September 20, 2016

Tolkien Questions

Thanks to Hamlette for this fun party and these questions. :)

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1.  How many books by J.R.R. Tolkien have you read?
Four-all of the Lord of the Rings books, and The Hobbit. :)

The Lord of the Rings - beautiful book cover!:
no, I don't own this copy. I'll take it if anyone would like to give it to me. :P

2.  Have you seen any movies based on them?
Yes, all of the Peter Jackson film adaptions of both LOTR and The Hobbit. :)

3.  Are there any scenes/moments that make you cry?
Um, YES.
Lord of the Rings (Credit instagram):

4.  Are there any scenes/moments that make you laugh?
Definitely. There so many funny moments. I love Bilbo's facial expressions in The Hobbit movies. I love Pippin and Merry's mischievous antics in The Fellowship of the Ring movie. I love Gandalf's sarcasm. My brother and I both love the scene at the end of the Return of the King movie when one of the hobbits at the Prancing Pony warns, "Watch the pumpkin!" ;D
There's a million more things that make me laugh, but it would take forever to list them. :P

5.  Have you ever chosen a Middle Earth name for yourself?  If so, what is it?
No, but I looked up my name in elvish (from here) and it is "Onnedhiel". (Oh-neth-ee-ell) It's not what my first choice would be, but I like it. :)

Middle Earth + Costume Details | ©:

6.  Who would you want to party with/marry/fight to the death? (pick three characters)
Ooh, this is hard. I would like to party with Pippin, marry Aragorn, and fight to the death with...ermm....can I choose an orc who is not good at fighting? Because otherwise I know he'd kill me. :P

7.  When was the last time you visited Middle Earth, via books or movies?
The last time was this past Monday with The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. 
fili and kili:

8.  Do you consider Gollum to be a villain?  Why or why not? He's definitely an antagonist, and a nasty, horrible one at that, but he's not necessarily a villain. As Miss Meg said in her answer to this question (in the comments box, here) he was only after the Ring, not destroying others. He would do anything to anyone in his way, but only because he was so consumed by the ring. I guess he's a villain made so by circumstances. But then, a lot of villains are created that way, so...I'm confusing myself. :P

9.  How would you sum up what Tolkien's stories mean to you in one word?

Tolkien - He started reading him around age 7. I now think I should have delayed mature reading a bit longer.:

10. List up to ten of your favorite lines/quotes from the books or movies.
Being that I'm rather short on time, I'm just going to share one quote that I love. :) 
*spoilers for The Hobbit book ahead*

Bilbo knelt on one knee filled with sorrow. “Farewell, King under the Mountain!” he said. "This is a bitter adventure, if it must end so; and not a mountain of gold can amend it. Yet I am glad that I have shared in your perils - that has been more than any Baggins deserves."
   "No!” said Thorin. “There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell!”

   Then Bilbo turned away, and he went by himself, and sat alone wrapped in a blanket, and, whether you believe it or not, he wept until his eyes were red and his voice was hoarse. He was a kindly little soul. Indeed it was long before he had the heart to make a joke again. ~The Hobbit

May we be as wise as Elves, as merry as Hobbits, as faithful as Dwarves and as brave as Humans.:

Just a quick note I forgot to mention, I will be gone this weekend, so I won't be able to respond to all your comments till sometime next week. Sorry!

September 19, 2016

Romance in Middle-earth

In case you have not heard the splendorous news, Hamlette is hosting a Tolkien Blog Party at her blog, so do check it out!! There's even a giveaway of beautiful bookmarks!

Unless you're a hopeless romantic (like me), I would think that the great loves of Middle-earth do not come first to people's minds when they think of Tolkien's works. The Ring, Mount Doom, epic battles, Gollum's infamous pronunciation of "precious", and adventuresome (or not so adventuresome...) hobbits are definitely more likely remembrances when someone mentions Lord of the Rings.

And, while I do love Tolkien's works for these things, I also admit that I have a deep fondness for his romances in Lord of the Rings. (Also, I must give credit to Peter Jackson and all his helpers who made the LOTR movies possible, because, let's admit it, the movies gave us a lot of lovely romantic moments that the books didn't. ;))

Here are four of my favorite Middle-Earth couples and why I love them. (Okay, shhh, they're also the only romances in Middle-Earth) If any of you Tolkien-ites know of more romances than just these, I'd love to hear about them. (I already know about Beren and Lúthien, though. ;))

Oh, spoilers and photos abound. Just to warn you. :P

Aragorn and Arwen
Probably the most famous LOTR couple, Aragorn and Arwen are just.....

