February 9, 2017

Rose & Isaac

Hello lovely readers! Recently I promised a couple people that I would post some more details about my NaNoWriMo novel (still unfinished, darn it. But I DID make my word count!). It's a historical romance set during the 1940's, about love and loss and trusting that God's faithfulness IS great, no matter what.

I thought that, with Valentine's Day approaching, it might be fun to interview my hero and heroine about their relationship with some questions from the Beautiful People archive.   And maybe some snippets will be shared, too. You'll have to keep reading to see. ;)

*All writing snippets are my own work, please do not steal.*

I smile at my characters. "Well, first off, let me introduce everyone. Readers, this is Rose Aldrich."
Rose tries to hold back a laugh."Uh, hello. "
"And this is Isaac," I say.
Isaac's mouth lifts in a small smile, but he looks at me. "What about my last name?"
I put on my best "I'm-the-author-don't-argue" look. "Well, I'm still not sure about it. It hasn't come up in the story so far, so let's worry about it later."
Isaac looks unconvinced but shrugs, leaning back in his seat.
Isaac and Rose

I look at the questions."Let's begin. How long have you been a couple?"

Isaac glances at Rose.
"Well..." Rose looks back at him. "We're really not....yet. I mean, we love each other but..."
"Try to keep as far away as possible from anything spoiler-ish," I pipe up.
Isaac rubs the back of his neck. "Spoiler-ish isn't a word," he mumbles.
Rose hesitates. "Umm.."
I jump in again. "Well, you both certainly don't start out as a couple in the story. We'll just leave it up to my readers to guess whether you ever do or not."

I read the next question. "How did you first meet?"
Rose sighs. "You know how, you wrote it."
"Shh. This is for the reader's benefit. Act as if I don't know anything," I say sternly.
I catch Isaac smirking out of the corner of my eye and give him a glare.
Rose restrains from rolling her eyes. "Fine. Isaac showed up on our back porch, bleeding from a bullet wound. "
"You didn't know him, right?" I ask.
"Of course not. I'd never seen him before in all my life."
"You could hardly call it a first meeting," Isaac says.
"Well, it's certainly not something I'll ever forget," says Rose. "You scared me half to death."


"What were your first thoughts of each other? Love at first sight or “you’re freakishly annoying”?" I ask.
Rose smiles."Um. Well, I was scared stiff at first. Having a stranger bleeding on your back porch kind of sends your mind into a place incapable of thinking coherently. But..." She glances down at her hands clasped in her lap and I see her smile. "I thought Isaac quite handsome. And that he simply seemed too nice to be a criminal, so his gunshot wound couldn't possibly be the product of shady activities."

Isaac began suspiciously coughing at this point, so we paused our interview so he could have a drink of water.

"What about you, Isaac?" I ask. "What did you think of Rose?"
He sets down his glass. "Uh, I was grateful someone was saving my life."
"Nothing else?" I ask, waiting.
He catches my eye and gives me a look. "Well, I suppose I noticed how pretty she was. After I regained consciousness, that is."
I try not to laugh and turn to the next question. "What do you do that most annoys each other?"
Rose looks at Isaac.
He begins to laugh. "Oh no, here it comes."
"Isaac has a penchant for cigarettes," Rose says, her eyes narrowed. "And I'm trying my best to change that."
He frowned. "At least I don't drown my coffee with sugar."
"I don't drown it! But black coffee is so bitter."
Isaac leans forward earnestly. "Pure black coffee is heaven on earth, Rose! Sugar ruins it."
Rose frowns. "Oh really, well—"
"Not to mention, you don't always finish your coffee." Isaac folds his arms.
"If it's cold and there's only a little left then—"
"Wasting coffee is a sin, Rose."
Rose opens her mouth, but I cut her off. "Well, guys, let's draw it mild. No need to fight online."
Rose looks at me. "What's online?"
I frown as I type on my laptop. "Never mind, it's not important." 

coffee, tea, and vintage image:

"Are you personalities opposite or similar?" I ask.
Isaac snorts.
Rose gives him a glare. "We're very different."
"If we were temperatures I would be hot and she would be cold," Isaac says.
She frowns. "Why would I be cold? You know I hate winter."
"You don't hate winter," Isaac says.
I hold up a hand. "Guys. Please. Don't argue."
Isaac smiles. "Fine. Rose, you can be hot. I'll be cold."
She grudgingly nods.
I look at them. "Why don't you explain your differences a little more?" I hesitate. "Without arguing."
Rose smiles sheepishly. "Well, I live by the rules."
"She lives by her sense of obligation." Isaac supplies.
Rose nods slowly. "Yes...I feel responsible for my family and for their welfare. I guess I can be a little controlling at times."
"Not controlling," Isaac says, watching her gently. "You just....care too much."
She swats at him but he catches her hand and holds it. They smile at each other.

