December 3, 2016

Did ya miss me?

I'm baaaaaaccckkk.!

NaNoWriMo is over!

December is upon us!
this is the perfect example of what the change from November to December feels like

Everyone, exciting news: I survived National Novel Writing Month....and WON! 50,000 words!!!
Let me outline the month a little for you...

This was the beginning

This was the middle

This was the end

-brushes hands off- Well, that was easy. Suppose that's all you need or want to know, right?

Okay, okay, I'll go into a little more detail...

Well, it was quite an adventure, I'll tell you that. I'm happy I did it. I feel as if I learned a lot, especially about discipline when it concerns writing. ;) It took me over a year to write my first novel, and here I wrote 50,000 words in approximately 21 days. TWENTY ONE DAYS. Which is actually surprising considering I was behind for a couple weeks. I wrote pretty much every day, except for Sundays and a few "life happens" the weekend we had to put one of our dogs down. :(
I didn't write at allll that weekend....

All that being said, I didn't finish my book. Yup. I still have more writing to do. I'm actually rather okay with that....I don't have to say goodbye to my characters! I feel as if the last two weeks I was getting the most insight into them and their story....I'm looking forward to jumping back into their world. ;)

I officially "won" on the 29th. Well, I thought I did. Story time!

Around 5:00 pm,  I wrote out a particular (very sad) scene that I had been dreading. I've gone back and forth over whether This Plot Device should happen, but I finally decided the story wouldn't be the same if I changed it. So I made myself write it. And cried.

 Wiping away tears, I checked my word count, found myself at 50,000, sent an excited email to my NaNo buddy, Miss March, and promptly plugged my novel into the NaNo validator. Well, it turns out Google Docs word count is different from NaNo's, and I was about 70 words short. (how...?) 

I couldn't make up the deficiency at that moment because I had to go with my mom on some errands. Word of advice, friends. Don't drive when you just destroyed your heroine's heart. I mean, we were fine, but....ahem. I had to constantly make sure I was keeping my attention on the road and not mulling over my fictional problems. :P

That night, we came back and I whipped out a little scene I might not even use in the final draft of the novel, just so I could validate the novel and declare myself a winner. :D (And so my email to Miss March wasn't a lie, after all! Yay!)

...The End. That's my story. *takes a bow*

I want to talk about the romance in my novel. Maaahh worrrd. <3 My main character and her romantic interest make me smile so much; I just sit there like Rob with his ducklings.

It's actually been a little difficult to write, however. One character is not a Christian, and crafting how the relationship can progress without the other "throwing away" her standards (because, you know, 2 Corinthians 6:14) can be a tricky. I want the romance to be believable and sweet, not ridiculous and sappy. :P Here's a (rather long) snippet:

As I searched the shelves, I heard the back door open and Isaac stomp his feet. “The sleigh’s hooked up," he said.
“That’s fine, Isaac, thanks,” replied Daddy.
I found the twine I was looking for and went back into the kitchen. “Here you go, mother.” 
I set the twine on the counter next to Mother, and glanced up at Isaac as I passed him. He was gazing at me in a way that made my heart stop, and I suddenly wished more than anything that he was coming to the dance.
As I went to gather my and Mother’s coats, I noticed Daddy glaring at Isaac in such a way that told me he had seen Isaac’s admiration of me. Isaac, for once, was unaware of Daddy’s gaze. He was leaning against the wall, eyes down, except for the moments every few minutes when he’d glance up to look at me again.
I smiled secretly to myself. Nothing quite made a girl feel giddy than knowing a man was finding her attractive. I was twenty-four years old—I suppose I shouldn’t feel so silly and immature about it—but I couldn’t help the tingle it sent down to my toes.
Pete came in, sniffing the air, following by Grandpa, who was fussing with his tie. “This durned thing doesn’t want to work with me,” he said. I laughed and stepped over to do it for him.
Pete hovered close to Mother. “It sure smells good, Mom.”
“Thank you,” she said, distractedly wrapping the twine around the pot.
“Can we eat first thing there?” he asked.
“Pete, you know we don’t eat till after the dancing,” I said.
“I’m sure there’ll be something you can snack on, Son,” said Daddy, pulling his suit jacket on.
“Thanks, Rosie,” Grandpa said as I finished. “You know, you sure do look pretty, Rosie. Don’t you think so, Isaac?” He looked expectantly at him.
Isaac tore his eyes off me to meet Grandpa’s gaze, but he glanced nervously at Daddy, who was watching Isaac as he buttoned his jacket.
“Yeah, she looks very nice,” he said, bowing his head.
It wasn’t exactly the compliment of the century, but I understood the difficulty he had in even saying that much under my Daddy’s sharp gaze.  ~Rose and Isaac (working title)

(Notice to any internet plagiarists: Please do not steal, this is my original work. :P)

Grandpa is one of my favorite characters. HE IS SO FUN. He's friendly and outspoken but a really good judge of character and absolutely adorable. He kind of "ships" my heroine and the hero (he shipped couples before it was cool), and it's just so darn cute. 