Yeah. Perfect. :')
Hope is a strong theme in Aragorn and Arwen's love story. Hope that someday Aragorn will take his rightful place as king. Hope that Arwen will survive long enough for the Ring to be destroyed (which, I think is a circumstance only in the movies....correct me if I'm wrong!).
Hope that someday, somehow, they may be together. 
Their reunion at the end of Return of the King is quite possibly one of my favorite scenes in the entire trilogy. His face is so full of wonder and gratefulness. 
She is happy—oh, so happy, and proud. But I think she's a little scared, too. So much has changed. 
But Aragorn's love for her has not. Her love for him as not.
And thus Aragorn becomes the King of Gondor, and is reunited with his Queen, never to be separated from her again 
(well, except when he dies but please don't mention that).

"And Aragorn the King Elessar wedded Arwen Undómiel in the City of the Kings upon the day of Midsummer, and the tale of their long waiting and labours was come to fulfilment."

Faramir and Éowyn

Faramir + Eowyn: elennúmen Eowyn and Faramir: "It may be that only a few days are left ere darkness falls upon our world, and…:

Ohhh, Faramir and Éowyn. Contrary to Arwen and Aragorn having more lovely scenes in the movies than in the books, you MUST read the books to fully appreciate Éowyn and Faramir's relationship.

These two complement each other so well. They both have been hurt deeply—emotionally and physically. In fact, they meet while in The Houses of Healing (AKA the hospital :P) in Gondor. Faramir is instantly attracted to Éowyn, but he senses her sadness—and she has much to be sad about. She was not able to go and fight, her uncle Théoden died, and Aragorn rejected her love. (In the nicest way possible, but still.) She was as depressed as could possibly be, and only wished to die valiantly in battle.
But Faramir saw past her sadness. He loved her for who she really was, not who she tried to be. 
He encouraged her. 
He believed in her. 
Their romance is so sweet. It starts as a friendship (at least on Éowyn's side :P) but quickly turns into something deeper. They both bond while healing, and in the process, help each other heal.
Because both of them are incredibly strong individuals, it is especially significant that, when their own respective strength was dwindling, they strengthened each other.

“And Eowyn looked at Faramir long and steadily; and Faramir said: 'Do not scorn pity that is the gift of a gentle heart, Eowyn! But I do not offer you my pity. For you are a lady high and valiant and have yourself won renown that shall not be forgotten; and you are a lady beautiful, I deem, beyond even the words of the Elven-tongue to tell. And I love you. Once I pitied your sorrow. But now, were you sorrowless, without fear or any lack, were you the blissful Queen of Gondor, still I would love you. Eowyn, do you not love me?”
~Return of the King

Sam and Rosie
Where has this picture been all my life? The Return of the King:
LOTR - "Epilogue -- Sam & Rosie":

Okay, as if I even need to explain this one. :P
Who could not ship Sam and his own sweet Rosie? Who? I must know! (No, I actually probably shouldn't.) Hope and strength and sweetness combine themselves in this particular romance. We all love Sam—we all want to see him happy. (right?!) And ever since day one of knowing him, we know he was very fond of one Rosie Cotton—but terribly shy of her. ;)
Then his adventure with Frodo came along—and finally they returned. Much had changed, not all for good, but Sam suddenly had a courage he never knew he possessed. And he asked Rosie to marry him and they wed and have 13 children and....!!!!
(And don't even get me started on who their children married, and all their sweet names....<3)

It's the perfect echo of the story in its entirety. Frodo and Sam left the Shire, not sure they'd ever return. Sam wasn't sure he'd ever get a chance to tell Rosie he loved her—to even see her again.
But, they do return. And I think Sam's subsequent marriage to Rosie is a lovely symbol of the hope and courage and subsequent fulfillment of hope that the Lord of the Rings stands for.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King We like everybody in this pic…:

"'And I hope my Sam's behaved hisself and given satisfaction?'