"Ahem." I reach out and pull their hands apart. "For real, guys. Don't get all mushy during the interview, please."
Isaac rolls his eyes and Rose blushes, but I see them sneak glances at each other, a smile on each of their faces.
"Isaac, what about you?"
He looks up. "Hmm?
"How are you different from Rose?" I raise my brows and look at him expectantly.
He spreads his hands wide and grins. "I prize my freedom. I hate rules, commitment, responsibility....I just want to roam the world the way I want, you know?" He hesitates and glances at Rose. "But...I'm starting to see that may not be wise...forever."

I was starting to understand—at least, I thought I did. He must have been an orphan, or perhaps his family died in some tragic accident, leaving him bitter and callous. “Don’t you have anything?” I asked softly.
He snorted. “The only thing I have is my freedom. And that’s how I intend to keep it. Signing up would be throwing it away.”
“But you’d be protecting it. Your freedom, I mean. The freedom of America.”
He grinned. “‘The Freedom of America.’ You sound like a piece of propaganda.”
My sympathy was sizzled away by the flare of my anger. “My brother is out there right now, defending that freedom! The freedom you claim to love.” I stood. “And yet you let others do the work.”
“Are you calling me a coward?” he asked, eyes flashing.
“I certainly aren’t astounded by your courage,” I spat. 
~Rose and Isaac

"How would your lives be different without each other?"

Isaac begins to open his mouth, but I speak quickly. "Don't answer this."
"Spoilers. You know. We can't give away secrets."
"It's not really a secret." Isaac looks frustrated.
I turn away and shuffle some pages. "We're still not going to talk about it. Next question."
"They can kind of figure it out considering what we were just talking about," Rose whispers.
"Hey!" I reach for the recording machine and snap it off before either of them can say anymore.
*At this time I had a long, private discussion with my characters about the difficulties of being an author and how hard it is to decide what to share with the public and what to keep secret so their reading experience won't be tainted by prior knowledge of events in the novel. Rose and Isaac apologize for being so insensitive and promised them wouldn't do it again. They're going to try harder to respect my wishes. No, I didn't threaten them with an unhappy ending.  I think they understood. At this time, I switched the recorder back on.*

I sigh and crack my knuckles. "Well. Where were we?" I scan my list. "Oh. Okay. Are you ever embarrassed of each other?"

Rose lifts a shoulder. "Not really."
Isaac's gaze is roaming the room as if he's thinking about the question, but I realize it's simply boredom so we move on.

"Does anyone disapprove of your relationship?" I look up and see Isaac jerk to attention.
Rose bites her lip and laughs. "My Daddy."
Isaac rubs the back of his neck and looks around the room as if Mr. Aldrich would pop out of the corner. "He scares me..."
"He's coming to like you," Rose says sympathetically. "He just wants to protect me, that's all."
Isaac frowns. "Yeah, but Natalie left off in the middle of writing out a really crucial conversation I was having with him. I'm not going to be able to sleep until I know how that turns out."
"You're nervous?" Rose asks.
"Heck yeah. I sweat thinking about it."
I try to hide my laugh. "Okay, here's another snippet."


Isaac was listening to Grandpa politely, amusedly even, but not in a ridiculing way. He glanced our way and froze. The warmth in his expression was quickly masked. Distrust and apprehension showed in his eyes. 
His reaction was, for once, something that didn’t surprise me. Most boys and young men ran for cover when they saw my father. I sometimes attributed my single-ness to my Daddy. At 6-foot-three and arms like a lumberjack, my father would scare any prospective suitors within a fifteen mile distance.

Not that there were many prospective suitors where we lived. But still. I loved my father, but he really needed to learn how to dial down the intimidating father glare. ~Rose and Isaac


"Do you see your relationship as long-term/leading to marriage?"