One more thing. My novel is set during Christmastime, and it was SO fun to write the Christmas scenes. I can't wait to write more. Because guess what? IT'S CHRISTMASTIME!
Aristocrator [food | breakfast | coffee | foodporn | foodgasm | tasty | yummy | cakes | cafe]:

-throws snowflakes into the air-

Ahh, my favorite holiday ever. I have no words to express how I love this magical time of the year. :)

You probably noticed my new design for the holidays. What thinks you? It's quite different from anything I've ever done, but I love the Christmas-y feel and the professional look....something's still not QUITE right to me, but I'm not messing with it anymore. ;) (It was HARD to make)

(And oh, Naomi, though I tried very hard not to copy your blog's new style, I must say I was greatly inspired by your new design. Hope you don't mind. ;)) (Everyone, check it out, because it's stunning.)

I actually have a bunch of Christmas cards I should be working on mailing out to people. -sigh- I suppose this post is long enough. But never fear. Now that I've returned I hope to stay. I've really missed blogging. It feels so great to be back. :)

Merry December, everyone!! 
Decorate your trees, listen to your favorite Christmas music, and enjoy the season. 
It only comes around once a year. :) *hugs*

PS. If you'd like to know my new favorite song and have your heart broken, watch this gorgeous Robin+Marian video.....sob.

PPS. Yes, that is my real face on the sidebar there. GASP. I'm not sure if I'll be putting my face on the internet regularly, but for now you can kind of see what I look like. :P (Unless you're a creepy internet stalker. If so, please go away and never return.)
(And no, I don't dress like that everyday. I've actually only worn that hat one time, though I like it a lot.)


  1. Your blog look is AMAZING. I love it!! GOOD JOB! (I'm honoured that I inspired you. ;-P)
    And WOW ON YOUR NOVEL!! Congratulations again, Natalie. :-)

    1. I'm SO glad you love it. (And awww, yay! :D)
      Thank you so much!!!

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . the snippet you shared makes me so happy :-) It's COZY, just like you--and I love that! <3 I'd love to *cough* read the whole thing sometime *cough*

    (That reminds me--would you like to read my story? It's not finished yet but I have a fair bit completed (35000 words) and I hope to work on it more over Christmas break. Anywho, I love getting feedback from friends, but it's totally okay if you don't have time, or anything. Just offering. :-) )

    I like seeing your profile pic--lovely hat! :-)

    1. Really? Awww, thank YOU. That makes ME very happy. Hmm, cozy has never been a word people have used to described me, but I take it as a compliment. :) (You just made my day. I'm putting you on the unofficial beta readers list for the day when I'm ready to share it. Let's hope it's soon. :))

      Eek, YES. Please please do send it to me, even if it's not finished! I'm really excited to read it now. :D

      Thank you!

    2. It's DEFINITELY a compliment!!!! "Cozy" is one of my favorite words, you know, and you make me feel very cozy :-) Cool--I can't wait!!!!

      Oh, awesome! I'll send it to you right away, and I can't wait to talk ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL about it with you over email! (Don't feel like you have to read it all at once, though, it's pretty long!)

    3. Heehee, thank you! That's really sweet. :)

      YES! I started it the other day (and can't wait to get back to it) and am already very intrigued. I like your writing style muchly. :)

  3. Did we miss you? What kind of question is THAT? OF COURSE WE MISSED YOU!!! (And yeah, by the way, thanks for letting us onto your blog again. I about freaked out when I couldn't access it the other day. Haha. Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad. I figured you were probably just redecorating it for Christmas, but still...I was locked out! *insert pouty face* Heehee.)

    You won! You won! YOU WON! Gahhhhhh! I'm so proud of you, Natalie! You did SUCH an awesome job! Totally blew me away. *throws confetti* *claps hands* *jumps up and down* (You get the picture.)

    Oh, Natalie. I'm sorry. I had no idea you had to put your dog down. :( *hugs you tight*

    Oh pshaw. Your email wouldn't have been a lie. If Google Docs said you had 50,000 words, then you had 50,000 words. I'm satisfied. Though I'm glad just the same that you were able to make up those last few words, because now it's totally official and no one can dispute it! You definitely deserve to be a winner with all the work you did. :)

    "I just sit there like Rob with his ducklings." Okay. That's just cute. <3 :D

    Awww. Thanks for sharing another snippet of your story with us. This part in particular stood out to me-- Nothing quite made a girl feel giddy than knowing a man was finding her attractive. I was twenty-four years old—I suppose I shouldn’t feel so silly and immature about it—but I couldn’t help the tingle it sent down to my toes. --probably because it's so painfully accurate. That would totally be me. And I'd totally be thinking myself silly and immature, but...well...what's a girl to do? ;)