'Perfect satisfaction, Mr. Gamgee,' said Frodo. 'Indeed, if you will believe it, he's now one of the most famous people in all the lands, and they are making songs about his deeds from here to the Sea and beyond the Great River.' Sam blushed, but he looked gratefully at Frodo, for Rosie's eyes were shining and she was smiling at him."
~Return of the King

Kili and Tauriel
Tolkien Artist Fridays: lanimalu:

Kili and Tauriel - Then they lived by Ingvild-S on DeviantArt: <3Kili and Tauriel, if the Battle of the five Armies would have had a different…:
"Why does it hurt so much." "Because it was real."
Switching gears a little, I'm focusing now on a romance that was not in any of the books. It was not hinted at or suggested in any way; in fact, Tauriel does not even exist in Tolkien's universe.


Does that stop me from absolutely loving Kili and Tauriel's relationship?

Kili and Tauriel are, quite literally, my favorite couple (at the moment). Would you like some logical reasons why? Well, I can provide that. (although I can't promise they'll all be logical ahem.)
1) He adores her. Not to say the other men on this list didn't adore their lady-loves as well, but Kili's adoration for Tauriel is unconventional. I would think even more unconventional than a human and and elf falling in love. Dwarves and elves, as a general rule, rather hate each other.
Anyhow, you can see how Kili practically worships the ground Tauriel walks on right from the moment they meet. His love for her is in his eyes. It's so sweet.

2) Her world is flipped upside down by him. He sees into her heart and soul. He understands and relates to her, and this confuses probably everything she'd ever heard about dwarves. She's so arrogant when she meets him. "If you think I am giving you a weapon, dwarf, you are mistaken." She thinks they're all alike. She's believing what she's been taught. But then he shows her she was wrong, and it completely throws her off balance. She no longer knows what to believe, and I think that may be why it takes her so long to realize her own feelings for him.

3) He tells her he loves her in dwarvish. Just...look...
I didn't need  the vital organ that just crumbled into a million pieces known as…

4) She's so nervous about how they could make a relationship work between them, but he's 100% confident and not scared at all what others would think. (I wonder what Thorin and Fili would say? Oh my...) 
It's just so adorable.

5) Their height difference. I've always had an irrational fear that the man I fall in love with (someday my prince will come...?) would be shorter than me (because I'm very tall. For a girl. :P) but you know what? Seeing Tauriel and Kili together makes me not even care. At least right now. ;)

6) That moment when she healed him from dying and he, being in the delusional state of mind he was in, insisted she wasn't really there, that she "walked in starlight in another world". And his question,
"do you think she could have loved me?"
-cries forever-

(Notice how I didn't include any pictures of that moment? Yeah. Because it didn't happen. It didn't. It didn't!! -sob-)

Weelll, I could go on, but this post is already ridiculously long. So...last thing.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien and Edith Tolkien 
(Beren and Lúthien)
JRR TOLKIEN ;John Ronald Ruel Tolkien ;Photographed in his garden with his wife Edith at 76 Sandfield Road , Oxford ;1966 ;English writer , poet and university professor ;Credit : Pamela Chandler / ArenaPAL
Edith + JRR Tolkien, Their love story was the inspiration for the Epic story of Beren and Lúthien. <3 <3 <3:

I feel that a fitting way to end this post would be to point to J.R.R. Tolkien himself, and his own lovely wife, Edith. He based the tale of Beren and Lúthien on the love between himself and Edith. In fact, their gravestone bears the names of Beren and Lúthien, respectively.

I guess it just can't get any sweeter than that. :') <3

That's amazing that she converted to Catholicism!  JRR Tolkien :):

ps. Remember to check out Hamlette's blog!!

September 16, 2016

I Grew Up With...

Hello all! Recently, I was tagged with the"I Grew Up With" tag, created by the lovely Cordy! (At least, I think it was recently. I'm not sure anymore. It was recent for me, anyways. At least it didn't take me months and months to get around to this tag. -cough-)
Thank you so much, friend!
Belle inspiration ~:
Book Characters I Grew Up With:
Laura and Mary Ingalls
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden
Nancy Drew
Junie B. Jones
Cam Jansen
Anne Shirley
Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March
Mandie Shaw
All the American Girl characters ;)
The girls in the Babysitters Club books
The A Life of Faith girls, Millie, Elsie, Laylie, Kathleen, and Violet
Mandie Shaw
A lot of L.M. Montgomery character ;D
Mandy Hope (here's a link because I'm not sure many people would know who I'm talking about!)