Rose sneaks a glance at Isaac. He's shifting uncomfortably. 
Noting their hesitance, I tell them. "Don't answer this one. I'll answer it for you later."
(Note to readers. Rose definitely dreams of marriage with Isaac. Isaac didn't at first, but he's coming around. ;))


He entwined his fingers into my hand. “I never…” He shifted in his chair, studying our clasped hands with a frown. “I never thought I’d ever meet someone I’d consider giving up everything for.”
I held my breath. What was he saying?
A smile tugged at his mouth and he glanced up. “But I think I want to.”
“Want to what?”
He leaned close, whispering into my hair, “Give up everything for you.”
I let out a shuddering breath. “Is that why you didn’t say it?”
“Yeah.” His murmur held a note of regret. “I wasn’t meaning to hurt you, Rose, I swear. You just…” He pulled back and fingered a curl of my hair. “Caught me off guard. I never expected you to put into words what I was thinking all night.”
My eyes questioned him.
He chuckled. “I didn’t sleep at all.”
“You were sleeping when I came downstairs.” My eyes narrowed.
He grinned. “Well, maybe I dozed. Just a little.” After a moment, he stood and ran a hand through his hair as he began to pace. “Look, I’ve lived my whole life on the rails. Free. Just me. I’ve been in charge of my own life, could do what I wanted, when I wanted. I answered to no one.” He glanced down. “And I liked it. I still...love it.” Shoulders slumping, he turned back and sat on the chair next to me, arms propped on the back. “But I’ve found something I love more.” 
The look in his eyes was so sincere, so gentle, so caring. He really, truly loved me...and was willing to give up his freedom for me. ~Rose and Isaac

collage copyright: me :P
"If you could plan the “perfect outing” together, where would you go?"
"Travel out west," Isaac says just as Rose says,
"Go for a walk in the woods."
They look at each other. 
Isaac shrugs. "That too."
Winter Pasture:

I put away the list. "Well, guys, that's it! Thank you so much for doing this with me. I hope I haven't taken away too much of your time."
Isaac's brows rise. "No, it's fine. It was good. It took my mind off of that conversation." 
"It's not like we have much to do right now," Rose says wryly. "It's the middle of winter."
I look at Isaac sympathetically. "I'm sorry. I'll try to finish that conversation soon."
Isaac nods. "That'd be great."
I bid my characters farewell—for now—and turn off the tape recorder. Then I sit down to start typing it all up as a blog post.
And here I am, all done. :) Thank you for reading, anyone and everyone who stuck through the whole thing! This post became much longer than I first envisioned. (I feel like I say that everytime.)
Happy early Valentine's Day! 
Do you have any romantic couples in your own stories?


    Also this is beyond cute! I am so doing it for Lady Flora and hte Colonel and Alicia and Rufus! =D

    1. Thank you, Evie!! Ooh, I look forward to it. :D

  2. The winter scenes are so beautiful. We're due a little snow in our part of England, this weekend, but I doubt it will be so lovely. Best of luck finishing your novel!

    1. Thanks, Rosie! The photos are from Pinterest, so I can't take credit for them. ;) I hope your snow is beautiful when it arrives. And thank you!

  3. Your book sounds so delightful! I really enjoyed the interview you took with your characters I thought it was quite clever and terribly enjoyable to read. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Why, thank you! I really appreciate the kind words. :) Have a lovely weekend, yourself!

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! I don't think I can tell you how terrific that was. Your book sounds wonderful, your characters are fabulous, and the way you did the interview was great! I love how darling you made Rose and how Isaac is just a 'bit' distracted! Very well done and I hope to hear more from your story in the future!

    1. Thank you, Classic Girl! Awwww, that makes me so happy. I love it when people like my characters. :) Thanks! I hope so too.

    2. You're so welcome, you deserve much praise and applause for this! Yes, I think I must do a character interview sometime on my blog, this looks like it was so fun to write!

