September 16, 2016

I Grew Up With...

Hello all! Recently, I was tagged with the"I Grew Up With" tag, created by the lovely Cordy! (At least, I think it was recently. I'm not sure anymore. It was recent for me, anyways. At least it didn't take me months and months to get around to this tag. -cough-)
Thank you so much, friend!
Belle inspiration ~:
Book Characters I Grew Up With:
Laura and Mary Ingalls
Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden
Nancy Drew
Junie B. Jones
Cam Jansen
Anne Shirley
Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March
Mandie Shaw
All the American Girl characters ;)
The girls in the Babysitters Club books
The A Life of Faith girls, Millie, Elsie, Laylie, Kathleen, and Violet
Mandie Shaw
A lot of L.M. Montgomery character ;D
Mandy Hope (here's a link because I'm not sure many people would know who I'm talking about!)

I read many more books than just these, but the list contains the characters I connected with most. And/or read their stories multiple times. ;)

Homemaking: "Little House on the Prairie" Style:
Family Food I Grew Up With:
(At least three things, can be seasonal, and not always 'favorites'.)
Carrot cake (always on my dad's birthday ;))
Waffles (though I  don't care for them much now, they were a staple growing up
 that my brother and I had for breakfast)
Green bean casserole (a Thanksgiving meal :))
Laura and Almonzo -- if ever there was a beautiful romance, it's THESE TWO.:
I'm re-watching Little House season 6 right now...IT WAS MY CHILDHOOD.
 I shipped Laura and Almanzo so hard, without even knowing what that was. :P 
TV Shows I Grew Up With:
Reading Rainbow
Little House on the Prairie
The Andy Griffith Show
Leave it to Beaver
Dragon Tales
Scooby Doo

and there's probably more, but again, I don't remember :P
She had her priorities firmly in check. | 20 Reasons D.W. Was The True HBIC Of "Arthur":
maybe we should all just say this about the 2016 election :P
Careers I Wanted While I Was Growing Up:
Animal shelter owner
(And I actually imagine doing all those things at once. :P I may have even had more ideas thrown in there, but I can't recall now!)
Actually, I don't want to be Toothless, I just want him!!

Hobbies or Lessons I Grew Up With:
(Well, other than homeschool :P)
Piano lessons
Art Class
Classic piano space.:

And, for short amounts of time, I took:
Ballet class
Gymnastic class
Swimming class


Don't even get me started on my pet peeve of seeing children with phones. :P Kids given phones and computers have lost the opportunity to be imaginative and creative during the time of their life when it most abounds. :'(

But, to end this post on a happy note, wasn't this a lovely tag? Now I'm off to some sort of writing project (I need to start thinking about my post for Hamlette's Tolkien Party! See my sidebar for the button) and to eat homemade pizza once it's dinnertime. :) Farewell, all!


  1. Oooh lovely post Natalie dear!! :D

  2. Little House was my childhood. I grew up on those things. I'm rewatching the TV series right now and I remember so many of the episodes from when I was like 3 or 4, hehe. :P
    The Boxcar Children, too! It was my favorite mystery series. :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Lydia,
      Haha, yay for Little House!! Isn't it great fun to re-watch childhood shows? It never fails to make me feel so happy and nostalgic.
      I think it was probably mine, too! Either that or Nancy Drew. :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that picture of the girl in the blue dress with the necklace and book!!! <3

    Aww, this tag was so cute!!! And oh, I grew up with so many similar book characters - Laura and Mary Ingalls, Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny Alden, Anne Shirley, the March sisters, Elsie Dinsmore, and Mandy Hope!! (I know who she is! *does happy dance* I used to LOVE Animal Ark. :D)

    Oh, wow, you got waffles?! I've only ever had them a few times, for dessert, and they were a great treat. :D (And I love carrot cake. Especially banana and carrot cake.)

    I don't remember watching Clifford, but I loved the books about him! ;)

    Yeah... I used to want to be a mother, a singer, a teacher, a princess and a ballerina. (For some reason all my sisters and I wanted to be a ballerina so badly, but NONE of us are flexible whatsoever, and we never could do anything other than an embarrassing little twirl. :P)

    Wow... I feel like I never got any lessons for anything compared to most people, heh. :P I take/took piano lessons from one of my sisters, and I took swimming lessons one summer (just so, y'know I could swim properly, heh - I learnt all the strokes ;)) aaand that's about it. :P Unless you count art classes by my Mummy (after all, she IS an artist! She went to an art college thing and everything! ;)).