I read many more books than just these, but the list contains the characters I connected with most. And/or read their stories multiple times. ;)

Homemaking: "Little House on the Prairie" Style:
Family Food I Grew Up With:
(At least three things, can be seasonal, and not always 'favorites'.)
Carrot cake (always on my dad's birthday ;))
Waffles (though I  don't care for them much now, they were a staple growing up
 that my brother and I had for breakfast)
Green bean casserole (a Thanksgiving meal :))
Laura and Almonzo -- if ever there was a beautiful romance, it's THESE TWO.:
I'm re-watching Little House season 6 right now...IT WAS MY CHILDHOOD.
 I shipped Laura and Almanzo so hard, without even knowing what that was. :P 
TV Shows I Grew Up With:
Reading Rainbow
Little House on the Prairie
The Andy Griffith Show
Leave it to Beaver
Dragon Tales
Scooby Doo

and there's probably more, but again, I don't remember :P
She had her priorities firmly in check. | 20 Reasons D.W. Was The True HBIC Of "Arthur":
maybe we should all just say this about the 2016 election :P
Careers I Wanted While I Was Growing Up:
Animal shelter owner
(And I actually imagine doing all those things at once. :P I may have even had more ideas thrown in there, but I can't recall now!)
Actually, I don't want to be Toothless, I just want him!!

Hobbies or Lessons I Grew Up With:
(Well, other than homeschool :P)
Piano lessons
Art Class
Classic piano space.:

And, for short amounts of time, I took:
Ballet class
Gymnastic class
Swimming class


Don't even get me started on my pet peeve of seeing children with phones. :P Kids given phones and computers have lost the opportunity to be imaginative and creative during the time of their life when it most abounds. :'(

But, to end this post on a happy note, wasn't this a lovely tag? Now I'm off to some sort of writing project (I need to start thinking about my post for Hamlette's Tolkien Party! See my sidebar for the button) and to eat homemade pizza once it's dinnertime. :) Farewell, all!

September 10, 2016

Three Wonderful, Marvelous, Lovely Years

Today marks the legendary day that a 15 year old girl created her very own blog.
All the Richard Madden GIFs from the Cinderella Trailer
let us dance!
Yes, everyone. Today is September 10th, Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens THIRD birthday!
Have courage and be kind

(Today also marks the day I cried tears of frustration because I didn't know how to blog, and I couldn't seem to get any of the foreign buttons on the Blogger website to work for me. Shh.)

(But we're not going to dwell on that part of the past. Actually, we're not going to dwell upon the past at all). 

 And now here I am. 18 years old. Still blogging! Quite frankly, it feels as if I've been blogging for much longer than three years. I simply can't imagine not having my blog. And I certainly hope I never stop, because...well, just because. That would be sad. :'(

The Disneyland Photo Shoot of Our Dreams | Fashion | Disney Style:

In celebration of this inauspicious day, I would like to share with you,

~Five Things Blogging Has Given Me~

1. Confidence in myself and my opinions. Blogging has given this introvert a platform to spout her opinions, likes, dislikes, and thoughts. It's hard for me to be a big part of real-life conversations. And, usually, I have so much to say! At, least so much I want to say. ;) (Whether what I have to say is important or interesting is very doubtful, but that's neither here nor there.) With blogging, I can ramble on for as long as I want—and people have actually listened to me. I have 73 followers. How does that happen?!?! I honestly never thought I'd come that far. 
(I've never gotten 73 comments, though. Hmmm. :P)

I Was Quiet (Live Life Happy):

2. The realization that people are SO different. Okay, this isn't necessarily just restricted to blogging, but it's definitely something I've learned. When you blog, and consequently read a lot of blogs, you  learn a lot about people and the differences that exist between us all—even between a bunch of Christian girls who generally like writing, Jane Austen books, C. S. Lewis quotes, vintage movies, and fictional heroes, there are a LOT of differences. (That being said, I'm sure one of you will comment saying you don't like one of the things I listed. :P) Even with similarities, no two people have the exact same likes, dislikes, opinions, standards, beliefs, etc. Sometimes, this can be disheartening, but more often than not, it teaches me that just because *I* think a certain way, doesn't mean everyone has to. God created each and everyone one of us so specially unique, and that deserves some notice.

