower. :)

    OHHH, going barefoot!! So much happiness!

    That book tag is fabulously creative. Your answers were just as genius. :)

    As for your house or pardon me, castle,...can I come visit sometime?! It sounds like a lovely place. A castle without animals on the wall and wearing ballgowns...please count me in! Haha!


    1. Oh, don't worry about. I love comments on old post! :D

      Haha, thank you. :)

      Yes, indeed!!

      Aww, thank you!

      Yes! You can indeed come. Once I finish building it I will send you an invitation. ;) Be prepared for many elegant balls but also quiet evenings of watching period dramas or reading books. I can give you in a suite in your own private tower, how does that sound? :D

    2. You would give me my own tower?! I say yes, a thousand times! Elegant balls, period drama watching, and books?! :D :D XD

    3. Hahaha, indeed! I'm looking forward to your visit! (Now I just need to build my castle...hmm.)


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