    Haha! That last picture! YES. YES. YES. Honestly, the fact that 10 year olds get phones these days makes me so sad. There are days when I wish I had a phone (like today, when I was in a shopping centre and lost my sisters and desperately wished I had a phone so I could CALL THEM... I have a terrible fear of getting lost, it's not even funny) but I'm glad I don't. I don't want to get a phone until I have to (when I get a job). The computer is bad enough for me. :/

    Ooohh, home made pizza! JEALOUS. :D

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Isn't it pretty?! I think it was inspired by Belle in "Beauty and the Beast". (By the way, have you seen that?)

      Wow, we do share a lot of childhood favorites!! And you know the Animal Ark books -high five- That's so cool. :)

      Heehee, yes we did. :) Banana AND carrot cake? I've never heard of that, but I sure would love to try it!

      There were books about Clifford? I can't remember if I read those or not...hmmm. :/

      Oh! A ballerina! YES, I am pretty sure I wanted to be that, too. Hahaha, that's so funny! My problem was that I refused to be part of the shows the ballet class I attended put on. I was scared so much by that idea, and so I think my lessons lasted for a very, very short time. :P

      Haha, I'm pretty sure my swimming lessons were for about the same length of time as you. ;) The only type of classes I ever really stuck with for any length of time would be art and piano. But wow!! Your mom is an artist and went to art college? That's so cool. :) And hey, getting lessons for stuff from your sisters and mother is really cool. It's free AND you don't have to go someplace for them! :D

      Oh, I'm so glad you agree. And haha, yes. There are times when a phone would be mighty handy, but on the whole I'm glad I don't have my own phone, either. We just have a family "spare" that my brother or I take if we need it. ;)
      And, I totally understand about the fear of getting lost. I used to be DESPERATELY afraid of that (I'm not kidding; when I was little I freaked out if my mom went out to check the mail. would I lose her when she was just going to the end of our own--short--driveway? :P) and even now I can get a little nervous if I can't find my mom in a grocery store after a length of time. ;)
      Agreed. The computer is definitely bad enough for me, too. ;)

      Haha, I would have shared some with you if I could! :D

    2. Ohh, I see... yes, I have seen Beauty and the Beast! Well, I presume you mean the cartoon version. :P I love that story! (And super excited for the new one coming out... although not sure how they'll pull it off. :P)

      You don't know banana and carrot cake?! O_O Oh, you poor dear! That with cream cheese icing is pure BLISS. Well, I promise you that if you ever come over and visit me, I shall serve you banana and carrot cake. ;D

      Yes, books about Clifford! Unless your Clifford is a different one to mine. You know, the giant, big red dog? ;)

      Haha! Oh that's funny... it sounds like you were a pretty shy little girl. ;)

      Yes, my Mummy is an artist. Her father (my grandfather) is also very good at drawing, so Mummy and me sister inherited it from him. They do pencil drawing, actually... my sister even has an Etsy shop for custom drawings of pets. :) Haha, yep, pretty much! People ask how we ever get it to work (like, how you can have enough respect and actually BE SERIOUS during a lesson when they're siblings) but we somehow manage. ;) (I don't do art anymore, so the only lesson I get now is piano, from my sister... and we tend to goof off anyway. :P)

      That's an idea... but I can't drive myself (YET) so I have to go with someone who already has a phone anyway... as long as we don't get separated. Ahem. Oh, yes, so glad you understand!! I still get freaked out, but at least I can control it a lot better, haha. ;) (Aww, really?! I don't think I was QUITE that bad. :P I used to be scared of the rubbish truck when I was really little, so I'd run and hide in a closet every time it came. One time it came when I was in my highchair and I somehow jumped straight out of it into Mummy's lap, I was so terrified. :P) Yep, for some reason I don't have enough faith that whoever I'm with will come back to get me and won't just LEAVE WITHOUT ME AND I'LL BE STUCK HERE FOREVER. Hahaha. I can imagine a good deal too much if I'm left by myself for too long. :P
      Yeah... that's why I'm not allowed a blog right now. ;)

      Haha! Save me a piece! ;D

      ~Miss Meg

    3. Yes, that's the one I meant. :) And ME TOO. I can't describe how excited I am for the new one. I'm just nervous I'll be disappointed because my expectations are so high. :/

      Oh, good! I look forward to it. ;D

      Yes, indeed. The big red dog. :)

      I was PAINFULLY shy. :P I wouldn't even say hello to people. My parents got quite frustrated with me from time to time. ;)

      Oh, wow, that's so cool! (Ooh, could I have a link to your sister's shop? I'd love to see it if you don't mind. :))
      Heehee, that's good that you can get it to work out. Goofing off is a very easy thing to do with siblings, though! :D

      Oh, that's true. :/ And awww!! You poor thing! The highchair story is quite funny, though. :) EXACTLY. That's just how I felt when I was younger. I was certain I would just get left behind. I have to wonder what happened in my childhood that gave me such an irrational fear! :"D
      Heehee, well, hopefully someday you can get a blog. I have a feeling you'd be great at it. :)

    4. Yeah, my expectations are really high too. They'll either do it fantastically or it'll be awful. :P I hope. Mediocre movies are almost just as bad.

