June 10, 2016

Of a photography job and Mr. Thornton's accent

It feels so good to be writing to you all again! I've missed blogging. The break has been good, but I've missed it nonetheless. A lot of the busy-ness in my life is now past, and so I'm hoping to ease back into blogging--but I'm not sure how frequent I'll be with it. I dream of getting into a groove of posting once a week or so, but being that strict scheduling is not one of my fortes, don't count on it. :P
As you know, I took a break to finish up my schoolwork for my senior year of high school. I'm done with MOST of it. Yes, most. A couple of my subjects were started late in the school year (because it's the home school life and it can be so all-over-the-board sometimes haha) so I have them to finish up, plus some history activities and a test.....

But, I didn't come on blogger to complain of my woes about schoolwork. ;) Far from it. I mostly wanted to enlighten you all as to what I've been doing with my life lately.

On June 4th, I officially had my first photography job!

For a few years now I've been hoping to move my obsession with photography forward into a small business of sorts, not just a hobby. I'm still such an amateur and have a lot to learn. Despite this, I had the immense pleasure of being asked by my pastor's wife to photography her parents' 50th  wedding anniversary. This led to a month or so of mental preparation (perhaps with just a few sessions of complaining to my mom about my worries) (make that more than a few), not to mention making sure I had the right equipment. The days on the calendar rolled away and before I knew it was "the day". I was thankfully able to go shopping with some friends in the morning, and the fun we had kept my mind from thinking about that evening and worrying about it. But soon, the evening came and I was officially a photographer.

It all went much better than I expected. There were a few issues, most of which I predicted, and most of which had to do with lighting. But, for better or for worse, I made it through the evening (after being on my feet for about 3 hours straight) and was finally able to go home. I was so happy to have done it-so happy to be done-so happy everything went well-and so happy it was over. :P
Of course, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed my job very much, but oh what a relief to have it passed!!

And now, today, I finished editing the photos --hallelujah. I started out with about 700 photos....and narrowed it down to about 200. (So no, I did not edit 700 photos. What a nightmare that would be.)

 I did it in one week because I wanted to get it over as soon as possible in order to move on to my leftover school and the fun things--like blogging!! :D 

Guys, NAOMI AND EMMA HAVE MET IN PERSON! Hop over to their blogs and congratulate them because they've been waiting yeaarrs for this and it's just so exciting!!

Am currently participating in Hamlette's Jane Eyre read-a-long. Go join in if you'd like to! We're only on chapter 4 so far. :)

I'm also reading A Year With C.S. Lewis. This man was brilliant. All there is to it.

I'm watching North and South with my mom for the 50th time or something. We love it. :)

When Mr. Thornton proposed I said to my mom something to the effect of, "How could she refuse when Mr. Thornton says 'I wish to marry you because I love you!" in that accent of his?? I mean, what more do you want from life?" (joking...but come on. How was she not melted by his words?)
Of course, you must watch the scene to understand how he says "love." Annnd, unfortunately there is no clip of it on youtube. :"(

I just finished an all-three-seasons-of-BBC's-Robin-Hood-marathon that I watched with my brother and...and....*sob*. I've seen the end so many times that I didn't think I'd cry, but I lost it when Marian came on screen. I don't know why I watch this show; it's scarred me emotionally.

(Also, this was the second time I watched all of season 3 and ALLAN. Allan. He's so heroic. I love him. And just....why....)

(I really want to dedicate some posts to some thoughts on Robin Hood. I hope I can do it soon.)

I also just watched Only Angels Have Wings with my family and The Pride of the Yankees. Two of my absolute favorites!

I looked up the real Lou Gehrig and his wife. Do you know what she said after he died? 
"I had the best of it. I would not have traded two minutes of my life with that man for 40 years with another." 


aren't they adorable??

Sadly, my writing and editing has been thrust to the back burner due to school and my photography job. But, now that I'm almost done with all that.....I'm hoping to get back to my beloved child my book. I miss my characters so much!

We have peonies blooming in our yard, and all I gotta say is that I have a new favorite flower.
(Photos are mine; please don't steal. :))

I'm so happy to be "back" in the blogging world!! 
What have you all been up to lately?
 Has life been crazy for you, too?


  1. So glad to see you back on Blogger! I hope that you had a good break. North and South...... *sigh* love it so much. And I love your photos so much! Keep working towards what you want. And the gifs are awesome as well. If only I could find a way to upload them to my blog........... :|

    1. Thank you so much, Anna! I did have a nice break, thank you. :)
      I'm so glad you love N&S, too! And aww, thanks. That is such great encouragement!
      Oh dear! You can't upload gifs? Have you tried uploading them just as you would a picture? That's how it works for me.

