September 10, 2016

Three Wonderful, Marvelous, Lovely Years

Today marks the legendary day that a 15 year old girl created her very own blog.
All the Richard Madden GIFs from the Cinderella Trailer
let us dance!
Yes, everyone. Today is September 10th, Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens THIRD birthday!
Have courage and be kind

(Today also marks the day I cried tears of frustration because I didn't know how to blog, and I couldn't seem to get any of the foreign buttons on the Blogger website to work for me. Shh.)

(But we're not going to dwell on that part of the past. Actually, we're not going to dwell upon the past at all). 

 And now here I am. 18 years old. Still blogging! Quite frankly, it feels as if I've been blogging for much longer than three years. I simply can't imagine not having my blog. And I certainly hope I never stop, because...well, just because. That would be sad. :'(

The Disneyland Photo Shoot of Our Dreams | Fashion | Disney Style:

In celebration of this inauspicious day, I would like to share with you,

~Five Things Blogging Has Given Me~

1. Confidence in myself and my opinions. Blogging has given this introvert a platform to spout her opinions, likes, dislikes, and thoughts. It's hard for me to be a big part of real-life conversations. And, usually, I have so much to say! At, least so much I want to say. ;) (Whether what I have to say is important or interesting is very doubtful, but that's neither here nor there.) With blogging, I can ramble on for as long as I want—and people have actually listened to me. I have 73 followers. How does that happen?!?! I honestly never thought I'd come that far. 
(I've never gotten 73 comments, though. Hmmm. :P)

I Was Quiet (Live Life Happy):

2. The realization that people are SO different. Okay, this isn't necessarily just restricted to blogging, but it's definitely something I've learned. When you blog, and consequently read a lot of blogs, you  learn a lot about people and the differences that exist between us all—even between a bunch of Christian girls who generally like writing, Jane Austen books, C. S. Lewis quotes, vintage movies, and fictional heroes, there are a LOT of differences. (That being said, I'm sure one of you will comment saying you don't like one of the things I listed. :P) Even with similarities, no two people have the exact same likes, dislikes, opinions, standards, beliefs, etc. Sometimes, this can be disheartening, but more often than not, it teaches me that just because *I* think a certain way, doesn't mean everyone has to. God created each and everyone one of us so specially unique, and that deserves some notice.

3. Wonderful friends. Despite those (usually minor) differences, I've found that the similarities are strong between kindred spirits. I have made SO many absolutely wonderful friends from blogging. If I had never clicked that little orange blogger button, I would never have gotten to know some of the most precious people on this planet. I am so thankful God allowed me to get to know each and everyone one of you! -sniff- :') 

Five stylish ladies, 1930s.:
(On that token, I never would have met you all if I hadn't watched Pride and Prejudice, so thank you, mom, and thank you, Jane Austen, and thank you, Andrew Davies. :P)

4. Inspiration and encouragement from fellow believers. Continuing the point above, the friends I've made from blogging have encouraged me so much in my relationship with Christ. It's so, so, SO refreshing to be able to know fellow Christian girls and be encouraged by their comments and posts through Blogger. Thank you, all. :)
what us blogging friends do for each other
5. Lastly, I've learned how to write blog posts. Perhaps that's super obvious, but hey, running a blog is an ART. (Posting regularly is an art I still haven't figured out, but hey, we all have things to learn.) Writing all sorts of blog posts over three years has definitely taught me different things. Mostly what not to do, but that's okay. ;) 

(And no, of course that last point wasn't used just for the sake writing five points. :P Okay, maybe it was. I could have had only four, but that's simply just not done.)

The greatest thing in all my life has been the longing to find the place where all beauty came from. ~C.S. Lewis ..*:
oh look, a C. S. Lewis quote

Well, my friends, that's all I have to say today. I can't express just how grateful I am each time one of you leaves a comment. You've all made blogging such a fun and lovely adventure. Here's to many more years together! -hugs-
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  1. Happy blogaversary! Hope there are many more to come! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3

  2. Congratulations, Natalie! Three years is definitely something to be proud of. ;-) (I ALWAYS do the thing of adding one point to make it a good number. Ha.) Loved all the points you made... also, everyone is so different - Yes, I learnt that too. :-P
    I loved all the pictures in the post, btw. :-) (And the gorgeous gifs.)

    1. Thank you so much, Naomi!! (Heehee, glad I'm not the only one. ;))
      I'm really glad you liked it all. And the pictures and gifs! :D Thanks for being such a loyal follower and comment-er! :) -hugs-

  3. Happy Blogiversary! Three years is nothing to sneeze at, and may you have many more happy blogging days ahead of you!

    And Cinderella gifs always make me really happy. They're just too pretty. :)

    1. Thank you, Hayden!! I hope so, too. :)

      Aren't they, though? I'm so glad you enjoyed them!