      Well, yeah, I can give you a link to my sister's shop (here it is: ) but I'll just add that she has it temporarily closed because she's got a very demanding job at a farm right now, and is trying to catch up on all her other orders for drawings. :) So, you'll only be able to see a few of her pictures that are on her shop... normally you can see a lot more. :)

      Haha, I KNOW!! What on earth made us be so sure we'd be left behind forever. It's not like that's ever happened before. :P (Mind you, I HAVE had a few close calls, haha...)

      Oh, thank you. :) I know I'd enjoy having a blog! :D

      ~Miss Meg

    5. I'd take it being mediocre over bad, but I still REALLY hope to be blown away.

      Oh, I understand. And thanks!!!! Your sister is crazy talented. What little I can see of her artwork on the shop is amazing. :D

      Heehee, I've had a few "seemingly" close calls, too. ;)

      I hope it can be someday soon! :D

  4. This was wonderful, Natalie! And I'd say it was a recent tag. *small shrug*

    I'd forgotten to list the American Girls! Did you have a favorite girl? ...Mandie Shaw, aren't those little mysteries?

    I love how you were planning on all those careers at once! Haha. That's cute.

    I'm glad you had a great time!


    1. Thanks, Cordy!! Heehee, okay, good. :)

      My favorites were Felicity, Samantha, and....mmm. Maybe Kirsten? And Josefina? I don't really know, it's so hard to pick a favorite! (Even to this day. ;))
      Yes! They're really good least, I remember them being so. :P

      Haha, I was very ambitious, wasn't I? ;)

      Thank you for the tag! I did!

  5. I know who Mandy Hope is! I used to read Animal Ark aaaallll the time growing up :D I have to say though, now I'm an adult, I find her really annoying...
    I totally agree with children growing up with an imagination rather than a phone. I love my phone now haha but I'm glad I grew up making up games and stories and being able to play with next to nothing and be perfectly happy. Beats a phone any day.

    1. Yay!! Glad to meet another fan. :D I haven't read the books since I was little, but I could see myself being annoyed by her, too. ;)
      Exactly! So happy you agree. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy! Here, here!! :) And the American Girl books. I grew up with those, too.

    I like that quote from Little House in the Big Woods. It gives my systematic, organized loving heart a thrill. ;)

    The Andy Griffith show! Yup. We watched that a lot growing up. And Leave it to Beaver every now and then, too. I don't know that we ever watched Arthur, but we used to get the books at the library. So seeing that picture of DW definitely brought back memories of my childhood to me. And oh my! Absolutely. That would be the perfect quote for this year's election. Haha! :P

    Ohhh! That last picture. Yeeeeees! I'm SO glad--and SO grateful--that I grew up without the constant distraction of phones and computers and all that jazz. And I'm going to try very hard to make sure my kids have the opportunity to grow up that way, too. :) "Kids given phones and computers have lost the opportunity to be imaginative and creative during the time of their life when it most abounds." Very true. Well put.

    This was indeed a lovely tag. And you accompanied it with some very lovely pictures, too. I especially like the one of the girl in the blue dress, and the piano picture. They have such a peaceful feel to them. :)

    ~Miss March

    1. Yay!!! :D

      Heehee, indeed. I can't say I can imagine running a household that way, but I suppose it would be fun to try. :D

      I love hearing that my friends grew up with a lot of the same things. And YES. This election....sigh. :P

      Me too!! I'm determined my children will be phone and computer free till at LEAST thirteen. Maybe even later. I just....I really want them to be imaginative and creative and to have a happy, carefree childhood. Not to mention sheltered from all the crud they can stumble upon through electronics. :(

      Aww, thank you!! :D

  7. The Boxcar Children and Reading Rainbow . . . clearly, you had a good childhood. *nods approvingly*

    (What's your favorite Boxcar Children mystery? Mine's "Snowbound Mystery"--#13 or thereabouts, I think?)

    1. Heehee, I'm glad you approve. :D Sounds like you had a good childhood as well!

      I honestly can't remember them all that well. :/ I did like the first one quite a bit. I would love to revisit the series someday. So many memories! (Which sounds so hypocritical since I can't remember them, but I guess I remember how much I enjoyed them rather than the particulars of each book. Haha!)


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