    3. Awww. :D Ooh, you should! Character interviews ARE very fun. :)

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


    *shower of heart eyed emojis*

    I think they really suit each other, honestly I do. They're a good balance, you know what I mean? She's a little too straight-laced and he's a little too wild, but they respect each other and are willing to make changes and become more mature. That's very good. *nods sagely*

    I need to do something like this for Tammi and Dirk ;-)


      Seriously, I was wondering very much if you would like them as a couple or not (I was afraid their bickering may put you off a bit, since I know you dislike Han and Leia's arguing) so I'm VERY HAPPY you like them. :D

      Yes!! That's exactly what I love about them. Well...one of the things, anyways.:P I love how you described them. Yes, yes, yes. You understand them perfectly. (You're making me so happy. :'))

      Oooh, you do!! Since you don't have a blog, I'd love to let you post it here as a guest post...if you wanted to make it a public thing, that is. :) Just a suggestion!

    2. Heehee. Well . . . to be honest . . . I'm a bit more *ahem* Tolerant of couples bickering than I used to be. Because I've realized that, just because that's not the way *I* like to interact with people, doesn't mean it's not right for ANYBODY. If they wish to bicker in a good-natured fashion (and Rose and Isaac DO seem very good-natured), then let them, says I ;-)

      You'd let me write one as a guest post?!? SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP. I'd love that!!!!!!!! Maybe I can try to put something together this weekend when I'm taking a break from school (I was thinking of doing that anyways) and send it to you? I really would love the chance to "introduce" Dirk and Tammi to everyone :-)

    3. Aww, really? That makes me happy. :) I'm just so glad you like Rose and Isaac! :D And oh yes, I understand. There are many fictional couples I like or even love, but that doesn't necessarily I approve of all the things they say or do and such. And of course, even if I absolutely loved a certain fictional couple's relationship, that doesn't mean my someday relationship would be that way, even if I wanted it to. Everyone's unique, so it only makes sense that each relationship is unique as well.

      But I digress. ;)

      YES!! I would love to let you guest post and EEK, I'm SO happy you want to. :D That sounds like a wonderful plan. I may not publish it until after Hamlette's Jane Austen blog party, but I'm really excited now. This will be great. :D (Include any photos you want as well!)

      Also, do I take this to mean that Aart definitely never has a relationship with Tammi? ;) Is Dirk "the guy" for her? (Hehehe, I'm trying to reveal all your spoilers. :P)

    4. Exactly! Certainly there are some objective standards that need to be upheld--like being kind and supportive of each other, etc., etc.--but beyond that, every relationship is definitely unique. *nods*

      SWEET. I'll probably go work on that now (I want a break from homework-writing, haha). And I probably will include at least one or two photos :-)


    5. Agreed. :)

      I'm SO excited for your guest post, ahh, I can't wait to publish it! (I'll tell you when I do. :))

      *sobs* You're such a cruel author. :'( (But a good one. heh heh ;))

  6. This was so much fun to read!!!! I love how sweet they are!!!! I can't wait for this to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. AWW. Thank you! :D I can't wait too, but it may be a while. ;)

  7. NOOOOOOO! It's happening again! This post is too good and I have too much to say and I don't have enough time and WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME??!!!

    Unfortunately I probably won't be able to comment until next week because weekends are kind of busy. :( But rest assured you haven't heard the last from me on this subject yet. ;) (After all, I need to tell you that I'm really liking Isaac and that your story snippets are so good and...yeah. I'll be back.)

    1. Because I'm a very cruel friend. :P Hahaha, no, I PROMISE it's not intentional!! :D

      But yay! I'm so glad you'll be back. To be honest, I WAS looking forward to a long comment from you on this post. ;) (Again, I promise I didn't intentionally make it so long, though! ;D)
      You love Isaac! Yay! I'll be anxiously awaiting your return. Have a lovely weekend!!

  8. Okay, that is so adorable and sweet and so well-written and seriously, you're amazing. :)

  9. Ooooh love this!!! Also, weird thing, but I relate to Isaac SO MUCH ...

    1. Thank you, Rosie!! Really? That's actually very cool! I really love Isaac's personality. :)

  10. Okay. *takes a deep breath* Here I am at last. Sorry it's taken me so long to get to this.

    I don't even know quite where to begin. (At the beginning? Ha. Good idea.)

    First off, those pictures! I love how you cast your characters. It's so cool to get an idea of what they look like. And they both look SO sweet. Isaac's grin, and Rose's bright, open face. I love how Rose's reaction to your greeting is to hold back a laugh. She sounds like such a cheerful, fun sort of person. And Isaac and his shrugs!! Hahaha. He's always shrugging. Well maybe he only did it twice, but still. I love it. ;)

    "Isaac began suspiciously coughing at this point, so we paused our interview so he could have a drink of water." Haha. That was thoughtful of you. But, hmmm...could there possibly be some illegal activities in his past? You're making me curious.

