January 20, 2017

Resistance by Jaye L. Knight (and some squealing over Jace)

When a cunning emperor threatens the lives of any who refuse to worship his false gods, a half-blood haunted by his bloodstained past and a young woman with a perfect memory must overcome their own fears and conflicts with society as they become part of the resistance. (Coming May 20, 2014) (Clean #NewAdult / #Christian #Fantasy) www.ilyonchronicles.com:
As aforementioned in my previous post of "mini book reviews" I just read Resistance by Jaye L. Knight and....and...

*deep breath*

I may as well warn you right off that this review will be incoherent and rambly and full of CAPS and gifs.
Unless I can restrain myself.

Which I doubt.


It all started when I was compiling a list on Amazon of all the books I'd like for Christmas and/or to buy with Christmas money afterwards. I added a few books published by Christian indie authors and fellow bloggers, and Resistance was one that happened to catch my eye and interest. It had so many good reviews, and I like medieval-styled fantasy fiction and so I added it to the list in hopes of getting it someday.

Fast forward to January, where I sat in front of my laptop, studying my Amazon wishlist, Christmas money tightly clenched in one fist as I agonized over which books to spend my precious money on.

(Note to readers, that paragraph was slightly embellished. My money was neither clenched in my fist nor anywhere near me, it was probably sitting in my wallet where money belongs, unless you have the prestige of owning your own bank account. Don't let money lie around, kids, it's not a good habit to get into. One day that money will go towards electricity bills and clothing for your children, not frivolous things like books for yourself. Indeed, what a wasteful spendthrift I must be!)
me, throwing my money away on books
(Another note. The use of the adjective "precious" in conjunction with the noun "money" must not be misunderstood. While the opportunity to trade green paper for books is indeed a luxury, I would not have you think money or the things it buys is truly precious in the grand scheme of things. The truly precious things in this world are God and our family and friends. Not money. Indeed, we must be careful never to let the love of money govern our lives. Hebrews 13:5)

(Third note. It is indeed difficult to choose which books to order and which to leave homeless on an Amazon bookshelf. After all, we want to adopt all the books, right?)

Now. Where was I?

Oh yes. Long story short, I chose Resistance as one of my Christmas books and now here I am, very happy for that chance decision, for its become one of my favorites and now I may review it all for you. :)

Let us begin with my favorite part of this story, one of the characters. A main character in fact. A main character whom I want to hug and comfort and tell him how amazing he is because he's just a poor little cinnamon roll cupcake muffin (yes, that's a thing) (I'll make it a thing) .....who thinks he has no soul.
That's right, Allan, what rubbish. Of course he has a soul. <3


There's a living, breathing, human man behind the weapon and machine they've forced him to be.:
This is not Jace. This is Bucky Barnes. But, I picture Jace slightly like a younger, thinner, more softened Bucky Barnes, thus the Bucky Barnes photo.
I can't tell you how much I adore and pity and admire Jace, the half-blooded orphan forced to fight as a gladiator since a young age and—and— *bursts into tears because of all the angst and heartache Jace goes through* (Which also means putting me through the angst and heartache as well.)

Jace is kind-hearted. He has a great capacity for love, except that no one gives him a chance. His life has been nothing but awful from day one (until Rayad rescues him) and yet does he let that make him into the cruel monster people think he is?
No sir.
You see, Jace is a half-blood. He's half human and half ryrik, a species of bloodthirsty killers whom everyone hates and fears. Because of this, Jace has to go through life being shunned and mistreated, and he protects himself by putting up barriers to his heart.
Then Rayad comes along. A kind, compassionate follower of Elôm, the one true God. He sees Jace being mistreated and buys him from his cruel master, in order to set him free and give him the chance to lead a normal, happy life.

Jace learns to trust Rayad. And Kalli and Aldor, friends of Rayad who take them in. They're all one big happy family till That Nameless Event Happens. Jace's heart breaks, my heart breaks, and Jace and Rayad have to be on the run again, till they find shelter in a secret camp for followers of Elôm.

Jace is the best. THE best. End of story. If you have anything bad to say about Jace, well....
Just don't.