  4. This post is just plain MAGICAL, Natalie! And the photos are just the frosting on the cake!

    A hearty 'Yes ma'am' to every single one of your points, which by the bye, was a really good idea. I was going to write which were my favorites, but then I re-read them and decided it was impossible to choose. :)

    I don't have the words to describe how glad I am that you did click that orange button and that you joined that musical party way, way back when. I can't get over how amazing it is that we've known each other for three years! It's all just a plain gift of God, that's what. :)

    Your blog is always one of the brightest. :)

    (And that header... It is so beautiful and sigh-worthy and looks exactly like some dreamily cozy story with a misting of adventure. :))

    1. Thank you, Eowyn!! I'm so happy you liked it .:)

      Haha! Well, knowing that you loved them all so much that you couldn't choose is a compliment indeed. ;)

      Oh, me as well! It's all so utterly amazing. You're so right. God's hand has been evident in it all along. :D I'm so grateful for all the lovely comments you've left over the years!! :)

      Awww, thank you! -hugs-

      (I'm so glad you think that about my header, because that's EXACTLY the feel I was going for!)

  5. Happy Blog Anniversary! I will be back with a proper comment soon!

    1. Thank you so much, Evie!! Take your time, but I'll look forward to your comment. :D

  6. Happy "blogiversary"!!! I've only been following your blog for... A few months? of those three years, but I must say that I love what I've seen! I really enjoy reading your blog! It's so awesome that you've been blogging for so long! And I agree with those things about blogging. I've only been blogging for a few months, but I've had some experience with each of the things you mentioned! :) And you wrote them so well! Honestly, even if you did add that last one just to make 5, it's clearly true because you're REALLY GOOD at writing blog posts!

    1. Thanks a ton, Rae! And aww, I'm so glad you enjoy my blog and that you've stuck around!
      Really? That's fantastic! -high five- And keep at blogging, I'm sure before you know it you'll have been blogging for years and years, too. :)
      You are too kind! -hugs- I really appreciate the encouragement. :D

  7. Happy blog-anniversary, Natalie!! I LOVE your blog, and I'm so happy you chose to create it--because otherwise, I'd never have gotten to know you! You're a great friend and I'm super-grateful to have you <3

    Also, I don't think I ever told you--but your new header is beautiful :-)

    Haha, I love all those things you mentioned in that list EXCEPT that I'm not crazy about vintage movies. But I do love Jane Austen and writing and fictional heroes and C.S. Lewis quotes. So we have a ton of tastes in common, even if we're not exactly the same :-)

    1. Thank you, Jessica!! Awww, me too! I'm so glad you popped up in the blogging world and started commenting. I've loved all your comments! I'm so grateful for your friendship, too. :) -hugs-

      Thanks!! :D

      Heehee! Thanks for being the one to say you didn't love everything on my list. I was waiting for someone! :D And yes, exactly. Even without us all liking the exact same things (and really, how boring would that be?!) we can all be great friends. :D

  8. Yay! Happy birthday Natalie's blog! ;D Congratulations to you Natalie. :)

    This was a beautiful post - the words and the pictures!

    And also, I'm definitely in the category of liking C.S. Lewis's quotes. ;D

    I'm so glad you started your dear blog... otherwise I would have never met you, and that is a very sorry thing indeed. Hear's to many more years as friends! <3

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Heehee, thanks so much, Miss Meg! :D

      So glad you enjoyed it. :)

      Yay! -high five-

      Me too! I'm so happy we've gotten to know each other. Indeed, many more years! -hugs-

  9. YAAAAAAAAY!!! Happy three years of blogging, Natalie!! I'm SO glad you started a blog! And that I started one, too. And that we MET!! Your friendship has been such a blessing to me! (Aww. Hearing about your tears of frustration when you first starting blogging made me want to comfort and encourage you in some way but...haha...that would be silly. 'Cause that was all in the past...I got here too late. ;))

    I like all the points you mentioned. #1. Yes! It really is so nice to have a place where you can "spout off your opinions, likes, dislikes, and thoughts," without worrying about awkward pauses and all that. :P #2. That's been a big one for me, as well! It just really amazes me how people can watch the exact same movie, or read the exact same book, and come away with a totally different impression of it. :) #3. Ditto, ditto. #4. YEEEES!!! So much encouragement! :D #5. Oh! you certainly have!! Your blog posts are delightful! Your writing style, your pictures, EVERYTHING! Keep it up, girl! (Yeah, and we definitely won't complain, either, if you learn the art of posting more often. *wink, wink* :))

    "I could have had only four, but that's simply just not done." Heehee. That part made me smile. :)

    Many, many more years! Yes, INDEED! *returns hug with enthusiasm*

    This was a lovely post, friend! And the Cinderella gifs were perfect!!

    Happy Birthday, Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens!! :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Thank you, Miss March!! :D :D Me too!! Your friendship has been such a blessing to me, as well. (But you knew that. ;)) Heehee! Well, I appreciate it just the same. I'm sure my 15 year old self would have been encouraged had I known how fun blogging would turn out be and what wonderful friends I made. And that 3 years later, one of the said friends wanted to comfort me in my distress. Haha!

      I'm SO glad you enjoyed all of my points. :) And about posting regularly...well, I can't promise anything, but I WILL try! :D

      Heehee, thanks. :)

      I hope so, too! <3

      Thanks again SO much! I love the Cinderella gifs, too. :D


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