    Eeek! I love their bantering back and forth about cigarettes and coffee, and who would be hot and who would be cold. Goodness. They're adorable! '"Wasting coffee is a sin, Rose."' 'Isaac smiles. "Fine. Rose, you can be hot. I'll be cold."' Hahaha. I LOVE Isaac!! He seems like such an easy going, fun sort of guy. Not easily offended or put out. And oh, I really like this part, too: 'He spreads his hands wide and grins. "I prize my freedom. I hate rules, commitment, responsibility....I just want to roam the world the way I want, you know?" I can just see him saying that, with a humorous twinkle in his eye. <3

    Oh, oh, oh!! That snippet, though. "He must have been an orphan, or perhaps his family died in some tragic accident, leaving him bitter and callous." This is making me super curious to know more about Isaac! And I love his comments. "You sound like a piece of propaganda." Haha. :P

    Honestly, Natalie. If you're going to ask them a question at least let them answer it. And besides, how can you go and dangle spoilers in front of us and then snatch them back before we even get a good look at them? That's just too cruel. ;P

    "Isaac's gaze is roaming the room as if he's thinking about the question, but I realize it's simply boredom so we move on." LOVE THAT! Seriously, he's too cute. ;)

    You left Isaac in the middle of a conversation with Rose's father??!! NATALIE! How heartless can you be? Reminds me of another time when you left a certain character in a fix just before interviewing him. What's up with that? (Poor guys.) Hahaha. ;P

    AWWWWWWWWW. THAT LAST SNIPPET!! <3 <3 --“And I liked it. I still...love it.” Shoulders slumping, he turned back and sat on the chair next to me, arms propped on the back. “But I’ve found something I love more.”
    The look in his eyes was so sincere, so gentle, so caring. He really, truly loved me...and was willing to give up his freedom for me.-- Stop it with the adorableness already!! Seriously, Natalie, Isaac sounds like such a cool hero. And Rose such a sweet heroine. --“You were sleeping when I came downstairs.” My eyes narrowed.
    He grinned. “Well, maybe I dozed. Just a little.”-- Haha. Yup. I like them. And the way they both answer your last question at the same time, with different answers, and Isaac just shrugs and says "That too." <3 <3 <3

    Okay, so now that I've quoted practically your entire post, and talked about Isaac non-stop, I guess it's not really necessary to say I liked this. But I'll say it anyway. THIS WAS REALLY GOOD, NATALIE! And we must talk more about it sometime because...you said something about spoilers, and you know how my ears perk up at that word. Mwahaha. ;) Just teasing. We must talk about it because talking about stories is so much fun, whether I get spoilers out of it or not. ;)

    1. First off, a BIG HUG to you because this comment made me so happy. :D :D :D *smiles for days*

      Heehee. Isaac actually DOES shrug quite a bit in the book! And yayyy I'm SO glad you like them. I think you'd get along well with Rose. She is VERY fun. Definitely my favorite heroine I've ever created. <3 (Don't ask me who is my favorite hero because that'd be way too hard.)

      Heh heh heh. I guess you'll have to wait and see....;) (I'm actually really glad you noticed that, though.)

      I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVE ISAAC. He's just....I don't know. I love him muchly. :) And I'm kind of protective of him...it seems like you always like my heroes who need the most amount of care, if you know what I mean. ;) (Although, Isaac is NOT as high maintenance as Henry. He doesn't have Henry's temper, either. Or his impatience...basically, they're very different but both need a lot of encouragement, you know?)

      (I'm so glad you like that "propaganda" line. :P)

      Well, I'm the author. Authors are cruel. That's just how it is. ;P


      You remember that?! :D Poor Arthur...and yes, poor Isaac. I'm sorry, I really should stop doing that to them....

      I really can't say anything more except that again THANK YOU FOR LOVING MY CHARACTERS AND STORY SO MUCH. You're giving me such encouragement!!!

      Heeheehee. Well, I would definitely love to talk more about it with you, but no spoilers!! I absolutely insist. :P (Well, we'll see.)