  2. Welcome back Natalie!!

    Ok. Important things first: MR. THORNTON YESSSSS!!! He's just soooo amazing. Richard Armitage made a brief and unexpected cameo in Through the Looking Glass that recently came out, and when my friend and I recognized him, we both shrieked in the theatre, and whispered/shouted MR. THORNTON!!!! It was amazing. :)

    Congratulations on your photography job!! That must be exciting! I wish you all the best. :)

    And seeing that Robin Hood gif made me want to watch the show, which I sadly haven't. But I'm just watching Merlin now, and I'm already emotionally scarred, so I don't know if I can handle another show like it. We shall see. :)

    1. Thank you, Abigail!

      YES, Mr. Thornton!! Really? Haha, I have not seen that, but if I do I shall certainly keep an eye out for him. ;)

      Thank you!

      Well, I completely recommend Robin Hood--with the disclaimer that, yes, you WILL be emotionally scarred from it if you watch it. :P I have not seen Merlin, but knowing BBC, I'm sure it's very heartbreaking!

  3. SAME ABOUT THE SCHOOLWORK. I am all done with everything in all of high school except Algebra II, because I started it late. I understand how you feel.
    Congrats about the photography job! I enjoy photography too, but I doubt I'll ever do it professionally. I've done a couple un-professional photo shoots, and I take tons of pictures, but that's it. That's so exciting for you, though!
    Life has been super crazy for me, too. I actually don't have time to be commenting right now...but...
    Lovely post, Natalie!

    1. SO glad you can relate, Rae!! Seriously. I'm sorry you still have to finish Algebra 2, but it's always such encouragement to hear someone is in the same "dilemma" as me. ;) It always feels so awkward explaining to non-homeschool people that, "Well, I'm DONE...but I still have a few things leftover..." :P

      Thank you so much! And yay for another photography lover! I honestly don't know how "professional" I will ever get, but it's fun to experiment. And that's totally fine and great if you never pursue it professionally--you certainly don't need to earn money to be a great photographer. :)

      Aww, I appreciate it so much that you took the time to comment, then! Thanks!!

  4. I missed your posts! It sounds like you are having a fun and blessed life! I'm hoping to be blogging more too, as school winds down. I totally understand as I'm trying to tie up loose ends as well. I have yet to watch North and South!!!! (I know... I'm banished...) :( My problem is it's not on Amazon! :(
    Those flowers are gorgeous btw. :)


    1. Aww, thank you, Sarah!
      Good luck with all your school work! I know how frustrating it can be to want to blog and such, but still have school to finish up.
      Haha, you are certainly not banished! ;) But oh, I DO hope you can see it! Hmm, it's not on Amazon? Do you mean on DVD? I bought my copy off Amazon, so unless things have changed they should have it.
      Thank you so much!!

  5. I'm so happy you're back, Natalie!! I did miss you very much :-)

    Oh, you got to do a real photography job? Congratulations!!! That must've felt so good, to be hired to do something you already like (and are good at!) I hope you get more opportunities to do so in the future :-)

    I know JUST how you feel about wanting to get back to your book--I couldn't write at all last semester, basically, and it was TORTURE. Not kidding. I missed it soooooooooooooo badly!!! But now I'm off school and writing up a storm again and I'm just really happy :-)

    1. Thanks, Jessica!! Aww, you are so sweet. :)

      Yes, I did!! It was amazing, especially once I got over my nerves. :P Thank you, I hope I have more opportunities, too!

      I am so sorry--that does feel like torture. :( Ahh, the life we writers lead...it's not always fun. :P But YAY that you can write again!! I still have not touched my book yet, but I have been brainstorming/ writing snippets of a new story idea...so that's kept me from getting too out of touch with my writing. :)

  6. It's WONDERFUL to have you back, Natalie! :D Congratulations on your first photography job. "I was so happy to have done it-so happy to be done-so happy everything went well-and so happy it was over. :P" Awww. I hear you! It must have been so exciting, but at the same time SO nerve wracking. I'm so happy you made it through, and that all the editing is done now.

    Okay, I seriously need to watch North and South, so I can talk to you about it. :) Sounds like you've been having a lot of fun watching movies with your family. I love family movie nights! We've been having quite a few of those recently, too. :)

    Oooh! Your flower photos are gorgeous! Totally professional looking.