    I think it's so cool that Grandpa ships Isaac and Rose. He sounds like an adorable person. And your story is set during Christmastime? Ahhh. What delicious coziness!! :)

    And finally...YOUR NEW DESIGN! It's gorgeous! And so professional looking. (I shall try very hard not to be jealous. ;)) I love the pictures in your header, and the snow falling, and the pictures and quotes on your sidebar, and...YOUR PROFILE PICTURE!!! <3 <3 <3 You're so beautiful, Natalie. And your outfit is adorable! Love the hat. :D

    ~Miss March

    1. Awww, thanks!! And oh no! Haha. I didn't think anyone would be on my blog since I've been gone for so proved me wrong. I wondered if anyone would freak out over it being set to private. ;) Don't worry; I wouldn't leave you all without telling! :D

      THANK YOU. <3 <3 You've been the best cheerleader throughout the whole month. :D

      Yeah...thank you! *hugs back* I was going to tell you about it, but I was so busy staying on track with NaNo. I'll probably share more in an email, if I remember. ;)

      Haha! I'm glad you would have been satisfied either way. :D

      I knooow. <3

      Okay, I just want to wrap you up in a big hug right now. I RELATE, FRIEND. We girls just think ourselves so sensible....until there's a guy involved. :P :D I'm glad to hear the snippet was "accurate", at least for your perspective.

      I'm so glad you like it! :D

      Eek, thanks!!! It took a lot of work, but I'm so happy you approve. Just many thanks, friend. I know not what else to say. ;)

  4. Congrats on your win! And my almost-five-year-old wants you to know that the falling snowflakes you have going on are "Oh, Mommy, that's so pretty!" and that she thinks all of the internet should have them.

    1. Thank you, Hamlette!! And awww. Please tell your daughter I said "thank you!" and that she made my day with her "comment". :D

  5. EEEP YOUR STORY SOUNDS SO LOVELY AND WARM. <333 Also your blog is sooo cute!! I love the snowflakes. It feels so festive!! Congratulations on winning NaNoWriMo!! THOSE GIFS ARE SO ACCURATE. :') The feels oh man.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!

    1. Awww, THANK YOU so much!! Your comment made me so happy. :D

      You're welcome! I'm a newcomer to your blog, but I'm enjoying it. :)

  6. Hey Natalie!
    I've been on holidays - camping - so I'm only now able to catch up properly on blogging... it looks like I missed some exciting things. :D
    First: THE NEWSIES GIF. <3 I looove the movie, hehe.
    Second: haha, that Frodo gif makes NaNoWriMo sound like it's pretty much suicide. :P
    Third: OH WOW THAT CINDERELLA GIF!!!!! Btw, can I get all excited about that musical for the moment?! I haven't really heard many songs but I do want to start listening to them at one point... I wasn't entirely sure where, though, especially because I want the ones with Laura Osnes in them. And how do they physically do that with the dress on stage?! I'd like to know! Is it... how can they... I'm confused. :P

    HAHAHAHA. Those gifs to describe your Nano journey where HILARIOUS. Esepecially Sherlock! (I want to watch that again... it's SO GOOD.)

    And WOW CONGRATULATIONS YOU WROTE 50,000 WORDS IN 21 DAYS?!!!!!! You're amazing. The end.


    And you're story looks really good. :) I LOVE that it's set in around Christmas time!!!

    Your Christmas is look is very festive! :D

    I just watched the Robin + Marian video... *sniffles* It's so good! I wasn't the biggest 'shipper' of them two when watching the series, but on looking back, they did have a lot of chemistry going and yeah, they did fit. ;) That's such a feelsy song - oh, it was beautiful.

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Yay, Miss Meg has returned!!! :D

      I've missed your comments, friend! But camping sounds like such fun-I hope it was!

      My brother and I just recently watched Newsies. :D
      Heehee. Well, not suicide...but definitely a trial. ;)
      I haven't heard all the songs either, but I like the ones that I have! It's from the Broadway Rodgers and Hammerstein's the link to the soundtrack on youtube. :)
      I KNOW, ME TOO. That dress thing is amazing!

      Heehee, glad you enjoyed them!

      THANK YOU!!!! :D

      Aww, thanks. I love my story. :)

      So glad you like it! And ohhh yes, isn't it a beautiful video? Ahh, they're a lovely couple to me...but that's okay if they're not your favorite. ;)

      Thank you for your comment, Miss Meg! Glad to have you back!

  7. How did I miss this post?

    Anyway, Congrats! That is so awesome that you won!

    Those gifs cracked me up! I couldn't stop laughing!!

    Robin + Marian. *sob*

    1. Aww, thanks!!

      Haha. :D

      I knooow. *sobs with you*


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