PS. He also has a pet black wolf named Tyra. Need I say more?
Jace's pet wolf Tyra. http://www.ilyonchronicles.com/:

Rayad is definitely one of my favorite characters as well. He's kind, sensible, protective of Jace, and just an all around awesome and amazing kind of guy. The kind of man you'd WANT to adopt you if you were an orphan and everyone hated you.

Then there's Kryin. Kyrin is....hmm. I'm not sure how to describe her, except that I really love her. She's sweet....but she's also brave. She's relatable....and yet she combats struggles I can only imagine facing. You know what's probably the most inspiring part of her character? Her faith in Elôm. This girl faces torture, execution, separation from her family, separation from the brother she's had as her best friend for almost all her life, and she stills stays strong in her faith. Sure, she doubts and she wavers and she cries like we all do in tough times, but at the end of the day she trusts Elôm above all else, and lets His love and strength see her through. I don't know what could be more inspiring than that.
Inspiration for Kyrin the night of the dinner. www.ilyonchronicles.com:

She's also compassionate. When bullies tease Meredith (for the record, this is how I see Meredith) Kyrin stands up for her. And when Kyrin meets Jace and sees how the others treat him, she aspires to become his friend. She stands out in the rain, every day, early in the morning, just to go hunting with him. To show him she doesn't see him as a monster; to show him she wants to be his friend.

Yeah, I'm fine. I'll be okay.
*wipes away happy tears*

Speaking of Robin and Marian, according to the author's Pinterest board, she cast Robin and Marian as the characters of Trask and Anne AND THAT MADE ME SO HAPPY, OKAY?
Thank you, Jaye L. Knight, for creating a wonderful story with Jace as the hero and Robin and Marian as a couple.

Trask is the son of a baron who allows a hidden camp on his land (serious Robin Hood vibes, yet?) for all the followers of Elôm under persecution from the Emperor to hide. Lady Anne is the love of his love, the rock to his roll, the peanut butter to his jelly, the Marian to his Robin. (heh) She aids him in his work with the camp, and becomes one of Kryin's first friends after her escape from the emperor.
Oh yes, the emperor. :P
I see Emperor Daican as an old Christian Bale (well, old compared to his role in Newsies or Little Women). Can't you see it? With his beard and evil grin and emperor's crown?

Image result for emperor's new groove gif
He's a cunning king, a serpent in disguise really. When Kyin first began her work for him, she finds herself unexpectedly liking him. He was everything she didn't expect him to be, from his warm smile to his welcoming attitude. 
But eventually the truth wins out. Daican will stop at nothing to control all of Ilyon, and erase any followers of Elôm.
Ilyon's two moons, Aertus and Vilai, worshipped as gods. www.ilyonchronicles.com:

I have to pause a moment to talk about how the Gospel is presented in these books. It's a little allegorical, but I'm not sure I'd call it an allegory. But the message is clear, and the persecution felt by these believers in King Elôm strongly echoes Biblical history, especially the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. While there's no fiery furnace in this story, the characters face the same choice—worship the emperor's false gods or die. Of course,  Elôm's followers refuse, knowing they can bow to one one except the one true God.
Basically, I love the way this book contains a true Christian message, and clearly points to the real God of our real world, Jehovah Himself, all while staying within the confines of a fantasy world, with no reference to our own universe.

Back to the characters. Kaden, Kyrin's brother is such fun. Being super close to my brother myself (though we aren't twins like Kyrin and Kaden :P) I enjoyed seeing  a healthy brother-and-sister relationship in literature. Kyrin and Kaden rely on each other, protect each other, and are basically each other's best friend. It's not something you see often in literature, but I love it when it does appear. :) 
(Maybe this is the reason the heroine in my novel has five brothers? *cough*)
Kaden loves dragons. This makes me love Kaden even more and it makes me SUPER excited for the next book in the series because I THINK it will have dragons in it.

*tries to regulate breathing*

I don't really have room to talk about all the other wonderful characters....Sam, Tane, Lenae, Trev, Warin......the list goes on. But, rest assured, they're all superb. Especially Jace. Because I had to mention him again. :P

*Major Spoilers Ahead*
(And yet why do I even bother warning you? Everyone always tells me they read my spoilers anyways. :P You naughty readers.)

Okay. One thing about the ending that made me really happy??