    Again, I'm so glad you're back!! And I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts! :D

    1. Thank you, Miss March!! Heehee, it was nerve wracking...at least at first. I was surprised how calm I felt once I got into it. It still feels amazing to have it all DONE, though! :D

      YES, you totally do! And yay for family movie nights! I'm glad you've been having fun with them, too. :)

      Aww, thank you!!

  7. Your pictures of peonies are delicious!!!

    And thanks for the shout-out for the read-along. It's going so well so far!

    And your mom is so right. HOW could she refuse him with his accent and his crumbling-chocolate voice and his drown-in-able eyes and and and and... really, Margaret is a fool.

    1. Thank you, Hamlette!

      Oh, you're quite welcome. And yay! I've been enjoying it a lot so far. :)

      Haha, actually it was me who said that, but YES, indeed! I really don't understand how Margaret has no pity at all for him in that scene. :(

    2. Well, then, yes, *you* are perfectly right.

  8. Yay! You're baaack!! :D I've missed you.

    Congrats on being so close to finishing school! *sigh* I wish that was me. ;) I've still got a couple more years ahead of me, although my mother said I'm working so hard it won't be long. (YES!)

    Ah, that gif with Olivia de Havilland! (That IS her, right? :P) I love it! I'm totally the girl with the violin hugging you. I mean, it's your first official photography job, that DEFINITELY deserves a hug!! That is tremendously exciting, Natalie. :) I'm SO glad it went well! I had a similar kind of feeling - I did my first "paid job" last week. It was only helping a lady across the road with her plant business, but I went all by myself, worked with my own hands and got money for it and it was so splendid. I was really nervous leading up to it, but now I feel pretty happy with it all (I'll be doing it again this week, hopefully!) and I'm very happy to be getting a little pocket money. :D
    Also, speaking of photo shoots, I did one myself a month or two ago. (I can't remember if I told you about it or not. Haha. Whoops.) But anyway, it was just with my little siblings, down some paddocks in our yard, but I had the lighting and their "costume" and a fun setting (a small damn + windmill + trees + small hills) and I really enjoyed it. I learnt quite a lot from it, and I want to try again with what I've learnt. (The only problem is I use my brother's camera and it is nigh broken. :P The focus doesn't work, which is VERY aggravating and troublesome. I managed to take a number of photos in the correct focus, but it's a problem that needs to be fixed, and I can't see how it would be. The camera has definitely had better days, and I think it's just about dead. ;P)

    I've only seen North and South once (although I've seen Richard Armitage in many movies, so I'm very familiar with his velvety voice ;)) and I really enjoyed it!

    YES. BBC Robin Hood is really half a waste of time. (And yet I really like it. ARGH.) It just wrecks you and yet you still want more of it. *shakes head* (And Allan's death was the 2nd most touching part out of the entire series, in my opinion. The first being Robin's death. How... just HOW can you kill of ROBIN HOOD?!)

    I'm in the same boat with writing. I've got my whole story finished and ready to go with editing, but it's been on the back burner. School is SO busy, so I am in desperate need of some holidays. After next week I'll get two weeks of them, so I hope to make good use of it! :D

    Wow, peonies are SO beautiful. Your photos are lovely, too. :) (The colours of them... oh my.)

    I loved your post. It's good to have you back.

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Aww, thank you, Miss Meg! I've missed all of my lovely followers, too. :)

      Thank you so much! Aww, I'm sorry! Well, your mom is right. If you keep at it, you'll be done before you know it. Although I know it feels like such a drag when you're in the middle of it. :( Best of luck!!

      Yes, it is Olivia! And awwww, thank you! -hugs back- And congratulations! A real money-earning job of any sort is very exciting! I'm happy for you. :)

      Ohhh, your photo shoot sound LOVELY! I'd love to see your photos, if you ever felt like sharing. :) But oh yes. Cameras can be a trouble, sometimes. I hope you can either get a better camera soon or get your brothers' fixed.

      Richard is wonderful, isn't he? What else have you seen him in?

      I knooow. Robin's death...and Allan's. I actually don't cry at Allan's death (which is odd, for me), but it still makes me very sad. :(

      You've got a whole story finished? That's fantastic!! And yay for your upcoming two weeks! I hope you get lots of writing done and enjoy it. :)

      Aww, thank you so much. :) <3

    2. Haha, goodness, I'm not sure if I'd dare show you my photos. :P I might wait until I get a little better before I show you. Hehe. ;) They're not that great - honestly, I am no great photographer, I just enjoy taking pictures, capturing moments, and I'd like to polish up what little skill I have of it. I have many friends (including yourself!) who are ever so much more talented at it than I. ;) But thank you, all the same! And yes, hopefully the camera issue can be fixed...

