May 7, 2016

I bid you all a very fond farewell.


Just in case my title scared you. ;)

I just wanted to pop in and give you a quick announcement...I'm probably NOT going to be blogging very much during the coming month (or even June...maybe..).  I'm currently finishing up my senior year of high school (YAY) and I want need to concentrate all my efforts on that.
a random photo of Merry and Pippin because why not
Unfortunately, I have had a lot of blog post ideas lately, but hopefully I can save them for when I have more time. :) I will still be trying to keep up with commenting on blogs, but I can't promise a blog post of my own any time soon. (Sob)

"So, let us not say goodbye, but as the French  would have it, 'au revoir!'" (now you can all wave halfheartedly like the Bennet family did to Wickham)

Thank for being such lovely followers! I will miss you...until I can return. :)


  1. *hugs tight* All the best dearie!

  2. *reads the title* *freaks out* *checks to see if it's April Fool's Day* *realizes it's May* *reads next sentence* *calms down*

    Haha, that intro was longer than I expected... but anywho. Before I go on, may I just say that all the pictures you used here ARE ZE MOST BEAUTIFUL THINGS EVER. I'M GOING TO STEAL THEM AND PUT THEM ON MY DESKTOP BACKGROUND.

    Well, I'm sorry we shan't be hearing from you, but I think you've got a very good reason and I wish you all the best of luck! How exciting about nearly finishing school!! Well done, old girl. :)

    Haha, well, rest assured I will not wave goodbye half hardheartedly, nor pull any pathetic faces like the Bennets did at Mr. Wickham's leaving. ;)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Hahaha, Miss Meg, your comment made me laugh. YOU ARE SO SWEET!

      You're totally welcome to steal them. :D

      Thanks ever so much! :)

      (heehee, and thank you for that, I would be rather upset if my readers did wave half heartedly ;))

  3. I probably SHOULD do the same; but I know I can't stop myself from blogging in the weekends. :-P
    I have exams too - so I UNDERSTAND. Good luck!! You can do it! :-)

    1. Hahaha, the problem is that it takes me FOREVER to finish just one blog post and...yeah. I just don't need that distraction right now. :P (Although I'd much rather be blogging!! haha)
      Thank you!!!! :) And good luck with all your exams!

  4. GOOD LUCK!! I know you're going to do just great!! :-)

  5. Aww. I'm missing you already!! :( But you're right. It is important for you to concentrate on your schoolwork. Good luck with your studies!!

    *A-HEM* About that title, though. REALLY, Natalie!!! Tell me, was that nice??? What were you trying to do, give us all a heart attack? ;) Haha. I'm SO glad this is only a temporary absence, because if it was permanent I would have to be very seriously displeased. :/ The blogging world just wouldn't be right without you!!

    Looking forward eagerly to your return. Oh! And all your new post ideas! I can't wait to see what they are. :D

    1. Awww! Thank you!! Haha, it is indeed. Although it's not as much fun as blogging. :P

      Hahahaha, I'm sorry....kind of. ;) I did sort of relish the thought of giving you all a mild scare...heehee. (Perhaps that's incredibly cruel of me, but I promise I only wished it out of fun!) YOU ARE SO SWEET!

      Thank you; I am too! :D

  6. Enjoy your blogging hiatus! And good luck with finishing up high school :-)

  7. I actually did freak at the title . . . good luck!!! :)

  8. Natalie,
    Yes, that title scared me SILLY! What a relief that my first impression was wrong. :)

    Good fortune with your studies! I'm actually trying to finish up the loose ends of all the things I've studied so I can take my High School Exam sort of test this year, so I'm with you all the way, which is rather fun. :)

    That line of Wickham's... I just saw that scene again when my sisters were watching the movie and, honestly, I think it is one of the most hilarious in any period drama. :)

    1. Eowyn,
      Oh, hahaha, sorry about that! :(

      Thank you! Oh, you're finishing up too? How exciting! I love that you phrased it "the loose ends of all the things I've studied"--I'm glad to hear I'm not the only homeschooler who has a rather....confused...collection of "classes". ;) haha

      Heehee, I'm not sure if it's one of my favorite funny lines from all period dramas, but it IS hilarious!

  9. Have a splendid wrap-up of school, girl! I'll pray all goes well :)

    Don't worry about not being able to post as much; we've all been there. But I look forward to when you can return :D

    1. Thanks so much, Olivia!! I appreciate it. :D


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