Nobody died. 
(At least, nobody I cared about, heh.)
Why is this such a notable thing? BECAUSE I WAS REALLY AFRAID. People kept getting captured and scheduled for execution and I was like....

And then....things happened and I was able to breathe again. 

Can we talk about Jace's Heroic Moment when Trask is about to be executed and then later when Holden was in trouble and just...

*End Spoilers*
(You all read it anyways, didn't you? :P)

Finally, the moment came when I had to close the book. It was over. But oohhhhhh, what a wonderful ending and WHAT EXCITEMENT I HAVE--A NEW SERIES TO LOOK FORWARD TO.

I was on a book high for the rest of the morning I finished this book. It just made me so happy!! But, slowly that subsided into a bit of a book hangover and I couldn't find interest in any other book for a day or so. -sigh- 

more or less....

If I had to find anything bad to say about this book, it would only be that I found the writing a little too bare and stilted at times. There's not a whole lot of description, but then I suppose that suits the style of this book, with its suspenseful and adventurous pace. 
And I didn't care for some of the words chosen for the characters at times. Exclamations like "wow" or "oh, man!" just didn't seem to fit, being that Ilyon is, in my understanding, a medieval-inspired fantasy world. But, that's just me. :P I suppose some people might not mind a little modern edge.

If any part of this review makes you think you'd like this book, please read it. You won't regret it. 
(At least, I hope not.) 

That's all, my friends! Thank you for reading (or skimming, I won't judge) another one of my extremely long reviews. 

Have you read Resistance?
If so, what are your thoughts?
(If you don't like Jace just please don't comment. It may ruin our friendship.)

PS. I have eighty-one followers. EIGHTY-ONE PEOPLE LIKE MY BLOG. I feel incredibly flattered and happy, indeed. Thank you all for your continued support and love and comments, because each and every one brightens my day. You all are the best. :D
PPS. If you're a silent blog follower and never comment, please don't hesitate to do so. I'd love to make your acquaintance and personally thank you. <3



    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww . . . *hugs* Your blog is awesome and you deserve ALL THE FOLLOWERS <3

    Jace sounds like somebody I would *cough* Love Very Very Much *cough* so maybe I should read this :-)

    1. Thanks!! :D

      Awwwwwwwwwwww. *hugs back* You're too amazing. Thank you so much!!!!

      YES. DO READ IT. AND LOVE JACE. *cough* No seriously, I think this MAY be a good fantasy book for you to try...like I said in the review, the writing isn't extremely detailed, which I know you said you prefer. It IS a totally made up fictional world but....I don't know. I think it may be worth a try, if only for Jace. ;)

    2. I read the preview and was pretty darn intrigued . . . mostly by Jace, not gonna lie :-) So I added it on Goodreads :-)

    3. YAY. :D This makes me happy.

  2. Another awesome review by Natalie!! :D Seriously, girl, I don't know how you do it, but your reviews are always so interesting, and you've quite piqued by curiosity about this book. Jace sounds like such a tragic, lovable character! I have a feeling I'd like him a lot, too. :) I confess I don't actually read a lot of fantasy like this, but you're making me want to try it sometime. :)

    EIGHTY-ONE FOLLOWERS?!! YAY FOR NATALIE!! *happy dance* I love your blog!! :D

    ~Miss March

    P.S. That gif of you throwing your money away. Hahaha! That was great. :D

    1. Awww, thank you!!! I'm SO happy you think so. :D I love doing book reviews. He IS. Goodness, I hope you'd like him, too. He's just wonderful.
      I think this would definitely be a good fantasy book to try, if you don't read a lot. It's not overwhelmingly fantasy-like. :) (So yes. DO try it!!)

      THANK YOU!!! *HUGS* You're too kind. <3

      PS. I admit I was so happy to find a relevant use for that gif. :D

  3. I saw your like for your review on Goodreads and it just made my day. :D Gifs are like one of my favorite things ever. :D :D

    1. Jaye K. Knight,
      Oh my goodness, THANK YOU! Your comment just made MY day. :D I finished reading Samara's Peril recently. It was amazing and now I can't wait till Exiles is released. Thanks for brightening my day! :)

    2. One more thing....thank you so much for following my blog!!!!! :D :D


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