3. Wonderful friends. Despite those (usually minor) differences, I've found that the similarities are strong between kindred spirits. I have made SO many absolutely wonderful friends from blogging. If I had never clicked that little orange blogger button, I would never have gotten to know some of the most precious people on this planet. I am so thankful God allowed me to get to know each and everyone one of you! -sniff- :') 

Five stylish ladies, 1930s.:
(On that token, I never would have met you all if I hadn't watched Pride and Prejudice, so thank you, mom, and thank you, Jane Austen, and thank you, Andrew Davies. :P)

4. Inspiration and encouragement from fellow believers. Continuing the point above, the friends I've made from blogging have encouraged me so much in my relationship with Christ. It's so, so, SO refreshing to be able to know fellow Christian girls and be encouraged by their comments and posts through Blogger. Thank you, all. :)
what us blogging friends do for each other
5. Lastly, I've learned how to write blog posts. Perhaps that's super obvious, but hey, running a blog is an ART. (Posting regularly is an art I still haven't figured out, but hey, we all have things to learn.) Writing all sorts of blog posts over three years has definitely taught me different things. Mostly what not to do, but that's okay. ;) 

(And no, of course that last point wasn't used just for the sake writing five points. :P Okay, maybe it was. I could have had only four, but that's simply just not done.)

The greatest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all beauty came from. ~C.S. Lewis ..*:
oh look, a C. S. Lewis quote

Well, my friends, that's all I have to say today. I can't express just how grateful I am each time one of you leaves a comment. You've all made blogging such a fun and lovely adventure. Here's to many more years together! -hugs-
Cinderella gif

September 7, 2016

I've been gone so long you all have probably forgotten me...

Heeeey, all. Here I am. Long time no see. (I told you that exciting Newsies information nearly killed me. See? I've been away so long because I've been in the hospital.)

Just kidding. ;)

No, actually, I've just been busy I have no real excuse. :P

simply-divine-creation: Paper Canoe Printables (No More Despair):
I'm a little sad that summer has gone by so quickly, but it's okay
because autumn is just around the corner and that makes me SO happy.
Finally I redecorated my blog for autumn, It didn't come out as autumn-ish as I planned, but I love it so much that I don't even mind. :) I may change out the background, though. It feels a bit busy to me. Thoughts? Opinions? Criticism? 

Although I know it's not really necessary to complete my Goodreads challenge, I really would like to say I read 100 books this year. Problem? I'm "29 books behind schedule". I can't decide between giving up or trying to read as many light and fast books as I can...

The Thief by Chet Phillips #comics #art:

I just finished The Hobbit not too long ago (my first time!) and, though I prefer The Lord of the Rings, I enjoyed it very much. I love Bilbo Baggins. I have no words to describe how wonderful he is. :) I love that he yearned for his tea kettle so often. ;)

I also finished reading K. M. Weiland's Outlining Your Novel which was very helpful and interesting. I'll definitely be referring back to it. Speaking of K. M. Weiland, she posted this blog post that I think any and all writers should read. Especially if you struggle with thinking your writing is horrible. (Which is....all writers. :P) Here's the link. Read it. Now. You can thank me later.

"Think of your writer self as an eager, creative child. When that child doesn’t succeed, are you going to hold him in your arms—or spank him?" -K. M. Weiland

 I recently watched something I never expected to watch—or want to watch. High School Musical. I don't know about you, but those movies were THE THING when I was a kid. I never saw them  (we didn't watch many "new" movies as kids-unless they were animated ones. :P), but a week or so ago I decided to pick up the first one from the library shelf, and....well, I really enjoyed it. :)  Yes, these movies are lame and cheesy, but they're also really funny and SUPER sweet. (TROYELLA) Once you get used to it, the songs are actually pretty catchy and fun. The dancing is SPOT ON. And trivia fact--the director of HSM also directed Newsies! (ahh, that's why I loved it...)

I Fell For My Best Friend. - I Fell For My Best Friend.:

(Also, can we talk about Sharpay's outrageous and ridiculous sense of style? Like thisAnd this. )

Underrated lines in High School Musical, Best of Tumblr:

I love Chad. And his Phantom of the Opera reference was so perfect. :)

I wanted to tell a few specific readers that I watched some movies they recommended. Instead of tracking down the comments where we talked of it, I'll just tell you here.

