May 13, 2016

Lord of the Rings~Would You Rather Game

Cordy went and picked the most awful time for hosting her Lord of the Rings week. I'm right in the middle of taking a blogging hiatus so I can work on finishing up my last year of school. But, then this wonderful party came along and I'm now making myself into a liar, considering my last post.

Thanks, Cordy. :P

Haha! I'm just teasing. You couldn't help that I'm in the middle of school work. Actually, since my last post I have finished up all of my 12th grade math (YAY) and am nearly done with my other "major" subjects. So it's all good. :)

Anyways, Cordy made one of her "Would You Rather" games for the party and here I am to play it. :)

1. You have been tasked with your own quest, your own fellowship has been gathered, and you have the pick of one last member, would you rather choose Eomer or Imrahil to join you on your journey? (Imrahil is a member of the Dunedain.)
I can't quite remember Imrahil from the books (oh wait...I think I do) but I do know that I've gained a great respect and appreciation for Eomer. I choose him! I think I could easily rely upon him for advice and leadership. :)

2. Would you rather have to track an army of Uruk-Hai, or climb the 'stairs'? 
Ugggh, Cordy, what a question! I'm going to go with tracking the army. At least that way I'm tracking THEM and not the other way around...and maybe I can recruit Aragorn's help. ;)

3. Who would you rather, slap/shake/glare, some sense ito, Denethor or Wormtongue?
Hahaha. Haha. Ha. Both? Okay, okay, I choose Denethor. He really makes me angry. When reading Return of the King for the first time I actually let out an angry shout when Denethor called Frodo a "witless halfling." I think that's the moment he became one of the characters I enjoy disliking intensely. :P

4. Would you rather attend Bilbo's birthday and have to dance a jig or have to sing a solo at Aragorn's coronation? 
Well, considering that I would feel incredibly stupid dancing a jig (I don't know hoooow) I'll choose the solo. Even though I'll probably embarrass myself there, too. But at least I can see Aragorn! But oh wait....that means I'll embarrass myself in front of Aragorn. Can I just stay home?

(Kidding, kidding. I wouldn't miss the chance to attend one of those celebrations!!)

5. Would you rather soar on an Eagle's back to pick-up Frodo and Sam or participate in the last march of the Ents, courtesy of Treebeard's shoulder?
Hmmm......I pick the Eagle. Flying would be incredibly thrilling and aiding Frodo and Sam would indeed make me feel very happy and honored. :)

6. Would you rather have to face an enraged Oliphant or Shelob?
Mmm...the Oliphant. I'll run and hide someplace...I don't know where. But it has to be better than facing Shelob.

7. Would you rather have to wear the full armor of Gondor for a day or the full armor of Rohan for a day?
Uhmm...well, I'd love to wear the Robin Hood-esque cloaks that Faramir's men get to wear, but the armor? Ehh, not so much. I guess I'll go with the Rohan armor.

8. Would you rather have an axe or a bow?
A bow, although I don't think I'd shoot very well. Maybe Legolas can give me lessons!

9.Would you rather visit Lothlorien or Rivendell?
Rivendell. I love how more naturally beautiful and calm it is. Lothlorien is gorgeous too, but it's very "otherworldly" and just...I don't know. I think I would be in awe of Lothlorien but I would feel more at home and peaceful at Rivendell. :)

10. Would you rather have to get through the Mines of Moria or take the Path of the Dead? (In each situation, you are with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli. Haha, so, you're not alone!)
Well, as long as I'm with Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli (especially Aragorn), I feel better, but....ooh, this is a hard choice! The Mines of Moria creep me out more, but they're also amazing and...eek. I'll say the Mines of Moria. I need to face my fears. ;) And besides, Aragorn will be there to protect me!

