August 8, 2016

Inkling Explorations~July

As I try to do most every month, I'm linking up for Heidi's Inkling Explorations, July edition. Yes. I know it's a little late, but Heidi herself allowed late entries. :)

The topic for July is a" scene with a traveler arriving home in book or film". I chose the beginning scene from Betsy's Wedding by Maud Hart Lovelace. *The ensuing sentences and the excerpt from the book all contain spoilers* Betsy, the heroine, has just arrived home from her European tour. World War One has only just begun, and she's eager to reunite with her high school sweetheart and fiance, Joe Willard.

Almost choked with excitement and joy, Betsy Ray leaned against the railing as the S. S. Richmond sailed serenely into New York City's inner harbor. The morning was misty, and since they had passed through the Narrows, she had seen only sky and water—and a gull, now and then—as though they were still out in the Atlantic. But she knew she had come home.

"...home again, and home again, America for me!
My heart is turning home again, and there I long to be..."

Betsy chanted softly to herself. She gripped the rail hard.
And Joe's waiting for me! she thought. Oh, I hope he's going to like me as well as he used to! I hope I look nice.

“ The Statue of Liberty hails dawn over New York Harbor in 1978 Photograph by David Alan Harvey, National Geographic Creative ”:

...(shortened for brevity)...

New Yorkers all around her were eagerly identifying other famous buildings, but these cries died down. Gleaming in the sunlight, majestic, benign, the Goddess of Liberty had come into view. 
That figure with the upflung arm caused silence to fall along the line of travelers returning to their peaceful homeland from a Europe blazing with war. France, Betsy remembered, had given the United States this statue in tribute to the American fight for freedom. And now France was fighting for her freedom!
Tears blurred Betsy's eyes but they weren't just for France. They were for America, and Joe, and because she was so glad to be back. She cried and cried, wiping away the tears with both her hands, so she could look ahead.

...(shortened for brevity)...
-if i ever go to a train station for a trip, i will be wearing a lttle something like this- Lady Mary Crawley with Matthew Crawley at the Train Station: Monochromatic layers, pixie coat, and all things aubergine.:

But suddenly she stood up straighter than an arrow. Not standing under the "R's," but swinging toward her with a cane hung over his arm, came a stocky blond young man. 
Betsy ran toward him.
The next thing she knew he had his arms around her. She had dropped her umbrella and her new hat was knocked off but she didn't care. He was holding her close and saying over and over, "Oh Betsy! Betsy!" And Betsy, when she could lift her tear-wet face from where it was crushed into his woolly shoulder, tried to say "Joe! Joe!" but she couldn't because he was kissing her and she was kissing him.
Joe held her off at arm's length. Under his blond pompadour and tufted golden brows, his eyes were blazingly bright. Blushing, Betsy rescued her hat, and Joe picked up her umbrella.
He took hold of her arm in a strong and purposeful grasp.
"Let's get this Customs business out of the way quick," he said. "And then we'll go to Tiffany's and get you a ring. And then—" he turned swiftly to look into her face—"when can we get married?"

D'awwww. :') The Betsy Tacy books are one of my most favorite series.

Thank you so much, as always, for this lovely link-up, Heidi!


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