    2. *Returns hug* :D

      Oh, fun. Then Isaac's shrugging really is a thing. I like that. :) You think I'd get along with Rose? Cool. I suppose I shall have to cultivate her friendship then. :) (By the way, I was just curious. Who IS your favorite of your heroes? Oh! You told me not to ask? Ooops. Sorry about that. Hahaha. ;P)

      Here we go with the whole suspense thing again. Authors and their secrets. Really!

      Ooh. I love to love the ones who need the most care. I guess it's the mothering instinct in me coming out. :) (Henry? High maintenance? Surely not! Haha. ;) Aww. Well we shall just have to give them all the encouragement they need then. Poor fellows!)

      Ha! Authors are indeed cruel. I quite agree. :P

      YES YOU SHOULD! What kind of way is that for an author to act toward her characters? "Hello, sir. I know I just left you in a jam--in a most uncomfortable predicament, indeed--but let's have an interview, shall we? It will be fun!" Haha. :D

      Aww. Well, if you're going to create such loveable characters, how can I help it? I'm glad my comment was encouraging. We authors need all the encouragement we can get, right?

      NO SPOILERS? Natalie! Where's the fun in that? I thought you was my friend. :( (Haha.)

    3. Yes, is indeed a thing. :D Heehee, I'll be sure to tell her to visit you sometime. :)
      (You're incorrigible.)

      Well, a good book MUST have some secrets. ;)

      Heehee, I can relate to that. I'm glad you feel that way. I need all the help I can "mothering" my characters. ;)

      *guilty chuckle*

      I've made such a bad habit of doing that. :(

      YES! Thank you so much!!!

      You really must learn that you can't know everything in life all at once, Miss March! ;)

  11. The way you "interviewed" them makes it so much fun to watch their style of interacting with one another. :)

    Their manner of meeting - It sounds so sweet and dramatic! Arwen and I always joke about meeting someone like this, or finding someone in the woods the way Felicity finds Ben. :)

    *Reads first snippet about his not signing up* Yeeks!!! This story sounds like it has glorious intensity!

    That collage is the most beautiful thing ever. The End.

    The dialogue is splendid! In one way I kept on wanting to murmur each line over and over just to feel it again and in another I had to keep reading to hear how the other person replied!

    As for romantic couples in my own stories... Yes I do, always. ;)

    1. Awwww, thank you, Eowyn!!!

      Oh, I'm so glad you like it! And haha! I thought I was the only one who imagines meeting someone in such a highly improbable, storybook like way. It makes me smile to hear you and Arwen do it too. And oh!! I nearly forgot about that scene with Felicity and Ben. Yes, indeed. That part is so exciting.

      Aww, really?? THANK YOU, dear friend!! <3

      Thank you!

      Seriously, you are WAY too encouraging, Eowyn. Thank you so much for your kind words!! It means so much to me that you like the story and the dialogue. *hugs*

      Heehee, most stories usually seem lacking without them, don't they? :)

  12. Oh, it's Poe, it's Poe! No, I'm just kidding. ;) But I find it almost kind of cute that his real surname is Isaac. ;)

    Also, I love the name Rose. One of my sisters has that for her middle name. :)

    This was so sweet and cute! I loved it - it was very comfortable, like I was snuggled up reading a good story on a cold winter's day. I could imagine the different setting. It was beautiful, really. :)

    And yes, I have a couple in my story. My WW2 one. That one's a little messy and complicated, but it's also pretty special. <3 I have another cute couple in my story behind the Lavender's Blue song, also. (I'm too much of a romantic, perhaps. :P)

    ~Miss Meg

    1. Poe was my original inspiration for Isaac (since he introduced me to the actor, I mean) so you're not too far off. ;) (Hah, yes, I have a horrible habit of naming my characters with the names of the actor's I cast them as. :P) (Such as Henry--his actor is Henry Cavill. :P)

      Rose is such a pretty name! Your sister is lucky. :)

      Awwww. I'm SO glad you think so. Honestly, cozy and home-like is the feeling I was going for. Thankfully everyone seems to immediately "feel" that. :D

      You can never have too many couples, in my opinion. ;) (Well....maybe if they were ALL in the same story...) I really hope I can hear more about yours someday! And ohh, you're writing a story based on "Lavendar's Blue"? That's such a splendid idea!!


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