      What else have I seen Richard Armitage in? Well, the whole 3 series of BBC Robin Hood, the 3 Hobbit movies, in the 1st Captain America movie (although it was such a small part I'm not sure if it counts ;P), North and South and... that might be all. It just felt like a lot. :P

      Haha, well, *I* cried in Allan's death. ;) In fact, I reckon I may have cried more for him than for Robin... ahem.

      YES!! :D My one about a WW2 concentration camp... it needs a LOOOT of work on it, though. *sigh* But at least the first draft is done and I know what I need to change.
      Aww, thanks! <3

      You're very welcome, girl. ;)

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Aww, well, whatever works for you. :) If you ever want to share any with me you can leave your email in a comments (I won't publish it!). I think that as long as you're having fun with your photos, that's the most important thing! And, I'm sure the more you practice the better and better you'll get. (My photos certainly weren't anything special when I first started out. :P)

      Cool! I definitely would love to see the Hobbit movies and Captain America some day, but it hasn't happened just yet. :/ (Did you know that RA was an un-credited Naboo soldier in Star Wars: Eps. 1?)

      Aww, I understand. :'( I do love Allan a lot...I don't know why I don't cry. :P

      It sounds fantastic! (Oh, and if you ever need a beta reader...well, I volunteer. :)) Haha, I think all first drafts need a lot of work. Mine certainly did! (Still does...ahem.) But getting the first draft done is such an accomplishment. That's just SO cool. :D

    4. (Thanks for your lovely comment back. It made me smile so much!)

      Aww, thank you so much! I will keep that sweet offer in mind. :) (And yes, I guess everyone's photos have to stuff from somewhere...)

      Well, I think the Hobbit movies are something you'd enjoy if you loved LoTR movies, but just keep in mind LoTR is infinitely better. (Bilbo Baggins is played TO PERFECTION, in my opinion, though.) Captain America... err... I wouldn't recommend it, as I didn't really enjoy it, but I'm not American you see. ;P And no, I didn't know he was in Star Wars: Eps 1! My, isn't THAT a fun fact! (Just as good as Daniel Craig (James Bond!) being a certain storm trooper in eps: 7! Hehe.)

      Oh, thanks Natalie! (I honestly can't quite get my head around how people want to read my stories!) I'd LOVE to read yours someday, you know. :) (And thanks for the offer, btw, about beta-reading, but I am far from being ready for that stage just yet, and I do have a couple people already down for that. But I won't forget. :D) Yes, that's a comforting thought, that most people's first drafts are all quite crude and rough around the edges. ;)

      ~Miss Meg

    5. You are so welcome. :)


      I have heard that the LOTR movies are much better than the Hobbit ones. I haven't yet read the Hobbit, but I'm planning to do so before I see the movies. :)
      Heehee, I've heard a lot about Captain America and I think I would love it but...well, I just haven't seen it yet. :)

      Yes, indeed! Here's a picture that shows what scene he is in:

      Aww, not at all! And thank YOU! That makes me really happy that you want to read my story. I unfortunately have just the right amount of beta readers at the moment (too many might get too confusing!) but if I ever publish my story I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on it. :) :)
      Haha, yes! My rough draft was/is...shudder. Rather bad. :P

  9. Good for you!! You have finished your first photography job!! You never have to go through that first again!! Hahaha.

    What you said about watching North and South--I GET it!! I don't know how she refused him. People compare Darcy's first proposal to Mr. Thornton's and they shouldn't. Darcy really was insufferable with all his pride but Mr. Thornton was sincere. And HELLO??!!! That voice!!! :D Haha. So yes, I'm with you...how could you Margaret?!

    And about those flower photos--they're lovely! The pink is so vibrant against that green! STELLAR!! :D


    1. Hahaha, yes, indeed!! Thank you, Cordy! :D

      Funny you should bring that up--I was talking to my mom about that while we watched it. I love comparing P&P with N&S but we both came to the conclusion that we pity Mr. Thornton more at his first proposal than Darcy. He had much less "growing" to do than Mr. Darcy. Mr. Thornton grew up in horrible circumstances. Mr. Darcy grew up with everything handed to him on a silver platter. When Mr. Darcy proposes the first time, he still has to overcome his pride, but I think in N&S it is Margaret who has more pride than Mr. Thornton. True, he (Thornton) learns there is a better way of doing things, but on the whole we just found his position much more pitiable than Darcy's at the time of their respective first proposals. (I hope that made sense...)

      Thank you SO much!

    2. Total sense. :) I understand and agree. :D


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