11. Would you rather stay and help rebuild the Shire, or sail to the Undying Lands? 
Oh dear...both are such wonderful choices. But I would stay. I'm not yet ready to leave the Shire. I want to stay and help rebuild it and see Sam and Rosie's children grow up and visit the other members of the fellowship again. There's still so much left to see and experience. :)

(I was reading through the appendices recently and GUYS, did you know that Sam's daughter, Goldilocks, marries Pippin's son, Faramir? And, on that note, did you know Pippin named his son after Faramir? I just....I was crying when I read all that. It made me so happy. :'))

Thank you for this fun game and marvelous party, Cordy! I'm sorry I wasn't able to participate more! 


  1. Loved this so much! I wish I had more time to get to the tag! :D

    1. Thanks, Evie! Ahh, I know. Time is rather bothersome sometimes, isn't it? :/

  2. er.. I mean the would you rather!

  3. What? Back ALREADY?? Haha. ;) I'm so glad to hear you're nearly done with your school work. I always did rather dislike school, but now I positively abhor it. Taking up so much of my friend's time. Not nice. Not nice, at all. :P

    4. Oh! The dilemma! Loved your answer to this one, though. Your comment about "just staying home" made me laugh. :D

    6. Agreed. I'm sure there must be SOME place to hide.

    9. "I would feel more at home and peaceful at Rivendell." Ah yes. Me, too. It definitely does seem more homey than Lothlorien. :)

    11. Exactly. There would still be so many good things to experience. I'd definitely want to stay, too. :D

    Oh, yes! Now that you mention it, I think I did know that, but I sort of forgot it temporarily. I love it that Sam's daughter married Pippin's son. That's just so cool! And the fact that Pippin named his son after Faramir is just...awww. :)

    Lovely post, Natalie!

    ~Miss March

    1. Haha, I would think you to be pleased. ;) (Oh look...I quoted my own book. I'm famous!) Thanks!! Indeed. Exactly. It certainly is a time-waster. ;P

      I'm so glad you enjoyed this. And yes!!! Eek, such lovely "trivia" bits. One of these days I'm going to sit down and read ALL (or at least most) of the appendices. I'm sure there's tons of wonderful information in there. :)

  4. I know!! It was dreadful timing!! :P I'm glad you found the time to play!

    1. Yes! Why didn't I consider that? Choose someone else to lead and I will plod along behind.
    6. Haha, it would be easier to hide from an Oliphant when it has so much to look at rather than hide from Shelob in her sick-o lair! :P :P

    Great picture of Arwen!! And Sam and Rosie. :) <3

    Thanks for playing, Natalie! Good luck with the rest of your schoolwork!! :D


    1. Haha, thank you! I'm so glad I was able to play, too. :)

      6. Exactly. Shelob's lair is horrifying!

      Thank you ever so much-for the game and for the encouragement! :D

  5. I loved reading this post Natalie! :D I mean, your posts are always a pleasure to read, and Lord of the Rings posts are always a pleasant to read - put them together, and you get something delightful beyond words. ;)

    I think I would pick Eomer too... he's so honest and loyal.

    Rivendell was always a much more appealing choice to me also, compared to Lothlorien. ;)


    We recently re-watched the LoTR movie trilogy, and I still can't get over how much I love them. GAAAHHHH. (Also, we don't have the extended version, so someday I'm gonna buy them - I've seen them before, and I know they're worth the money.) Tolkien's stories are the most amazing ones I've read. I think it's safe to say Lord of the Rings is my favourite story out there. The end. :)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thank you, Miss Meg! You are too sweet!!

      Yes, he is. :)

      I KNOW!!!! Tolkien certainly knew how to make us cry over his stories. :')

      Oh, I hope you can buy the extended versions soon! I have seen them all, as well. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow them from a friend. I do have the extended version of The Two Towers-on vhs tape. I found it at a thrift store!
      I'm not sure how I'd ever be able to choose a favorite story, but the LOTR is definitely up there on my list!

  6. Delightful!

    (Hey, look, I'm finally catching up on reading posts from almost 3 weeks ago...)

    1. Thank you, Hamlette!

      (That's quite all right. :))


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