Hamlette, from your suggested list of Patrick Wayne movies, I picked out and watched McClintock! And I loved it! Not just because Patrick Wayne is extremely amazing in it (and extremely attractive) (and that he didn't die. It was close, though. ;))  but also because it was such a funny and fun movie. The day I watched it, I was actually in need of some encouragement and the movie was the perfect distraction from my woes. Never underestimate the healing power of a good book or movie on an off day, people. (Although, of course, our real source of encouragement and healing comes from God. But then, don't you think He perhaps uses said books and movies to help us out sometimes? Just a thought.)

Jessica Prescott and Miss Meg, per your suggestion that I watch Hidalgo, I did! It was quite exciting and suspenseful and entertaining. (I may or may not have freaked out when I -spoilers- thought Hidalgo might actually die -end of spoilers-) And Fraaaank. Yes, I liked him very much. I mean, Viggo Mortenson, guys, come on. :P He wasn't quite as amazing as he is as Aragorn (how could any role be more amazing than being Aragorn, King of Gondor, Elfstone, Elessar, etc.?!) but he was an overall good guy. :)


Browsing blogs one day I stumbled upon the Musical Book Tag and decided to steal it. Actually, I didn't steal it. It was open to anyone who wished to use it. :P Also according to the post, I'm allowed to change/add any musicals I want, so I went ahead and did. 

Due to my inability to pick absolute favorites, consider my answer as "ONE of my favorite..." ;)

Wicked: Favorite Fictional Friendship
Well, I'm reaaaally tempted to say "Henry and Arthur" from my own book, but since it's not actually completed yet I suppose that'd be cheating. :P  So, I'll go with Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. <3 (From Lord of the Rings. Obviously)

(Oh, and I thought of another one! Jessy and Gemma in Fireflies in December.)

Anastasia: Favorite Villain
(Because did you hear, THEY MADE ANASTASIA INTO A MUSICAL. It's coming to Broadway!!)
Hmmmm. This is hard. I think most of my favorite villains are movie villains. Let's see....*stares at my book shelf* Auuuwehhlllll, let's just say Chauvelin from The Scarlet Pimpernel.

Phantom of the Opera: Favorite Love Triangle
I'm going to say Jane, Jehu, and William from Boston Jane. 
(Olivia, you should read that book. And the sequels. For some reason I think you'd like them.)

The Lion King: Favorite Side-Kick
Marek is absolutely adorable in Behold the Dawn.
(Hahaha, look, Olivia, it's another book on your to-read list!)

Fiddler on the Roof: Least Favorite Ending
I could say Les Mis, but that feels rather cliche and it wasn't a bad ending...just sad. I can't think of many books with bad endings. Or, endings I would change... OH! Yes, I do. Mansfield Park. (I'm sorry, Jane Austen.) I don't like how quickly and conveniently the ends are tied up in that story. I feel as if Jane Austen herself just got tired of writing it, and decided to skip to the end. Not fair. 


Daddy-Long-Legs: Favorite Book To Movie Adaption
Umm....meaning a book I like with a movie adaption I like as well? Easy. Anne of Green Gables.

Les Miserables: Favorite Character Death
Does this mean a character I love who dies or a character who dies a great death? Ummm. I'm torn. I could say Walter from Rilla of Ingleside because he's wonderful, but I could say Boromir because he dies an honorable and epic death. Make your choice. :P

Sound of Music: Favorite Fictional Family
The Ray family in the Betsy Tacy books is such a fun, sweet family.

Over The Hills (Period Drama Fun): "The Whole World Is A Garden!" A Little Catch…:
Newsies: Favorite Group of Fictional Friends
(Heh heh heh. No, this wasn't one of the questions I made myself. :P What would make you possibly think that?)
The girls in The Mother Daughter Book Club.

Beauty and the Beast: Favorite Fairy Tale Retelling
Ella Enchanted, a retelling of Cinderella. IT'S JUST SO SWEET.

All I need are books and tea:

It is time for me to leave you. Thank you for gracing my blog with your presence and reading this rather long post. I hope to pop on here more often! (But don't count on it. Heh.)
If you're feeling down today, go cuddle up with a good book and a cup of tea (or coffee or whatever you prefer) and remember that no matter how big your problems, at least you don't have Mr. Darcy's woes. Like this. Or this. Or not being able to smile on your wedding day. :)